THE RE-INVENTION OF SELF New Moon in Aries 7th April 2016

Agent 27 – Kirilly Space Priestess


New Moon in Aries

Thursday 7th April 2016

UT 11:23am, Thailand 6:23pm & AEST 10:23pm

This lunar month kicks off with the New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, square Pluto and trine Saturn. Wow, that’s powerful! 

With the New Moon touching in on Uranus in Aries we are called to come home to our truth-  that which resides in our hearts and be the unique and authentic expression of that.

We are all channels of source consciousness though by Necessity, we have experienced so many situations that have blocked the full expression of our divine self. For the past 5 years, the universe has been working over time, care of the Pluto-Uranus square, to help us all break through the maya or illusion of who we are and what’s going on here on Planet Earth. Throughout this time, we have been called to break from previous forms and most importantly, previous conditions and conditioning. We have been challenged to the core, quite often feeling like we have been crushed, crucified and cracked wide open, till there were no conditions left except our deepest spiritual longing.

In the darkness and chaos of this cosmic alchemical cauldron, especially when we thought we were alone, we have become more aware of ourselves, others, all living beings and cosmic consciousness. We have learned to empower ourselves through the feminine; learning to flow, trust, surrender and ‘let go’. Many times we have been called to take ‘leaps of faith’, each time breaking new ground on living more authentically. We have survived and hopefully thrived throughout many years of pressure to go even deeper into our essential nature and channel that light into the world.

At this New Moon don’t be surprised by who you are or who you are becoming, we are changing and with it the world is changing too!

Saturn in Sagittarius is the apex planet to two T-squares, making Saturn a super charged outlet of cosmic tension and energy. Not a problem for Saturn, a mighty titan after all! But for us mere mortals, we’d do well to adhere to the ‘Tao’ or ‘Way’ of Saturn as there is going to be a lot of pressure around. And just so you know, Saturn, the planet of karma, does not favour avoidance, rather it’s an ideal time to work conscientiously with the healthy versions of the virtues of Saturn, which are limitation, restriction, control, authority (inner and outer), austerities, focus, concentration, discipline, prioritising, pragmatism, grounded-ness, gravitas, truth, accountability and responsibility. Can you feel that? Saturn is a heavy weight!

The warning in all of this is that if you are not working conscientiously with Saturnian energy then you may just have a wonderful time dreaming into all sorts of fabulous new ventures but never actualise them. As I mentioned in the video, at this crucial point of transition, the potential to dissipate your energies into nothingness and to become completely undone, is also a possibility. A martial approach should help deal with the pressure and the temptation to dissipate one’s energies. And with Saturn trine-ing the New Moon/ Uranus conjunction, the whole process of re-inventing one self will be favourably facilitated, if one remains vigilant in working with the principles of Saturn.

Working with the Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune T –square for developing one’s higher self is highly recommended, as is working with the Saturn, North Node, South Node T-square for developing one’s higher purpose.

On a totally different note, Mars in Sag is trine-ing Venus in Aries- ohh la la! So yes, make time to get out there and enjoy the feisty, fiery energy of the lovers in harmony. Considering all the changes going on it will interesting to see who and what we attract and are attracted to.

One last note, the 24 hours before the New Moon is the Dark Moon and is an ideal time to let go of the previous lunar month and wow, what a month it’s been, with 2 eclipses, it’s been intense! The Dark Moon of course, is in the sign of Aries and connects directly with Venus, then trines Mars in Sag and Saturn in Sag. Straight up, that’s a lot of fiery energy. I recommend for all us lovers of ritual and pyromaniacs out there to work with the fire element this Dark Moon and get burning!

Thank you for your readership and taking the time to watch my videos. It is a great joy for me to share these insights with you.

With all my Love,

Kirilly- Cosmic Space Priestess

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Love Kirilly

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5 replies
  1. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Great video! Thanks for breaking that down for us. I have one question though. I am a Taurus-Aries cusp I believe, April 25th. I would like to know how this will effect me. I feel like I am starting to let go of things that have kept me down and out the last few years that have taken a major toll on my life personally. I want to be Aries and not a Taurus anymore. I want to do and act on my will and manifest my dreams and desires. I want to rise from the ashes of my past and rise above the pain and darkness. I want to use this fire in my heart. I want to be better. Thank you for the video.

  2. Claire Killick
    Claire Killick says:

    Very informative exciting info explaining a lot of whats going on in my life and around me, many thanks for sharing 🙂


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