The New Moon 14° Gemini – June 5th UT

Agent 27 – Kirilly Space Priestess

New Moon in Gemini

Sunday 5th June 2016

UT: 2:59am / Thailand: 9:59am / AEST:  12:59pm

This New Moon in the social sign of Gemini is conjunct flirtatious, flighty and witty Venus in Gemini, making this a great time to get out and meet new people and develop those networks. There is definitely a sense of the ‘social butterfly’ at play during this New Moon but don’t be fooled by surface appearances as the Sun, Moon & Venus conjunction is part of a greater planetary pattern known as a, ‘Mutable Grand Cross’. With the New Moon and Venus opposite Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius, square Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and square Neptune and the South Node in Pisces, this is a time of reckoning for the collective soul and is pivotal in terms of our collective purpose.

At this New Moon there will be 6 planets, 1 asteroid belt (Chiron) and the Moon’s Nodes all in mutable signs. In Western astrology we work with what’s called, the ‘tropical zodiac’, which is a system that arbitrarily divides the zodiac into 12 astrological signs of 30 degree, ‘arcs of meaning’ and then maps that onto the classical 4 seasons of the Northern Hemisphere. Each season starts at an equinox or solstice point and has 3 astrological months; the first month of the three, is represented by a ‘cardinal’ sign, which is about new beginnings, the second month is represented by a ‘fixed’ sign which represents the steady continuation of the season and finally the third month is represented by a mutable sign and represents the ‘change of season’. With this all of the mutable signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces all have the qualities of mutability or changeability.

Here are some positive and negative ways each sign may demonstrate mutability:

Gemini– ‘the twins’ are inter-changeable, mentally flexible and agile multi-taskers, ‘quick spirited & light footed’ darty, wily and dynamic, ‘a chameleon’ or shape shifter, unreliable, unsettled, scattered, dodgy, anxious, fickle and flighty, has a penchant for leading others ‘up the garden path’ and can sometimes buckle under the pressure of their own madness and completely ‘fall to pieces’ aka ‘fragment’!

Virgo-‘the virgin whore’ is classically yielding, adaptable and swinging 😉 Virgo is effective in making calculated adjustments. Virgo can be anxious and in being so, can be shaky, unsteady, erratic, edgey and unpredictable. In Australia, we might accuse Virgo of becoming, ‘plotski’- what happens when one’s nervous system becomes so fried on stress that they lose all sense of everything.

Sagittarius‘the dancing flames’ of Sagittarius is quick to creatively adapt to any situation- upwardly motivated, optimistic, faithful and dynamic in dealing with set-backs. Sagittarius, ‘the wanderer’ is ‘process oriented’, ‘restless’ and apt to move and migrate; physically, mentally and spiritually. In Australia we might accuse Sagittarius of being ‘all over the shop’- which means that through overestimating their capacity to do things and be in many places they end up haphazardly, trying to ‘do it all’.

Pisces ‘the fish swimming in 2 directions’ is (predictably) changeable, highly suggestible and paradoxical! Pisces can waver between worlds; shimmering and elusive and can tend towards escapism, can be unstable, end up lost and ‘come undone’.

The Grand Square (or Grand Cross)

In astrology, a ‘square’ aspect is challenging enough, let alone a planetary pattern built on 4 squares, though I must say I feel that the ‘grand square’ has a sturdiness and strength that the square alone does not have.  It’s as if a grand square is complete, like a room with 4 walls, providing far more functionality, containment, security and solidity than just one wall alone. Further to that, the two oppositional axes that make up the grand cross lend structural power. 

Make no mistake about it, ‘grand squares’ are ‘grand’. They are powerful and mighty energetic grids, high on tension and potential. They represent a complex, crossroad, phenomena whereby we feel pressure from all directions whilst also being pulled in all directions. So what happens when this unremitting design is set to ‘flux’?

Well the first word that springs to mind is ‘anxiety’. On a personal level, the mutable grand cross may have us feeling ‘shaky’ at best. Under its influence, we may even feel ‘nerve racked’ and quite possibly, ‘come apart at the seams’.  Oh yes, little butterfly, you’ll need to take care of yourself and may possibly want to take flight.

Though for those of us that are apt to flow with mutable energies, ie: be flexible and even artful in our responses to sudden changes, feelings of disorientation and traversing the unknown, we may experience great inspiration, energy and power at this time and find ourselves delivered to an extraordinary place within and in the world(s). An ideal way to navigate this crossroads is, as always, to be still and centred within and move effortlessly with the wu wei whilst witnessing ‘the dreaming’ as it moves through us.

Hmmm…”What is the dreaming?”

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is in the beginning stages of a conjunction to the South Node, which will become exact in November this year. It’s worth noting that Chiron in Pisces conjunct the South Node, which began in February this year, is its final stage.  Interestingly, at this New Moon the midpoint of Neptune and Chiron falls within one degree of the South Node, just.  I sometimes use midpoints as confirmation to open up the orbs around certain aspects and in this case in the spirit of Pisces, I feel that it’s worth looking at these 3 players- Neptune, the South Node and Chiron as a jelly-like, symbiotic mass. 

In brief, this merging of Piscean energies represents our personal and collective soul-code. And when I say ‘personal, I’m using that term as loosely as possible, recognising that we are matrix of consciousness made up of never ending, nebulous streams of being and becoming that are intricately, interwoven throughout time and space and into and out of self and other, past, present and future. We are multi-dimensional, holographic dream bodies of source (self) consciousness spiralling our way through the galaxy on space ship, Mother Earth.  YaY, Pisces!

All life and all being that ever was, and quite possibly ever will be, is with us now to be embodied, healed and activated for the highest good possible. At the same time, we are in the midst of a global ecological catastrophe that points to a much deeper spiritual crisis within us that began when we first started to see ourselves as separate from Nature and above and beyond her laws and lost touch with the Dreaming and our divine selves. The Neptune/ South Node/ Chiron in Pisces conjunction is really opening us up to the inner and outer crisis and is full of potential for healing, emergence, evolution and spiritual enlightenment/ ascendancy. 

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo is conjunct the North Node. This is a ‘Call to Service’. We are encouraged to go beyond the ego and humble ourselves in the spirit of service and find a job to do, that honours who we are, allows us to thrive and aligns with the health and well being of the planet and all its inhabitants. And to observe daily practices in service to all of this, particularly in regards to our health and well being. To this extent great fortune, opportunities and benefits await us if we can heed the call.

Jupiter / North Node in Virgo opposite Neptune/ South Node and Chiron in Pisces

This axis represents a ‘Call to Health & Healing’ with the emphasis being on daily rituals of ‘Cleansing and Purification’ for the body (Virgo), Mind (Virgo) and Spirit (Pisces). We are ask to work consciously with the Earth and Water element for healing ourselves and to work to heal the Earth and Water element in the world.

    • Purifying the Body- de-toxing, fasting, especially water fasts, drinking clean, purified water, eliminating all junk, processed and denatured ‘foods’, eliminating food derived through cruel practices, purification exercising- such as yoga, tai chi, kung fu, chi kung, meditation, deep breathing, body, mind, spirit healing work, walking barefoot, being grounded on Mother Earth, spending time in Nature, away from electro-magnetic fields (EMFs), organic gardening, animal and land care, healing and taking care of water ways and water supplies, resting and sleeping well.
    • Purifying the Mind- be impeccable with your word. Take care with what you expose yourself to in regards to the conversations you are having, the teachings you are receiving and how you interface with media, TV, radio, books, computers, the internet and music. Some good questions to focus this process for yourself are: “Does this mental input serve to purify my mind?”, “Does this mental input leave my mind in a state of peace, bliss, centred-ness, relaxation and ease?”, “Does this mental input energise my mind and help it to function better in terms of my focus, memory and cognition?”, “Does this mental input enhance my lucidity?”
    • Purify the Spirit- Most of us are unaware of the extent to which spiritual forces are attempting to help or hinder us, but with Neptune in Pisces we are probably becoming more sensitive to this. There is a clear line to draw for yourself when it comes to working with spiritual forces- any energy or entity that uses you and has the effect of you using others or substances etc… is not an energy/ entity you want in your field, no matter what the appeal or exchange might be. Pure spiritual energies ask for nothing and definitely don’t need or want you, rather they support and guide you from a place of pure, unlimited and unconditional love. Anything less than that in your field is definitely worth clearing.

We need to be aware that at certain times we need to pay extra attention to protecting ourselves, such as when we are exhausted, sick, addicted, overly attached, have some kind of soul damage or soul loss. We create openings for demons/ lower energies and entities to enter into our temple when we are aroused to states of anger, rage, fear (anxiety), greed, lust, neediness, jealousy, obsession, depression, envy, pride, gluttony, ego- inflation/deflation, consumer madness, hoarding, theft, cruelty, killing, being overly attached, desirous, enmeshed, possessive, ill content and so on. If you’re suffering from any of these conditions I recommend that you start daily practices around healing your psychic sphere.

With Neptune in its own sign of Pisces (2011-2026) we are becoming more sensitive to the harshness of the material world, intoxicants, pollutants and stressors of the mundane world. We are also becoming more sensitive to subtle energies and worlds beyond consensus reality. For some, this heightened sensitivity may become overwhelming and lead to ‘spiritual crisis’, quite often labelled as mental illness.  Alternatively, for many of us, this time is a great opportunity to work effectively with one foot in both worlds. Either way, it is so important to cleanse and purify our sacred instrument, so that we may become clear channels for the divine light and purpose that’s attempting to move through us. And heal and purify our own experience, what we have inherited in terms of our karmic/ ancestral situation and all those streams of energies from the collective past,  that have mysteriously and miraculously found their way into us. It is essential we allow this process to happen- to clear, clean, purge, restore and revitalise our human being complex.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius

Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is opposing the Gemini New Moon/ Venus conjunction. This may feel like pressure from another, a senior person, possibly a teacher or guide or a traditional system of guidance, possibly a religious or spiritual institution, which may serve as a reflection of one’s inner hierophant- the inner priest, ‘the one who carries out sacred rites and interprets sacred mysteries and esoteric principles’.

The inner mystagogue is in a process of renouncing worldly and material goals, preferring to return to the foundations of his or her life (and possibly past lives) and to re-immerse him or herself in the guiding principles of all the old religions that made up the unshakable pillars of pious lifestyle. For the Abrahamic religions, this would be the 10 commandments, for the yogis of India this would be the 5 yamas and 5 niyamas or for the Buddhists, the 5 precepts. These are the virtues that we have been gifted from our ancestors, that are beneficial, superior and universally valid and should more or less form the moral foundations of society. For the inner priest they represent inherent truth, an inner knowing or moral compass and possibly vows taken.

For example, one of the core tenets that each tradition agrees on is “Thou shalt not steal”. Seems simple enough, yet we live in a culture and times where theft is rife and normalised to the point of being legally guarded and rewarded. In the case of my home country, Australia, we are a nation that is predicated on theft. The English crown took the land and the people by force, as they did with so many other countries, cultures and people.  The countries that the English crown still claims as its own are known as ‘The Commonwealth’, which many of us rightfully refer to as, ‘The Stolen-Wealth’. And not a lot has changed on this level, since the Australian continent was seized, we have continued to use and abuse, ‘rape, pillage and plunder’ the sacred Australian landscape in an effort to prosper in a hegemonistic-capitalistic world, driven by a ceaseless need for capital acquisition and growth.

As a culture, we are for the most part blind to the devastation. Most of us are so far removed from the landscape that given two weeks alone in it we’d probably die. We don’t even know how to find food or water. We have no skills in tracking or hunting, let alone a connection to ‘The Dreaming’ that nurtures, guides, heals and protects us in this place. Rather we are for the most part dependent on corporate governance for our survival. And even those of us that know that our privileged lifestyles are untenable, unsustainable and unethical, we still find ourselves trapped in the system and a ‘hamster- wheel’ existence, where we continue to aspire to more, more, more. 

For all our ‘higher education’, we have no concept of what it means ‘to not steal’, we have no idea that to take more than we need is considered ‘a theft’ by numerous cultures and traditions.  We are deeply enamoured in the ‘illusion of possession’ and ‘ownership’ and have lost the sense of stewardship. We have no concept of what it means to ‘not covert’ or to ‘be content’, when the cultural norm is to aggressively direct the self and will towards unlimited acquisition, possession and satisfying every desire.

We have forgotten the art of engaging our heart and the inner hierophant to seek the truth in all matters and ask ourselves, “Is this truly mine?” or “Do I truly need this?” or “What am I afraid of that I seek to take or possess this?” We have become so conditioned to the outside world that we end up conforming to the spurious standards of a capitalistic culture that is crook with corruption, instead of orientating our decisions and actions from a place of power within. This New Moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury- the thief) is a great time to think about and discuss the profound implications of the old tenets and how we are going to ‘mutably’ mutate the system out of capitalism towards a progressive, mycelium-like system that supports our evolution as much as our basic needs.

I’m wondering at this time of the Grand Mutable Cross, is the inner hierophant scuttling back to the ancient, sacred tenets to wake us up to another dimension of our plight, helping us to re-connect with, re-acquaint ourselves with and re-commit to the ‘old school’ virtues so that we may start a new front for the revolution? Are we ready to take the power back, in terms of how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives and in our communities and societies? Or given the mutable nature of the cross, is it high time that we re-examine the virtues and re-interpret them for the modern world as a pathway through the chaos? Possibly that’s what’s happening anyway with movements such as ‘minimalism’ or the ‘simple living’ movement, on the rise?

As outlined above with the mutable signs, there are positive and negative manifestations of ‘mutability’. I wonder what will come of this Grand Mutable Cross. Are we tending to an ecological ‘tipping point’, such as the ice sheets melting or a ‘point of collapse’, much like the archetypal ‘tower’ crumbling in regards to our social and political systems OR are we tending to a ‘point of adaptation’, possibly even a ‘point of ‘spontaneous’ adaptation?’’  We are the living, breathing incarnations of all that has been (Neptune in Pisces– the ghost in the machine!). We carry within us, not just our ‘genes’ but our cultural ‘means’ (Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius). The composite of all of these streams has led us to this point of crisis/adaptation. It feels to me like a grand reckoning for the collective soul.  Hopefully we reach a ‘critical mass’ awakening and activation point well before we reach a critical threshold or tipping point.

There’s something to think about and discuss at this sociable New Moon in Gemini. I hope you have a lovely New Moon and month ahead and find your way clear of the debris of the past and the culture, back to the truth in your heart and come to know your divine self and service oriented path ahead.

With all my Heart,

Kirilly- Cosmic Space Priestess
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  1. Christopher Bailey
    Christopher Bailey says:

    That was a really well written, informative and intellectually pieced writing that gave possible coming insight, great advice and slightly off topic yet relevant and educational side histories on world climate and society.

    I will definitely take some of what’s written and see if the advice adapts or helps explain otherwise difficult to summarise life stages. Many thanks.

  2. valerie hogan
    valerie hogan says:

    You talk about piceses a lot above, I was born 12 march 1974, 12.45 pm, is it all about the change coming for me then , in to a new type of life,

  3. Rami Wander
    Rami Wander says:

    An excellent write up handling much complicated and extensive information with amazing smoothness and brilliance; providing good guidance on obtaining peace and goodwill at a high mental plane. Thanks, I appreciate the efforts and the genuineness of the author in helping the reader work towards harmonious living within and without.

  4. yoginder
    yoginder says:

    Fascinating and challenging. The sweep of the wide-ranging and comprehensive analysis of possibilities is mind blowing! One hopes that it will move with the high tides and happy winds!

    • Kirilly
      Kirilly says:

      Thanks Yoginder. Yes, I’m with you on the ‘hope’ factor. Everyday calls us to let go and trust even more than the day before. It’s scary and liberating.

  5. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for telling me this! Its going to definitely help me so much this summer as I start a new lifestyle and seek to improve!


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