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New Moon in Capricorn 7°43’ – 
29th Dec- UT: 6:53am

with Agent 27 Kirilly

New Moon in Capricorn 2016
28th Dec- EST: 10:53pm
29th Dec- PST: 1:53am UT: 6:53am Thai: 1:53pm AEDT: 5:53pm

This years Capricorn New Moon falls between Xmas Day and New Year’s Day, so hopefully in between the festivities, we find some time to reflect on the challenges and successes we have experienced throughout 2016 and start to feel into the year ahead and what it is we want to achieve in 2017.

Mercury Retrograde, which started on the 19th December and will continue to January 7th, is conjunct the New Moon, making this an especially good time to take a break and re-vise one’s plans and goals, or work ‘behind the scenes’ on new ventures.

{End of work report}

Now onto the icky-sticky, spooky, strange, uncomfortable and possibly dis-concerting stuff! Yes, this New Moon and Mercury Retrograde are tango-ing with Pluto in Capricorn- a heavy and dark combination if ever there was one.

With the Moon meeting Pluto 17 hours after the New Moon is exact, it is likely that at this New Moon, we will be feeling super sensitive, a tad ‘insecure’ and may just want to hide. Emotions may well up, seemingly, out of nowhere. Deep seated fears may have you ‘waking in fright’ and with Mercury Retrograde in on the action, your mind (or mouth) might start playing tricks on you!

Sounds more like Halloween than New Years!

And as it is Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn we may find ourselves feeling somewhat stuck, repressed or blocked in our expression, try as we might to communicate what we can, it is highly likely that what we mean to say and what we mean to conceal, will combine so that our communications are convoluted. With mixed signals begetting mixed signals, resulting in murky and confounded interactions.

Understand that this energy is happening for everyone, so take it easy, if and when things go a bit ‘pear shaped’. Try not to judge yourself or others, be patient with the process and give situations time to resolve.

From the New Moon till Jan 7th (when Mercury stations direct), the Sun will be journeying to meet Pluto. This is our chance to apply the light of consciousness to the dark and craggy places within. The question is, will the darkness swallow the light or will the light shine in on the darkness, making the unconscious conscious? Hmmm….

To give you an idea of just how messy things can get, let’s take a look at how things have been unfolding ‘out there’ on the big screen. Two weeks ago, on the 13th December, at the Full Moon, Mercury, the ruler of the Full Moon in Gemini, came within a 2 degree orb of Pluto and as predicted in my ‘Full Moon in Gemini’ video, December 13th’s Full Moon would see the emergence of information from the collective shadow that would on the one hand, reveal ‘true horrors’ of what had been hidden, denied or disavowed and at the same time, that which came to light, was likely to get buried in a deliberate campaign of misinformation. And so it was, on the 13th December, the ceasefire in Aleppo (Syria) made headline news which quickly degraded into a propaganda war.

The theme of ‘Truth Vs Lies’ has been building momentum throughout the second half of 2016 to the point where;

News of ‘fake news’ is the news
and along with it, so many differing views.
And quite possibly the whole point of all this, is to confuse,
so that the Plutocracy (Pluto in Capricorn) can carry on, unhindered, with the business of global domination, whilst all the people are scrambled, exhausted and put off guard, by the disinformation quagmire.

I bring this to your attention at this point, just to let you know, ‘as above, so below’. ie; if that’s what’s going on ‘out there’ just imagine what’s going on internally? Are you feeling confused or in other words conflicted? Struggling to separate reality from fiction?

At this time of Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon coming to meet Pluto in Capricorn, it is a good time to go willingly, ‘down the rabbit hole’ and examine the theme of ‘Truth Vs Lies’ within. What are we telling ourselves? What’s the news broadcast like in our inner world? Care to check the facts? Is my analysis anywhere close to reality or am I labouring under assumptions that keep me trapped in negativity and suffering? And what part does the ‘inner critic’ play in all of this? Am I in a mental rut? Maybe what I’m thinking is how I’ve been conditioned to think? Maybe this story is getting old, or is it me? Is what I’m telling myself in alignment with my highest truth or is my mind besieged by the ego and caught up in a never ending battle to keep me at a distance? How much of my thinking is a defense? What is it I am afraid of? And most importantly, what is the relationship between how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking? If deep down I fear that I’m not good enough or attractive, lovable or worthy enough, then what kind of world and experiences am I creating for myself?

’With our thoughts, we make the world’.

The good news is that by embodying the heaviness and sorrowfulness of our ‘lowliness’ and by examining the train of thought and perceptions that go with it, we stand a chance of dismantling the internal propaganda machine that has us stuck in old patterns of suffering. Even though at this time, we may not feel great, now is actually a wonderful time to draw on the Power of The Light of Consciousness (The Sun) combined with the Lord of Transformation (Pluto) to realise (real-eyes) and release negative thought forms and self limiting beliefs.

Are you being kind to yourself in thoughts, words and actions? And if not, what is getting in the way of the greatest love of all? What are the obstacles you face in loving yourself and all beings unconditionally?

The depositor or ruler of this super stellium of planets in Capricorn, is serious, sober and stern Saturn. And ever so interestingly, at this time Saturn is starting to get it’s 2017 theme on, ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’ by making a energising trine to freedom loving Uranus in the super, charged-up sign of Aries. All year we will feel a strong urge to liberate ourselves by living in the Light of our unique and divinely inspired Truth and with this, many of us will feel the urge to take up a cause or a torch and lead others.

As well, Saturn will be in a testing square to Chiron, the wounded/ healer/ teacher archetype in Pisces, the sign of the ‘cosmic ooze’. With this, many of us will feel our worlds and the positions we’ve held, dissolving. It may be that we are outgrowing our public persona. Maybe, after all the work of 2016, the light within, is burning so bright, that the strict confines, that may have been a perfectly good container for our work or identity in the past, are now a hindrance to the complete, creative expression of our potential? Fortunately, we have a whole year to figure this one out!

The good news at this New Moon is that the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde are making a fabbo sextile to the Mars/ Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which strongly suggests that this Full Moon and especially the New Year is a great time to summon Dionysis, the god of ‘wine and ecstasy’. Ha ha…. I’m sure you didn’t need an astrologer to tell you that. But I mean this seriously folks, if we have wound up feeling trapped, repressed, depressed, stuck, unworthy, unhealed and in need of a lifeline to get as out of jam, then why not try some ecstasy? And with this I mean, ecstasy as the ancient Greeks understood it, ie: ek-stasis, which means ‘to stand outside of’, which implies to ‘stand outside of’ ordinary reality, our ordinary world, our ordinary body, our ordinary identity and/ or our ordinary mind. Yes, get ‘out of it’ and examine yourself and the conditions of your life from a whole other viewpoint; take a trip, swap roles or dance till you dissolve. Woot woot, New Year’s is a great time to slip into ‘something else’?

I hope you have a lovely holiday period and a consciously altered New Year and all the best for 2017.

Agent 27 Kirilly

Agent 27 Kirilly

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