Astrology for Month Ahead JULY 2021- Sun Sign Update

July 9: New moon in Cancer, 6:16 pm (18:01 Cancer)

July 23: Full moon in Aquarius, 7:36 pm (1:26 Aquarius)

July 14: Pallas Athene in Pisces stations retrograde: 00:40 am (27:43 Pisces)

July 15: Chiron in Aries stations retrograde: 9:40 am (12:55 Aries)

July 18: Vesta enters Libra, 11:27 pm

July 21: Venus enters Virgo, 5:36 am

July 21: Eris in Aries stations retrograde: 2:07 am (24:47 Aries)

July 22: Sun enters Leo: 7:26 am

July 27: Mercury enters Leo: 7:26 am

July 28: Jupiter retrograde revisits Aquarius: 5:42 am

July 30: Mars enters Virgo: 1:32 pm

July 31: Ceres enters Gemini: 1:08 am

**Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Month Overview:

July Overview:

Opening the month of July, Mars in Leo surpasses Saturn’s holdup (opposition July 1) and strikes it hot with Uranus (square July 3). Venus repeats the sequence July 6 to 8. It’s over the hump and full thrust onto a next page or new reality.

Mercury squares Neptune on July 6. It is the third and final pass of a cycle that began mid May. For the past two months, this transit has kept potential on brew, but with great uncertainty attached and much that has remained hidden from plain view. Coinciding with this last Mercury/Neptune meeting on July 6, Venus surpasses an opposition with Saturn. This is an unlocking or unblocking influence. Venus/Saturn move the potential into the realm of tangible and/or real. Does it hold water? From this date forward, we’ll gain a better sense of what we are working with or against. Venus/Uranus (July 8) infuses it with fresh life.

Due to its recent retrograde cycle, Mercury has spent the past two months in Gemini. This extended visit ends on July 11. Mercury will zip through Cancer, spending only 16 days in this sign (July 11 to 27). Emotions run the show. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. Mercury’s trine to Jupiter on July 12 can produce a cup overflow day. Hydrate yourself! Soak it up, make the most of it. Travel, reach out, open-up/broaden yourself, express, explore, to conjure and wander, try your luck.    

As of July 13, Venus and Mars in Leo begin a new actualizing track. They’ll move through a creative process that will continue to mid February. Venus/Mars direct their focus to the heart and center of desire, to what matters most. They look to realign you with what is your better interests, for you to source from that place where confidence, happiness, and love (especially self love), are centered.

From month’s start to July 21, Venus is in transit through Leo. The sun assumes the Leo reign on July 22. Mercury treks into Leo on July 27. All three transits are well used for pumping up on more pleasure, play and reward. Venus in opposition to Jupiter and the full moon in Aquarius on July 23 are well set for a weekend getaway, the start of a vacation or a scouting mission. At the very least, aim for fresh entertainment.

Venus enters Virgo on July 21. Mars enters Virgo on July 29. Both transits turn their attention to top ups and tasks, to repairs, upgrades and fix it projects, to the work or healing that still lies ahead.

After a short stint in Pisces, Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius as of July 28. This transit provides more time for a review on the reinvention process, to sort out what rings true/truest for you. Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius aims to awaken and enlighten in some more definitive way, to get better bearings on the potentials now raising the stakes, on the future that is now shaping its course.

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Past the first of the month, you should feel ready to fire it up fresh. Venus and Mars in Leo boosts vitality and wellbeing, confidence, creativity, and success ratios. As of July 13, Venus and Mars launch into a next creative development stage. By mid February you should feel the picture has coloured itself in, that you have something more substantial to go on.

July 11 to 27, Mercury takes a quick trip through Cancer.  Home, family, real estate and the unfinished of the past claim more of your attention. Use this transit to renovate or to sort out your next game plan.  Venus in Virgo, starting July 21, and Mars in Virgo, starting July 29, provide added assistance to do just that. Sun in Leo, starting July 22 and Mercury into Leo, starting July 27, keep the focus on your own happiness, on play and pleasure, and making the most of the moment. The full moon in Aquarius on July 23 can bring it/bring you to life, perhaps in some unexpected way.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Encompassing Canada Day and the 4th of July, the first few days of the month are ideal for shifting gears. Triggered by Saturn retrograde (opposition July 1), Chiron (trine July 2) and Uranus (square July 3), Mars in Leo continues to keep the action on shake, not stir.

Mercury tours Cancer from July 11 to 27. Memories/the past claim more attention, safeguards and comfort zones do too. The week of July 11 is good for feeling your way along. Let them know how you feel, cut yourself extra slack. Take a vacation or put an ambition into play. For the most part, the week should prove smooth running.

July 13, Venus teams up with Mars in Leo to begin a next phase. What is in your better interests? Are you happy with yourself? Your circumstances? Do you feel a growing pressure to reinvent or to stay a step ahead? Now through next February the relationship duo are focused on sorting out what is in your better interest.

Venus enters Virgo on July 21. Mars enters Virgo on July 29. Both help you to get better organized, to get back to work, to eliminate that which no longer serves, and to gain better ground where it does you the good.

A change of lifestyle or career is in the works. Jupiter retrograde revisits Aquarius from July 28 through the end of the year. This transit will continue to breakdown resistance, to rework your reality baseline. To the plus, Jupiter gives you ample time to figure it out. Having said that, the transit also offers helps you to think/aim a good step ahead. It is to your advantage to restructure or reposition yourself sooner rather than later. The full moon in Aquarius on July 23 could trigger something unexpected.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20
Start to finish, July keeps the action on one thing after another. Encompassing Canada Day and the 4th of July, Mars in Leo keeps the action lit up over the first few days of the month. As of July 6, Mercury/Neptune complete the cycle started in May. For the past two months they have kept potentials on brew but hidden from full view. Assisted by Venus surpassing an opposition to Saturn on July 6, watch for more to be exposed, for the picture to colour itself in. As the month moves along, you should feel you are gaining a better sense of what’s around the corner and how to play it next.

Teaming up in Leo, Venus and Mars launch a new actualizing cycle on July 13. Through mid February of next year, Venus and Mars take you through an internal and external process. It is one of observing yourself in action. Their target is a personal fulfillment upgrade (all levels).

Mercury leaves Gemini on July 11 for a short stint in Cancer. The week that follows is mostly smooth running. It’s a good one for a vacation, travel, for enjoying more of life’s rewards.

Encompassing Venus into Virgo (July 21), the sun into Leo (July 22) a full moon in Aquarius (July 23), and Mercury in opposition to Pluto, July 21 to 25 can be a full to the brim time. Immerse yourself, make the most of it.  Mercury enters Leo on July 27. Jupiter retrograde revisits Aquarius through the end of the year. Both transits stimulate fresh ideas and more social opportunity. They also stimulate marketing and financial opportunity and education prospects.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Mars jettisons you past a pressure point and onto a new or next phase as of the first few days of July. July 6 to 8 gives you more to go on. July 11 to 27, Mercury takes a quick trip through Cancer. That’s a very short stay, but Mercury plans on packing in as much as it can while it tours your sign. You can feel this transit as held up no longer, or as a top up of fresh fuel. July 12, Mercury trines Jupiter. It’s an excellent day to seize opportunity, try your luck, and to set wheels in motion. Venus and Mars in Leo team up on July 13. A confidence building influence, they set an enhancing backdrop for material gain, personal satisfaction, physical and emotional wellbeing, and for attracting better prospects. Venus and Mars help you to look and sound your best. It’s a good time to upgrade your appearance or profile, or to call in favours.

For the most part, July 11 to 16 should prove smooth rolling. July 17 to 19 calls for more effort, adjustment, negotiating, or working through it. July 21 to 24 can put extra on your plate and/or give you more to work with/for/toward. Venus enters Virgo on July 21. Mars enters Virgo on July 29. Both transits set the stage for necessary improvements. The sun in Leo (July 22), the full moon in Aquarius (July 23), Mercury in Leo (July 27), and Jupiter’s return to Aquarius (July 28) set an opportune backdrop for positive change. Stay positive. Be willing to take a risk, take the new you for a test drive. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

LEO July 22 – August 22

Shining the spotlight your way, Venus and Mars in Leo assist you to look and sound your best. Put instincts into play and you’ll time it well. Having said that, Mars opposes Saturn on July 1, Venus opposes Saturn on July 6. Both transits suggest something of importance to surpass or address first. July 3 Mars squares Uranus, July 8, Venus does the same. Both are kick-starter transits.

July 13, Venus joins Mars to launch their next creative initiative. Through mid February, the duo will be laying a foundation. The focused is on bettering your best and gaining something tangible to show for it. How does that translate? You will find yourself more driven than usual, more attractive too, this in terms of calling forth circumstances and of seeing synchronicity at work. This Venus/Mars cycle sets a karmic potency/destiny at play backdrop.

Venus enters Virgo on July 21. The sun treks into Leo on July 22. Your birthday month gets cracking with a full moon in Aquarius on July 23. It’s a good weekend to disconnect from the grind and to get your pleasure fill. Mercury enters Leo on July 27. Jupiter retrograde backs into Aquarius, to finish the year in this sign. Mars opposes Jupiter on July 29 before leaving Leo for Virgo on July 29. Don’t expect to be bored or sitting still. Ride the good wave!

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Motivation is in good supply at the month’s start, especially so when it comes to cutting yourself loose and/or enjoying more opportunity to pick and choose. July 1 to 4 is well timed for a long weekend getaway or a vacation. Mars surpasses Saturn on July 1; Venus does the same on July 6. One way or another, both transits take you over the hump, past a pressure point, and onto something fresh.

After an extended stay in Gemini (2 months), Mercury takes a quick trip through Cancer. From July 11 to 27, Mercury turns its attention to family and home related matters. The past occupies your mind too. This Mercury transit calls for better self-care. Go gently on yourself.

Starting July 13, Venus and Mars in Leo start a next phase of reclaiming “self at center”, of getting back in touch with your beating heart. Through February of 2022, Mars and Venus keep you focused on the potentials, on what is in your better interests, and on creating more success, happiness, and prosperity. Wealth pertains not only to wallet – but also (and more importantly) to state of mind, body, and heart.

Venus enters Virgo on July 21.  Mars enters Virgo on July 30. Both transits are revitalizing. Recent limitations are mostly surpassed. You can have a sense of a major bounce back, of being freshly liberated, out the gate and ready to rock and roll again.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Mars surpasses a pressure point with Saturn on July 1 (opposition) and turns a corner with Uranus on July 3 (square aspect). Venus does the same on July 6 and 8. Mars triggers action, Venus gives it good value/makes the time or investment worthwhile.

After two months in Gemini, Mercury is finally moving on. July 13 to 27, Mercury tours Cancer. This transit puts added attention on safe-guards and security. Are you well organized? Professionally or personally, how well do you have it under control?  Mercury in Cancer spotlights banking, refinancing, real estate, permits, licencing, etc., home matters, family welfare, and better self-care.

July 13, Venus and Mars in Leo launch into their next creative project, centered on lifestyle upgrades and new goals. The gifts of life also top of the list i.e., happiness, health, and wealth, more play, pleasure, and love.  Venus and Mars now embark on a defining and refining phase that extends through mid February of 2022. Neither will waste much time on the clock. Venus enters task-oriented Virgo on July 21, Mars enters Virgo on July 30. Keeping the work and seasonal fun/reward balance in check, the sun enters Leo on July 22, and Mercury enters Leo on July 27.

Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius on July 28. It will end retrograde on October and continue in Aquarius to the end of the year. An enlightening, awakening, and liberating influence, Jupiter retrograde accelerates an internal and external process, to see with new eyes, to feel with a new heart.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Look to the first week of the month to jettison you forward, perhaps quicker than you anticipate. The long weekend (Canada Day, July 1; 4th of July) is ideally timed for making the most of it. Mars opposes Saturn on July 1 and squares Uranus on July 3. Venus does the same on July 6 to 8. Both transits take you through a pressure then release process. By the new moon on July 9, you should feel like you have witnessed or packed a lot into a short period of time.

Due to the recent retrograde cycle, Mercury has spent two months in Gemini. Turning more attention to home and family (nearby and faraway; re ancestry and inheritances too), it will now spend only two weeks in Cancer, July 11 to 27. This Mercury transit also keeps you thinking about the past and how it shapes the now or dictates your next life chapter. Use this transit to feel your way along. Attention directed toward creating greater security for the future is time well spent.  Consider relocation or going back to school for better opportunity. Resume a writing project, revamp marketing, or explore investment options.

July 13, Venus and Mars in Leo launch onto a next actualizing track. Together, they put the focus on better your best, and on making the most of your resources. Venus/Mars set a beneficial backdrop for career, creativity, and matters of heart. The sun (starting July 22) and Mercury (starting July 27) will keep the Leo agenda going while Venus and Mars move on. Venus enters Virgo on July 21; Mars enters Virgo on July 29.  Jupiter retrograde backtracks into Aquarius on July 28. A full moon in Aquarius is also in the mix (July 23). If not this, then that. It’s always something. Expect to keep busy from month’s start to finish!

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Be it a prospect, project, relationship, or circumstance, watch for things to shape up much quicker now, especially so once Mars (July 1) and Venus (July 6) surpass Saturn and springboard off Uranus (Mars on July 3; Venus on July 8).  Coinciding with the Canadian and USA holidays, these transits are well timed for a vacation break, socialize activity, and/or a shift track.

July 12 to 14 are good for travel, camping, or for diving into something fresh. Mercury, freshly into Cancer trines Jupiter. Enhancing opportunity, creative enterprise, and vitality, Venus and Mars in Leo team up on July 13 to begin a new create-it track. The sun in Leo, starting July 22, and Mercury in Leo, starting July 27, keep the focus on summer fun while Venus in Virgo (July 21) and Mars in Virgo (July 29) become more task oriented or health focused. Along with a full moon in Aquarius (July 23) and Jupiter retrograde backing into Aquarius (July 28), the last ten days of the month are sure to keep you busy with one thing after another.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

Health, wealth, or relationship-wise (self to self included), you can hit a faster bounce back as first Mars (July 1) then Venus (July 6) move past a hold-up with Saturn. Mars/Uranus (July 3), Venus/Uranus (July 8), and the new moon (July 9) keeps it interesting, simulating, and fresh. Venus teams up with Mars in Leo on July 13. Venus/Mars dish up a new page or a fresh start feel. July 12 to 14 sets a good backdrop for starting a vacation or for taking on something new.

Venus treks into Virgo on July 21 and Mars does the same on July 29. Both transits help you to make up for lost time with folks. It’s a good time to catch up with plans, projects, studies or anything else that has been sidetracked during Covid lock-down.  Sun in Leo, starting July 22 and Mercury into Leo, starting July 27, keep the work/play ratio balanced out. Jupiter retrograde backs into Aquarius on July 28. For the rest of the year, Jupiter in Aquarius keeps the focus on moving yourself in a new direction – i.e., more freedom, a change of lifestyle, financial reinvention, core/inner reinvention. This Jupiter transit can also see a shift in your beliefs, about who you are, what you want and what it takes to get yourself moved to higher ground. As the process of getting reacquainted with yourself unfolds, Jupiter will assist you to become even more resourceful, to discover more of what you are truly made of.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Mars takes the brakes off over the first few days of the month (July 1 – 3), Venus does the same from July 6 to 8. You should feel the first week or so of July as getting over the hump and onto a new or next platform, this regarding health, relationship matters, or finances.

Venus teams up with Mars in Leo on July 13. This transit places you at the start of a next page/wave regarding a relationship (personal or professional) or financial matter. Venus/Mars set a process into play that will extend through the first couple of months of next year. As you get further down the road, you’ll gain a better sense of the potentials – what is in your better interest, how things are shaping up, and how to play it next.

Venus enters Virgo on July 21. Mars does the same on July 29. One way or another, they will put you back to work. Venus/Mars keep you focused on necessary improvement and repairs (health, wealth and relationship-wise). They assist you to get yourself better sorted out, to clear your clutter, fill in missing blanks, and to tend to unfinished projects, etc.

Jupiter revisits Aquarius as of July 28. Jupiter continues in retrograde to Oct 17, and through your sign to the end of December.  While in retrograde, Jupiter keeps you checking in with yourself and your soul. Consider this part of the retrograde cycle as recharging the battery. Mid October through the end of the year will put you on go in some bigger format or bigger picture way.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Canada Day and the 4th of July are well timed for a break from the usual. Over the hump and onto something fresh or next, Mars opposes Saturn on July 1, and squares Uranus on July 3. Venus does a repeat on July 6 (Venus/Saturn opposition) and July 8 (Venus/Uranus square). Also on July 6, Mercury turns a corner with Neptune, completing the cycle it started in May. Potentials make themselves better known.  A wait is surpassed, a curtain is pulled back. From this point, the stars hit fast forward onto the next wave or item on the list.

Venus teams up with Mars in Leo on July 13. This planetary pairing is favourable for making desired or necessary improvement, especially regarding health, work or working it out. Where there is a will, there is always a way. Put creativity to task and you’ll increase your success ratio. Look to the sun in Leo, starting July 22, and Mercury in Leo, starting July 27 for added assistance.

Venus enters Vigo on July 21. Mars enters Virgo on July 30. Both transits keep you busy with people and errands. Both transits favour consulting with a specialist or hiring help. Venus and Mars in Virgo are also good for catching up with folks. They set a good backdrop for going a step further. Venus and Mars help to straighten out a misunderstanding, advance a conversation or negotiation, and to eliminate the parts of the equation that don’t hold enough value.

July 28, Jupiter will retrograde out of Pisces and back into Aquarius where it will finish out the year. Jupiter can shift a belief or perspective. It keeps the potential/what was recently launched on brew and building behind the scenes. Look to the end of the year and into 2022 to hit full steam ahead and to reveal more of its promise.

Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
Location: Vancouver, BC Website:
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