The New Moon in Cardinal Air opposing Uranus
and octiling (45°) Neptune
on the 19th October 2017 at 20:12 UT, 

Audio Narration

Reflect, for a moment, on the anticipation and excitement that floods through your soul during that moment when you set foot upon unchartered land – the overwhelming uncertainty coupled with a paradoxical eager hunger to push on regardlessly; the heightened senses acutely alive taking in everything; the fear of the unknown strongly contained with a matrix of necessity that this HAS to happen; and the projections through time towards an envisioned summer when the fruits of the dream flourish within the warm golden rays of a perfect day.

Yet, when a seed is planted, there is a time of invisibility wherein it appears that nothing solid has happened and the groundwork laid has yet to yield but a single stem; where all that develops does so silently and quietly, underground, imperceptible to the eye. Anticipation can yield to frustration, as patience is tested amidst the plentiful distractions whose purpose is to keep your dreams and hopes at bay, buried beneath a mountain of mundane chores, paperwork and administrative bureaucratic red tape. It is during that ‘in-waiting’ time that it can feel that the world is neither solid nor real, that all hopes have been waylaid and impatience builds as concrete evidence of your investment ‘appears’ to allude you. In reality, however, what is really happening is the world in which you have been housed is fundamentally altering.

We are living through such times. And we have been there before. And we will be there again.

Do you reckon people realised that they were living through a Renaissance, a Reformation, an Industrial Revolution or a Romantic Era? Yet, retrospectively there are moments when it is clear that ‘something’ within consciousness shifted and the rules changed. But it took time – the seed was planted, for many years it appeared nothing happened and then there was a time when the earth trembled, just before the stem emerged from the seed.

We are living through that time now.

The seeds to our ‘current’ collective awakening were sown back in 1993 and between 2017 and 2019 we are living through a crisis, or turning point, to establish what to do with that new matrix.

You may have not have awakened in 1993, but the freedom to truly see through the illusion of the mechanised, hierarchical system was planted and we are now living through a deep time of questioning and accelerated change, where every facet of our personal and collective reality is being rent asunder as this new way of being starts to emerge from its underworld sojourn.

Within this time there exists a vital energy, a life force that is quickening, eagerly beckoning you to translate through you the unique expression of your cosmic DNA. And remember, there is only one of you in all of time. Your expression is utterly unique. Remember too, that as you awaken, no one can ever claim you, nor can you live within the old scripts and patterns. As you open up, you realise that you cannot confirm or fit into someone else’s version of reality. As you remember that you were not born with an incomparable cosmic code merely to be pushed into a battery farm and your creative life force sucked dry by an ‘O’Brien’ whose duplicitous hallow promises of a life free of stress will be granted if you willingly give over everything to the Ministry. As you reclaim your independence, your relationships change and the roles that are expected of you feel redundant, as you seek to voyage beyond the insipid frontiers to where the danger of transformation and transmutation dwell. As the Veil thins you can see through the illusion of how things have been, as you cannot avoid seeing how colonised you have been at all levels of your being – from the legacy of the ancestral scripts that lie within your DNA; to the genderist roles expected of your biology; to the wasteful filling of your mind with needless facts that serve no real purpose but to fill time and make you into a conformist android.

And now, no longer willing to squander your soul on undertakings and relationships that do not nourish your Path and soul, your patience has grown thin with deadening conversation and unauthentic living. As you have started to see through the rosters of expectation, the empty promises of outer success no longer have a hold over you as you want your life, your relationships and your soul to become a conscious expression of your gift. You have started to realise that you are not imprisoned, just asleep, something actively encouraged by the constant distractions feed by a dying feudal system that requires slaves to make it work; a system built in a way that pushed you in a direction where you imprison yourself. You have started to realise your true nature, free from the limitation of gender, relationship status, economic background, accent, creed and sociology. You have started to see through the inequitable system that has divided your attention, filling your feeds with lies, deceptions and entertainment. You have started to see the unconsciousness spoken through so many people’s monochrome voices. And you have started to believe that you have an inalienable right to be you.

As that dawns you on, your external world changes and tolerance for maintaining the status quo diminishes. That is having an impact on your relationships as you no longer communicate falsehoods nor want to be in the presence of those who are not prepared to own their Shadows. As you openly breathe out your truth, a genuine possibility that exists within you because of the existence of Libra within you, those who have known you need to take warning – you are far different from what you have been; you are no longer resonating at the same frequency that drew those into your life in the first place; you no longer think in the same way; you no longer accept the roles that are assumed; you no longer play to another’s ego; you no longer want to be in the presence of unkindness or lack of humanity; you no longer want to remain on the Wheel, chained to an infinite rotation of the same patterns and scripts; you no longer wish to sleep and you no longer wish to feel numb.

And now, there is nothing that is forcing you to imprison yourself. And now, you cannot be silenced. And now, you have to speak truth. And now, you have to speak out. It is not the time for silence. It is not the time to slumber. That is why you have felt exhausted as your sleep has altered due to the re-wiring of your nervous system; your diet changed, as your body cannot accept toxicity in any form; your relationships have gone through the mill as you feel punished for changing and not accepting bad behaviour; and why you have felt so alone and drained, as it feels as if those from your former life do not understand why you need to walk this Path.

As the Inner and Outer Lights unite within Libra on the 19th October, you are offered the opportunity to speak with a fresh voice and to openly express your truth, without censorship or without hindrance. The space that I hold for you during the forthcoming initiation is to see you breathe into your Eternity, held by a great ring of pure and endless light, with calmness and clarity surrounding you, as you are held and bathed within a matrix of pure conscious intention, giving you confidence to speak forth your truth. Your truth matters. It always has. You’ve just needed reminding this past few months and now, you are afforded the opportunity to speak up and speak out, without judgement, anger or fear. You voice carries the seed of 1993 on it. Your ideals are helping the emerging matrix gain clarity. Your perspective is giving shape to a paradigm of inclusive unity, where the waking mind no longer dominates and that the interiority of our souls is given priority over the shell that carries us.

The rules have changed. Your frequency is not raising, it is merely expanding. But have you let that permeate you?

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith. Written at 11:28 BST, 14th October 2017.

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    Margaret says:

    I feel those changes and I could never identify what they were, it wasn’t so much external but energy. My daughter also experiences the changes. I always says change is happening on a spiritual level, conscious recognizing but not able to put a finger on it or say exactly what it was. What was before wasn’t a part of the knowing, it is incomparable because it is its own power and of a higher realm.
    Thank you for this article

  2. Avatar
    Holly Belcher says:

    This is by far the closest to home ever hit … I am absolutely astounded ! This is exactly what I needed on this extremely new and exciting path . Thank you very much .

  3. Avatar
    Lani says:

    This resonates with me so very much right now. Thanks for writing. I love the term you used: conformist android, how very apt. 🙂


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