New Moon articles and intentions

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Pisciculi or Ichthys? The New Moon in Pisces 13th of March 2021

Straddled between two worlds yet eternally bound to both, the Piscean archetype is the alpha and omega within the consciousness spectrum held within the zodiac belt. The complexity of this fathomless realm is due to the co-existence of a liminal duality that blends Senatrix and Neonate; Krone and infant; Sage and Novice; Veteran and Greenhorn, into one and the same.
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Spaceman: The New Moon in Aquarius 11th February

Aquarius iconography is a curiosity since it is often depicted as a young, beautiful man pouring water onto the earth from the sky above. Forgiven, you are, for thinking that it is a water sign, when in fact Aquarius is ultimately about the sovereignty of your inner thoughts, ideas and voice, as it is composed of two energetic states –

Creation The New Moon in Capricorn - 13th of January 2021

During this time of great imbalance you may feel torn between the priorities of healing yourself and your immediate ‘family’ (resolving your own inner spiritual, psychological or physical problems) and attempting to cure the social and economic ills that beset our global culture.
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Is that so? The  Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius - 14th of December 2020  16:16 GMT

The 23rd Saros 142 Solar eclipse and New Moon on the 14th of December arises in Mutable Fire. The concept of mutability means that you have an impact on another, as much as they have an impact on you. So the way in which you respond, not only tells the world a lot about you, it also intimately impacts the other.
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Love is the Diamond - The New Moon in Scorpio 23°17'

LOve. It is one of the most powerful emotions that fuel our lives. Hate, fear and anxiety have nothing on the power of lOve. After all, ‘love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. O no! It is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken’ (Shakespeare) ‘Love is the diamond’ (Rumi) the everlasting jewel that guides and informs all our actions, without which we are bereft and lost.
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The Voice of the Feminine: The New Moon LIBRA 16th October

In the beginning was the Word. But this Word did not ‘know’ itself. It just was. Born of ‘woman’, as the Native American traditions suggest, it is a place of non-action, of stillness and of unlimited fecund potential. It is the moment before movement. It is the motion behind evolution. It is the source of creativity. It is the deep pool from which life is birthed. It is the place of the non-manifest, that source from which life is generated.
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Freedom of the Heart
 - Solar Eclipse 0° 21' Cancer - June 21st 2020

This Solstice New Moon illuminates those patterns and complexes that have prevented you from experiencing Oneness – whether with another or more importantly with yourself – and what will emerge from within you over the coming six months is only meant to shed those deep emotional scripts and legacies left over from your lineage and from the penetration of the dark hand of society.
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What do you speak of? The New Moon in Gemini - Mutable Air

We have been living through an amazing time. The clearness of the sky, the regeneration of the Earth; the reconsideration of what is truly important; the hunger to reach out and connect to others; the confrontation with ourselves; the looking deeply into the Shadow; the breaking down of structures and relationships that no longer serve; and the deep questioning of life and the way in which it has been generated.
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New Moon Taurus 4°‚ April 23rd 2020- Healing your Inner Reality- copy

How are you truly doing amidst this redistribution of power, a time, whether artificially hijacked by the governing forces, terrified of losing their grip on power, or Gaia’s attempt to be heard? For many introverted sOul explorers, what we, as a collective, are moving through is no different than normal! However for many who talk of detoxing, of having time to focus on things that matter,
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The New Moon Aries : Conjoined Chiron 24th March 2020 at 9:28am GMT

Any New Moon gives us a chance to take a moment to replenish and renew our emotional body and our heart centre with a differing consciousness, and since this dawn aligns with the Chironic part of our sOul, we have an opportunity to heal the wound to our Crowns, and to re-connect to Oneness. How we approach this suffering is really down to you an individual.
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The Wave and the Ocean New Moon in Pisces- 23rd February 2020 at 15:31 UTC

The ocean is ‘water in motion’. If you have ever watched a small section of the ocean, you will notice that is constantly rippling, creating waves. If you isolate and label that part of the water as a wave you are given the impression that the wave is a separate entity to the ocean. But a wave is not in the ocean. A wave is the ocean.
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Congruency: The New Moon in Aquarius, square Uranus, 24th January 2020 at 21:41 GMT

Seven little words that nicely sum up one of twelve dimensions of your consciousness: the realm of Fixed Air, or more commonly known as the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, a realm in consciousness illuminated by Sol on the 20th January and re-ignited on the 24th January during the forthcoming lunation. The element of Air concerns your breath and the quality of the way that you literally breathe in all that the Earth Plane offers you. Fixity means an energetic state that is internal and inward towards the Self looking
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Boundless Manifestation :Solar eclipse conjoined Jupiter 26th December 2019 at 05:13am GMT

uring the last, and extraordinarily profound, lunation of 2019, you have the opportunity to lay the foundation for a new reality and way of being. That this is a Cardinal Lunation, meaning that the impetus to take action is extant within the energetic conditions creating this new reality. Your feminine holds the mystery of creation and you are now facing a profound need to reawaken to the spiritual power and potential of your femininity, drawing you into the depths of soul, embodiment, love and compassion