Astrology for Month Ahead October 2020 – Sun Sign Update

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

AstroLink October 2020:

Oct   1: Full Moon in Aries 2:05 pm (9:08 Aries)

Oct 16: Super New Moon in Libra: 12:30 pm (23:53 Libra)

Oct 31: Full Moon (Blue Moon) in Taurus: 7:49 am (8:28 Taurus)

Oct  2: Venus into Virgo: 1:47 pm

Oct  4: Pluto in Capricorn ends retrograde: 6:32 am (22:29 Cap)

Oct 13: Mercury in Scorpio begins retrograde: 6:04 pm

Oct 18: Ceres stations direct: 10:01 am (28:36 Aquarius)

Oct 22: Vesta enters Virgo: 8:22 am

Oct 22: Sun enters Scorpio: 3:59 pm

Oct 27 Mercury retrograde revisits Libra: 6:33 pm

Oct 27: Venus enters Libra: 6:40 pm

**All times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Dates of note:

Oct 1 – 4, 7, 9 – 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31

October Overview:

October opens and ends on a full moon. Mars continues in retrograde while Mercury begins retrograde -and there’s more. Here is the run down:

The full moon in Aries on Oct 1 gains extra turbo from its conjunction to Chiron. What’s on high voltage stays on high voltage – i.e. Covid-19, the social and political hot buttons, and market volatility. Something can jump out at you, come on strong, or come at you quick. It is not a time to follow the herd, to choose the popular path, or seek the stamp of approval. Take the lead instead. Break rank and forge your way, even when it isn’t the ideal or preferred route.

Venus will tenant Virgo from Oct 2 to 27. Sacrifices made on behalf of health and wellness (at all levels) are worthwhile. While the more stringent measures put in place to combat Covid-19 may not be fun, they hold good potential for getting the job done. Don’t hesitate to rein it in/deny yourself now for later gain. As the month advances, Venus forms trines with Uranus (Oct 10), Jupiter (Oct 19) Pluto (Oct 21) and Saturn (Oct 24). These dates can put you/put us on the upswing.

All planets transiting through Capricorn have been on retrograde tours since April/May. Their combined influence has been chipping away to bust up the concrete on any rationale or reality in need of an overhaul. Pallas, Jupiter, and Saturn completed retrograde cycles over the last few weeks. The last hold out in the group, Pluto, ends retrograde on Oct 4. All four now switch their mandate from deconstruct to reconstruct. To this end, there’s still more demolition and revamp work yet to be done.

Mars in Aries continues in retrograde through Nov 13. It is a pull back and regroup cycle.  At the same time, it also a heat it up/stoke the fire influence. On the bigger picture scale, the transit serves to realign personal will with soul will. Pay close attention to instincts and impulses. You may notice you are now receiving fresh signals and downloads, that instincts and impulses are directing you to forge your way in some new direction. The prompt can be subtle or in your face. Either way, Mars retrograde is a consciousness raising influence. On the other hand, you may get further confirmation regarding the direction forward and what is in your best interests. In this case, Mars retrograde serves to fortify and strengthen from within. Whether new or newly recognized, the Mars transit aims to provide a better-defined starting point, a more effective springboard. Oct 9, Mars/Pluto (square aspect) turns a corner or peels off another strip. Oct 10 – 12 hold good prospect for moving to higher ground. These few days can provide a short window of opportunity before Mercury begins retrograde (Oct 13). Stay alert and don’t ignore warning cycles. Mercury retrograde can surprise you with unexpected repairs (plumbing, mechanical, computers, etc.), compromised security, health, financial, or relationship challenges, etc.

On Oct 13, Mars opposes the sun. This is midpoint peak of the retrograde cycle. The first half of Mars retrograde uncovers it. The second half of Mars retrograde shift the main attention to the assessment end regarding how to navigate it next.

On Oct 13, only 2 hours after the mid point peak of the Mars retrograde cycle (the Mars/sun opposition), Mercury in Scorpio begins retrograde. It is an exposing and/or hit the nail on the head transit. As stated above, watch out for the usual Mercury retrograde headaches (communication breakdowns, schedule or plan derailments, health issues, etc.) Putting more on the line and more into play, the sun and Venus are both on good creative tracks over the following week. Don’t let Mercury retrograde get the better of you. See challenge as a pathway to necessary improvement.

If you feel a sense of fate, synchronicity, or destiny in play, know that through the start of December, Mercury is also working its way through a karmic contract peak. (This is no ordinary moment in time!)

Ceres ends her three-month retrograde on Oct 18 and continues in Aquarius until Nov 9. Having begun the retrograde tour in Pisces, her revisit to Aquarius (Sept 27 to Nov 9) will keep social and political matters stirred up. Let us hope that science can fast-track effective solutions for combating Covid-19. Ceres direct puts a stronger wind under that which is already teaming with life. Of course, Ceres direct can see a resurface or a resurgence of issues, of turmoil, controversy, and chaos. To the plus, this transit sets an opportunity backdrop for reinvention at all levels -personal, social, political and collective. Please get out and vote!!

On Oct 27, Mercury retrograde backtracks into Libra, while Venus advances into this sign. Watch for the pendulum to swing, for the action to hit a fuller swing (personal relationships or finances, money markets, the social and political scenes). Both Mercury and Venus transits can be trend setting.

The second full moon of the month (called a blue moon because it is the second of the month) coincides with Hallowe’en and the final stretch to USA election day. Is it worth it? Can you cash in on this? Can I/can we survive this? Thanks to its conjunction with Uranus, expect the full moon in Taurus to produce high voltage action. Uranus in the mix can trigger protests, added turmoil, volatility (social, political, financial markets), even violence. Survival and mortality fall under the rulership of Taurus. To the plus for some, a jolting experience for others, the full moon in Taurus aligned with Uranus can speed up the process of (radical) reinvention. To be sure, Hallowe’en will be a radically different experience this year.

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

A full moon in Aries (Oct 1) finishes the week but launches the month. Build for speed, not for comfort, thanks to Chiron in the mix, this one has an added punch to it. To the plus, there’s an opportunity to break the ice, cut to the chase, or to set yourself free. Don’t hesitate to go for it when the compelling urge overtakes you or writing on the wall is too obvious to ignore. It could be time to burn the bridge. The full moon action can be matter of no pain, no gain, of circumstance beyond your control that take on a life of their own. The week that follows continues to set major wheels in motion. It’s an evolution, that’s for sure.

Mercury in Scorpio starts a three week retrograde on October 13 (to Nov 3). By now I’m sure you know the range of potentials – i.e. communication misfires and breakdowns, reappearance of people, resurfacing of issues, unexpected repairs, added debt and expenses, health and financial challenges. Don’t hesitate to refinance, renegotiate a contract, revamp your will, or to seek the advice of a specialist. Research projects are favoured. Don’t take things at face value, do you homework! Are you waiting for surgery or results? One way or another, this Mercury retrograde cycle (and its after show) can inform or expose.  Also, the transit can pull you into a karmic revisit or into a deep dive regarding soul searching or shadow work.

Mercury backtracks into Libra from October 27 to November 10. Through the middle of November, Mercury and Ceres (ending retrograde in Aquarius on October 18) are in good accord. Together they facilitate same page accord, open communication tracks, the implementation of natural next steps, the ability to collaborate, or work it out with another or with a group. The month ends with a full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus. This full moon can jolt or stimulate matters to do with health, finances, relationships, and survival.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Watch for the full moon in Aries on Oct 1 to trigger something new, to spring you or it into action. This full moon and the days that follow can set up a window of opportunity to resume, revisit, rediscover or reclaim.  Something lost may be found again (emotions included). A fresh avenue can open regarding work prospects or fix-it projects. On the other hand, the full moon could prove disruptive to your plans or schedule. Please do not take risks with your health or that of loved ones (pets included).

Venus tours Virgo from October 2 to 27. Expect to stay busy all month with one thing or another.  Despite all, this Venus transit serves to make the going more productive and workable. You should find yourself to be quicker on the ball, that you can stay on top of what you need to, and that your coping skills carry you well. Don’t let up on the health front. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, pull back for a moment. The best course of action is to streamline, simplify, and to take it one step at a time.

Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde on October 13 but watch for an early jump start one week prior. One way or another, October 7 to 13 will keep the action going strong.  On the same day that Mercury turns retrograde, Mars retrograde opposes the sun. This is the midpoint peak of the Mars retrograde cycle. These transits peel back the curtain so that you can get a better grip on what is necessary.

Mercury retrograde can call for you to refinance, or to revamp plans and priorities. Watch for your radar to sharpen, especially regarding the people around you. Are you picking up signals and clues? Are you grappling with something or someone? Are you resisting a change of heart or mind? Mercury retrograde through a deeper dive in terms of soul searching and/or exploring self undermining, addictions, obsessions, trust issues, and such. A relationship of significance can undergo major change. Mercury reaches the midpoint of its retrograde tour on Oct 25. On Oct 27, Mercury dips back into Libra and Venus enters Libra. Both transits can enhance relationship accord and/or help you to reconcile with yourself. Having said that, it will take more time to feel your way along and get yourself or it fully sorted out.  Mercury ends retrograde on Nov 3 and continues in Libra to Nov 10. With a full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus on Oct 31, the month is likely to end as it began –that is to say, kicked up an extra notch (especially so for you if you are born on or near April 29).

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

The full moon on Oct 1 could thrust an unexpected action switch. A significant contract is in the works, actual or karmic in nature. You could find yourself on a bounce back or another go around. Even so, expect to chart new ground. Venus in Virgo, starting Oct 2, puts added emphasis on health, home-base, and fix-it projects (relationships and attitude included). Are you doing enough for yourself? Venus can push you to do or try more. Kept at it and you will see gain. Venus forges good inroads with Uranus (Oct 11), Jupiter (Oct 19), Pluto (Oct 21) and Saturn (Oct 24). Despite the challenges you may face, Venus keeps you moving along a productive track. Aim to make the most of what you have. You should find that you can tackle it, that you hold your own just fine, and that you get further ahead than you might have anticipated.

Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde on Oct 13 but watch for the prior week to set up the gameboard. It’s one thing after another in rapid succession. Unexpected expenses, health issues, changes regarding the schedule, plan, or priority fall under the Mercury retrograde banner. Avoid unnecessary risks. Keep your radar and keep checking under the hood. Despite Mars continuing its retrograde travel, the whole month ahead is built for shake, rattle, and roll action.

Mars hits the midpoint peak of its retrograde tour on the same day that Mercury begins retrograde (Oct 13). The first half of the Mars cycle is about taking a step back to observe from a more objective angle. The second half about exploring the avenues and options that will help you build it better from here. It is a subtle shift perhaps but watch for things to become more obvious, or for instincts or circumstances to build more traction. The super new moon in Libra on October 16 is preceded by the sun/Pluto (Oct 15) and followed by sun/Saturn (Oct 18). Both shift your creative process and the evolving reality. This new moon could be a tide turner for social, public, and election matters too.

Venus works along a productive track Oct 19 to 24. Put the effort into it and you could get yourself further ahead.

Marking the midpoint of the cycle, Mercury retrograde aligns with the sun on Oct 25. Within a few minutes of each other, Mercury retrograde backs into Libra on October 27 and Venus enters Libra, one of her two home signs. They set relationships (self to self included), contracts, finances, and legal matters onto a next phase. Venus will not catch up to Mercury until mid February so expect the month ahead to be a work in progress. Having said that, there is plenty of opportunity for progress to be made.

CANCER June 20 – July 22
The full moon in Aries on October 1 can bring the battle to a head, and/or see you forced into action. It could spring something new on you too (hopefully it’s the kickstart you need).

Mercury/Juno puts a contract to the foreground (actual, karmic). With Chiron in the mix, there could be an element of no pain no gain, or of the irreconcilable or inconclusive, but for now, it is what there is to go on. On the other hand, Chiron could set up a destiny in the making opportunity. Venus enters Virgo on Oct 2 and Pluto ends retrograde on Oct 4. Both transits keep action on the moving along. Mercury’s opposition to Uranus on October 7 (and again on Oct 19) also aims to speed up the process. Despite the intensity, the stars are conspiring on your behalf.

Mars retrograde in Aries serves to break down the resistance or the reality. It’s a plus if you have been feeling stuck and not so fun if you are holding on for dear life. Either way, it is a necessary part of the process of getting you to where you need to be. Where is that you ask? At the build-it-better stage.  Mars hits the midpoint peak of its retrograde cycle on October 13. On this same day, Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde. Together, both transits aim to pull the cover off so that you can better see what there is to work with.  Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can sharpen your perception and intuition. A healthy obsession is fine, but don’t go overboard. Balance is the key to the unlocking of any door.


While Mercury tours retrograde, both the sun and Venus move along constructive tracks (separately) with Pluto and Saturn. The super new moon in Libra on October 16 and the end of Ceres retrograde on Oct 18 can start the process of regaining lost ground or reconciling (with yourself or another). To the plus, you could find yourself on a great creative spurt. While Venus/Neptune can be an inspirational or romantic combination, the transit can increase sensitivity and vulnerability, emotional or physical. Guard your health, and don’t take things for granted until you get it in writing or give it the test of time. Unrealistic expectations, over-extending your heart or wallet, susceptibility to the sales pitch, or living for the potential are follies of Venus opposite Neptune.

Mercury oppose Uranus on Oct 7, 19 and Nov 17. This transit sets you up for an awakening, emancipation, or a personal breakthrough. This month and next are a work in progress. By the end of the year you will look back amazed at how much you experienced and how much you have/your life has changed. A full moon in Taurus ends the month. With Uranus in the mix, it could be a mixed bag finish to the month. Change is afoot! Embrace it. Think outside of the box. Reinvent yourself a little, or a lot (the latter choice is preferred by the stars).

LEO July 22 – August 22

October opens and ends on a full moon. The start of the month can dish up fresh challenge or opportunity – perhaps it is a mix of both. Either way, a busy month lies ahead! The full moon could bring news and/or thrust you into something new or next with no time to waste. Someone could exit or enter your life. While there is plenty of uncertainty and stress in the mix – time is a valuable commodity. Make the most the of it.

Venus exits Leo for Virgo on October 2. There is always room for improvement. Added attention to detail and to your health serves you well. Forming several facilitating trine aspects throughout the month Venus sets a productive backdrop for putting yourself to work where it does you the most good. Venus also enhances your ability to discern what’s of value and what can be struck off the list. Note the following dates: Venus trines Uranus (Oct 10), Jupiter (Oct 19), Pluto (Oct 21), Saturn (Oct 24) and Sedna (Oct 26). Set yourself to task, there is much to be gained.

Mars retrograde keeps you working your way through an important pull back, consider options, and regain your bearings track. On Oct 13, Mars reaches the midpoint of its retrograde tour (Sept 9 to Nov 13). It marks a subtle switch regarding your intuition, perception, and evaluation process.

Coinciding with the Mars/sun opposition and retrograde peak, Mercury begins a three-week retrograde cycle on Oct 13. Beginning in Scorpio, watch for the transit to take you on a deeper dive into internal workings or motivations (yours or theirs), to uncover something more or something unexpected. Mercury retrograde could reroute or derail circumstances, prospects, you, or your good intentions. The week before could jumpstart the action thanks to Mercury’s opposition to Uranus on Oct 7. A breakdown or a breakthrough transit, typically, it is a reactionary or stress producing influence. Expect to see market and political volatility continue, perhaps to punch up another notch. Covid-19 will continue to be a major threat, to dictate our reality for some time to come.

Due to its retrograde cycle, Mercury will engage with Uranus by opposition three times over the course of the next six weeks: Oct 7, Oct 19, and Nov 16/17. Expect to be working your way through something specific for that six-week interval.

Oct 27, Venus enters Libra and Mercury retrograde backs into this same sign. Both transits are mobilizing or trend making. They serve to get the conversation or the process moving along. The full moon in Taurus on Oct 31 is in dynamic tension to Uranus (sun opposes, moon is conjunct). You will feel the fullest impact of the full moon if you are born on or near Aug 1. Setting the inevitable into action, this full moon sets the stage for an awakening or a sudden switch track. You can face something that is long overdue but holds immediate benefit, i.e. a trade-in, renewal, upgrade, renovation or personal breakthrough.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Oct 1, 2 can be a tough grind.  You could feel on the short end of the stick or unfairly targeted, but the full moon in Aries gives you no other option but to show strength and grace at the same time. Play it smart, stay diplomatic regarding responses, but do make sure to tackle it head on. Stand up for yourself, choose options that are in your immediate and long-term better interests. If you can’t get clear on your best course, let time be your instructor.

Venus enters Virgo on Oct 2. Over the course of the month, Venus stays on a productive track. Venus in Virgo will keep incentive going strong, especially regarding your health, the learning curve, and improvement mandates (on and off the job). Having said that, Mercury travels retrograde from Oct 13 to Nov 3. Due to the retrograde cycle, Mercury will oppose Uranus 3 times, on Oct 7, 19 and Nov 16/17. These dates can trigger something stressful, disruptive, (perhaps costly too), or they can inform and fast track you in some unexpected and positive way.

The entire month ahead is set up for working your way through the breaking of significant new ground. The sun is advancing through Libra and Mars is touring retrograde in Aries. They will meet by opposition on Oct 13. This marks the midpoint peak of the Mars retrograde cycle (Sept 9 to Nov 13). Mars retrograde takes you through an important personal regroup. This transit helps you to replenish and to fortify from within, this in terms of reclaiming your fighting spirit or to start building better security (emotional, financial). Ahead of curve instead of behind the eight ball is the right aim.

Mercury begins its retrograde tour in Scorpio on Oct 13. Beyond the typical things that Mercury retrograde can dish up (a re-meet, a revision, communication backtrack, health issue, unexpected repairs and expenses, derailment of plans or good intentions), you may find that your radar grows sharper and that you are better focused. (Noting Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio, perhaps it is an obsession that holds your attention.) Along with Mars continuing in retrograde, it is a time to monitor inner prompts and to allow what’s building inside to reveal itself in greater detail.

Oct 25 marks the midpoint peak of Mercury retrograde. On Oct 27, Venus advances into Libra and Mercury backtracks into this sign. Both are mobilizing influences, this regarding conversations and interactions. A full moon in Taurus ends the month on Oct 31. Hallowe’en will be a much different event this year! With Uranus in the mix and an election just days away, you can expect the general atmosphere to be intense.  To the plus, something unexpected could make your day.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Thanks to Chiron in the mix, a sense of fate or destiny accompanies the full moon on Oct 1. You can feel this an inevitable severing of ties, or as a moment to jump in with both feet. Venus enters Virgo on Oct 2, and Pluto ends retrograde on Oct 4. Both transits can make you feel like you are getting back into the game, that you are gaining better ground, or that the timing is right for a next phase undertaking.

Mercury retrograde starts on Oct 13 but watch for a preliminary flint strike in the week prior to. Mercury opposes Uranus on Oct 7 for the first of three meetings encompassing the next 6 weeks. Oct 19 and Nov 17. It could take that length of time to work your way through a situation or a personal process.

The start of Mercury retrograde is always a time to stay on watch for the unexpected. Unexpected expenses and repairs are typical of the cycle. Safeguard your valuables and your passwords, don’t take unnecessary risks with finances or health. The stars are on a one-thing-after-another trajectory from Oct 7 to Oct 19. Don’t expect much let up on the intensity dial but do take advantage of the moment when the opportunity presents. It is a good time to refinance, renegotiate, to research further, to revisit the conversation or revise the plan.  News could come your way.

Coinciding with the start of Mercury retrograde, Oct 13 also marks the midpoint peak of the Mars retrograde transit (Sept 9 to Nov 13). The combination can peel back the curtain and show you more of what there is to work with. These transits can reset the gameboard/change your incentive, involvement, perception, or evaluation process.

Oct 27, Mercury backtracks into Libra and Venus advances into your sigh. Both are activation influences. They place you on the receiving end of added attention and good feedback. Both assist you to enhance your position or profile, to get back in touch with what is most important to you. Even when coming from two different directions, they put heart and mind on the same page. Mercury completes retrograde on Nov 3 but will continue in Libra to Nov 10. Venus tenants Libra through Nov 21.

The month ends as it began, on a full moon punching it up a notch (The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon.) The full moon in Taurus gains extra turbo from Uranus in Taurus. Expect the unexpected! This full moon coincides with Hallowe’en and precedes what is sure to be a tumultuous USA election.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Mercury entered Scorpio on Sept 27. Due to the upcoming retrograde cycle (Oct 13 to Nov 3), Mercury will extend its tour of your sign to Dec 1. The transit encompasses a revisit to Libra (Oct 27 to Nov 12). This Mercury transit puts contracts to the fore, actual and karmic. Whether abrupt, caustic, or agreed upon by both parties, the full moon in Aries on Oct 1 can produce a parting of ways or a severing of ties. At the same time, the full moon and the week that follows can fast-track a new contract. Through Oct 11, you can make good headway, so by all means hit it full steam.  Keep alert to synchronicities, adopt an attitude of a work in progress and adjust or modify when the moment or the instinct tells you to. Having said that, it is never wise to race against the clock before the start of Mercury retrograde (Oct 13), nor to force what isn’t coming naturally during Mars retrograde (through Nov 13).

To the plus, Mercury retrograde is an appropriate time to refinance, regroup, to get back to studies, research, pending projects and health upgrades.  On the other hand, Mercury/Uranus (Oct 7, Oct 19) can surprise you with news, repairs, something unexpected, perhaps jarring. Tempted to give in to a vice? Don’t renege on a promise to yourself. Instead prove to yourself just how strong you really are. Stay on the empowerment track.

Oct 18 to 26 holds good prospect. Despite Mercury retrograde, the stars set a backdrop for making progress.

Oct 27, Mercury retrograde backtracks into Libra while Venus advances into one of her two home signs. These transits could trigger yet another go around with someone or something. See it as an opportunity to fill in a missing blank, to tend to unfinished business, smooth over the rough edges and/or to advance the contract (actual, karmic).  The full moon in Taurus on October 31 engages Uranus, the wildcard planet. The unexpected is in the mix. To the plus, this full moon could bring you to a successful conclusion, see you reach higher ground, cut you loose or set you free. Coinciding with Hallowe’en and preceding the USA election by just a few days, expect and intense, news-worthy few days.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

October kicks off with a full moon in Aries and signs off with a full moon in Taurus. Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and a batch of other significant planet triggers mark the month ahead as a major work in progress.

The full moon in Aries on Oct 1 lights a fresh spark with Chiron in Aries. A sense of the inevitable and/or the destined is in the mix.  It can be time to cut to the chase and go your separate ways, to stand apart from the crowd, to redefine who you are in relationship to another or to the world around you. Some endings can be difficult, some fresh starts can be a mixed bag too. You could wrestle with yourself, but ultimately, sometimes no pain no gain is unavoidable. Trust your heart to speak its truth. If the message is unclear, ask your soul to provide more obvious signage and trust time to point you in the right direction.

Venus tours Virgo from Oct 2 to 27. As the month advances, Venus sets up a productive backdrop for tackling the hard stuff. Don’t waste your time, use it instead. Get to work/get on it and you’ll set yourself up for positive gain.

Mars in Aries, a personal regroup and stoke the fire influence, continues retrograde through Nov 13. On Oct 13, Mars reaches an opposition with the sun. This marks the midpoint peak of the retrograde cycle. You could witness this as a subtle or sudden flash trigger point. Coinciding with the start of Mercury retrograde, expect to be informed, awakened/alerted, or enlightened in some unexpected, perhaps jolting way. A contract of significance (karmic, actual) is up for review. You could be especially consumed with taking care of business through most of next month. Mercury backtracks into Libra from Oct 27 through the end of retrograde on Nov 3. It will return to Scorpio on Nov 10. As of start of Dec, Mercury will trek into your sign. This marks the next two months for completion, reprogramming and for getting ready for a next chapter.  Mercury revisits Libra the same day Venus enters Libra (Oct 27). Both transits boost social/public and personal relationship activities. Reconnections and revisits are typical of Mercury retrograde. Both can also breathe fresh life into ideas, prospects, and projects.  Expect more action from the political scene too.

Oct 31 delivers a full moon in Taurus. In conjunction with Uranus, the final stretch to the USA election day to ratchet up a notch. You could feel on the brink or at a breaking point regarding involvements, prospects, projects, emotions, finances, or health. With Covid-19 still threatening survival, Hallowe’en is also on the roster for reinvention.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

Ready or not, the full moon in Aries on Oct 1 fast tracks something new or next. To the plus, you could feel refreshed or revitalized. The full moon could springboard you someplace good. Venus into Virgo (Oct 2) and the end of four months of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (Oct 4) set a productive backdrop for getting on with the tasks at hand. A quick project or short undertaking is ideal.

Mars in Aries continues in retrograde through Nov 13. You can’t force what isn’t coming naturally. The transit is best used for a personal pull back and regroup. It is a good transit for research and soul searching. Stay alert and you are likely to notice instincts and impulses are signalling something new. Mars keeps you break new ground regarding wants, needs and living with yourself in some intensified way through the start of next year. It’s all part of the bigger picture agenda that is assisting you to work your way toward a new lifestyle and an updated version of yourself.

Mars reaches the midpoint peak of its retrograde tour on Oct 13. On this same day, Mercury in Scorpio begins a retrograde cycle. Whether subtle or striking, expect for the curtain to pull back, for something to be exposed or revealed. As is typical of the start of Mercury retrograde, don’t expect things to go as planned. Do take advantage of the moment as best you can. Mercury retrograde can cause unexpected disruption, repairs, revisions, expenses, and backtracks (health included). Mercury’s opposition to Uranus on Oct 7 could act as jumpstart for the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury will meet (by opposition) with Uranus again on Oct 19 and Nov 17. This transit continues to assist you (or force you) to reinvent the way you think, feel, act, respond, and interact.  Simultaneous to this, Mercury is also engaged with Juno. The cycle began on Sept 30 and extends to Nov 27. Expect to move through the paces/in the thick of it regarding contracts, karmic and actual, for the next two months. You can feel the strong pull of fate or destiny on a powerplay.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

The full moon in Aries on Oct 1 could spring you free in some opportune or unexpected way. Chiron in the mix sets up a sense of fate or destiny in play. Venus in opposition to Ceres suggests an opportunity to crack it open, get it off your chest, to springboard forward or to dive into it fresh.

Venus enters Virgo on Oct 2 and Pluto in Capricorn ends retrograde on Oct 4. Both set you onto a productive track, especially regarding projects, intentions, or ambitions that have been recently waylaid.

Mercury in opposition to Uranus on Oct 7 could act as a jumpstart trigger for the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Watch for something to clue you in or to thrust the action switch. Oct 9 to 12, a cluster of transits (Mars/Pluto square, Venus/Uranus trine, Sun/Jupiter square) keeps the get-go in full swing. Take advantage of the opportunity while the getting is good.

Oct 13, Mercury in Scorpio begins retrograde. Also, on this day Mars retrograde is in opposition to the sun (the midpoint peak of the Mars transit). Expect to cut to the chase, to be informed, triggered, thrust into action, or to be subjected to a big reveal in some unexpected way. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, unexpected repairs, expenses, backtracks, and derailments are within the range of possibility. What’s meant to be will be. The writing is on the wall for the rest. Regardless of whatever challenge you may face, it is an opportunity to make the necessary improvement.

Oct 15 to 22, the sun, Venus, and Ceres (ending retrograde in Aquarius on Oct 18) keep the action on the move along. Oct 27, Mercury retrograde backs into Libra while Venus treks into the sign. You should feel this as a major shift regarding relationships, your evaluation process and creative enterprise. Mercury ends retrograde on Nov 3 in Libra but continues to Nov 10. Venus tours Libra through Nov 21.

Hallowe’en is up for reinvention.  Oct 31 delivers a full moon in Taurus engaging Uranus (conjunction). Noting it is the final stretch before USA election day, expect for the month to end as it started -on an intensity dial up.   

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Thanks to full moons at both ends, October is spring loaded at the start and the close of the month.

The full moon in Aries on Oct 1 can fire you up emotionally and/or spur you into action or into a reactive moment. Anger or an impulsive move could cause later regret. On the other hand, quick thinking or a quick reaction time could save the day. (Think in terms of creative solutions or win/win).

Venus enters Virgo on Oct 2 and Pluto in Capricorn ends retrograde on October 4. Both set you onto task regarding your to-do list. Try to stay up to speed and get it under control as best you can. Oct 4 to 12 provides a short window of opportunity to take care of business/clear your clutter before Mercury retrograde (starting Oct 13) gets in the way.    

Mercury begins retrograde motion in Scorpio on Oct 13. On this same day, Mars in Aries opposes the sun, marking the midpoint of its retrograde tour (Sept 9 to Nov 13). Their combined influences can mark this day for a significant piece of news or big reveal, a breakthrough, or for something unexpected to trigger. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can be an exposing, infiltrating, or undermining influence. Hackers are always looking for opportunity. Don’t take chances with your health, wealth, or safety.

Mercury opposes Uranus on Oct 7, so watch the week before the retrograde cycle begins. This transit could jumpstart the action for the retrograde cycle. Mercury meets Uranus twice more, on Oct 19 and Nov 17. In negotiation with Juno from Sept 30 to Nov 27) Mercury also sets up an important timeline to cash in or refinance the contract (karmic, actual).

Mercury retrograde backs into Libra on Oct 27, the same day Venus advances into one of her two home signs. Both transits can see the tables turn on finances or a key relationship/relationship matter. Hallowe’en and the final stretch to the USA election coincides with a full moon in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus. It’s never a dull moment for politics and world events. For you personally, the full moon can be a time to shake it up or try something new on for size. On a final note, you can never be too careful when on the road or with the crowd. Please be careful when driving, protect your passwords, etc.


Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
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