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This Sacred Life –The New Moon in Pisces / Solar Eclipse March 9th 2016. 1:53am UT

We welcome in this Pisces New Moon with a fabulous array of planets in dreamy Pisces, a gutsy and fortuitous T-square and a life changing/ life affirming Solar Eclipse. Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and liberation continues to square transformative Pluto and trine aspirational Saturn in Sagittarius. With all this planetary action, we are being prepared to not only take that leap of ‘faith’ over the edge but to be miraculously lifted, guided and delivered to the next dimension of self realisation. The archaic goddess of Fate- Pluto is also forming an easy opposition to the Pisces New Moon, portending a series of turning points over this coming lunar month.   

When the New Moon, Sun and Moon meet in intuitive and psychically sensitive Pisces we are called to go beyond the ego or the little ‘I’ and re-awaken to unitive consciousness, that we are all One Being fuelled on One Love and to overcome THE ILLUSION OF SEPERATION! When we centre ourselves and our IDENTITY in UNITY, then old stories of war, conflict and trauma lose their grip over us. Not that these experiences are forgotten or un-acknowledged, more that they are dissolving as we are being lovingly and gently renewed. With this new Moon conjunct Chiron and the South Node in Pisces, this is beautiful time for healing of old wounds, as we are no longer trapped in ‘Me Vs Other’ projections and can tune into a greater sense of ‘I’, that of divine consciousness.

At this most gracious New Moon/ Solar Eclipse (NB: the effects of the Solar Eclipse can last up to about 6 months), the magic of divine essence is moving to return us home to source consciousness, to restore us spiritually and energetically, to uplift us and align us with our greater galactic purpose.  NB: This state of consciousness is akin to BLISS! Are we ready to allow that in and to fill up on that? What might we discover about ourselves and our truth? Who might we become? What might we imagine into existence from this heightened state of awareness?

Life, here on planet Earth, is short and will be over in a blink of an eye. At certain times in our life we may have contemplated to some depth, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” During this incredible sojourn of Neptune through Pisces, we are mysteriously experiencing the veils of illusion being lifted and with it conditions and attachments we have taken for granted are beginning to make less sense and have even less hold over us. And with this we are becoming more attuned to our spiritual identity and purpose for realising ourselves at this time ON THIS SACRED EARTH.

Which leads me to the on-going opposition of Chiron and the South Node in multi-dimensional Pisces and Jupiter and the North Node in down-to-earth Virgo. Right now all of us are being called to address our health and healing, not just on the personal physical body, but on all the bodies; energetic, emotional (astral), mental, causal and ancestral (past, present and future), and in our social field; in our relationships, our community, society, globally and ecologically. All these levels and all these areas of life are interconnected and can positively and/or negatively impact each other in terms of our health and wellbeing.  How we respond to the call to heal and navigate our way through this all encompassing matrix of health, healing and human being at this time, will affect the way we approach our future direction and our most significant relationships. Is this a healthy choice for me and all concerned? What is the global impact of this choice?

This New Moon is an ideal time to start with a fresh perspective on how we relate to ourselves and all things on Earth and to appreciate the deep ecology of relationship. Recognising that how we treat ourselves is how we treat others and how others treat themselves is how they will treat us. And what we are prepared to do or let happen to animals is what we are prepared to do or let happen to each other.  Most of us have lost our capacity to be intimate with Nature and with this we have become neglectful, abusive and destructive not just of Nature and the animals, but of ourselves and each other.

With the ongoing opposition from Chiron and the South Node in Pisces and Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, we are called to realise our divine responsibility to be wise and loving custodians of the land and all its inhabitants. May we remember to ask for consent or permission to enter into relationship with the land and listen as the land speaks to us. And to ask for permission to take from the land and to take only what we need and to give back to the land in return, recognising that it is the land that so lovingly and generously supports us and that sustainability doesn’t just make good sense but is a process of honouring, not just the land but ourselves.  May we also, enact these rites of custodianship in the way we relate to ourselves and in our personal relationships and in how we meet each other on a societal level in the gatherings and businesses we keep. We need to step up and get this balance rite!

The T-square out to Saturn in Sagittarius is a double whammy, calling us all to do the work, put the effort in, as this is Saturn and these are squares. Sagittarius has our focus well and truly fixed on our higher purpose for being and the mutability of the T-square indicates a shift in the game plan. This sense of shift is being supported by a number of astrological aspects. With Uranus trining Saturn we are asked to forge unforseen paths with zest and enthusiasm, to get inspired, take risks, work intuitively, try new things, work with fresh perspectives, become lovingly dedicated, make sacred commitments, give things time, break down the old paradigms and the encroaching corporate agenda of enslavement and re-vitalise our self with our true identity and true purpose for being and of course, TRUST!   

With all my Love,

Kirilly- Cosmic Space Priestess

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Love Kirilly

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