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Neptune, the second slowest moving planet in our solar system, takes nearly 165 years to complete a full orbit through the zodiac. Invisible to the naked eye until observed by telescope September 23, 1846, Neptune is the only planet in our solar system discovered through mathematical prediction rather than via empirical observation. 

This belief that Neptune existed—based on French astronomer Alexis Bouvard’s deducing that an unknown planet was causing unexpected changes and gravitational disturbances in Uranus’s orbit—set the stage for our modern astrological “take” on Neptune and its meaning in our individual charts.

King of the oceans, the Roman Neptune (Greek Poseidon) rules primarily the seas and all other waterways, earthquakes, and horses.

Water shape shifts; it flows; such fluidity helps us all adjust, fill, buoy or, more negatively, drown. Ergo, Neptune’s not exactly a black and white kinda energy…

Often, water correlates to mood, intuition, sensitivity, and empathy. Represented by the ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves as the tide rises and recedes, Neptune’s indicative of a collectively eternal situation that calls for a certain amount of surrender in order to go with the natural flow…

Because of the shape-shifting nature associated with Neptune, often we may have difficulty with boundaries between ourselves and others, as well as with seeing emotional situations clearly.

Hence, Neptune correlates to the state of chaos–of not intuiting clearly if we’re up or down, emotional or rational, realistic or fantastical—you know, the kind of dilemma that often befuddles so many of us mere mortals here on planet Earth.

Neptune intuits, it doesn’t think, it has no opinion, as Jungian astrologer & artist Erin Sullivan points out in her book “Planetary Retrogrades.”

“It has moods, feelings, sensations, images, fantasies, nuances, hints and visions,” Sullivan explains. “It is redolent with insinuation.”


When Neptune last stationed retrograde back in , or appeared stop in the sky and move backward in June 19, at 18°43′ Pisces, this represented part of its annual planetary motion for approximately five months.

All planetary retrograde motion is actually an optical illusion. However, both ancient & modern astrologers recognize retrograde periods as times of internal withdrawal. When Neptune began its backstroke through the heavens, it was time to allow ourselves to go inward, into that liminal space, as Jungian astrologer Liz Greene would say, and allow ourselves to dream.

Neptune retrogrades affect us all on a subtle level because Neptune is defined in modern astrology as an “unconscious” planet. Its retrograde periods allow us to withdraw by obscuring the boundaries between the “real” and “imagined.”

It’s here, in this liminal space, that our dreams arise out of unconscious desires rather than rational ones. 

However, because Neptune’s energies are not initially discernible (read: not conscious), its effects are both more subtle and longer term. Thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors may come without a fully rational explanation or concrete understanding of the “why” behind them during Neptune’s retrograde period.


As the planet of illusion, confusion, & delusion, Neptune’s retrograde—through whatever house in your chart–tells us where you may be, shall we say, a little less reality-based, and a little more prone to ignore or transgress emotional boundaries.

Neptune’s location in your birth chart by sign, house, and aspect, also tells us where you may be, to put it more bluntly, a little more delusional. The degree to which this influences your life will vary, depending on how your soul chooses to both perceive and manifest your natal Neptune energy into the world around you…

I like to use the word “devotion” when describing the energy of Neptune, because I find it to be the planet that connects us to our own individual sense of what’s worth surrendering for (or to) based on the rest of our natal energies.

In the 7th House of partnership, for example, it might be devotion to relationships; in the 2nd House to a sense of one’s values. Devotion would be defined in either realm through both a more romantic, spiritual, and/or charitable mindset.

This is not by far the only way to interpret Neptune natally in these houses, I’m simply using them as examples…in addition, having Neptune in configuration with other planets in one’s chart can cause one to manifest certain patterns of “Neptunian” behavior in the outside, objective, empirical, ego-oriented world.

The question, as always with Neptune, is are our perceptions based on reality?


Just as organic life emerged long ago out of the chaotic “soup” mixture of non-living inorganic molecules through some form of physical and chemical reactions between water and matter, so does Neptune’s movement from retrograde to direct motion allow us to flow from chaos to clarity.

In a sense, Neptune’s retrograde period is often a chaotic one because we’re asked to right brain it, visualize, believe in the psychic and spiritual world without requiring (or demanding!) empirical proof that either one exists.

Neptune direct is a time to draw back the curtain, pierce the veil, and generally let in the light of day so we may see clearly once again. But that’s only if we’re willing to wake up, take off our rose-colored glasses, and look at both ourselves and the world around us from a new and different perspective…

This is the only way to bridge the gap between what formerly seemed “real,” but isn’t. This is the only way to integrate the energies of the subconscious into the conscious brain and to move forward in holy matrimony of these two, with peace everlasting, until death you do part…


Now that he’s stationing direct again—meaning he’s moving forward in the sky rather than appearing to swim backward—Neptune calls us all to move forward and ground what we’ve been dreaming about into concrete manifest reality.

What helps us to ground our dream?

Understanding that we are capable of achieving anything we want in this lifetime, and evaluating how much of the things we want to accomplish out in the world are driven by unrealistic attitudes or unfounded suppositions.

Saturn in Capricorn allows us to see that what we’ve dreamt about from a more realistic lens then while Neptune was retrograde. This is an extremely grounding energy.

And, while Saturn in Capricorn may be quick to dismiss our ideas as pure fantastical thinking, we all know that the seeds of reality (read: clarity, discernment) lie in chaos.

Those who don’t distinguish between the retrograde and direct motion may move forward attempting to ground dreams, but lacking the ability to do so. But if we use his energies wisely, Saturn in Capricorn will test our hypothesis and tell us what is concretely possible.

However, Saturn in Capricorn can also bring us down, down, down, which is not a place we want to go. The shock of our incapability to manifest our more Neptunian dreams in the real world will be proportionately equal to how unrealistic these dreams were in the first place. That’s how the universe rolls, as always it seeks balance…

I’m mindful of Katy Perry’s lyrics from her song “Wide Awake”:

“Falling from cloud nine
Crashing from the high
I’m letting go tonight
Yeah, I’m letting go tonight…

Gravity hurts
You made it to sweet
Till I woke up
On the concrete…”

Neptune’s retrograde periods are about assisting us to bridge the gap between romance, illusion, fantasy, and our psychic and more spiritual orientations (read: less egoic, less belief system oriented.)

So, the question becomes: do we allow ourselves to entertain the practical, useful, physical, tangible, concrete methods of grounding a dream that might have seemed grandiose or impossible or wildly unrealistic when in the Neptune retrograde period?

We may now discover ultimately that what we thought a person or situation was about is far removed from the actual factuality of their situation.


The key held by Neptune is that it allows us to lessen the gap between complete fantastical thinking and overly pessimistic or naysaying hardcore reality…

Nobody says not to dream. In fact, evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest would say that if you have Neptunian or Piscean energy anywhere in your chart—and we all do somewhere—that it’s necessary and beneficial to be allowed to dream…

However, as Neptune proceeds to move forward in the sky from now until June 21st 2019, we are all called to integrate whatever we’ve dreamt about—whether relationship, career, money, or anything else—during its last retrograde period.

That means we can all ask ourselves where we may have set out to save, conquer, or martyr ourselves for the sake of another or others, and/or otherwise sacrifice ourselves for a devotional purpose we felt was bigger than simply our more shallow, mundane, earth-bound world.

Now is the time to find a way to make our dreams come true by using sound judgment and rational–rather than fantastical–thinking in order to discern where adjustments now may be necessary to bring some of these wilder, more fantastical thoughts, plans, and dreams to fruition.


Sheri Horn Hasan: Agent 95  – Karmic Evolution Astrology

An Amazon #1 Bestselling author & editor, Sheri is the producer/host of the weekly Contact Talk Radio internet show Conversations About Consciousness: The Truth About Astrology & Your Soul’s Karmic Evolution!

A professional astrologer, Sheri practices what she calls archetypal/psychological/evolutionary astrology, which combines a reading of past life karma with the psychological patterns into which your soul chose to be born. Sheri holds a diploma level certificate from John Green’s Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA), & an intermediate level certificate from Liz Greene’s Centre for Psychological Astrology. In addition, Sheri earned a Master Certificate (the highest level) from Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program, & has completed all four modules of Patricia Walsh’s Heal The Past Deep Memory Process past life regression program. 

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