Who are you? The Mutable Fire New Moon in Sagittarius. 29th November 2016

by Andrew Smith



Who are you? The Mutable Fire New Moon in Sagittarius.
12:19 GMT on the 29th November 2016


All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players” – Shakespeare

Who are you?

It is so easy to get lost. There are so many distractions, often too subtle to notice, that knowing who it is that you are is a virtually impossible question to answer. And yet, answer it you must.

Who are you?

This is not a question reserved for times of crisis, when your world feels as if it is cascading down the Angel Falls or when your soul feels abjectly despondent at the way in which you feel the world is moving. The world has never changed. It has always been the same. It has always been a playground wherein you have landed to find your way home. It has always felt dualistic and polarised. It has always been a place of smoke and mirrors. It has always been a place of immense darkness and utter light. But what has been changing is you!

Who are you?

Your awareness has been jolted wide open and as such the world feels different. You can see things are they are. You can see people as they are. You can feel where they are. And you know that this does not come from a place of judgement. After all you have your own cross to bear so you know that smugness or pity have no place to rest their head on your chest.

Who are you?

The pain you feel is real. It stems from the culmination of those who scream at the lies they have been told; the injustice; the fraud; the deception and the conscious systemic manipulation within which they live. Yet, their screams are directed in the wrong direction and the noise is deafening as it is directed at the matrix in which they live. How sad that is, since their pitch can never be heard by those deafened parasites who hungrily feed off the energy directed their way. You know that all they need to do is look inwards and to acknowledge, accept, heal and integrate that which emotionally riles them, since those reactions are ultimately the key to unlock the chains that prevent them from experiencing their true sense of freedom.
Who are you?

That does not mean you can ignore the game that is being played right before your very eyes, after all every spiritual teacher stood gently, but firm, for what he/ she believed in; never casting judgement upon another; never inciting violence towards another; never condemning or degrading another, whether in jest or in sobriety. Each was an activist – gentle, but an activist nonetheless. Each know s/he is and was able to stand strong amidst the tempest of jeers, a lonely black figure amongst sheep. But they knew who they were and from this knowledge, strength grew.

Who are you?

From the beginning, the magic of words have cast their spell upon you, directing you out from yourself, leaving your core essence behind. People have projected onto you – their hopes, anticipations, expectations and desires, and you have been encouraged to assimilate them. You have been taught to conform, whether to an ideal, a parent, an education, a philosophy and you have been taught not to trust yourself, after there is a hierarchy that knows better than you. Furthermore you have no right to an opinion within the world, unless it confirms what ‘everyone’ knows as truth. Your truth. Bah, you don’t have a truth.

Who are you?

Know thyself is the most fundamental thing you can ever do. Yet why do wait until a crisis to ask? Why does it need a massive ‘shock’ to make you feel uncomfortable and then those scary existential questions arise?

Who are you?

Other than possessing an unlimited heart, infinite lOve, having a unique cosmic imprint that inclines you towards viewing the world through an utter distinctive lens (a lens that no-one ever has or will share with you) which directs you towards your own path, a path that cannot be defined by any system, person or opinion, who are you? Why take on those projections and opinions of others? Why try to fit into a system that is genuinely not interested in you, but only wants to entice you with ‘fool’s gold’ as it seeks to use your life force to feed its insatiable hunger? Why bother conform and thereby define who you are by someone else’s criteria? After all the cracks in the system are too wide to ignore and the lies that you/ we are being told are so blatant that they are no longer being hidden.

Who are you?

This is the question being asked of you during this Mutable Fire lunation, as you are being called upon to share your light and receive the light of those in your world.

Who are you?

Is the question that is arising as your sense of reality dissolves and exhaustion permeates your body. It is as if your body is mirroring the exhaustion of the Earth, our society and our collective way of being, prompting you to pay attention and care for yourself, just as our awareness of the sickness of the world screams out for us to heal ourselves so we can heal the world. Of course you can take a pill to mask the issue or you can start to get to the bottom of the issue by embracing the sickness and understanding why it has been necessary to journey with it. And that starts with the question –

Who are you?

It is time to wake up from some very deep illusions – personally and collectively. It is time to look at how far away from home you are and how far away from our core human virtues we are as a community. The conditions that thrive in the world, only thrive because they originate within each and every one of us. You have lived with so many false notions of your world, yourself and what you ‘believe’ in and all those masks you were, those facades you live behind, have been crumbling. It is a sea-change that has been gradually building since 2008 and whilst the Tempest was intensely insane for five years from 2008 to 2013, we have not truly listened and we are being reminded that all that glitters is not gold; all that waves is not friendly; that money remains at the root of all decisions; that fear has ruled and still tries to rule. But it is all an illusion and will continue to be if you live in a perpetual cognitive dissonance, justifying the most absurd things in your mind. The lies, oh the lies, are so clear and transparent and until you awaken to the lies that you tell yourself, what you share with others will be based on untruth. And the energetic conditions of the Mutable Fire Lunation suggest that you will be sharing those lies and receiving lies from others. But is that what you want to spread?
Who are you?

Imagine sharing your truth. Not evangelising it, but being true to who you are; being you; truly you; imagine what that would mean for you and what world you would create? Imagine truly knowing yourself and having utter faith in who you are and in turn, because others are inspired by you, then in turn share their truth and live in accord with that truth. Imagine in time what world you would create free from the lies; free from the incongruous notion that you are not important and that your life does not matter? Imagine what world you would create from a place of infinite abundance as you look within to yourself for all that you need as opposed to relying upon a system, a teacher, an astrologer, a guru, a leader to show you the way?

Don Miguel Ruiz in his book, “The Four Agreements”, described this illusion as “the collective dream of billions of smaller, personal dreams, which together create a dream of a family, a dream of a community, a dream of a city, a dream of a country, and finally a dream of the whole humanity.  The dream of the planet includes all of society’s rules, its beliefs, its laws, its religions, its different cultures and ways to be, its governments, schools, social events, and holidays…. the humans who live before us teach us how to dream the way society dreams”. 

Therefore as you dream, you contribute to the dream of both your world and the collective world. As you despair, so do we; as you joy, so do we. The more aware you are of who you are, the greater the level of consciousness of the world. And that is so very important as we awaken to the dark climate of 1928 – 30 that led to movement through the 1930’s; as we walk through the same radical drive for societal reform that took place between 1927 and 1935; as our collective wounds concerning the nature of how our reality has manifested arose in 1936 and as we seek to question the reality of our collective beliefs in the same way that we did in 1927 – 29; 1956 – 58; 1986 – 88, we are offered the chance to find a another way of manifesting our personal and collective reality. The conditions are ripe to continue to loop and to repeat the mistakes we made then now. Silence did not work then and will not work now; living in ignorance did not work then or will work now; allowing reality to be dictated by those whose inhumane values stripped humanity of humanity, did not work then and will not work now.


The tensions building are even more intense now than they were previously, but remember consciousness guides manifestation; and awareness guides consciousness. Fear and ignorance, manipulated by certain ‘teachers’ have historically lead people into painful healing crises. Each time we have learnt more and more about our own humanity and as a society we have been encouraged to explore our own darkness, which cumulatively is projected onto the world and onto others. This time is no different, but the way of the path is defined by you.

So do you want to relive those same conditions in a similar way? Or do you want to raise your awareness and move to a higher vibrational manifestation of those self-similar conditions? That is what is on offer during this time of the living fire. As the fruit of those two ancient trees fall to the ground, which will you eat from – life or knowledge?

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