Awaken and Unfurl ! The New Moon in Aries: 16th April 2018

by Agent Ei, Andrew Smith

Awaken and Unfurl

The New Moon in Cardinal Fire conjoined Uranus

On the 16th April 2018 at 01:57 UT

Absorbed in this world, you’ve made it your burden.

Listen to Andrews’ Narration of this article HERE :–Ksn8SLo4c2dOZT2yCa/edit

Rise above this world.
There is another vision.
All your life you’ve paid attention to your experiences, but never to your Self.
Are you searching for your Soul?
Then come out of your prison. Leave the stream and join the river that flows into the Ocean.
It will not lead you astray.
Let the beauty you seek be what you do.


Why not?

When in the history of humanity has anyone shaken the world by conforming?

When has settling for a life defined by someone else’s opinion ever generated true happiness?

When has holding back and not truly expressing, openly and freely, the truth of your soul, kept you from sleeping?

And yet, the fear of raising your head above the canopy of bland, greyness is so strong, conditioned into you from birth by every constructed system and institution, despite the hallow rhetoric that ‘encourages’ you to be an individual, as long as you are one within accepted parameters.

For a long time this urge to break free has been contained by emptiness and the frustration of timing, agitating your nocturnal rhythm, pulling tightly on your heart and permitting snippiness and irritation to company with you.  The seduction of safety and the sweet words of sameness have constantly whispered, despite the rising waves of turmoil and relent – you can’t make it; it will never work; you can’t earn enough; you’re mad; what will they think; I’m not qualified enough; but what about the kids/ my partner/ my parents/ my …; maybe in a few more months…

Willing yourself on, unable to leave what you have outgrown, something has been slowly building over the past ten months, as layer upon layer, script upon script, has been revealed and peeled back, exposing the truth of you – the people you’ve prostituted your soul to; how you have compromised your essential being to satisfy your ego; your eagerness to jump into another’s arms to quell the emptiness; your addiction to living masochistically, denying jOy and lOve in favour of ‘it has to be done’, ‘I’ve a mortgage to pay’…

That voice that wondered would you always live like this has grown in strength and you’ve faced down so much, as each month, you have felt encouraged to step up and step out; to no longer accept mediocrity; to no longer hide the unique and essential being that you are; to stand firm to your convictions, even if those around you live a double life; to strip away the countless layers of conditioning that serve to buffer the world from the power and dynamism of your true, highly charged, utterly inimitable you.

And you have been challenged in so many different ways within a process has taken many forms. Yet through trial and error, you have pushed past the soft, downy boundaries of complacency and walked bare foot over the scalding coals of truth. Tears have been shed and loneliness has accompanied you, after all to be the person who proclaims the Emperor birth suit is damn ugly, as he has failed to look after himself and let himself go, does not win many friends.

It hits you. Loneliness. If you step out, the familiar fades to black and with that many of the souls who have travelled with you. If you speak out, it will be to the back of their heads as they turn from you, unable to hear what it is that you have to say. If you walk tall, then you have to deal with the furtive whispers, the back talk and the ‘pitiful’ looks… And that has been a key weapon against you – loneliness. ‘If you speak your truth, we will isolate you’, is a mantra waved blatantly in your face, after all, who wants to be reminded that they are too frightened to live openly, freely and truthfully?

In an increasingly detaching world, in a world seemingly heading into VR, devoid of human intimacy; in a world that is viewed through a highly photoshopped and edited screens; in a world actively encouraged to disconnect from others in real time; in a world that no longer wants you to stand in the presence of someone who also sees through the illusion of what is drip feed through their social media network; in a world terrified that you will speak up and acknowledge the elephant that stands for all to see in the middle of the room, the punishment for being true; the sentence passed for your bold audacity to dare to live honestly, creatively and openly; the judgement cast down upon your soul for  having the confidence to walk the path less trodden, is to stand alone, without true support, suspicious eyes glaring ominously as you live and speak from your heart.

And yet you can never be alone. Ever. Even if in the short term you are sent to Coventry, in time you will find your tribe, other kindred outliers who walk a parallel path to yours; even if, initially, you have to journey alone, your commitment to living from that out-of-the-way place in your heart, that place where your thoughts always return to, that place wherein your truth lies, you will warm to the heat of jOy and lOve and you will radiate light, that in time will draw towards you those who resonate at the same frequency as you.

Something feels different about where you are now. You can feel it. Maybe it has to do with your courage being kindled. Maybe it has to do with realising that within you lies a unique identity, something that no one can ever replicate or template. Maybe it has to do with realising that your body, your home, your family of origin, your education, your social background, your religion, your culture or your location does not define who you truly are. Maybe it has to do with the awakening of your spirit to adventure. Maybe it has to do with realising that you cannot be truly alone, or that you will lack abundance and happiness if you do what is right. Maybe it has to do with being tired of holding back and not ‘going’ for it. Maybe your soul knows that the same energetic conditions don’t arise again until the 24th March 2096 to set intentions to openly express your truth…

But you are stepping out onto new ground. You are being handed the opportunity to see the world, your world, through young eyes, with energy and verve, with enthusiasm and innocence and with an unrepentant knowledge that the world will mould and shape to accommodate you, regardless of how weird what you express may feel.

This is not a time to ‘see’ the destination. It is also not the time to micro manage and plan how to ‘get’ there. No, this is a time of trust – trust that your soul knows its own geography and has its eager hands on a compass, hungrily waiting for you to get out of your own way. Trust that you can never be lonely and that help will always be there if only you would ask. So hold nothing back, as your soul renews its commitment to living openly, honestly and simply. Learn to find ease in risk, after all it is not a true risk to express the full capacity of your soul’s potential when happiness, joy and abundance await for those who embrace themselves. In time you will be at home; in time you will connect with others who similarly resonate; in time you will make a full sustainable living; in time the pain you feel will cease; in time the marks from the chains that held you fast will fade; in time you will realise just how courageous you have been to feel the call to awaken, to listen to it and to submit utterly, risking all that you think you have to bring forth that unprotected, vulnerable interior space wherein your truth, your heart, your honesty lies.

I cannot think of a better mantra for this Cardinal Fire lunation than written by the late poet/philosopher John O’Donohue when he beautiful asks you to “Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning that is at one with your life’s desire.”To Bless the Space Between Us: A book of Blessings

Awaken and unfurl. It is time.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith 2018

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  1. Avatar
    Mac says:

    Andrew, this was definitely written for me. Thank you, gratitude & blessings your way. Your accuracy, knowledge and the way you embroid the words, that makes my soul dance graciously in pure JOY.

  2. Avatar
    Matthew says:

    I return to your readings/writings time and again for renewed courage (heart) to keep on keepin on, attempting to stay true to my soul.
    thank you !

  3. Avatar
    Trine Smith says:

    Rich & Blissful BLESSEDNESS! As per usual. YES Andrew You are a TreasureD Treasure! Much Love & Manifold Appreciation. Thanks for Being & Living Your TRUTH.


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