Mandala created by Agent 125 Greg George

The New Moon in Capricorn 23°13′

13th of January 2021
5:00am GMT

We seek a renewed stirring of life for the earth.

We plead that what we are capable of doing is

not always what we ought to do.

We urge that all people now determine

that a wide untrammelled freedom shall remain

to testify that this generation has love for the next.

If we want to succeed in that, we might show, meanwhile,

a little more love for this one, and for each other.

Nancy Newhall (Chiron trine Pluto)

During this time of great imbalance you may feel torn between the priorities of healing yourself and your immediate ‘family’ (resolving your own inner spiritual, psychological or physical problems) and attempting to cure the social and economic ills that beset our global culture.

There is not a person alive that is immune from engaging in inner work, healing and attempting to alter the level of awareness to which they were initial born, this attitude misses a hugely significant point. It perpetuates the myth of separation continues to view you as an individual, as somehow isolated from the rest of the world. It is an ideal that has been building with momentum over many millennia, ever since we stopped moving with the seasons and rooted ourselves in OUR patch of land. That movement coincided with the balance of the scales tipping towards a Yang approach to life. The imposition of mind over body which led to the cultivation of land in a manner out of sync with Nature, was only the harbinger of the world we now live in, a world that swung violently towards a disconnected, isolated and secular culture.

Technology, which has offered us so much, as also drained us of life itself. Our society’s detachment from nature, our war against the microbiome, our unrelenting hunger to correlate growth with material abundance and the virulence of the most destructive pathogen of them all – capitalism has destroyed our diverse ecosystem, our concept of community and our vitality. The beautiful gift of the ‘go-slow’ in Spring 2020 was to observe what life can be and how Nature can thrive if truly honour rhythm – a time for pause and a time for action.

For many the pause meant, aside from the confronting the reality of the health of your reality and looking at yourself and your life in a mirror, more time in stillness, in nature and in an awareness of what human connectivity truly means. It reminded those of us old enough, of what life was like before the advent of a global, 24/7, techno-economy. Our connection to nature, to our own bodies, to our relationships increased in awareness. It was a reminder of what is important – a truth that poignantly arises when grief visits.

There is no doubt that we are moving through the early stages of a death-rebirth cycle within humanity, and as written about previously, we are also collectively moving through a massive redistribution of power, a movement that does occur infrequently throughout time. The desire to return to normal for many is certainly something akin to downing cod liver oil or spreading marmite on their toast. Have we really lived within a democracy? Has ‘wealth’ brought a better quality of life? Has the speed to which things now move benefited humanity? What truly constitutes health and well-being? What is real and what is fabrication?

Indigenous wisdom has, for many years, been seen as outdated, especially since it appears less ‘technical’. And yet, one simple ubiquitous truth arising from these nature-connected cultures, a truth deeply apparent as a consequence of the spread of ‘covid’, is that of holism. Without exploring the Machiavellian ‘conspiratorial’ dimension of a ‘locked’ down ‘western’ world, it is impossible to deny the fact that humans are not isolated, separate, elite beings above and better than Nature.

We, you, are utterly inseparable to this living Earth and if you accept that reality, then you must also recognise that isolated health and well-being is an illusion. Healing yourself and working to resolve the contradictions in the human-Earth ecology is one and the same work. All healing involves making whole again – resolving the contradictions that exist between self and other, body and spirit, mind and nature.

You are not an encapsulated self-enclosed being. Rather you are a field of energy integrated with the environment. Everything you do transforms and reshapes the world. Everything. This is the basic teachings of Hermeticism and Gnosticism, and the central tenat of astrological philosophy – the world within you is reflect in the world outside of you; the world outside of you is a reflection of the world inside of you, to paraphrase Hermes Trismegistus’ aphorism.

If your actions can destroy, so can they heal. In this light there is no difference between work and prayer, no distinction between physical activity and the work of the spirit. Precisely in the restoration of this balance between body and spirit lies the path for the healing the greater whole.

All prayer is ultimately an act of hope. Without hope it has no substance. Hope empowers your intention and gives character to your action. Hope is a light-force, which radiates pervasively and directs your creative and spiritual evolution towards your world’s future. While your action may be turned aside from its purpose or taken over by the milieu in which it occurs, prayer, when it is genuine, cannot be taken over. It attains its goals because it is its goal. And it is my prayer for the coming months that nothing and no-one diminishes your hope and your light and that you have the freedom to direct your light into the world.

To paraphrase the architect and engineer Buckminster Fuller: we cannot change things by fighting the existing realty. What is required is that we build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. And this is the call to action of 2021 – to actively build a new model of reality, after all is the other model something that enables the individual, the family unit, community to truly thrive? There is literally nothing life affirming about our fast paced reality; our education model encourages repetition and memory retention; our economic model encourages futurism, isolationism and exhaustion; we live for the weekends; we live in debt; and we live without a true democracy.

But there is nothing about the energetic conditions that we are all living through that is supporting a return to that normality. After all the truth of any new beginning is also the truth of something passing and death in itself. And there is no mistaking the fundamental truth of our world disconnection from the rhythm of nature – our terror of death. A terror that has motivated society to find countless ways of ‘cheating’ death, of keeping death at bay, of denying the normality of death and of making death a failure.

One of the most beautifully written books on death that I have devoured with my two daughters is Harry Potter. It is explicitly encoded in the Tale of the Three Brothers, a fairy tale recounted by the fictional Hermione Ganger as the search for the three objects that can grant immortality unfolds. Emma Watson’s narration of that tale can be found at the following YouTube page –

Conceived and birthed through a Sun-Moon-Pluto soul, J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter is a story to help children (and adults) better understand the grieving process, a process that extends far beyond the initial point of physical departure, as the protagonist is made an orphan by a deeply tragic character hell bent on seeking immortality. Potter’s journey is one of loss, grief and trauma, made whole by love, fellowship and community, qualities sorely lacking in our modern western world and for me the most reprehensible facet of the intentional isolation policy of most governments, under the guise of public health and well-being.   

Our patriarchal influenced one-sided obsession with the bright, luminous colours have excluded us from the holism of the total spectrum and is something that I truly hope we, as a world, confronts in the months ahead.

It is poignant to reflect that the first lunation of 2021, not only falls in the zodiacal sign of Cardinal Earth, a sign associated with the ‘creation of reality’, but also in tight alignment with Pluto, a planetary archetype symbolising the concept of regeneration and also with Chiron, an archetype reflecting healing. Encoded within this initial lunation is that of the deep healing of the ancestral amnesia that has prevented us from tapping into the regenerative power of Mother Gaia to co-create with us our health and well-being.

As mentioned above, the first step of many that is required is to take care of our own immediate health and well-being, and that does not simply mean dieting and taking medication to keep well. Well-being is a deeper conversation, especially when we consider that ANY pharma-product has side effects that Nature Herself does not possess. Any artificially created drug has to come with disclaimers simply because it focuses on one particular facet of illness and not on the entire bio-system.

It is my hope that in 2021 more people step away from the illusion of the external reality that we have been living in, and start truly addressing their own personal realities, focusing on the health and well-being of that system. After all, your reality is also reflective of the external reality, and what you ‘create’, echoes through and around you. You can, as the indigenous once said, make a difference. The healing that you do on yourself, impacts those immediately in your world, and so on. It creates ripples and in time ripples become waves, and … you get the picture.

The conditions are ripe for this sea change. The movement towards a New Earth has been long coming and as a new reality dawns (amidst the collapse and death of the old system) the question will be what, in time, that consensus reality will look like. I do not envision that reality happening overnight, as they said – Rome was not made in a day – but I do sincerely believe that the transparency of the toxins that have been brought to the surface can only truly be healed by you, the individual, and not by an external agency. This time, for me, is one of deep empowerment, as we, the people, are being confronted with our own sovereignty and part of the Saturn-Uranus square of mid Feb, June and late December 2021 will be a reminder of the necessity to speak forth regarding the violation of your sovereign rights.

This is a deeply powerful time. But remember you CHOSE to be part of this world at this time. The way in which our world is being birthed is in your hands.

My best wishes to you with the choices you will make this calendar year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s offering

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