The Shadow within the Light – New Moon in Aries

By Agent Ei – Andrew Smith

The Shadow within the Light – New Moon in Aries, conjoined Uranus, Square Pluto and trine Saturn

on the 7th April 2016 at 12:23 BST

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.12.09 pmAs if he had been slapped, he turned his face and stood there with rage in his heart. All those injustices, all those misunderstandings, all the shame and guilt, Little Spirit swore that he’d never be in this place again. He would prove himself, he would learn all that needed to be learnt, become a better person – more knowledgeable, more creative, become wizened and rise into power. He would out do Jealous Spirit. He did not stop to think why Jealous Spirit might feel threatened or why he might be trying to put Little Spirit in his place. Little Spirit did not see, or would not see, that in this rivalry, which he clung to and fostered as part of his own pride or hubris, there was danger of the darkness rising within him.

It was an unfamiliar feeling but something that had been incrementally building since he stepped out into his world. In his innocence of being true to his passions, openly expressing his heart, in being himself, Little Spirit had encountered opposition. Time and time again he had faced derision and slights. It was as if his world did not want him to be who he is. How confusing. All Little Spirit wanted was to be openly expressive of what he loves and the joy that resides in his heart.

And so Little Spirit finds himself standing, tempestuous passion coursing through him in the same way that wild horses roam freely on the open plains, at a fork on his path. To his left lies a smooth and easy trail descending into the desert lands and lightless cities where a formless darkness awaits; ascending to his right a steep and arduous climb back into life. Within his tumult, a calm voice streams gently into his awareness.

“To light a candle is to cast a shadow, Little Spirit.”

“I don’t understand. I do not like the way that Jealous Spirit talks about me. It makes me feel unkind.”

“That is okay, Little Spirit. You do not have to feed into those feelings. You merely have to acknowledge that they exist”

“But they upset me”

“Alas that is part of being encased within a fleshy and bony body, Little Spirit. It is what you do with those feelings that defines you. You can feed into them and allow them strengthen and grow. Or you can acknowledge them as part of you, that Jealous Spirit is merely an extension of you, and you can then love those darkened feelings as you do those lightened feelings”.

“But that does not make any sense. Surely if I am true to myself, I will surround myself with similar souls?”

“No matter how true you are to yourself, you will have to deal with the darkness that naturally comes with your light and innocence. Darkness always exists in the same way that the light always exists. People will come into your life to test you, to keep your balance in check. Many a soul has actively sought only to express their light and have been consumed, in time, by their shadow. To be truly free is to acknowledge the light and the dark that exists within and not to see the darkness as something without. If you seek to be truly free, if you seek to be truly powerful, then you can only do so by embracing the full range of feelings and the entire spectrum of colour within you.

“You do not, therefore, need to see those who prefer ignorance and fear to joy and open expression as being rivals; you do not need to descend into and be engulfed within those darkened and heavy emotions, but you do need to acknowledge, accept and embrace them as part of who you are. To do so, does not mean that you lose your truth. To acknowledge your shadow is not to say that you are dark, Little Spirit.”

“But can I not change Jealous spirit? Can I not bring him to Light?”

“To own your own darkness, to love it and see it as part of who you are, is as important as to embrace your light. The world is all about balance, a balance of polarities – of light and dark. If you want to change those in your world, you merely have to watch how you react when faced with darkened spirits. To want them to change and to impose change upon them, is to force your will onto them and is to open yourself to false change. They too will change in their own time, when they come to the realisation that perhaps their path is not one of balance. They are on their own path and have made their own choices. All you can do is to remain true to yourself, even if it feels difficult to do so. Remember, the power that exists within you can shake the balance of the world.”

And then the voice was gone, leaving Little Spirit standing alone, with a decision to make – ascend or descend. Reflecting for a moment, decision made, he made his first tentative steps upwards.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.27.00 pm

Within you there exists an ever radiant flame. It burns with a ferocious hunger, completely focused on lighting the way and oblivious to what is going on in the world. As that light flickers, the colours are more luminous, illuminating a place where marvels never cease, where miracles and magic abound and where fascination and enthusiasm breed creation. This place is called Aries.

This is the place within you wherein Spirit remains embryonic and wherein you can live without complexity, in simple honesty and awe. It is a place where you can be truly free to be you, where you can exist in the present, in this immediate moment of time, a place called the Now. It is a place imbued with presence and where your mind steps out of the way and lets your soul shine through. It is a place of pure being, when you are being you, from the core. It has another name – authenticity – and it refers to that place where you are truly connected in spirit from Source or Origin. It is the raw, naked, unhindered expression of beingness of your soul; a quality of being; the ‘You’ as expressed directly from the source.

Yet, maintaining this singular focus, or conviction, throughout your life is not easy. Yet it is possible. Yes there are souls who are born with an initiate sense of direct and honest expression – those with Sun, Moon or their Ascendant in Aries. Yes, there are those who communicate openly; whose values are simple; and whose energy is Tigger-like (Mercury, Venus or Mars in Aries). However, regardless of whether your Path is one to actively experience this dimension, it is one of the twelve spiritual paths that exist within you. This path, known as the path of Initiatory Spirit, is what astrologers call Aries and it simply is a path, like that of a child’s, that pronounces a willingness to courageously bear the light and express love without any doubt or fear. A child simply is. His/ her imagination is immanent and real, not something into which they escape. He/ she lives completely in the now. They do not worry. Their minds are not full of “what if” questions. They are true scientists continually asking What? Why? And How?! They are fuelled by enthusiasm and wonder. They live in joy because they only do what they love to do. They are the ultimately spiritual beings because they are in the continual act of creation through their own creativity.

But even a child’s light has a dark side, as attachments, desires and egoic impulses eventually flood a child’s system as that child starts to interact with their world, meeting other soul’s at differing stages of their soul’s path, each trying to learn things and each trying to find their way in this world. Encouraged not to shine forth; encouraged to compete with those in your life; encouraged to conform to what is deemed appropriate; encouraged to prove yourself, your light diminishes within an ever strengthening Shadow as the System actively keeps you from being true to yourself, feeding off your unlimited and tireless energy reserves, keeping you enslaved as it uses your light for its own survival.

When you engage the shadows within with the light of self-awareness in reflection, you are liberated from their grip and are free to pursue the core beliefs that are expressions of your True Nature.

Insatiably feeding off the shadow cast by your light, that Blackened Formless Entity actively wants you to remain solely focused on your light, ignoring your dark, so that it can continue to exist. It does not want you to know that if you accept your inner darkness and are no longer afraid of what others may think of you; by not placating others, at the expense of being true to yourself; and by not showing others only your likable traits in order that they accept you because of a fear of being rejected, you won’t taste as palatable and digest as easily in its stomach. The System wants you to live in fear of honouring your true expression, since you then create a dead feedback loop for your soul as your energy becomes increasingly drained.

But how can you coax this change into your world?

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who utterly exudes a sense of being or a sense of oneness with what they are doing; who has a sense of complete immersion in and focus upon the task at hand? Have you noticed how enrapturing it is to be in this person’s presence? It is as if their aura ensorcells all those around them and thereby further enabling the manifestation of their devotion, even if the inspirer is without a notion of wilful egoic desire.

Try not to think of famous or historical people, such as Jeanne d’Arc, Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi. Think of those people your path has crossed over your life time, in ordinary, everyday circumstances; those who are utterly devoted to what they are doing – not questioning and just living the path; or those who are totally committed, even if at expense of their own well-being.

Many people who are consumed by this fire are invisible to both the media and the masses owing to the fact that to be truly immersed with what calls them means that they just are. When you are in this state of being you simply act. You do. You don’t talk about it. You don’t promote yourself, ask people to write about what you are doing, and you don’t sit and over analyse the pros and cons about it, or think about whether it is going to make you money and successful. In this state of being you simple are. So deeply infused with spirit and passion, you are prompted to act, without thought and without concern for the outcome, since you will find a way to make it happen, irrespectively of the challenges and disappointments. Think of any young children in your life. Think, too, of what you were like when you were an innocent child.


I realise that by likening the Arian consciousness to that of a child, I am potentially incurring the wrath of my wife, Karen (born March 27th) and countless other Arian souls. But to change your world you need to invoke the child within you. The 2016 Cardinal Fire lunation is portal through which you can pass into an adventure of a more conscious life. With the alignment of the Lights to Uranus, squaring Pluto and trining Saturn, you have an opportunity to change fundamentally old and well grooved patterns, replenishing them with your authentic self, that 4 year old within, that lived life free from worry, stress and only did things that he/ she loved – the 4 year old that demonstrated the Aries within. The wonderful thing about Aries is the boundlessness. It’s the return to who we truly are. Our soul will, one way or another, always urge us back to our true and authentic origins. If we can allow anything that is not us, simply to fall away, we can be who we are divinely given to be.

All you need to do is to remember the child within you. Remember what you loved/ love. When you focus on what you love to do, you will worry less simply because you are in a state of joy. And when you worry less, you are free to take action as you free yourself from the concerns of how you are perceived. As our world, embedded within the vast cosmic ocean, continues to reel and rout as the sea roars and thunders amidst the increasingly turbulent waters of the Tempest of Transition, the Arian lunation of 2016 could be the voice of the ship’s skipper coming over the speaker calming our frazzled nerves and anxiety as we attempt to reach the solid haven of a new world. So even though there may be days when you feel that facing the day with the spirit of innocence is impossible, this coming Arian lunation display that spirit of oneness which will allow you to create absolute miracles in what you achieve; allow yourself to play; to take risks and to embrace any fears and doubts that may have. After all to be a light is to have a shadow.

If you are interested in gaining an objective insight into the arena of your birth chart, therefore life, that will be ‘triggered’ by this lunation, please click on the following link for a schematic outline on how to locate the Arian New Moon in your chart – Lunation Notes

If you want to tune into your body awareness and intuition concerning what passions are growing within you, feel free to do so, as your own intelligence will guide you as to what you need to centre yourself on this coming month. Thank you again for taking the time to either read or listen to this article.

All rights reserved – and Andrew Smith.
Written at 13:22 BST, 3
rd April 2016. Please feel free to share this article, but please give credit to the author.

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