Agent 222 - Nazare Abreu

Agent 222 - Nazare Abreu

Agent 222 – Nazare Abreu

Nazaré Abreu Astrologer, teacher, consultant, “Bodybrain” Method creator, Reiki Master and therapist.Agent 222 from the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. Nazaré was born in Angola and has lived in Portugal, Brazil and England. Since 1984, she practiced astrology in Lisbon, São Paulo and London. She consistently reads charts for many long standing clients on 4 continents. Her grasp of languages, has led her to translate several astrology books from english to portuguese, including Liz Green’s;Transpersonal Planets. Nazaré deep understanding of Astrology and keen awareness of the human psyche has driven her to create several workshops. In 1989, she partnered with The Ford Model´s Agency in Brazil to develop, In Search of the Inner Beauty. This program helped models delve deep into themselves to heal and project their own true beauty. In 1991, she presented; Awakening the Sacred Flame at the Uranian Trust of The Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. This series was designed to help students access their own connection to their higher selves and their life’s calling through movement, breathing and sacred teachings. In 1995 she renamed it to the Bodybrain technique. This course is structured to assist people to connect with their body/mind relationship and guide them with specific tools to facilitate their own self healing and evolution. Nazaré has been an astrological consultant and coach for TV Globo, Record and SBT in Brazil. She also has worked with the International University of Theater, in Spain, the University of São Paulo School of Theater, in Brazil, the Traditional Chinese Medicine University, the Quiron Portuguese Center of Astrology, the Monte Mariposa Institute, and the Institute Centrare in Portugal. Her ability to use her deep understanding of astrology and human psychology in a creative way has made her a valued asset to many directors, artists, dancers, actors and also to other clients. Nazaré travels to bring her work to Europe, South America, África and the U.S. and currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal, and works at the cinema school for actors NBA. She is available for astrological readings via Skype and will travel to conduct workshops.

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