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for the month ahead for September 2016 eclipses

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Mundane Astrology forecasting for September Eclipses  2016

The next Solar Eclipse will happen on 1 September. Mundane astrologers see eclipses as having powerful influences on world events. The solar Eclipse will happen at 9:03am (UT) 1st September 2016, as the New Moon conjunct at 9° Virgo. 

To understand it’s influence, we have to examine where this Eclipse will be located in the Zodiac and what major aspects will be made. Virgo is part of the Earthy triplicity, therefor we can expect major events that occur will relate to food, famine, land, health, structure and securities.  Virgo itself in mundane astrology also relates to the working class, medicine, small animals, feminine issues in our society, slavery and discrimination.  As the mutable sign, Virgo too suggests unpredictability in all situations. The ancient astrologers also called mutable signs the common signs, which combined both the Cardinal signs ability to push forward and the Fixed signs ability of hold their ground. This suggests solutions being made which can break through boundaries and help things move forward, whilst also considering and maintaining the good qualities from the past.

To forecast which areas of society we should watch more closely or which areas we will be  most “surprised“ is to look at the house position of the New Moon eclipse in any given countries capital. In UK it falls in the 11th house suggesting, Parliament (including Scotland, North Ireland, Wales) is in flux and change. In Western Europe, many other countries have the same focus, as the 11th house also represents welfare, social benefits, social security policies, this is highly likely to affect many countries after their refuge crises and the unsettling events that have occurred of late one after another in France and Germany. The New Moon is located in 10th Houses in Eastern parts of Europe and this could suggests a chance for new governments forming and other types of political reform.

The New Moon falls in the 1st house and very close to 2nd house cusp in Washington DC suggesting that the whole country’s image is about to change as well as the financial system, food and other primary resources become important issues for US. 

In Asia:  China, Korea, Japan will all have the New Moon in their 7th house and very close to Descendent of Tokyo, therefore we look at this as showing focus on foreign affairs. T

The New Moon is located in 6th house for Australia therefore Public Security, Health care and Labour unrest will become important issues in the country. 

The ruler of the Solar Eclipse is Mercury, it is located in Virgo where it rules, usually this is highly dignified and suggests a background (cause) to the nature of events.  However Mercury turns retrograde 2 days before the Solar Eclipse and is in very slow motion, suggesting much hesitation and a lack of will power or energy to make any decisive moves.  Mercury retrograde could show the delay with making important moves because of hesitation or delays or even lack of supplies. 

Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Neptune will form a tight T-square during the September solar Eclipse, This aspect pattern gives us more of an idea about what government will be focusing on, and what the news will be. Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius suggest: political reform, reformation of religions, change to social structures, conflict in foreign and religious affairs rising to the surface over the next few months.  From another side Neptune in Pisces suggests a need to focus on: recreational drugs, pollution, the oceans, floods and water in general. The Saturn square Neptune influence is of major concern for the Mundane astrologer this year as it  is usually related to financial market problems and religious conflicts and the threats of terrorism, as I will not say that this is not new however, these planets forming the T square with Solar Eclipse suggest the prescience of these extremes will be seen and even come across as more powerful. Eclipses are usually seen as chaotic times yet also great turning points as a Solar Eclipse is also a new moon. Therefor this Solar Eclipse brings us to the possibilities of seeing many new starting points in our societies and allowing the openings and breaking down of barriers that will enable reformation in some areas.


The following countries are more likely to be influenced by this Solar Eclipse as their country charts have the Sun Moon eclipse occurring near Ascendent at  9 degree Virgo.

Sun conjunct or opposite 9 degree Sagittarius (square to eclipse degree)

Albania, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Finland, Iceland, Morocco, South Africa, Timor, Tonga, UAE, Ukraine. 

Moon conjunct or opposite 9 degree Sagittarius

Brazil, Cyprus, France (1 Rep),Poland(Democratic), Tonga, Ukraine, UAE, Vatican city, Zimbabwe

Ascendent conjunct or opposite 9 degree Sagittarius

Belgium, Burma, Costa Rica, Ireland, Indonesia, Japan (MEIJI Constitution), Qatar, U.S.A, Vietnam

Following countries and areas are more likely to be influenced by Solar Eclipse as the outer Planets will be right on the angles. 

Asia Pacific: Australia East coast**, New Zealand**, Japan, West China, Bangladesh, East part of India, Nepal. Iran , Middle East Countries.
** earthquakes have occurred recently in these areas eclipse influences are in effect before and after exact eclipse occurrence

Europe and Africa: East Part of Africa, Algeria and North west part of Africa,  Norway**, Sweden, Denmark, West part of German, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Ireland.  

Freak lightening recently killed hundred s of Deer in Norway. Uranus is ascending at time of eclipse in Norway

America: Alaska, West Coast of Canada and USA. Cites and States located between 89-101W Longitude ( such as Houston and Dallas). Mexico, Brazil, south Argentina and Chile. 

Places near 2 degrees S and 34 degrees S Latitude, 99E Longitude are also going to witness powerful solar Eclipse influence. 

Keep an eye out on these world hotspots throughout eclipse season.

PART 2 of this article will be posted in next few days! Looking at the  Sept 16th eclipse at 24 Pisces.

The political shifts of this eclispe highlight in Brazil where the Mars and Saturn lines are on the IC,  at time of eclipse, where most recently the Olympics have been highlighted but alos just this week a coup by of government where president Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment ends 13 years of rule by the Workers’ Party in Brazil and brings to power President Michel Temer for the remaining two years of Rousseff’s term

                • Global events of eclipse line in recents days and weeks 
                  The Solar Eclipse started near 2°S 18°W, 34°S End near 99E°W

                  27th Aug M4.8 Jackson, WY USA: Saturn Mc (Geodetic) Venus IC (En Mundo)

                  28th Aug M4.6 Norcia, Italy Sun Moon Ds Lines and Neptune As line (Geo)

                  29th Aug M7.1 West coast Africa near Liberia (0.041°S 17.826°W)Sun Moon Ic Neptune Mc (Geo) Pluto IC Venus Ds (En Mundo) 17.8°W is very close to the longitude of Eclipse start point.

                  30th Aug M5.5 Constitución Chile Pluto Mc ( Geodetic) (34.898°S 72.530°W) 34°S is the latitude where Solar Eclipse line End.

                  30th Aug M5.6 – 250km NW of Visokoi Island (55.324°S 30.388°W) Neptune As line, Sun Moon Dsc lines,

                  31st Aug M4.5 Su’ao, Taiwan , Pluto Ascendent (Geodetic)

                  31st Aug M5.0 Uto Japan, Mars Mc line, Saturn Mc line (En Mundo)

                  31st Aug M6.7 East of Namatanai, Papua New Guinea (3.691°S 152.788°E)

                  Venus Ds line, Mercury Ds line, Jupiter Ds line (En Mundo), Sun Moon Mc lines (Geodetic)

                  Location also close the latitude where Solar Eclipse line started.

                  31st Aug M5.8 – 188km NNE of Gisborne, New Zealand (37.208°S 179.125°E) Mercury Mc line, Jupiter Mc line, Chiron Ic line (Geodetic) 37°S is close to the latitude where Solar Eclipse line End.

                   Global Hotspost

Agent 119 - Rod Chang

Agent 119 - Rod Chang

Agent 119 – Rod Chang

Rod has studied astrology for over twenty years, both through self-study and through the LSA and the Faculty of Astrological Studies. His favourite aspects are mundane astrology and a humanistic approach to astrology. He has written a number of books on astrology in Chinese and has taught it in Mandarin for around ten years. He is co-founder of the Academy of Astrology with Jupiter Lai, which aims to promote Western Astrology to Chinese speakers . Rod is also working closely with other Asian astrologers in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Hong kong in order to establish an Asian astrology network.


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    Thank you Agent 119! What if the Solar Eclipse closely aspects a natal planet, but the person does not live in Africa (visibility of the Eclipse). I would love to hear your comment on this.


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