Embodying the Power Within – New Moon in Taurus

By Agent Ei – Andrew Smith

Embodying the Power Within
New Moon in Taurus, trine Pluto and Jupiter, Quincunx Saturn

on the 6th May 2016 at 19:30 UT

Image print by Robert Hagen

The smile on her face reflects a deep inner peace as Little Spirit eagerly awakes each morning. The Sun, always shining on her, even when the clouds darken and grey, her radiance shimmers as she moves, Little Spirit happily readies herself for her day.

Eyes transfixed on the skies, ears only hearing the chirping of birds, Little Spirit walks amidst the busyness of the city, oblivious to the architectural imposition onto nature. Ahead she sees an isolated rain cloud, pouring forth from the heavens onto a forlorn shadow. Shoulders drooping, eyes deadened, pallor skin, Jaded Spirit slowly walks without a bounce in his step, without purpose and without direction.

“Are you okay? Would you like my jacket? That rain is soaking you to the bone”.

Glancing through suspicious willowy eyes, Jaded Spirit replied in a monotone whisper, “I’m grand. I’m used to it and am wet now, so no worries. Thank you anyway. This cloud won’t leave me alone. It follows me everywhere. How come the rain is not soaking you through? “

“Are you sure? It’s not wet where I am and even if it was, I love to feel the tears of joy from the clouds when they fall to earth. I especially love the rainbow that appears as the rain ends. Would you like some company while you walk? Where are you heading? Maybe we are going in the same direction?”

“I’m off to work”

“Really? But surely that should warm your heart. Why do you appear so sad”, she asks.

“Because I hate what I do?”

“Why don’t you just leave?”

“You can’t just leave. It’s work. I have to earn money. I have a house and other things that I need to pay for. There are things I’d love to do. It’s just not possible to do them.”

“Why not?”

“Because I have no time.”

“But why don’t you just leave and then you will have all the time in the world to do those things you want to do?”

“You don’t understand. I have all these responsibilities and a pressure of expectation on me. I can’t just forsake what I am doing, just to do anything I want. That makes no sense. I live in the real world and I have to pay my way. Also, you cannot make a living from what I’d love to do. It is too hard and it would take too long to build things up to a level that is sustainable. Anyway, I’m too old to start afresh.”

“You are never too old to follow your heart, my friend. You were not born to pay bills. Everyone has a unique gift to offer.”

“That sounds like some New Age claptrap. I am not unique. I am just me.”

“Exactly. You are you. There is no-one in the world who is you. No-one. That is awesome. “

“I’m glad you think so, but even if I were to leave, I don’t believe that I can make it. I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“All you need to do if stop thinking and start feeling. Your heart will guide you. When you feel it, you will know it. When you know it, you can live it. Your heart knows what you want to do. Listen to it. It is all that you have to offer. Trust me, please.”

“But how do you do that?” Jaded Spirit responded.Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.04.49 pm

“I don’t know, to be honest. All I can tell you is that when I let the love of your my creativity undresses me, the size of my world decreased and my feeling of loneliness and purposefulness ceased. I felt utterly supported in this awesome world and I realised that I did not need to focus on sustaining myself as I embraced love.

“All I know is that love will feed you. Love with clothe you. Love will caress and protect you and you will always be supported, at all levels, when you trust what you love. After all the world will say NO in many ways. You can’t say that; you can’t write that; who do you think you are?; you haven’t enough experience; you don’t have enough money; you cannot leave your job; you will never make a living from that… But every ‘No!’ that you hear could erode your confidence. So don’t let the world say ‘No!’ to you today. Be yourself. Feel the love within build when you think of what you enjoy. Feel the surge of energy that rises when you witness your passion. Give yourself over to it and enter your heart and allow your love infuse through you.”

Dumbfounded, Jaded Spirit felt a weird sensation spread across his face, as the hardened lines, softened and the rain abated. A smile creep slowly across his landscape and the Sun broke through his clouds.


What is Little Spirit’s secret? Doing what she loves. Moreover, she has embodied what it is that she loves. She does not see her life as doing something/ creating something/ working towards something. She has not externalised her life nor is she living in the future. Ask her where she is going and she will not be able to answer? Why? Because she is living, feeling and creating right here, right now. She is merely being.

Sounds simple – live what you love; love what you live. But have you reached a jaundiced cynical place that hears or reads that statement as being the utterances of an overly idealistic dreamer? Would you like to believe it but don’t have the confidence to break from your slavery? Do you believe that it is possible but have lost touch with how to live in accordance with your soul’s joy? Will you take the path of Little Spirit or of Jaded Spirit? All that Little Spirit has done is to say she believes and journeyed to that place within her heart, that place where rules, expectations and having to be someone does not exist; that place where she creates and generates from the spirit that is imbued within every cell of her being, embodying the pathways grooved within her cosmic DNA at that moment of her incarnation. Little Spirit has connected intimately with what she loves and is creating from that place within. She does not concern herself with the world without.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.04.57 pmBefore you react with a string of practical reasons why it is hard for you to live what you love, I will acknowledge that within our current world, maintaining the path that Little Spirit walks may feel like a challenge as you have been encouraged not to trust yourself, not to listen to yourself and to focus your energy and attention out into the world. Furthermore, do not misinterpret Little Spirit’s words. Narcissistic self-obsession is not what this lunation note is about! The education system has been designed to actively encourage you to focus your attention and channel your life force into feeding the system and not to acknowledge the unique spirit that you are, despite its pretences that may lead you to believe you, your career, your future, your freedom matter. You have been trained to think externally and to funnel your creativity into holding pens that keep the system ticking over. You have been trained to think that freedom comes by working hard and earning a good living, stock piling that earning for a future date, when you can finally buy the time to live the life that you yearn for.

Your value has become monetary and money is something that you have to go out and create or earn, fight for and to focus your creative energy in generating. And how clever has the system been in doing this, since it has created a more complex feudal system than the one that ‘collapsed’ with the advent of the middle class system around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Your life force is now required to create for someone else, rarely for yourself. Your life no longer becomes about the joy of living and being, since you become acutely aware of living within time. You hunger after Friday evenings and no longer leap out of bed on a Monday morning, since you are living for your weekends or holidays, when you can legitimately do what YOU want. It is only within those sanctioned times that you can live however you want and momentarily that forgotten facial exercise, the smile, returns. Moreover, when you do want to live what you love, you are told that it is too difficult to make it, or that you should pursue your heart’s desire in your spare time – after all, you will never be able to produce the money that you need to make ends meet!!

Sadly the bell of truth tones because when you break from the system, its legacy remains active inside of you, as you naturally start to apply the strategy of looking without instead of within. Just remember that when you concern yourself with the world around you, it will concern itself with you. When you do something with money being a concern or focus, as opposed to for the love it, your consciousness wraps itself around that ideal and guides your awareness and attention. Everything, therefore, becomes about making money and about the time invested in creating it. Furthermore, when your focus is about the money, even if it is cloaked in personal development talk – because you are worth it – or if you are creating a way of being to become free, meaning that you are focusing on becoming financially free, it is unlikely that this goal will manifest. Why? Because you are creating from an awareness of lack as opposed to from a place of confidence, knowing that everything that you have is within you and that you are utterly provided for. Your power is unlimited; your ability to live the life your soul wants is only bound by your perception. Challenges will always present themselves. That is what our time within this plane of existence is about. However, most of those challenges have nothing to do with living the life that you are born to live. They are to do with the raising the vibrational state of your scripts and patterns so that you can embody a conscious connection of your primal unity.

Sounds idealistic? Yes?! But it is possible!! Let me repeat again – there is nothing wrong with wanting to create money and there is nothing wrong with making it. If, however, that is the path to creating your freedom – to create time to pursue those activities that you truly want to do – alas it is unlikely to manifest. It is also sad that your fecund creativity is channelled into the creation of schemes that drain you of your life force that has to be replenished by a holiday or your weekend as opposed to using that very same vital energy in the now; in living in accord with the path that your heart sings for.

Yet, there is no point blaming the system as your life force is slowly bled from you, since you and I have contributed to the creation of that system. You were not born to work for people who have appointed themselves your master or for a way of being that has intentionally bred inequality and soul poverty. Nor were you born to excessively work for greed, avarice and excess! It is up to you and I to either change the system or merely find a path that resonates for you and mould and shape the system to work for you, until such a time arises that you are no longer aware that a system exists.

The New Moon in Fixed Earth on the 6th May 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.05.05 pm

The planetary dance that weaves through your consciousness is not concerned about making things happen to you. It is not something that exists outside of you. That dance is merely a reflection of the ongoing shifts and changes that are taking place within you. The dance maybe specific and has a particular way of manifesting but the way in which it reveals itself to you is moulded and shaped by your consciousness and awareness.

Every year, the Sun and Moon reunite within the dense canopy of the fertile Taurean soil. Every year you have an opportunity to replenish your relationship with this living archetype within you. And it exists within you, regardless of whether you were born during the time that our star trapesed through its rich landscape. But every year the lunation is reflected in differing ways, as it chooses partners to help dilute and disseminate its seed. The Taurean lunation of 2016 offers you a powerful invitation to abundantly empower your soul with the knowledge that you can hone and refine your natural skills and talents while you live the life that those skills and talents reflect. When you do that, you will make a sustainable living within the system that would prefer that you didn’t. 

The lunation of May 6th forms a triangle in space with the planets Jupiter and Pluto. Known as a Grand Trine, this pyramid corresponds to a gateway where the spiritual and earthly realms meet and merge. The formation of this, albeit brief, pyramid across space and time, offers you the opportunity to release something within you that has experienced tension. The strength of this pyramid is derived from the creative power of the organising principle in which the pyramid occupies. There are five organising principles in life, known as the elements, which are merely psychic structures within which consciousness is expressed. Fire refers to Spirit; Earth, to matter; Air to Mind; and Water to the emotional body. The fifth (Aether) creates the overall matrix within which life is housed.

The lunation of May falls within an Earth sign and it connects with two other planets, also in Earth signs. The element Earth is literally the matrix wherein the alchemy of consciousness finds form and is the agency through which the creation of our soul’s imagination is shaped. Elemental Earth reflects how Light, or gOd, is expressed within matter. Therefore the presence of a gateway within the Earth means that it will be easier for you to connect into the skills and resources that are imbued within you, that if utilised will power, and empower, you to live in accordance with who you are and what you need to embody to merely be.

You do not have to know astrology or your chart to invoke this healing opportunity. It would be useful to simply hold space around connecting more deeply to your heart and your feelings about what you love, within a pyramid that you can visualise with your mind’s eye.  Mentally create an inverted triangle with the point of the triangle directed into the Earth, its flat base resting above you – – connecting you to the Grand Trine in the heavens – ∆. Centre yourself in the middle of this ‘Merkavah’ Field – 🔯 and set your intention or engage in whatever healing modality suits you.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.05.12 pm

Alternatively you can embody the Grand Trine, by tracing (or visualising) a circle in the ground around you and designate three additional objects to be Jupiter, Pluto and lunation. Position them in a triangle INSIDE the circle. Quieten your mind, using whatever meditation techniques that you resonate with, and then listen to the Grand Trine talk to you. Whatever is invoked within the circle is not your mind chattering, but you are accessing knowledge and healing wisdom that if you feel pulsing through your body, will facilitate a deep healing within. Indeed you can, with permission, invoke healing for someone else whilst you are embodying the Grand Trine.

If you would prefer to intellectually understand what aspect of your life is being invoked at this time, you can explore where this Grand Trine is placed within your chart by clicking on the following link – Taurean New Moon 2016 or type https://db.tt/uZZJy9ub onto your browser. 

I wish you all the very best in more consciously embodying your talents and resources during this amazing lunation. Thank you for taking the time to read or listen to this article.

Image credit – Daniel Holeman

For the narration listen here https://db.tt/3zc0BbiI

All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith. Written at 17:08 BST, 1st May 2016.

All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith.
Written at 13:22 BST, 3
rd April 2016. Please feel free to share this article, but please give credit to the author.

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