Astrology for Month Ahead MAY 2021- Sun Sign Update

May 2021

May 11: New Moon in Taurus: 11:59 am (21:17 Taurus)

May 26: Super Total Lunar Eclipse: 4:13 am (5:25 Sagittarius)

May 3: Mercury into Gemini: 7:48 pm

May 8: Ceres into Taurus: 1:51 am

May 8: Venus into Gemini: 7:02 pm

May 13: Jupiter into Pisces: 3:35 pm

May 20: Sun into Gemini: 12:37 pm

May 23: Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde: 2:19am

May 29: Mercury in Gemini stations retrograde: 3:34 pm

Dates to watch: May 3 – 6, 8, 10 – 13, 17, 19 – 24, 26 – 30

May Forecast Overview:

May opens with Sun/Uranus moving on to something fresh. By May 3, Sun/Saturn makes it over the hump and around that elusive, moving target corner.  Mercury/Pluto (trine May 2) and Venus/Pluto (trine May 6) also set a productive backdrop for moving onto a next page. Despite ongoing challenges, there’s  a general sense of gaining better ground.

For the most part, the Sun in Taurus (to May 20), Venus in Gemini, (May 8 to June 2) and Mercury in Gemini (starting May 3) keep the money changing hands and the day to day activities on a relatively smooth roll.

Jupiter takes a brief dive into Pisces from May 13 to July 28. There are many ways this influence can infiltrate your life or gift you. To the plus, it can renew hope and inspiration, open a wellspring of creativity or potential, or open the portal to a higher love (i.e. more compassion for self, for others, for a special one) or to search for more spiritual sustenance. Too, Jupiter in Pisces can make it easier to relinquish, surrender, to go with the flow, to let go and let God. Lastly, Jupiter in Pisces is a signature of collective tuning fork. We all read the same signals, feel the same way, search for hope and redemption in the same way, exhale at the same time. The trends and emotional climate reflect this collective attunement energy. The current transit is just a sampler. We’ll get the full dose of Jupiter in Pisces in 2022. Jupiter returns to Aquarius from July 28 to the end of the year.

May 3 to July 11, Mercury transits Gemini. The extra long stay is due to the upcoming retrograde, May 29 to June 28. All the “re” words apply – i.e. revisit, revise, repair, etc.  Expect the typical out of this retrograde cycle – and then some! Mercury holds more than the average potency. There are several reasons why. As ruler of the north node (one half of the karmic axis) Mercury is a major player of the super full moon lunar eclipse on May 26, and the annular solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10. May 10 to 13, Mercury is activated in some jump start way. It could deliver a sudden insight, a stroke of genius, or something synchronistic and opportune.

Setting the stage for its turn to retrograde, Mercury surpasses Neptune (by square aspect, May 22), opposes the eclipse moon (May 27) and starts a new cycle with Venus (May 28). Watch for something next or new to surface – into being, into center focus. The lunar eclipse is both a total eclipse and a super full moon. Including the action of Venus/Neptune (square aspect, exposes more) and Venus/Mercury, the eclipse dials up the pivotal nature the circumstances in play. A sense of déjà vu or destiny unfolding is your clue to the karmic potency of the moment. As soon as the connection is made or the action is taken, it immediately delivers/reveals its value, reason, or message. There is an opportunity to revisit something unfinished or unresolved (from this life or a past one), to shift the perspective or relationship, and to move to higher ground. A sense of déjà vu or of destiny at play, especially regarding a relationship, conversation, special event, or financial move (i.e. a major purchase).

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Reinvention is a good thing, perhaps it is even long overdue. Uranus calls for you to feel your way along regarding what’s most lucrative or worthwhile. The first few days of the month takes you over the hump and sets you on the go with something new or next.

Mercury enters mobilizing Gemini on May 3; Venus follows suit on May 8. Through mid month (to May 21), the stars help you to make good stride where it adds up best. Make the most of it as best you can while the getting is at its best.

Jupiter takes a dip into the Pisces ocean from May 13 to July 28. Go with the flow, ease up on it as best you can, and allow yourself to dream a bigger dream. To the plus, this transit can stir imagination, dissolve a creative block, and provide fresh inspiration. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition, follow inspirations of the moment. Jupiter in Pisces can also stir up hidden or latent potential.

You can feel a momentum shift as of May 22. Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune on May 22, Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde on May 23. Something can disintegrate, get muddled or waylaid. A good momentum can be lost. Something more can be revealed or exposed. These transits set the stage for super full moon/total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. The total lunar eclipse puts in out in the open or on the go in some bigger format or next level up way. It could be the point when businesses can resume, and folks start traveling again.

It’s not what’s said but how it’s said that conveys the message. It’s the thought behind the words, what’s unspoken, sensed, felt, or implied, especially May 27 to 29. Mercury in Gemini travels retrograde from May 29 to June 22. As is typical of the cycle, expect to re-meet, revisit, or redo. Both the super eclipse and Mercury retrograde are mobilizing. They can shift market trends, generate more news, and social activity.

June opens with Venus at the start of a three-week stint in Cancer and with Mars nearing the end of a six-week tour through this sign. Both keep safety, security, family matters, and emotions to the forefront. June 5, Mars is on a push come to shove with Pluto. Also, on this date, Mercury/Neptune are on a release or reveal trigger. To the plus, they set up a good backdrop for taking a break or a vacation.

June 10 delivers an annular solar eclipse in Gemini. The path of the eclipse stretches from Canada’s Hudson Bay region, touching base in Greenland, and through Siberia via the north pole.  Later in the day, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is conjunct the sun. This marks the midpoint peak of the retrograde and the start of a new Mercury cycle.

June 14 delivers the second of three meetings between Saturn and Uranus (Feb 17 and Dec 24 are the other two dates).

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Sun/Uranus kickstarts the month. Venus in aspect to Pluto (May 6) and Jupiter (May 8) suggest what is changing outwardly and inside of you is major. Three planets make sign changes over this first week: Mercury into Gemini, May 3; Venus into Gemini and Ceres into Taurus on May 8. For the most part, the next few weeks should prove smooth running. You should feel that you are getting yourself to someplace good.

Jupiter skinny dips into Pisces waters from May 13 to July 28. This diffusing and easing transit can work in a subtle or obvious way. Restrictions can lift, blocks can dissolve. Jupiter can inspire you and/or give you more hope for today and tomorrow.  It can put you in touch with more or better potentials or open a creative wellspring. Jupiter in Pisces can also call you to bigger picture exploring and the spiritual quest. On the other hand, you could slack off or give in more.

Use the first three weeks of May to cover as much ground as you can while the stars set a facilitating backdrop. The last week of the month warehouses the start of Saturn retrograde, a super full moon/total lunar eclipse, and the start of Mercury retrograde. Venus/Mercury head on to a new page on May 28, the day before Mercury begins retrograde (May 29) They can prompt an important revision, discussion, news, a change of plans, address, etc. Mercury retrograde can put the short-term or temporary (but important none-the-less) into play. You could revisit something that was discussed, considered, or experienced at the start of the month. Aim for immediate gain or short-term goals but also keep an eye on the long-range benefit.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

The first week of May sets you/it off to a good start. Mercury enters Gemini on May 3; Venus enters your sign on May 8. Before doing so, they pick up good steam with Pluto (Mercury/Pluto trine, May 2, Venus/Pluto trine, May 6).   

Jupiter dips into Pisces from May 13 to July 28. It is an ease up or “loosen the grip” transit. The best you can do for now is to take it moment to moment. Things can unfold along a fluid track, even more so than they have been as of late. While uncertainty is simply a part of the everyday reality, Mercury and Venus keep it rolling well through May 20. May 2, 6, 12, and 19, the getting is good.

May 22, Mercury’s square to Neptune can dish up something unexpected or see you run out of steam. Planet Saturn begins a four-month retrograde tour on May 23. Take the weekend for yourself. Let the world spin on its own for awhile. Unplug, ease up, take a pause, or start a (mini) vacation.

You will feel the strongest impact of the super full moon/total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, if it coincides with your birthday or your special day happens in this last week of the month. This eclipse is laden with more potential or promise than is readily visible. Mercury/Neptune and Venus/Neptune are exposing transits. They can pull back the curtain on something that was previously hidden from view. Please continue to protect yourself from Covid exposure. To the plus, Mercury/Neptune, Venus/Neptune, and the eclipse can get the ball rolling on a career aspiration, a significant lifestyle change (a new address perhaps?), or financial opportunity. A goodbye or hello could be said. Loss and gain can be in the mix too. You’ll feel it as a karmic threshold crossing, as fate or destiny on the move.  An eclipse is an acceleration influence, often with an element of the unexpected. With Neptune in the mix, there is no real guarantee on the potentials or the future, but for now, the aim should be on your first steps, i.e. taking the journey, or exploring the opportunity.  Venus moves onto a next page with the connect the dots planet just one day before Mercury retrograde begins. While it may be freshly set into motion, there’s more conversation to have, more revisiting or revising to do or more time to put in before you can move on. If it falls apart or you find yourself on a switch track, there’s no need to second guess yourself or try to recover what you know isn’t enough or right for you. The fresh wind solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 sets up your next window of opportunity.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Mars is at the start of a six-week tour of Cancer.  Whether driven by desire or push come to shove, Mars supplies you with a fresh top up of get up and go. Along with Mercury (May 3) and Venus (May 8) into Gemini, and several other productive transits, you should finally be able to see and/or create some forward momentum. Overall, the stars provide good assistance for most of the month ahead. Set it motion and you could find things fall into place easier than you have anticipated. May 1, 2, 6, 11 – 14, and 19 are good dates for action.

Jupiter’s dip into Pisces, May 13 to July 28, is of benefit for your sign. A “let go and let God” or ease up on it influence, this Jupiter transit can diffuse recent stress or tension and soften rough edges. Even if you have nothing concrete to pin it on, you can start to feel hopeful again. To the plus, Jupiter in Pisces can stimulate fresh opportunity, a creative wellspring, or romance. If you don’t notice this transit in any significant way, it is because Jupiter just barely dips a toe into Pisces. You’ll gain the full benefit of Jupiter in Pisces in 2022.

The last ten days of the month are loaded with transits, starting with Mercury/Neptune (square May 22) and the start of Saturn retrograde (May 23). Both transits remove that which inhibits or blocks what is already gaining steam. The super full moon/total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 puts it into full swing and on the increase, perhaps unexpectedly so. Both Venus and Mercury in Gemini are major contributor to this “take-flight”, high tide lunar eclipse. It could jettison you onto a next page or chapter, perhaps a whole new life course. Mercury begins retrograde motion on May 29. Even though you may be going back to somewhere or something, it is not the same as it was previously. Hopefully that’s a good thing for you. Try not to prejudge or overthink. Accept what is, take the ride. There’s no guarantee regarding what the future may hold. Place your faith in your bigger picture evolution.

LEO July 22 – August 22

Thanks to the sun in dynamic aspect to Uranus (conjunction) and Saturn (square), the first few days of the month sets a new reality into play. You can feel a sense of turning the corner or making it over the hump with someone or something. Mercury enters Gemini on May 3; Venus enters Gemini on May 8. Both are mobilizing transits. Setting prospects (financial, social) on the upswing, they set a good backdrop for getting yourself/it to someplace good.

Jupiter dips into Pisces from May 13 to July 28. This transit can be subtle, it may even go unnoticed. If you are sensitive to this transit, you’ll clue into more than you may have words for. Jupiter in Pisces stirs hidden or latent potentials and buried emotions. It also escalates the yearning for more peace and quiet, for more spiritual, emotional, or material fulfillment. Volunteer activities can be rewarding. (Perhaps someone you know/love needs a gentle touch, more kindness or guidance, or even some rescuing). Jupiter in Pisces can help you to relinquish, surrender and ease up on it more, to let go of something that you have struggled with. To the plus, Jupiter in Pisces can stimulate creativity or romance. Trust the wisdom of your intuition.

May 22 onward, the stars move onto a next page or wave. Something moves out of the way, is unblocked or surpassed. Mercury/Neptune (May 22) and Saturn retrograde (starting May 23) can act as preliminary triggers for the super full moon/total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. Also contributing to this very potent eclipse: Venus/Neptune (square May 27), Venus/Mercury (new cycle May 27), and Mercury retrograde (starting May 29). It’s one thing after another. All three keep the action rolling along a fluid track. The eclipse can springboard you or jettison you to someplace good. Once the spark is lit and/or it gets off the ground, it will take on a dynamic life of its own. Overall, this eclipse can be fortuitous for your sign. You can feel fate or destiny in play in some major way. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, expect to re-meet, revisit, repeat or revise. You could resume something that has been recently waylaid (a plan, project, a trip, a move, a new financial or romantic adventure).

VIRGO August 22 – September 22
May is front-loaded and end-loaded, but in differing ways. The sun, Mercury and Venus set a productive backdrop over the first week of the month. You should feel a sense of getting over the hump and that generally, you are hitting a good stride regarding activities, communications, and relationships. Mercury enters Gemini on May 3 and Venus enters Gemini on May 8. Moving from trines to Pluto in the first half of the month and to trines to Saturn in mid month (May 12, May 19), both Mercury and Venus set a lucrative backdrop for making the most of it. More things to do, more places to go, more things to think about and more people to interface with – each day is full to the brim.

Jupiter takes a brief dip into Pisces from May 13 to July 28. This transit can draw added attention to what’s missing, to the blank spaces. There is plus side to that. Jupiter in Pisces can prompt you to go in search for more – more personal or material reward, more love, more peace of mind, more sustenance for the soul. Jupiter in Pisces wants you to dream it bigger, aspire higher. Create the room for it, stay confident and hopeful, and there is a better possibility to attract it. Consider this temporary Jupiter transit as a tap on the shoulder (or rather the heart), as preview for the future (2022 and beyond).

The super full moon/total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 can springboard a new self-discovery process, a next personal life chapter, or career direction. It could prompt new address or family circumstance (perhaps a new addition to the family?), a return to school, to a place you have visited or once lived. Venus and Mercury begin a new cycle just one day before Mercury turns retrograde. You could reconnect with someone from your past, whether actually or through karmic destiny (a twist of fate or déjà vu provides your clue). You may re-meet with the past, but it is never the same twice!

Mercury’s retrograde tour in Gemini can change your plans, your mind, or the way you observe your reality. A friend or sibling can draw you into a (karmic) revisit too. You can find yourself in transition, or “betwixt and between”. If so, this a time of flux is temporary. Take it one step at a time, deal with the demand of the moment as it arises, think/act in terms of today for tomorrow’s gain (short term or temporary), and allow for circumstances to play themselves out.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

You can make good headway in the first few days of the month, perhaps unexpectedly so. The sun on trigger with Uranus and Saturn dish up positive assistance. It is a time when you can more easily build on your successes. Sun/Saturn (May 3) can jettison you past a roadblock and/or see you make a significant break-through regarding something that has been in works for awhile.

Mercury leaves Taurus for Gemini on May 3. Venus leaves Taurus for Gemini on May 8. Making good connections to Pluto and Saturn along the way, both transits provide good assistance through May 19. You should gain a good feel for what will provide you with the most bang for your buck; for what and who is most worthy of your time and attention. Both Mercury and Venus increase your intuitive awareness. Trust your instincts!

Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius is one of your best, especially in terms of personal reawakening, creative enterprise, and matters of heart.  As of May 13, Jupiter begins a skinny dip in Pisces. You may or may not notice its influence, but no matter how subtle, the transit holds plenty of sway. If/when/as best you can, gift yourself with extra time to heal, to relax, to feel your way along and to catch up with yourself. Potentials are on brew, but they can be easily missed when you are stressed, distracted, or run ragged.

May 22 Mercury squares Neptune. May 23, Saturn in Aquarius begins retrograde. Something could be uncovered, exposed, or give way. Mercury/Neptune can be a mixed message, watered down message, blurred lines, or confusion transit. Don’t take it at face value, don’t jump to conclusions. You could find yourself on an energy drain or second-guess yourself. On the other hand, both transits clear the clutter and set the stage for the super full moon/total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26.

The total lunar eclipse sets the future into play in a take flight or big picture way. There’s significant opportunity for the taking. Your intuition can speak volumes. Trust your instincts! You can have a message to deliver and an audience to play to. Put yourself out there, speak your truth, give a presentation or workshop, attend a conference, write your book, exhibit your talents, or pitch your product/project. This eclipse is also opportune for moving, travel, higher education pursuits, speculative venture, or a spiritual quest. The eclipse is followed by a Venus/Neptune square (May 27) which is good for aspiring, creativity and indulging yourself, but not necessary for the practical end, or for keeping it real. May 28, Venus, and Mercury begin a new cycle. Double check with yourself or another, make sure you have all your facts and figures straight and that you have all that you need to put the show on the road. Even so, keep open ended and put added flexibility in your plans. A revision, repeat, backtrack, or add-on is likely. Mercury in Gemini begins a retrograde tour on May 29.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21
Sun/Uranus supplies you with a revitalizing boost at month’s start.  You should have no trouble getting yourself or it up and rolling. At peak through the first week of the month, intuition helps you to see with fresh eyes and to evaluate in a new way.  In turn, you’ll start to consider options and spot opportunities that could have easily been overlooked. Mercury and Venus assist you to navigate and negotiate with great skill, especially May 2 and 6. Both planets set a lucrative backdrop, especially May 12 and 19.

Jupiter dips a toe into Pisces from May 13 to July 28. It could be a subtle influence. It could even go unnoticed as it will not take a full dive until the start of 2022. Even so, know Jupiter in Pisces dishes up ample opportunity. The transit can diffuse tension and make it easier to go with the flow, to create and/or net gain. Relax more. That’s when the healing begins, inspiration comes naturally, and when your creativity does its best conjuring. This Jupiter transit can stimulate romance or call you to the spiritual side of life.

Mercury squares Neptune on May 22. Saturn turns retrograde on May 23. Combined, they could pull back a curtain or unleash something that’s been on brew. To the plus they can clear a pathway or clear away what’s been getting the better of you.

May 26 delivers a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. It is also a super full moon. This high tide eclipse gets it off the ground, exposes it, or cuts to the chase in some big step way. One way or another, truth is revealed.  Opportunity can come knocking, but make sure to see things for what they are, not for what you want to see. Once set it motion, it will run the full course. Venus and Mercury move to a new phase on May 28. On May 29, Mercury begins retrograde. You might be on a new page, but revisits and revisions are a natural part of the process. A second chance can be too. The eclipse can prompt you to retrace your steps, renegotiate a contract, to have another conversation, or to give it another try.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Over the first few days of the month, the sun hits it fresh with Uranus and gets over the hump with Saturn. Just before Mercury and Venus leave Taurus, (May 3, May 8) they form productive alignments with Pluto. Soon after they begin their individual tours of Gemini, they form productive alignments with Saturn (May 12 and 19). What does that all mean? For the most part, you should find that you are making good inroads and that things fall into place naturally and well.

May 13 to July 28, Jupiter takes a brief dip in Pisces. The transit can be subtle in effect. Despite Mercury and Venus on tour in social Gemini, Jupiter in Pisces can find you craving more time to yourself. You can find yourself saying less but observing more. Jupiter makes you even more attuned to environments and to the moods and feelings of those around you. You’ll find inspiration in quiet moments, in poetry or music, etc. Perhaps there is something or someone to let go of. Set yourself free too. Allow yourself more time to relax, heal, to dream, to imagine, to feel what your soul wants you to feel. Jupiter in Pisces also draws attention to the spiritual side of life.

Take full advantage of the month ahead while the stars keep the dial on smooth going. By the weekend of May 22, the momentum can shift. Mercury/Neptune (square, May 22) and the start of Saturn retrograde (May 23) and the total lunar eclipse (also a super full moon) in Sagittarius on May 26 can take the lid off whatever has been on brew but has not yet seen the full light of day. You will feel the fullest effect of this eclipse if your birthday is on or near November 28. Venus and Mercury begin a new cycle on May 28. The very next day, Mercury begins a three-week retrograde tour. As soon as you get it launched, it can shift direction. You are likely to feel a sense of déjà vu or destiny in play. As is typical of the retrograde cycle, expect to re-meet, repeat, or revisit. There are more conversations to have, more options to explore, more leg work to do, or another round to go.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20
Start of the month smooths out rough edges. The sun and Mercury/Pluto (trine May 2) loans you a fresh pair of eyes, Venus/Pluto (trine May 6) gives you a better feel. You should find that you get good value out of your time, conversations, and expenditures.

The sun in Taurus (to April20) enhances opportunity, reward, and creative potential. The sun assists you to pace it right and to make most of what you there is work with. Mercury enters Gemini on May 3. Venus enters Gemini on May 8. Fresh air, more walking, more exercise; both transits keep your body moving and your days full to the brim with one thing after another. Mercury trine Saturn (May 12) is a good day to handle the official stuff, to interview for a job, talk it out, solidify plans and/or get it up and rolling. Venus trine Saturn (May 19) is also favourable for money transactions, making a commitment or for netting good results.

Jupiter dips into Pisces from May 13 to July 28. A subtle influence, this brief transit can go unnoticed. To the plus, Jupiter in Pisces can be a stress diffuser. You can find it easier to deal with uncertainty, to better relax, unwind, and go with the flow. When you are at ease, you’ll find inspiration filters in more naturally. Allow yourself to lose track of time. Put worry on vacation (it doesn’t take you anywhere). Chill out, play music, watch movies, get more sleep, aim for more romance, dive into a creative project.

You could feel a yourself on a switch track or have a sense of a significant turn of the tides as of May 22. Mercury square Neptune (May 22) and the start of Saturn retrograde (May 23) precede the super full moon/total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. Laden with opportunity, the eclipse warehouses significant hidden/untapped potential. Coinciding with the eclipse, Venus and Mercury begin a new cycle on May 28. Mercury in Gemini begins a three-week retrograde tour on May 29. If this eclipse makes contact to your natal chart, you’ll feel a sense of fate or destiny in play. Whether of direct or indirect influence, both Venus and Mercury put an added spotlight on someone important to you. Work and health are also a feature. Mercury retrograde can take you through another round, but it is never the same thing twice.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

The sun has signed you up for something new. Look to the sun, Venus, and Mercury in Taurus keep you well grounded while moving forward. All three assist you to make good use of the resources you have (time and heart included). Mercury advances into Gemini on May 3. Venus advances into Gemini on May 8. Both are mobilizing transits. The momentum is good and mostly smooth running for most of the month ahead. Put your time to good use. Between May 12 and 19 you should feel you have accomplished well, that you have reached a productive level, an important goalpost or finish-line.

Spanning the year, Jupiter in Aquarius lights a fresh spark and points you in a new direction. It’s a “go the distance”, future bound influence. Think back 12 years. That was the last time Jupiter transited your sign. What new track did you find yourself on? Perhaps there’s something coming full circle or something similar building for you now. Don’t discount those new instincts, impulses, and fresh downloads, explore them instead. They are important clues to assist you to stay a good step ahead.

Jupiter takes a brief exit out of Aquarius and into Pisces from May 13 – July 28.  This transit assists you to take a deeper dive, to synchronize with yourself and your evolving reality, to tap the creative wellspring that’s inside of you. Immerse yourself right where you are. There is no need to struggle or force what isn’t coming naturally. There is no place better to be than “at one” with the moment.

Mercury/Neptune (square) on May 22 and the start of Saturn retrograde on May 23 shift the focus and/or momentum. It can be time to put one thing aside for another, perhaps to go onto something a temporary or short-term. Both transits clear the pathway for the total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius of May 26 (it is also a super full moon). The temporary or short term sets the long range/term into play. If the eclipse makes a direct contact to your natal chart, it can set the future in motion in some bigger format, overtaking, and destiny-making way. Venus and Mercury in start a new cycle on May 28. They suggest the ability to relate, communicate, team-up, meet, greet, or market in some “ready, set, go” way. Mercury stations retrograde on May 29. You may be into something entirely fresh, but with a strong sense of déjà vu or a karmic destiny in play. Such is the nature of an eclipse, especially one aligned so closely with Venus and Mercury retrograde.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

The start of May brings a sense of having made it over the hump, especially so as of May 3 when the sun turns a corner with Saturn. Making trines to Pluto, both Mercury (May 2) and Venus (May 6) are on a lucrative track over this first week. You should feel you are investing well (re time, money, goals, and intentions).

Mercury enters Gemini on May 3. Venus enters Gemini on May 8. For the most part, both planets keep your day to day activities running along a smooth development track. More physical and social activity is good for the soul. Get out, enjoy some fresh air and company.  Both Mercury and Venus form trines to Saturn (May 12, May 19). You should feel that things are falling into place and shaping up well. Use May 12 and May 19 to solidify plans, talk, meet, interview for a job, sign a contract, take charge, make a purchase, cash in; to launch it or put the finishing touch on it.

As of the weekend of May 22, 23, it is time to shift gears. Don’t force what isn’t coming naturally. It’s a weekend to relinquish and relax. Have no expectations, take it play by play. Mercury square Neptune (May 22) and the start of Saturn retrograde (May 23) will clear away that which blocks the view. They set the stage for the total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (also a super full moon) on May 26. You’ll feel the strongest impact of this super lunar eclipse if your birthday is on or close to February 5, or if the eclipse makes direct contact to planets in your natal chart. A next chapter is soon underway (perhaps you’ll experience it as fast-moving train.) The eclipse can se up a cash-in or a cash-out-and-go time – both are reward based. The eclipse can be fortuitous (catapulting for some) for career matters (a career high perhaps!), reputation building, promotional activities, teaching, lecturing, performing, higher education, mentorship programs. Travel or a move could also be in the works. Lastly, the eclipse could produce a departure or bring something or someone back into your life. You could re-meet with your recent or distant past (even the past of another lifetime). Remember if the eclipse makes a direct contact to the personal planets in your natal chart, it will jettison you over a significant karmic threshold. There’s more in the mix. Venus and Mercury begin a new cycle on May 28. Mercury in Gemini begins a three-week retrograde cycle on May 29. Present, past, and future are intertwined.


Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
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