Neptune Pluto cycle, change your mind, change everything!

by Cassandra Butler Agent 56

Imagine the world without secrets, hidden agendas, deceit, cheating…

During a recent consultation with a new client I said, ‘Your north node conjunct Chiron, opposite your moon, in the area of the chart which represents work, service and healthcare is in the sign associated with intuition.’ I then asked whether he works in health care, or, uses intuition to assist clients/patients. My client’s response was a resounding `yes!’ as he revealed he is a medical doctor specializing in sleep disorders and meditation. The good doctor is not what you’d call a traditional type of physician or psychic. The times they are a-changin’.

This client was also born with the Neptune (Scorpio 26) Pluto (Virgo 25) sextile.

The following discussion will review the enigmatic unfolding of the Neptune-Pluto sextile, plus other psychically attuned astrological signatures. A sextile is an aspect which recognizes an opportunity and `goes for it’. It’s a pragmatic aspect. From an evolutionary perspective, a sextile creates a backdrop of conscious understanding through contrast and comparison. Most astrologers would agree that any blending of Neptune and Pluto is suggestive of transformative spirituality. It’s this author’s contention that the ongoing waxing Neptune Pluto provides a backdrop which will propel a renewed interest in psychic and spiritual technologies.

How does the Sextile `Show-up’?

Millions alive today were born under a Neptune Pluto sextile, an aspect so prevalent that it is often dismissed by astrological interpretation as simply a `generational’ aspect without much individual influence. Research indicates that the exact sextile does indeed reflect a specific `type’.

Over the past four years, this author conducted extensive research into the astrological signatures of psychics, mediums, and healers. Most astrologers would agree that Neptune is the archetype of transcendence, along with the qualities of intuition, sensitivity and psychism. Pluto relates to the shifting of power which results in radical transformation. We speak literally and figuratively of the occult and the underworld in Pluto’s shadow. The author hypothesized that psychics would have a stronger Pisces/Neptune signature in their charts, while mediums would reflect stronger Pluto/Scorpio themes. But do these assumptions hold up?

Some of the findings connected with the research of over 400 working psychics and mediums include:

  1. Both the psychics and mediums had twice as many major aspects of Neptune to the Sun than the control group (politicians and sports figures).
  2. The psychics had three times as many major aspects of Neptune to the Moon than the control group.
  3. The mediums had twice as many major aspects of Pluto to their Moon than the control group.
  4. An astonishing 98% of all the natal charts of professional psychics AND mediums had the ‘magic’ Neptune sextile Pluto of the 20th century, within a 2-degree orb (This finding is in sharp contrast to the control groups of lawyers (28%) and athletes (15%).

This last finding was quite notable. We know that the waxing sextile phase of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction began in 1950 and continues until 2032, making 50 exact sextile aspects, and numerous sextile aspects within a 2-degree orb. What’s startling is that nearly all the psychics and mediums had the sextile blending of this powerful aspect within a 2-degree orb.

 The Neptune Pluto Sextile

The dance of Neptune and Pluto is a remarkable one. The cycle lasts for close to half a millennia, 495 years. This present sextile season emerged from the 1892 conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in the sign of Gemini. Due to Pluto’s highly elliptical orbit it travels inside the orbit of Neptune.  Therefore, for a few decades Neptune positions itself as the furthest body from the Sun. The sextile lasts nearly a century with four distinct `exact’ sextile periods separated by periods of no contacts.

  1. Libra/Leo Sextile:                   First Exact: 1/22/1950 – Neptune @ 17°Li21″ and Pluto @17°Le2″ until 10/18/1956.
  2. Sagittarius/Libra Sextile:    First Exact: 10/10/1976 – Neptune @ 11°Sa48″  and [email protected]°Li48″
  3. Capricorn/Scorpio Sextile: First Exact:6/9/1986 – Neptune @4°Cp52″  and Pluto @4°Sc52″
  4. Aries/Aquarius Sextile:       First Exact: 7/24/2026 – Neptune @4°Ar21″  and Pluto @4°Aq21″

On February 26, 2032 the last exact sextile occurs with Neptune @ 13°Ar57″ and [email protected] 13°Aq57″, and Neptune pulls ahead of Pluto completing the sextile phase.

We could expect that during these specific sextile periods, the blending of the imaginative Neptune with that of intense Pluto could shift the locus of understanding away from the prevailing ideology to that of a more individualistic spiritual worldview. Sextiles promote action producing results. Remember that this sextile has at its root its originating Gemini conjunction, the zodiacal sign of ideas.

The Pluto Neptune Cycle: Change the Mind, Change Everything

The Pluto-Neptune conjunction of 1892 at 7 degrees of Gemini coincided with the beginning of the modern era. The 19th century could arguably be termed the century when everything changed, and the modern era began. The political and social structure fractured, as monarchies collapsed. Philosophical and scientific breakthroughs reflected the dynamic new thinking as a revolution in communication and transportation occurred. The vision (Neptune) of power (Pluto) shifted, transformed and changed radically.

It was during this time that radical new ways of spiritual thinking began to take root. Theosophy emerged as a blending of eastern philosophy with western mysteries designed to uplift the world’s consciousness. In reaction to the harshness of the growing industrialized economy, a group of scholars including Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, and Ralph Emerson convened, calling themselves the transcendentalists.

As a group, the transcendentalists led the celebration of the American experiment as one of individualism and self-reliance. They criticized government, organized religion, laws, social institutions, and creeping industrialization. They created an American “state of mind” in which imagination was better than reason, creativity was better than theory, and action was better than contemplation. The `New Thought’ doctrine is the cornerstone of many spiritual movements that emerged in the 19th century, including the Unity Church, Christian Science, and Spiritualism. New Thought believes our thoughts create reality, and that God is an expression of infinite and universal intelligence. Even the title, `New Thought’ reflects the underpinning of the Neptune Pluto new cycle in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini represents ‘the how’ of cognition. Neptune’s vision blended with Pluto’s potency reflects a radical transformation in the prevailing worldview. Within a decade of the conjunction Einstein’s theory of relativity began chipping away at the prevailing logos of Newtonian physics. The new scientific discoveries ushered in quantum theory, representing a new mystical and holistic worldview. At the same time, the blending of the Eastern religious perspective began to seep into Western rationalism.

The process of thinking is a binary activity. As you read this, your ability to perceive information is based upon whatever knowledge you possess as you contrast and compare what you haven’t yet considered. Like the glyph (II) for Gemini the dualistic compare/contrast dichotomy compares what’s not known to what is known. One could argue that the process of perception began to radically change back in 1892, and we are still processing that change. Science has discovered since the conjunction that the human brain, Gemini’s functional body part, is indeed dualistic. It’s as if we learned how to think differently when we understood that we actually have human `hardware’ which is reflected in the wiring of two hemispheres; the left logical and the right …intuitive.

Wouldn’t it make `sense’ that professional psychics are highly gifted at integrating both sides of their brain to arrive at `non-local and non-temporal data?’ And doesn’t it make sense that the harbinger of `new thought’ reflects the 1892 conjunction of Pluto and Neptune in Gemini, which has been unfolding since then? During the last seventy years of Neptune Pluto sextiles we have collectively seen a working through of the spiritually radically new ideas of the conjunction.

During the first phase of the waxing sextile, the 1950’s, traditional religion began to confront conflicting worldviews. Christian scholar, Robert Ellwood speaks of the discomfort of the time in his book the `Spiritual Marketplace’. He describes Catholic-Protestant tensions, the interest in the `beat’ poets, Zen Buddhism, UFO’s and the mythology of Joseph Campbell. The second phase of the sextile, during the 1970’s, saw the emergence of the `New Age’ movement embracing the litany of the `New Thought’ philosophies of the original conjunction. The `New Age’ embraced old age religions; wicca and Indigenous practices, focusing on the individualistic interpretation of the divine. All the while, eastern beliefs were being integrated with western thought, further reflecting the binary quality of the Gemini Neptune=Pluto conjunction, plus the Sagittarius theme of world inclusivity. The third sextile phase, of the 1980’s and 1990’s, integrated the practicality of the Capricorn Neptune signature. No longer were different spiritual ideas considered renegade. Practical ways of bringing spiritual practices into the world prevailed. The number of credentialed programs, institutes, regional `new age shops’ and schools started to skyrocket. Psychics and mediums began to be thought of as `professional.’ The last sextile phase, from 2026 until 2032, may be the most interesting. Since no one aspect stands alone, let’s consider other astrological factors before speculating.

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The Ultimate Spiritual Blending: Neptune in Pisces

Interest in things `psychic and spiritual’ has magnified since Neptune’s 2011 ingress into Pisces. We have seen an explosion in the cultivation and interest in the paranormal or spiritual side of life. In a review of the top 100 popular new shows and movies, since 2012, more than half—54% have had a `psychic, paranormal, or mediumistic theme’. Once upon a time ghostly-goings-on were a Halloween holiday activities. No more. All year long ghost hunters, ghost walks and ghost talks, ghost associations and clubs are active, and covered by mainstream radio programs, with a `Sci-Fi’ channel devoted to things which go bump in the night.

It would seem as if we are living in a brave new world eager for ways to enhance intuition. The lid is off the Genie’s (psychic) bottle. Doing a quick on-line search of `intuition & business’ one notices thousands of courses, coaches and counselors claiming to aid entrepreneurs on the path to riches and success by way of Neptune’s goodies; the symbolic, the intuitive, the imagination, and the psychic.

At the bedrock of psychic development is meditation. And, since the modern Neptune ingress, meditation has gone mainstream. The `mindfulness meditation’ craze is everywhere; in public schools, military training, and as a supportive therapy in hospitals for illnesses of the mind and body. Spirit is finally getting its due as part of the trilogy of mind-body-spirit.

The last time Neptune graced Pisces, from 1847 to 1862, we collectively experienced a yearning for transcendence imagined through a connection with the numinous. It was during the last Neptune ingress in Pisces when modern spiritualism, the religion of `talking to the dead’ was born. Spiritualism claims its roots to the Fox sisters, Leah, Kate and Maggie, from Hydesville New York. It all began when Kate (age 10) and Maggie, (age 14), professed to communicate with spirits through a series of rapping. The initial events occurred on 31st March t, 1848 and fostered a world-wide phenomenon congruent with the timing of the American Civil War. The backdrop of the war significantly spurred the growth of Spiritualism, as family members were desperate to communicate with their slain loved ones.                                                                                       

The religion of Spiritualism founded during the last ingress of Neptune in Pisces flourishes today, during the current ingress, at the site of the world-renowned center for spiritual, psychic and mediumistic development, Lily Dale Assembly, in upstate New York.

Towards the 2020’s: Winning Wisdom

Although we will not experience a Neptune-Pluto sextile in 2020, we will undergo another type of spiritual aspect, the Jupiter-Neptune sextile. This is the closing sextile which originated from the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of 2009 at the 26th degree of Aquarius.

Consider the scientific technologies which have been utilized since the conjunction that have effectively merged science with spirituality. In the past ten years popular magazines such as Psychology Today (, illustrate how spiritual tools are proven using the scientific method. The US military has unveiled such fantastic devices as telepathic helmets and invisibility cloaking   Harvard Medical School and the French `Starlab’ have both explored robotic adjuncts to telepathy training.

We might expect more public interest in understanding the science of intuition. The Jupiter sextile Neptune energy of 2020 inspires clarity and truth in the arena of spirituality. Both Jupiter and Neptune have a cozy connection to the Pisces energy; Jupiter as the ancient planetary ruler, and, Neptune as its modern ruler. Jupiter, planet of wisdom, words, dogma and beliefs names that which ethereal Neptune inspires us to experience. Beliefs, religions and dogma (Jupiter) all differ, yet they trigger the same numinosity (Neptune). The capacity for belief is a Neptunian quality, the specific naming of that belief emits from Jupiter. The blending between Jupiter’s beliefs and Neptune’s transcendence, via a sextile, has purposeful results.

Consider the times of the Jupiter sextile Neptune as opportunity periods when the collective opens to embrace the expansive truth-seeking traits of Jupiter with Neptune’s open-hearted compassion. Past sextiles have coincided with events reflecting these themes. During the Jupiter-Neptune sextile of June 8th, 2011, an outpouring of support was directed towards New Zealand following an earthquake. Likewise, on 29 October 2007, a devastating cyclone in Bangladesh generated a similar humanitarian response.

Jupiter is the call to expansive action, in doing `the right’ thing, directed by the compassionate gifts of Neptune. As the archetype of education, Jupiter sextile Neptune inspires us to learn about Neptune’s archetypal spiritual waters. As the great dissolver, the Neptune/Pisces signature is intuitive or psychic because it represents the fluidity between one and another’s consciousness. Neptune suggests we are all `one’; so why not merge with another’s psyche?

The 2020 sextile pattern involves the zodiacal signs of Capricorn (Jupiter) and Neptune (Pisces). What distinguishes this closing sextile is the contribution of earthy Capricorn.

As the sign of practicality, Capricorn energy navigates the world by creating procedures which are efficient and effective. Capricorn rewards experience, expertise and authority. The blending of grounded Jupiter with ethereal Neptune suggests a breakthrough in the way we utilize psychic/intuitive gifts. In spiritual education, for example, the attitude will be to accept what works and leave the rest. Capricorn Jupiter doesn’t want to waste time on frivolous spiritual pursuits.

Training programs in psychic and spiritual development have noted an increase in interest in recent years. One of the best regarded programs is `Fellowships of the Spirit’ (of which this author is a faculty member). Fellowships of the Spirit has been training students in psychic, mediumship and healing skills for thirty years. The founder, Elaine Thomas, reports that attendance is up 30% for the new 2020 class, just in time for the Jupiter-Neptune sextile.

The Jupiter-Neptune sextile dates for 2020; 2/20, 7/27, and 10/14 serve as threshold times when the collective’s interest in spiritual/psychic expansion and awareness will likely increase through the lens of `credentials’ similarly to the third phase of the Neptune-Pluto sextile of the 1990’s. The dates may also resonate personally as touchstone times to cultivate a deeper connection to spiritual experiences/truth.

The next new cycle of Jupiter-Neptune is on April 11, 2022 at the 23rd degree of Pisces. Like the Neptune in Pisces ingress, we might expect a flourishing of psychic awareness and practice, and the ultimate acceptance of personal intuitive gifts. The future conjunction ushers a new twelve-year period of celebrating the reality of psychic intuition built upon the bedrock of Aquarius’s science.

`I know I am’

The last waxing sextile combines Neptune Aries, (I Am) with Pluto Aquarius, (I Know). An integration will presumably take place from 2026 through 2032 between the energies of the spirituality and power. Aries adds an air of ownership; individuals will courageously embrace the divine expression of their choosing. The sextile ties the individual to the collective power structure, Aquarius, in an inclusive manner never experienced. Perhaps we will see psychic and intuitive technologies tailor made (with the help of robotics?) to the individual seeker. Perhaps the not-yet-developed technologies will embolden intuition by way of frequencies and sounds. The combination of Aries’ instinct with Aquarius’ cool logic paints a picture which is utilitarian and oddly detached. Will the image of the divine bypass the criteria of pure Piscean compassion and resemble more the vengeful God of the Old Testament? Or perhaps the individual will create a God based upon his/her image?

One thing is clear. The old way of training psychics and mediums, established during the infancy of the religion of Spiritualism in the 19th century, will seem outmoded. Back then, as with contemporary mediums, psychic aspirants sat in home circles meditating to establish a link with Spirit and then give messages. The Neptune in Pisces method will likely seem passé, as the Pluto in Aquarius era will celebrate the use of scientific tools to establish intuitive results.

A brave-new-world scenario could boomerang, as we pursue psychic awareness as a tool of military power. The initial 1950’s sextile of Neptune-Pluto coincided with the Stanford University Research think tank led by Dr Russel Targ, as he and a collection of `ordinary psychics’ successfully remote viewed (a psychic technique) Russian military outposts. This last of the waxing Neptune-Pluto sextiles might integrate psychism with technology to create a most daunting tool of extraordinary awareness, for might or right.

This last waxing Neptune-Pluto sextile suggests the individual will confidently find their spiritual place within the collective; that there is room for all intuitive expression. Being a sextile implies success with effort. The individual who consciously uses `both sides of the brain’ succeeds.

And then there is Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, which jumps into the fray around 2026 creating a grand sextile involving the three outer planets.

Sextile meet Uranus in Gemini.
A turbo-charged late 2020’s and early 2030’s will presumably maximize our minds and balance the binary way of perception initiated by the original 1892 conjunction. We might expect the physiology of perception, extra sensory and otherwise, to evolve as well. Imagine personalized DNA driven medications, supplements, and food products designed to enhance intuition, awareness and self-healing. We don’t know yet what we don’t know; however, the last waxing sextile of Neptune-Pluto, in the signs of Aries and Aquarius, will likely epitomize a leap in the frontier of wisdom; blending logic with intuition.