The New Moon in Taurus-& the Powerful Month Ahead

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The New Moon in Taurus-& the Powerful Month Ahead

UT: 11:29pm, 6th May 2016

Thailand 2:29am, 7th May 2016

AEST: 9:29am, 7th May 2016

This New Moon in Taurus is a great time to get grounded in the Earth and in our bodies and to work steadfastly on the foundations of our new life. You can feel the full power of ‘the Bull’ in this Taurean New Moon, with the New Moon making a ‘Grand (Earth) Trine’ out to Retrograde Pluto and (Stationary) Retrograde Jupiter. Wow, there is so much raw and vital earth power in this grand trine for work, for building and for growing. And it’s so physical, making this month a great month to work on your body or with your body, favouring any activities that are repetitive, menial and strengthening and that evolve one’s sense of constancy, endurance and patience- Taurus style. Note well, that the New Moon is working with powerful retrograde energies, meaning that the nature of the work ahead is personal and it is highly likely to be unseen and unrecognised for some time to come. Possibly the fruits of the upcoming lunar month’s labour will not start to be seen until the Mars Retrograde shadow phase is complete in late August. But this is not a problem as feeling into and working with power and the body is joy enough for a sensate being.

The New Moon in Taurus is flanked by Venus in Taurus and Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, creating a stellium of personal planets in Taurus.  This is an auspicious time especially with Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and art in her own sign of Taurus, adding an earthy, embodied, voluptuous and sensuous flavour to this time. She too, is part of this ‘Grand Earth Trine’ to Retrograde Pluto and (Stationary) Retrograde Jupiter. She is also forming an ‘Easy Opposition’ to the ‘Dream Big’ Neptune opposition to Jupiter. Venus represents the ‘law of attraction’ and with these aspects on, this New Moon phase and the upcoming lunar month is a wonderful time to focus our efforts on perfecting our law of attraction skills. Rather than getting out there and chasing down what it is we wish to manifest, we are best off working with the retrograde energies and good fortunes of Venus by sitting still on the Earth and embodying our magnificence and focusing into our heart. Interestingly, at the time of the New Moon, Venus is moving into orb to conjunct the Sun (the Heart) and this conjunction will last 6 weeks. WoW! This is going to be such an empowering time for the feminine to shine in her truth, beauty and light.

And with Mercury retrograde on the way to meet her over the coming week, it is ideal time to concentrate the mind, focus our thoughts and craft our words to support us becoming crystal clear containers for self realisation. As always with Mercury Retrograde, it is an ideal time to meditate. Meditation, especially in Nature, suits the Taurean energy well; to be still in a state of peaceful, placid consciousness gently resting on the Earth whilst we draw up Earth or telluric energy into our base chakra. Another way of working with this Mercury in Taurus energy is to work with the hands, as Mercury rules the hands and with Taurus’ sensuous and earthy nature, it’s a great time to process energy with pottery or clay art, massage or building ideas with the hands, like modelling.

Retrograde Mercury in Taurus, along with the New Moon, Sun and Moon, are forming another ‘Grand Earth Trine’ to the North Node and Pluto. With The South Node in aspect, this Grand trine is part of a greater planetary pattern known as a Kite. This deepens the cause of what it is we are doing right now, in ourselves, in our communities and in the world. And really, ties in so much of what’s happening with the Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter T-square. The big questions are on in terms of us knowing ourselves, our truth and seeing the path ahead from the perception of our higher self and knowing our higher purpose for being. We’ve seen so many memes go by that are encouraging us out of our ‘smallness’, to resist the urge ‘to shrink’ to please others or fit in and instead to tap into our ‘power’ by aligning with source consciousness and to become a resplendent container and channel for that.

“If not you, then who?” is going to be the change agent that turns things around for yourself, your community and the world.

With Mars Retrograde we are being called to go behind our drives and actions and to examine what is it that is motivating us? Are we operating from a place of conditioning of what it is to be in the masculine or to be a man or are we operating from a place of purity and truth. Do we really know what drives us? Have we built our world and how we function in it from a place of the wounded-ness, particularly wounds we have received from men or the perverted, distorted, corrupted and dis-empowered state of the masculine in the world at large? The time is ripe to enter into a phase of deep examination of our soul and soul wounding on this level so that we may not just reveal to ourselves our wounds but process them and transform and evolve our basic instincts. Do this for yourself and know that in doing this, you serve the world.

So this coming lunar month is a power packed time where we will be feeling an upsurge of telluric energy mixed in with deep reckoning. It will be a time that favours stillness, patience, deep inner inquiry and meditation as well as the physical arts, physical labour and any activities that feature endurance and strength. It is a great month for industry, ie: to work with the power, with our hands and bodies and minds focused on building the foundations of our new life. And of course, it will be a wonderful time to manifest, so please concentrate on what it is you are feeling, perceiving, dreaming and speaking and use the force to bend all these facilities to align with your highest and deepest truth.

Thank you for your readership and taking the time to watch my videos. It is a great joy for me to share these insights with you.

With all my Heart,
Kirilly- Cosmic Space Priestess
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