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New Moon in Scorpio 7°43’ Oct 30th UT 5:38pm

with Agent 27 Kirilly

New Moon in Scorpio

Sun 30th Oct: PDT:11:38pm EST:1:38pm ut:5:38pm IST:11:08pm

Mon 31st Oct: Thai: 12:38am AEDT: 4:38am


Given the raw, psycho- sexual- emotional energy, violence, chaos and passion that has come to the surface over the last lunar month, care of the Mars-Pluto conjunction along with the volatile and inflammatory energies of the previous Full Moon/ Uranus- Eris conjunction, this New Moon conjunct Mercury in Scorpio is an opportunity for us to sit with all that has erupted from the depths and start to find ways to consciously and empathically communicate that to ourselves and to others.

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio, forming a trine to the Neptune/ South Node conjunction in Pisces and the Virgo North Node axis, it is worth keeping in mind that at this time, we are channels of ancestral complexes (and blessings!). And with Jupiter in Libra quincunx-ing Neptune and the South Node, any unresolved patterns of imbalance, disharmony or conflict within our family tree, especially the parental marriage, will show up now in our relationships for healing. It is helpful to know the stories of our parents and grandparents and other ancestors to identify the ‘marriage’ patterning that is moving down the line so that we can make heads and tails of what’s being constellated or ‘dreamed up’ in our intimacy/ sexuality and relationship zones.

It can be very hard for folks to realise that their dramas and the roles they are being called to play in their relationships, ain’t necessarily all their stuff. Yep, you know when you are arguing with someone but deep down you really don’t feel aligned with anything you are saying or even how you are expressing it? That should give you the heads up, that you are being ‘dreamed up’ to play a role that is aligned with the others perceptual field. For example, ‘the other’ may be unconsciously relating to you like you are their mother or father and before you know it, you begin to channel words, energy and idiosyncratic expressions of their respective parent. And similarly, you too may find yourself in a stoush with them that if you reflect upon it, is very similar to issues you had with a family member. In counselling, we call it ‘transference’.

It’s quite amazing really, to witness the holographic nature of reality. But yes, witnessing is the key! But for us to be able to bear witness to such beguiling and tricky dream-scapes, we first need to know about such phenomena and ‘Know Thyself’ very well, so as to recognise the difference between what is ours and what is being ‘dreamed up’. We must also be highly disciplined in ourselves and present in the moment, to the multiple levels of reality playing out at once in our relationships, whilst keeping an eye on our ego- as it is always looking for a fight- anything to reinforce its sense of separation and isolation.

Alternatively, we may find our self playing out classic Libran motifs by being ‘the peacekeeper’, ‘go-between’ or ‘ham in the sandwich’. Maybe this was our experience of the parental marriage and brings forth its own set of issues and complexes. Sometimes we can become paralysed in amongst warring parties and settle for a faux kind of peace; one that is riddled with tension, anxiety and suppressed anger. It’s a kind of status quo that leads to stagnancy, despondency and depression in relationships. Hopefully at this New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Mercury, superficiality and suppression of all kinds may be pierced with heart centred expression of all that is held within, in the name of ‘peace’.

Either way, this New Moon in Scorpio month ahead is a great time to cultivate emotional intelligence and find ways to communicate the experiences we are having without projecting that onto others. We must become conscious within ourselves of the themes and memes coming through our genes so we might stand a chance of being conscious with others and do our best to not unconsciously play out unresolved ancestral scripts and wind up in patterns of disempowerment with our beloved(s).

And that’s not all, just as the intensity of the Mars-Pluto complex is abating, a very strong time for relationship planet, Venus is just beginning as Venus is Sagittarius attempts to integrate the influences of:

·       Antares- the bezerker warrior/ genius/ madman military campaigner/ leader.

·       Neptune- which has rallied her inner zealot

·       Chiron- the wounded healer- bringing to the fore the raging complex of the disempowered priestess

·       Saturn- the moral discipline of the inner synogogue

·       Uranus- bringing the incendiary, freedom fighting, ‘wild fire’

·       Eris – bringer of strife and dischord

WoW! Venus is ready to take a stand and champion the holy war. What remains to be seen is whether she fights for truth or has lost the plot completely and has become possessed by some form of fundamentalism.

With Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct Venus (the relationship planet), T-squaring the Nodes and Neptune we are called to discipline ourselves and be accountable for our experiences and not get lost in the dream (as strong as it is) or get caught up in ‘the blame game’ or stories we tell ourselves that reinforce the sense of separation and isolation. The truth lies within- make a relationship with that, with Spirit, with Source, with all that is calling us and sit with that without attacking, criticising, belittling and generally disempowering others when we are confronted by our shadow, our fears and insecurities. Take the conscious path and sit with the experience and do your best to love it and love yourself through it. This is powerful work and fantastic initiatory training ground for the peaceful warrior.

With Jupiter in Libra for one year (Sep 2016- Oct 2017) it is a wonderful time to focus on balancing and harmonising our inner masculine and feminine energy channels (nadis, meridians) and to restore energy and flow, so as to awaken the great inner channel or energetic orbit that gives rise to peace, strength, beauty, power and self-realisation. If you have been cultivating this energy for some time you may find that your challenge is to be steady and stable in your peace amongst the chaos.

As always with each new moon I highly recommend that you do a ritual to set your intentions for the upcoming month. Now is a wonderful time to dance, pray, meditate and/or sing for peace, unity, beauty, harmony and unconditional love.


With all my heart,


Cosmic Space Priestess

Agent 27 Kirilly

Agent 27 Kirilly

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