Astrology for Month Ahead November 2020 – Sun Sign Update

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

November 14: Super New Moon in Scorpio: (23:17 Scorpio)

November 30: Full Moon/Appulse Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: (8:38 Gemini)

November  3: Mercury in Libra ends retrograde: 

November  9: Ceres enters Pisces: 

November 10: Mercury enters Scorpio: 

November 13: Mars in Aries ends retrograde: 

November 21: Venus enters Scorpio: 

November 28: Neptune in Pisces ends retrograde:

November Overview:

Mercury in Libra ends retrograde on the morning of the USA election day (Nov 3). Nov 1 to Nov 6, Mercury is engaged with Saturn by square aspect. This transit underscores the weightiness of decisions and the consequences they will carry.  Judging by the record pre-voting, the public seems to have already read the memo. Mercury in Libra suggests the results could go either way, but the fact that Mercury ends retrograde on election and is in a restructuring phase with Saturn bodes well for a change of leadership. Even so, there may be a delay or a hold-up/hold back until Mercury clears Saturn on Nov 6.

Nov 9, Ceres re-enters Pisces. She will complete the post shadow phase of her retrograde tour at the start of January 2021. Ceres in Pisces infuses the rest of the year with greater than average potency and potential for those who hear the call. The transit also suggests that we cannot let up on safeguards regarding our immune system or protection measures. A signature of loss and grief, Ceres has been a prominent influence all year. It is important to stay hopeful. Cures will be found in due course. A new season of growth is soon upon us, and with it comes plenty of new opportunity.

Coinciding with the Ceres ingress on Nov 9, Venus opposes Mars. This is the informing midpoint peak of a two-year relationship dance. From this point forward, it is a time to listen and respond with a new heart and mind, and to then to implement from this new place. Mars ends retrograde on Nov 13, but it will not leave Aries until Jan 6. While Mars is now ready to hit full steam ahead, it will not have a clear runway until the middle of January. Having said that, don’t wait until then! Get going on it now.

Jupiter meets Pluto on Nov 12 for the third and final time this year. (Previous conjunctions: April 5, June 30.) The next time they will tee up again by conjunction will be just over twelve years from now. Jupiter/Pluto, a seismic shift transit, has been going hard at it all year to breakdown and reconstruct philosophies, beliefs and cultural norms – in other words, ways of living and coping that no longer serve the evolving reality. We have witnessed its workings through the Black Lives Matter movement, through this year’s headlines news regarding systemic racism and the unacceptable ways and means at every level. The pope’s recent endorsement for same sex unions even though not officially sanctioned by the church is a demonstration of the pope’s resonance with this transit. Jupiter/Pluto is also a signature for the pandemic and Mother Nature in an accelerated mutational phase, for the increase in weather extremes and climate volatility, and for the rapid advance toward a new global reality, the one that now dons the name tag of “radically altered future”.

Having received full instruction from Pluto (soul mandate at the collective, generational, individual levels), Jupiter will head into a meeting with Saturn to both sign off on the Capricorn agenda and begin ground-breaking on their Aquarius agenda. This Aquarius agenda officially launches on the winter solstice, Dec 21. I’ll speak more on this in future writings and presentations.

Nov 15 delivers a super new moon in Scorpio. We can feel this new moon as a significant refuel of incentive. The big push is on, to get the agenda met, to make the necessary turnaround, to reclaim or re-stake what is owed and/or desirable. Yes, put your powerplay into action. Stimulating finances, social and political matters, Venus in Libra turns a corner with Jupiter and Pluto (by square aspect) on this new moon.  Venus in opposition to Eris on Nov 16, keeps the fire well stoked. Also keeping the momentum well triggered, Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus on Nov 17. By Nov 19, Venus turns a corner with Saturn and by Nov 20, Mercury is finally out of the post shadow of the recent retrograde cycle. Sagittarius month begins on Nov 21 with Venus leaving Libra for Scorpio. Whew! That’s a lot of planetary action packed into a week. Every day holds good potential/offers plenty to work with. Start to finish, the week of Nov 15 is prime for action. Get going on it and you could net something worthwhile.

The pandemic restrictions on travel and gatherings will impact holiday celebrations, starting with the USA Thanksgiving on Nov 26. Let me take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to all who are celebrating and giving thanks on this day.

In square to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, the moon in Aries supports doing it your way on Nov 26. Of course, this moon suggests that some folks will break the rules on social limits. Normally I’d say to each, their own, but this is a critical moment along the timeline to respect the reality. We do not yet have herd immunity.

While storming the shops may be nixed for Black Friday, Venus in opposition to Uranus could make for a blockbuster day for on-line shopping. A resurgence or resurfacing influence, Neptune in Pisces ends retrograde on Nov 28.

The month ends on a lunar eclipse in Gemini. This eclipse has already been in action for the past several weeks and will continue to hold sway over the next five to six months. A Mercury ruled sign, the Gemini eclipse has been of influence regarding the recent elections, (not only in the USA). The eclipse is one of great creative potency. A trend setting and news generating influence. It can produce a second or next wave.  Gemini is the archetype of merchants, trading, buying and selling. It is quite befitting for Cyber Monday!

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19
Mercury ends retrograde in Libra on Nov 3 and continues to keep an evaluation process in full swing through Nov 10. Nov 10 to Dec 1, Mercury tours Scorpio. The transit increase incentive. It is good for putting ambition into play. Continue to stay on watch for clues and advantageous moments. Keep checking in with yourself too. Trust that you’ll put head and heart onto the right target, onto what is necessary and best for you.

Mars in Aries ends retrograde on Nov 13 but will continue in your sign until Jan 6. This last portion of the transit sets you onto the full steam ahead track. That could mean a resolution of something that’s plagued you for some time, or the building of a fresh fire. Don’t hesitate to severe ties, cut yourself loose, and/or aim in a new direction.  Even so, know that Mars is not quite in the clear. There’s still more working through it yet to be done until Mars surpasses Pluto’s checkpoint (Dec 22).

Jupiter and Pluto, a seismic shift pairing, met for the first time at the start of April. As of Nov 12, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn reconvene for their final meet-up. Together they have been breaking down the outworn belief, rationale, or reality that no longer serves. At the same time, they have begun the search for a better camping ground. Nov 12 marks the end of a twelve-year learning curve, and the start of the next twelve-year study. As of December 21, Jupiter and Saturn join forces in Aquarius. In so doing they end the last 20-year manifesting cycle (social, economic) and cut the official ribbon on the next chapter of a radically reinvented reality.

Ceres advances into Pisces on Nov 9. Having recently ended retrograde (mid Oct), Ceres will continue through its post shadow phase to the start of the new year. Similar to Pluto’s mode of operating, Ceres is a regenerative archetype. As the goddess of the seasons, Ceres is now at work to clear away the remnants of the year just past. Look to late February for your “new spring”.

Also on Nov 9, Venus moves to a next phase with Mars. It is the second half of a two-year correction, healing and improvement cycle regarding relationships and survival matters. Nov 15 to 22, Venus and Mercury are moving their respective agendas forward. Taking a deeper dive into the uncovering process, Venus enters Scorpio on Nov 21.

Nov 26 (Thanksgiving Day in the USA) to the end of the month sets the action onto a ramp-up curve. Keeping the action well triggered, both the transiting moon and Venus oppose Uranus on Nov 27. Neptune ends retrograde on Nov 28.

The month ends on a lunar eclipse in Gemini. This eclipse (Cyber Monday, Nov 30) can bring important news or trigger something unexpected. Surprise is always a signature of an eclipse. Watch for a surfacing that which was already in the works but that has stayed under the radar. This eclipse can springboard or fast track the action. Also, the Gemini eclipse can put the spotlight on a friend, neighbour, sibling or a member of your extended family. You can feel the strong pull of fate or karmic destiny driving the bus. (As stated in the intro, this eclipse has influenced the recent elections, all of them.)

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

The month can start with a jam-up but as the month progresses, so do you. Mercury ends retrograde on Nov 3, Mars ends retrograde on Nov 13. Coming at it from different angles, both transits aim to get you better up to speed regarding improvement mandates. It is up to you to make better use of the bird in hand. Apply yourself and watch the good it does you.

Nov 9, Venus opposes Mars. This marks the midpoint of a two-year cycle of self examination. Whether you have signed up for courses or have simply found yourself in attendance in the school of life, Venus/Mars have set the past year and the one coming for further personal growth and skills upgrades.  Also on Nov 9, Ceres advance into Pisces. This transit stirs up hidden wealth – in other words – potential. It is up to you to harness it.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Nov 10 and surpasses the post shadow period of its recent retrograde just as Venus enters Scorpio on Nov 21. Both planets bring relationships and your evaluation process into sharper focus. Nov 15 to 23, both planets aim to move you further ahead.

The lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov 30 could be a potent/opportune catalyst for you if you are born May 16 to 18 or if the eclipse aligns with your chart in some dynamic way. Otherwise you may simply feel it as a more on the go few days.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Over the first week of the month, Mercury is actively at work to untether from Saturn’s chokehold grip. Mercury squares Saturn twice, on Nov 1 by retrograde and on Nov 6 by direct motion. Of significant note, Mercury ends retrograde in Libra on Nov 3, the morning of the election. Although Mercury/Saturn keeps applying pressure to the end of the week, the end of Mercury retrograde on Nov 3 serves to clear a pathway – or perhaps Mercury in Libra serves as post-it-note: “one way or another, justice will be served”.  Mercury continues in Libra through Nov 10 and continues through Scorpio to Dec 1.

Jupiter conjoins Pluto on Oct 12, the last of three meetups this year. Jupiter/Pluto have gone hard at it to create a necessary and long overdue seismic shift regarding beliefs and perspectives (cultural, philosophical and moral) From now to the end of the year, Jupiter translates Pluto’s “time has come” message to Saturn.

Mars ends retrograde on Nov 13 but continues in Aries to Jan 6. This last third of the Mars in Aries transit can light a good fire, especially regarding personal reinvention, lifestyle changes, goal setting, and breaking new ground regarding relationships and income streams.

Venus is on the move from Oct 15 to 22. She’ll form several dynamic aspects before leaving Libra for Scorpio on Nov 22. Expect this week to be full to the brim.

Nov 26 is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Noting Venus in opposition to Uranus (Nov 27), it is likely to be a non-traditional event for many. Venus/Uranus and the end of Neptune retrograde on Nov 28 makes for a profitable finish to the month for retailers and for businesses that cater to the holidays. If you are born on or near May 29, you may feel the catapulting effect of the lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov 30. Of course, we are all under the influence. Expect this eclipse to set a trend or launch a next wave, to deliver news, to see more people traveling, shopping, trading, and generally on the go.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

From one extreme to another, Mercury completes retrograde on Nov 3 and continues in Libra to Nov 10. Keeping the primary focus on home, family, the past, emotional and material/financial baselines, know you are just at the start of a turnaround, of better opportunity ahead.

Jupiter and Pluto, a seismic shift, expose-it combo, have been working along acceleration track for most of this year. As of Nov 12, they begin work on their next 12 year build it better agenda. By the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will also synchronize their watch. The signposts and sticky notes have been in active circulation for quite some time now. Reality wants you to get on board with a complete overhaul. Good on you for saying yes to the challenge and signing up for the ride (whether you consciously realize you have or not!)

The end of Mars retrograde on Nov 13 takes the brake off whatever has been held up these past months. Continues in Aries through Jan 6, Mars puts the new reality into play in a more obvious or strike flint way. Use this transit to put passion into action, to launch a new career path, or to go your separate way.  Mercury in Scorpio, Nov 10 to Dec 1, and Venus in Scorpio, starting Nov 21 (to mid Dec) and the super new moon in Scorpio on Nov 14, increase your motivation toward rebuilding and reclaiming what’s been lost along the way. Mid-month onward, the stars on the move. One way or another, you will be too. Nov 15 to 21, the stars are on a push/past or force the envelope agenda. Nov 21 to 23 can keep it rolling along a mostly fluid track. The stars are well set for regroup and shift track from Nov 26 (USA Thanksgiving) through the lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov 30. The lunar eclipse suggests something is on brew that has not yet made its presence known. It could be a second chance, a second wave, a next trend, a budding new prospect or a whole new life. Despite the ongoing pandemic restrictions, the holidays and all they bring set the dial to full swing.

LEO July 22 – August 22
The end of Mercury retrograde sets a backdrop for empowerment initiatives and for making better inroads, especially regarding voicing yourself, communications, marketing, legal paperwork, collaborative activities and next steps. Mercury travels through Scorpio from Nov 10 to Dec 1. The sun leaves Scorpio on Nov 21. On this same day, Venus begins a three-week tour through this same sign. All three keep your radar sharp. The month ahead is well set for working the kinks out of the system and for staying a step ahead. You’ll find the weeks ahead to be a continuous process of revision, sorting out what works and what doesn’t, of working toward the necessary and desired improvement.

Jupiter and Pluto, a formidable seismic shift combination, meet on Nov 12 for the last of three meetings. Arching over most of this year, Jupiter and Pluto have been enlarging the scope, making the reality/necessity too obvious to ignore. This date also marks the start of a next growth phase regarding beliefs, cultural norms, and meeting the future head on.  Jupiter aligns with Saturn on the winter solstice (Dec 21) to further cement the new chapter.

Mars in Aries ends retrograde on Nov 13, accompanied by a super new moon in Scorpio on Nov 14. To Jan 6, Mars in Aries will continue to keep you (and it) going strong and moving faster. Having said that, Nov 15 to 21 can be somewhat taxing.  Despite the added pressure or push/pull, you should find you have covered significant ground by the time the sun enters Sagittarius on Nov 21.

The moon in Aries on Nov 26 (USA Thanksgiving) sets up a good backdrop for taking a break or cutting loose. The pandemic may restrict the traditional elements of the holidays, but it is up to each one of us to make it the best of what we can.

Nov ends on a lunar eclipse in Gemini. Expect to hear news, for someone or something to resurface, to get sidetracked, swept away, or to find yourself instantly onto a fresh or alternate course. Something previously said or done could be repeated. Even so, it’s never the same twice. The unexpected is a common feature of an eclipse, especially when Neptune is in the mix as it is for this one. There is less ability to travel, but there is certainly ample opportunity to shop! This eclipse puts the holiday season into full swing. Neptune in square to this eclipse can set new trends. Let us hope it is not another wave for Covid-19. Please continue to keep yourself safe.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Mercury ends retrograde on Nov 3 and continues through Libra to Nov 10. I’m sure you’ll appreciate getting past the retrograde, but Mercury isn’t past Saturn until Nov 6. (It isn’t out of the Mercury retrograde post shadow phase until Nov 20.) What does that mean for you? While you now have the green light to proceed and you can net better progress, you should not let up on safety, effort, or due diligence, especially regarding your health.

Look to the end of Mars retrograde on Nov 13 to assist you to stay up to speed and to make faster progress. That’s a good thing, because from Nov 13 to Jan 6, Mars in Aries also puts life a faster speed dial. Mars in Aries favours all independence initiatives. Either you’ll burn through more money or find a new way to make it.

Jupiter and Pluto join forces on Nov 12 for the final of three meeting ups. This duo has been actively at work to create the seismic shift of consciousness that we have born witness to all year. It is no longer possible to stand on the sidelines of the changing world (your inner world, your outer world, and the world at large). As of the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will join forces and in so doing, cement the new reality further.

Nov 15 to 21 holds a mix of strain and productivity. By the end of the week, you should feel like you have made a measure of good progress and/or have surpassed the hard part. Nov 21 to 24 can be mostly a smooth go. Are you celebrating Thanksgiving on Nov 26? My best wishes to you.  Pandemic restrictions may have gotten in the way, but don’t let it stop you from making the most of the time you have. Nov 27, Venus in opposition to Uranus should make for an on the go day. Black Friday sales aren’t likely to be feeling the pinch! Venus/Uranus sets a win/win backdrop for shoppers and retailers.

Neptune ends retrograde on Nov 28. You may or may not notice the end of Neptune’s retrograde cycle on Nov 28, but you are likely to witness the workings of the lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov 30, especially so if your birthday falls on or near Sept 1, 11/12 (or the eclipse makes direct contact to a feature of your chart). This eclipse could bring important news, present a new career opportunity, a job upgrade, a new education track, or learning curve.  It could be a time to switch banks, reapply for a position or a loan, renew a lease or agreement, to replace something or someone, etc. Don’t hesitate to step into a more senior position or authoritative role, to look ahead and to start making new plans for your future.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

When you pause to listen, what are you hearing? What are you watching and noticing? Are thoughts, messages, or impulses growing more insistent? A clue in, tune in, and redirect-it transit, Mercury in Libra ends retrograde on Nov 3. It will continue in your sign to Nov 10, then resume travel through Scorpio (to Dec 1). The transit nudges or forces you along a feel-it-out process that facilitates a change of heart, plan, or execution.

Jupiter/Pluto meet on Nov 12 for the final of three meetings this year. This is a seismic shift, enlarge the scope transit. For this past year, Jupiter/Pluto has been hard at the preliminary work of their bigger picture agenda. The process has been one of unravelling, deconstructing, or pull it apart. There’s another month to go until Jupiter and Saturn complete their part. Dec 21 (the winter solstice) officially launches their new mandate (and the next two hundred world cycle).

Mars in Aries ends retrograde on Nov 13 and continues in Aries to Jan 6. While Mars is still under pressure, from this point forward you should be able to cut to the chase with better precision.

Nov 15 to 22, Venus is on a constructive, get past the hump track. Expect a full to the brim, one thing after another week. The sun leaves Scorpio while Venus enters the sign on Nov 21. To the middle of Dec, Venus in Scorpio keeps your attention locked onto “what’s it worth?” (emotional, financial). Look to the lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov 30 to give you more information to go on. One way or another, the eclipse will put you in the know and on the go. Venus opposes Uranus on Black Friday (Nov 27). There may be travel restrictions and shops on lock down for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, but by god, there will be on-line shopping! The eclipse sets new trends into action with extra blast. Don’t forget it is cold and flu season. Whether a peak or a turning point peak, the eclipse brings a second wave of Covid-19 action to the full light of day. Please continue to keep health and safety to the forefront.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

November opens on the heels of a full moon and Mercury on a square off with Saturn between Nov 1 and 6. Sandwiched in the middle of the square off – on Nov 3 – the day voters in the USA face a crucial decision, Mercury in Libra ends retrograde. Which way will the wind blow? The world watches and waits with bated breath. Expect the social, political, economic, emotional tension to arc over the week. Mercury/Saturn suggests results or news can be hard on some folks. For others, it is a relief to see a long overdue or long-awaited finish-line. On the personal note, a hold up, biding time period comes to an end. You may feel forced to face a hard consequence and to take a difficult step or stand. On the other hand, the transit could see you finally reach the end of something that has been long in the works. No matter what it is for you, Mercury/Saturn dials up the importance of this lay it on the line matter.

Mercury had made it half-way through your sign before it started the retrograde cycle. It will revisit Scorpio as of Nov 10 (to Dec 1). You’ll feel the start of Mercury in Scorpio and the domino of transits that follow as a significant fresh fuel top up. Expect the rest of the month to keep rolling it out.

Jupiter meets with Pluto for the last time this year on Nov 12. This seismic shift duo has been going hard at it all year to teardown the outworn and obsolete walls regarding the ways and means of how we “do business”, in other words how we conduct ourselves, run our lives and contribute to (or undermine) the health of the planet. The exposing of and responses to systemic racism is but one example of this transit. Jupiter/Pluto have been working to change beliefs, cultural norms, motivational mandates. They have allocated all their resources toward reformulating the baseline of future. To be sure, this bigger picture agenda is no small feat! Evolution is not an overnight affair but suffice to say it is happening out there in the world and in your personal life journey too. Both Jupiter and Saturn continue along a finishing agenda to the end of the year. In December they will start an important new chapter. If you are looking to re-invent, you are nearing the right place and time. 2021 will be a radical departure from the year just past. (I’ll speak more about this in future writings and presentations.)

Mars ends retrograde on Nov 13 and continues in Aries to Jan 6. There’s still more battle to face but Mars now heads onto a more productive track. Mars slates the rest of the year to fix it, heal it or get rid of it. The transit will help you to figure out what works and what does not, to get yourself better on target. The super new moon in Scorpio on Nov 15 and the week that follows sets a good backdrop for putting your all into it. Nov 21, the sun enters Sagittarius and Venus enters Scorpio. You should feel that you are starting to see a measure of progress or reward.

The pandemic may be cutting into holiday travel and Thanksgiving gatherings, but it isn’t likely to slow down shopping, at least not the on-line action. Venus in opposition to Uranus on Black Friday (Oct 27) could break records. The end of Neptune retrograde on Nov 28 can go unnoticed, but one way or another, the workings of the lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov 30 will be an attention-getter. Watch for news, something more to be revealed or exposed, for a trend to set or a tide to turn. The eclipse sets a backdrop that’s good for imagining, creativity, fresh inspiration or spiritual replenishment. On another note, with Neptune in the mix, immunity can be compromised. Please continue to protect your health and your personal information.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Past the first week of the month, you’ll feel like you have made it over the hump and can finally get onto the next item on the list. Mercury in Libra ends retrograde on Nov 3, but due to Saturn holding things up (to Nov 6), it will take a few more days to feel the pressure let up and/or to feel like you can fully exhale.

Mercury revisits Scorpio as of Nov 10. The transit can see your attention shift from the world out there to your private life and the inner landscapes, that of your heart, mind, and soul.  Having met twice earlier in the year, Jupiter and Pluto hook up for one last energy boost before moving to the next items on their joint and individual to-do lists.  Jupiter/Pluto, a seismic shift transit, have been working all year to make sure that we all get the memo. A radically altered future is already well underway. How are you going to navigate it from here? It is imperative that we all get with the program, for our individual life journey and as contributors to the quality of life on the planet. How you ask? Keep reinventing the wheel. This moment along your personal timeline and our collective timeline is laden with potential. Time is of the essence. Use it well.

Mars in Aries ends retrograde on Nov 13. You can feel this as renewed vitality or as a sense of “I’m ready now”. Having said that, although the weeks ahead show good opportunity, Mars won’t have the pathway cleared until mid January, this regarding put yourself into full steam ahead.  Expect the pandemic to continue to dictate the reality for some time to come.

Nov 15 to 21 can be a full to the brim, mixed bag week of pressure or strain, but also of productivity. By the end of the week you should feel you accomplished a lot. Nov 21, the sun enters Sagittarius, and Venus enters Scorpio. Nov 26 (USA Thanksgiving) holds several notable aspects. It is a day to work around the frustration or limitation, to modify as fits the moment, to stop and/or switch track, if only briefly. Nov 27 Venus in opposition to Uranus infuses the day/you with more get up and go. Despite the pandemic restrictions, Black Friday sales are likely to be record-breaking.

Neptune ends retrograde just two days before the lunar eclipse in Gemini. You will feel the strongest effect of the eclipse if you are born on or near Nov 30 or Dec 10, 11.  Whether subtle or striking, the eclipse sets a major next chapter into play. This eclipse acts as a resurfacing, revitalizing or springboard influence. You could feel prompted to cut yourself loose or take more on. The eclipse can set your health, your potentials or your lifestyle on a fresh trajectory. A good-bye or hello could be said.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

While there’s still more time to clock before you are fully set up, the end of Mercury retrograde on Nov 3 signals the start of a next phase or chapter. Jupiter’s conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn on Nov 12, the final of three meetings arcing over the year, also signals the advancing hour. Jupiter/Pluto has been working to create a seismic shift in collective consciousness and the creative process that has been responsible for designing our reality baselines for far too long. No doubt, you have felt this bigger picture transit at work in your personal life too. Through the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn are on a finish track. As of the winter solstice, they at the official launch of their next objective – a 20-year growth cycle, and a bigger picture 240-year plan. Anytime a new planetary cycle begins, we need to clock some time before we get a better sense of it. Having said that, we can already see what is well in the works.  Jupiter/Saturn is but one of the major planetary transits that now opens the vault on a new world age. For you personally, this duo aims to get you acquainted with a whole new you. Along the way, you’ll discover resources and capacities you didn’t know existed in your treasure chest. Your lifestyle and material status are likely to undergo significant change. The coming years set you up for a complete personal and lifestyle overhaul.

Mars ends retrograde on Nov 13. You can feel this as a “brakes come off” or an unleashing influence. While you can make better progress, Mars still has more to surpass, finish off, and to work out. It will not be in the full clear with this part of the process until the middle of January.

The super moon of Nov 15 and the week that follows finds you driven and on a mission. By the end of the week you should feel you have moved through plenty.

Nov 26 (USA Thanksgiving) is a day to stop and take stock, to appreciate what you have. Expectations or plans may need to be modified but in the end the change or redirect adds up well. Venus opposite Uranus on Black Friday makes for an active, on the go day. Despite the pandemic, it should be a cash-in day for retailers and shoppers. Venus/Uranus could keep the volatility or guesswork going too.    

Ending retrograde on Nov 28, Neptune is a major player of the lunar eclipse on Nov 30. We could see a spike in Covid-19 numbers. Watch for news or for trends to take on a life of its own.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Have you felt an inner shift in recent weeks? While you have been fixated on a specific issue, it is likely that the process has triggered a range of perspectives and/or emotions. Mercury began the retrograde tour in Scorpio but ends it in Libra on Nov 3. To Nov 6, Mercury is still working to disengage from Saturn’s grip. Nov 9, Venus and Mars move the evaluation process or involvement to a next level. Nov 10, Mercury resumes in Scorpio. The transits for the rest of the year will keep you deeply entrenched in an inner life and outer life reprogramming phase.

Nov 12, Jupiter meets Pluto for the final of three conjunctions. Jupiter conjunct Pluto, a seismic shift transit (cultural, political, economic), comes around every 12 years. It takes approximately 250 years for the duo to reconvene in the sign of Capricorn. Momentous? You bet! Jupiter/Pluto have spent the better portion of this year breaking it down for us. From Nov 12 to the winter solstice, Jupiter works along a finishing touches track with Saturn in Capricorn.  On Dec 21, Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius to begin a new 20-year economic cycle and a new 240-year world cycle. (I’ll speak more about this bigger picture transit in future writings and presentations).

Nov 13, Mars in Aries ends retrograde. You can feel a sense that the brakes come off, or that it is time to hit the ground running. The super new moon on Nov 15 and the week of transits that follow support you to get ahead. There can be challenge or frustration in the mix, but don’t let that stop you! By the end of the week, you should feel you have surpassed plenty and have something worthwhile to show for it.

Nov 26, the USA Thanksgiving can be on a dial it back to Covid-19 measures but despite restrictions, Black Friday is likely to deliver well. Venus in opposition to Uranus keeps the money in high gear circulation. It’s a good day to let off steam and/or to aim for a change of scenery.  (Are you are celebrating Thanksgiving? My best to you.)

Nov 30, Cyber Monday, delivers a lunar eclipse in Gemini. The eclipse will only be of significance to you personally if it aligns with your birth-chart in some featured way, otherwise it may be of indirect influence. Even so, with Neptune in the mix, please guard your health and don’t fall asleep at the wheel. The eclipse can expose or produce something unexpected. Of course, as discussed in the month overview above, it already has been of influence regarding recent elections.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20
Mercury ends retrograde on Nov 3 (USA election day!) but it won’t be in the clear with taskmaster Saturn until Nov 6. By Nov 10, Mercury will resume its tour of Scorpio. You should see better progress on legal or official matters, and on investments of time or money. You could see a shift on a relationship matter too. Scorpio transits are good for making a powerplay, so if you have something to accomplish, Nov 10 onward is the time to get at it.

A transit that has arced over the year, Jupiter has joined forces with Pluto to accelerate significant change. As of Nov 12, the duo is in alignment for the third time this year. This ends a twelve-year cycle and begins the next cycle of growth and learning. By Dec 21, Jupiter will complete a 20-year cycle with Saturn and launch their next 20-year project. Additionally, they are at the start of a new 240-year world cycle. Working in tandem with Pluto and the rest of the planetary deck, these momentous transits are hard at work to speed up the process of a completely reinvented reality. Evidence of the new social world order is already well in the works – in fact, it is everywhere you look. Welcome to the future.

Mars ends retrograde in Aries on Nov 13. The action planet will continue in Aries until January 6. While this last third of the transit puts the action on go, Mars will not be free and clear nor fully wired up until Jan 20. Having said that, it is not the time to wait but to hit the ground running and make full use of your time. Seize advantage when you see it, modify as the moment dictates, get on with what you can, don’t sweat the rest. You will not run out of options or opportunity. The year ahead is laden with ripe and ready potential.

The super full moon on Nov 15 launches a productive week. You may have to duke it out some, or deal with the unexpected, but by the end of the week you should feel you have sorted out a good portion of it and/or have profited.

Nov 26 is a good day to make the most of it, no matter where you find yourself.  While the pandemic restrictions may impede your traditional your traditional Thanksgiving celebration, there’s still plenty of ways to give thanks. In-person shopping – who needs it? Black Friday retailers and shoppers are certain to make the most of it. Venus in opposition to Uranus on Nov 27 suggests it will be a high energy, action day. Neptune ends retrograde on Nov 28. Cyber Monday coincides with a lunar eclipse in Gemini. The eclipse may be of impact to you if your birthday falls on or near Feb 28 or Mar 10. Watch for news or something unexpected to thrust the action switch, perhaps it is a second wave, or another go around. The eclipse could set or break a trend, produce chain reaction or a domino event. It can be a time to renegotiate a contract or lease, to try again, to change agents or advisors, to get a second opinion or take another test.  A goodbye or hello could be said.  A key someone, perhaps a family member could claim your attention. Whether in memory or in person, someone from your past, could resurface.

Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
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