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Video Report – New Moon in Sagittarius 7°43’ Nov 29th UT

with Agent 27 Kirilly

Keep the Faith.

The New Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, the 29th November 2016

PST: 4:18am EST:7:18am UT:12:18pm India:5:48pm
Thai: 7:18pm AEST:11:18pm

This New Moon in Sagittarius is a doozy, with the Sun and Moon conjunct Antares (the berserker warrior) forming the apex of a T-square from Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces opposite the North Node in Virgo. Neptune has just made an exact conjunction to the South Node, meaning that we experiencing the mass culmination of our collective, ancestral karma, ie: we are reaping what has have sown historically. Which sounds kind of obvious, nonetheless it’s worth noting that with transpersonal Neptune in play, forces way beyond our control and way beyond consensus reality are emerging at this time, like a karmic tsunami of……… And with the fixed star Antares, conjunct the New Moon, squaring Neptune on the South Node, we can expect a confused and chaotic, cathartic release of raging ghosts!!!

Hopefully during the year, we did the work, when Saturn in Sagittarius sat at the apex of the T-square from the Nodal axis and are feeling well and secure within ourselves. That we are grounded in reality and a conscious code of morality. And standing firm in our light and our truth, with courage, faith, hope and optimism, so that when shit hits the fan and those around us start losing it, we are ‘not bovvered’ and are able to get on with focusing our fire and light into the actions and work that has been calling out to be realised, care of the North Node in Virgo.

So what’s all this about people ‘losing it’? Well, it’s not just Antares, the berserker, ‘I’m in such a frenzied, altered state, of blind rage I can’t tell who my friends or who my enemies are’, conjunct the New Moon that’s setting people off, Eris, the goddess of dischord and strife is at large! Eris is angry for being left out and marginalised. She’s seething with rage and jealousy, combined with a desperate need for attention, so much so that she is ready to bring the strife and start the war! Ooh! Yes. And for a whole year, she is teamed up with Uranus, the planet of sudden change, chaos and revolution in the incendiary and individualistic sign of Aries. With this we can expect at a personal level; tantrums, dramas, episodes, aggression, violence, narcissism, defiance, breakages, schisms and on a global level, well, we got Trump!

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt Trump has been dreamed up on the world stage to play the role of the merged archetypes of Eris and Uranus- sudden change in the form of a recalcitrant, uncontrollable disruptor, trickster, chaos agent who, irrespective of his hyper inflated ego and privilege in society, has wound up in the role of the outsider! Amazing! (facepalm).

Personally I had no interest in either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump being the President of the United States, with Hillary representing more of the same- that has us all on the fast track to extinction and Donald Trump being about as appealing as Donald Duck being the President of the super power nation. Or as Julian Assange put it when he was asked which presidential nomination he preferred, he remarked, “You’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?î

Nonetheless, in the fall out of the election and in the witnessing of the major waves of distress happening in around me and in the social media sphere, I have been attempting to work with the energies of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius, both trining Uranus and Eris in Aries, to seek some meaning in the madness!

First thing to note is that with Uranus in Aries (The rEvolution) coming back into orb of a square to Pluto in Capricorn (the Corporatocracy), we are finally getting the result we all expected to see sometime between 2011- 2015 when the 7 exact squares between Uranus and Pluto were happening. In hindsight, why did we have any expectations in regards to Uranus, when all we know is to ‘expect the unexpected’. It really took till 2016- The Year of the ‘Tipping Point’, care of the this years (Grand Mutable Cross), along with Uranus initiating Eris into the collective consciousness and Neptune in Pisces to intersect the south node, for the culmination of this ‘end point’ of KARMA, CHAOS and CHANGE, to occur!

Yes, that’s what this has been all been about, CHANGE! Hillary Clinton represented ramping up ‘more of the same’ whereas Donald Trump represented the inverse position of that, in other words, ‘not more of the same’, which is a crummy version of change but change nonetheless! And if we search our heart-mind we’ll probably find that that’s what many of us on a collective consciousness level have been crying out for. Not Trump, but CHANGE!

Hmmm…is it possible that we got what we wanted but in a way that was totally not how we expected? Hmmm…gosh that sounds a lot like life!

And if indeed we we can start from a place that, ‘maybe we asked for this’, ie: we asked for change, then we can quickly take back the power and get on with being more savvy, conscious change agents ourselves.

What are the changes we want to see happen, specifically, in our personal, communal and collective worlds?

What are the changes necessary to bring our hopes and wishes into alignment with reality?

What actions are we willing to take to be the change we want to see?

Are we willing to play the role of dischordia and consciously bring the chaos, disrupt the status quo, risk being marginalised for our actions in shoring up a better future than that which is currently on offer?

The election of Donald Trump is a grand wake up call! Time to change and take action!

The Eris/ Uranus conjunction in warring Aries is opposing the cosmic amplifier Jupiter in Libra, the sign of peace, balance and harmony, with the tension of this axis erupting through the conjunction of Venus, the relationship planet and Pluto, the Lord of Death. Yes, you see where this is going? All the above mentioned fire, drama and chaos is being offset, frustrated and met by Jupiter in Libra, who is trying to stand up for the relationship and keep the peace but is nonetheless finding themselves in the line of fire and in the thick of conflict. Let’s not forget that throughout the ancient world, Jupiter was the God of War, giving rise to the figure of the centaur- the half horse, half man, which is how the victorious horseman of the Asian steeps appeared as they rode bareback, in the field of war, as if they were one with the horse. So yes, Libra, no matter which way you look at it, you are at war and your pacifism is a form of fighting, as you work to secure your desired outcome through holding the middle ground, non-combativeness and negotiation.

Conversely with Uranus in Aries disposited by and in mutual reception to, Mars in Aquarius, one part of the partnership may be cut off from the emotional, heart centred aspact of the relationship, preferring a cool, detached, idealistic and open approach to relationships, possibly vying for some space, greater independence and freedom, whilst the other is seeking growth through a committed partnership. It’s the old freedom-closeness dilemma. Uranus in Aries/ Mars in Aquarius would like to try new things, experiment and possibly, take a break which is in direct contrast to Libra in Jupiter, who may feel lucky in love and want to take the relationship to the next level. It’s highly likely that everyone carries a ratio of this freedom-closeness dilemma within and depending on the dynamics of the relationship may find themselves representing one end of the spectrum and then at other times, the other end.

Back at the New Moon in Jupiter on Sep 30/ Oct 1st, I spoke about the imbalances, power struggles and disharmony that was likely to manifest for those in committed partnerships. For many, since then, disharmony and dischord in relationships has been building and now, 2 months later, at this New Moon, many relationships are at a ‘make or break point’. With the Venus/ Pluto conjunction at the apex of the T-square, this is a time to bring relationships to completion. This may mean letting go of the ways things have been completely, making space for transformation and ultimately re-birthing the relationship. For others this may be a time to allow the relationship to end so as to prepare the way to meet with another ‘other’, that is in alignment with the changes you’ve been making or are consciously working toward.

‘Endings’ are on the cards collectively as well. For many of us, we may be like the snake that takes refuge in a dark hole as it prepares to shed its skin, with this we may be feeling dull, weak, lifeless, a bit sick or sorry for ourselves, others may be experiencing a florid state of anxiety, insecurity, confusion, delusion, aggression and madness, it all depends which side of the scales one finds themselves on and of course, we may even switch between the two or experience a blend of the two. Best to rest up in order to reboot and do your best to stay in ‘witness mode’, ie: detached and aware. We really don’t know what’s coming, all we know is to expect the unexpected and to expect that we are all going to have to shift/ change in order to meet the new conditions. It would be wise to work towards the elevated state of Antares consciousness and prepare to impress your friends and foe alike by doing the unthinkable and succeeding!

May you all be well at this New Moon and as trying and beguiling as these times may be, ‘Keep the Faith’!

With all my Heart,
(Cosmic Space Priestess)

Agent 27 Kirilly

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  1. John
    John says:

    With my Saturn/Mars conjunction on Antares, Square Venus, square Chiron, square Ceres, this month should prove to be interesting.


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