Year ahead Horoscopes – 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus



January 1: Super Full Moon in Cancer, 6:24 pm (11:38 Cancer)

January 16: New moon in Capricorn, 6:17 pm (26:54 Capricorn)

January 31: Super Full Moon, Total Eclipse in Leo, 5:27 am (11:37 Leo)

January 2: Uranus stations direct, 6:11 am

January 10: Eris stations direct, 1:50 am

January 10: Mercury into Capricorn, 9:10 pm

January 14: Vesta into Sagittarius, 0:41 pm

January 17: Venus into Aquarius, 5:44 pm

January 19: Pallas into Taurus, 6:29 pm

January 19: Sun into Aquarius, 7:10 pm

January 26: Mars into Sagittarius, 4:57 am

All times listed are PST, please check your local time

Dates to watch: January 1,2, 6, 8,9, 11 -16, 19, 24-26, 31

Monthly Overview:

January 1: Super Full Moon in Cancer, 6:24 pm (11:38 Cancer); January 2: Uranus stations direct

Expect to be feeling it more intensely than you usually do. January opens on an emotional high charge.  This super full moon is the closest to the earth (perigee) of all the super moons of the year. On that list are three eclipses: January 31 (total lunar eclipse); July 13 (partial solar eclipse); and August 11 (partial solar eclipse). Super moons have a stronger pull on geophysical tides and on that of the collective consciousness too.

The super full moon in sensitive Cancer can keep the past weighing more heavily on heart, mind, wallet, and/or the physical form.  Matters to do with family, parenting, home, real estate, security, safety margins and self preservation needs also claim attention or concern. National security and protectionism are also topics du jour.

Whatever inner or outer conflict you may face, as the day wears on, the moon forms trines to Neptune and Mars, suggesting a creative solution, a bigger picture perspective, or a higher road approach can sooth the soul and provide better prospects for sorting it out, letting it go, or opening it up.

Uranus in Aries, retrograde since the beginning of last August, stations direct on January 2. Expect the action track and intensity to stay fired up and to magnify in scope. Agendas are in full swing, potentials continue to show good promise as the first week of January finishes out.

January 6, Mercury in Sagittarius trines Uranus and Mars in Scorpio conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio.  Both Mercury/Uranus and Mars/Jupiter are mobilizing and trend setting transits. Ready, set go; both optimize the opportunity of the moment.

January 8: Venus in Capricorn forms a superior conjunction with the Sun:

When Venus forms a superior conjunction, it is on the far side of the sun. A superior conjunction of Venus and the sun happens when Venus is on the far side of the sun in relationship to the earth. (Venus will be at her furthest distance from the earth on January 23.) On January 8, Venus/sun will launch into the second half of an 18-month relationship and manifesting cycle that began on March 25, 2017 and ends on October 26, 2018 (when Venus is retrograde and forms an inferior conjunction the sun).

Are you ready to make good on your New Year resolutions? Even if it isn’t a tradition for you, the superior conjunction of Venus/sun on January 8 marks an auspicious time is ripe moment for all fresh initiatives, especially those directed toward getting it under better control or making it official. It is a time to apply the knowledge that has been gained and the values that have been shaped along the way in a more consciously directed way.  Beginnings and endings are intertwined.  Venus/sun in Capricorn cements the reality in a significant way. If it isn’t obvious to you in the moment, it will be soon enough.

Our relationships, morality, values, and social landscapes are changing. Survival issues are too.  Venus/sun is operative as a personal transit, but it also supports the ongoing bigger picture mandate of Pluto in Capricorn, that of a new social world order. Pluto has been working its dismantling and reorganizing agenda for some time now. We are learning from each other at an exponential rate far beyond the speed of what we have experienced in the past. We are evolving as individuals, as sexual beings, as a species; as tribes, societies, and nations; as a collective, as a mass consciousness.

Pluto in Capricorn loans extra turbo to Venus/sun. You will feel the life-altering effects of Pluto’s transit in 2018 and the triple conjunction of Venus/sun/Pluto if you have significant natal planets or positions at 18/19 degrees of the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra). Capricorn correlates to governments, governing bodies, authority, official matters, judgements, rules and regulations, the establishment, the consensus, the structure, reality base. Watch January 8, 9, for action from any on that list.

January 10: Mercury enters Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn has been delayed by last month’s retrograde tour. On January 12, Mercury forms the last of three conjunctions with Saturn. The first two, November 27 and December 6, happened while both planets were in Sagittarius and visible as night sky stars. When Mercury and Saturn meet again on January 12, they will be visible in the morning sky. Mercury is in its Promethean phase and picking up transit speed. Mercury/Saturn steadies the hand and mind, gives form to ideas, plans, and (personal or professional) goals, and sets an effective backdrop for communication tracks, for planning, study, research, commerce, for important decisions, for locking it in, and for putting ambition to work. Supporting Mercury’s mission, Venus square Uranus on January 13 and the sun’s square to Uranus on January 14 add a boost of creativity, fresh insight, sudden impetuous or inspiration. Both Venus/Uranus and sun/Uranus put synchronicity into high gear. 

January 16: New Moon in Capricorn (26:55 Capricorn); Venus & sun into Aquarius (Jan 17; 19)

The new moon in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries and conjuncts Venus. The new moon dishes up something fresh, perhaps unexpected, and/or wastes no time setting you onto the next step or platform. Full steam ahead continues. Keeping the people action, the money making, and social trends lively (perhaps the weather too), Venus enters Aquarius on January 17; the sun enters Aquarius on January 19.

January 26: Mars enters Sagittarius:

Mars in Sagittarius is a game for it, take-flight transit. The transit encompasses the NFL Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics in South Korea, which is sure to be a much-watched event, not only from the thrill of watching the athletes give their best, but also because of the politics swirling around the event (Russia’s expulsion from the games for doping, and the excessive proximity to North Korea). 

Mars in Sagittarius puts the believer, the promoter, the crusader, the race horse, the story teller, and the loner into action. It’s a great transit for letting intuition, inspiration, or heart lead the way, but make sure you have something real to shoot for. The folly of Mars in Sagittarius is tunnel vision, believing what you want to believe, inflation, and exaggeration. Caution is advised regarding speculative matters. Yes, stay game, be a risk taker, but also stay wise about it as best you can!

January 31: Super moon, Total Full Moon Eclipse in Leo (11:37 Leo)

The first eclipse of 2018 is a super moon, a total full moon Eclipse in Leo. The eclipse is visible through out most of North America, the Pacific and Indian Oceans; northwest South America; Asia; Australia; Middle East, Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa. The eclipse can hold high impact for you if you are born on January 31 or close to it, or the start of May, August, or November. The eclipse triggers the north and south nodes of Neptune. This is indicative of stirring up global attention or effect. The eclipse can be a trend-setting moment, spark a shift of collective consciousness, or see a new reality show its first light. Ceres in aspect to the eclipse moon can be suggestive of a revival, resurrection, rebirth process, or a seeding time of significance.

Venus and the sun straddle the south node while Ceres and the moon stimulate the north node, suggesting significant karmic recall or fruition. A sense of déjà vu, familiarity, “been here before” can be your clue to the momentousness of your present journey. Ceres and the moon offer the opportunity to revisit. You are being offered an opportunity to create more consciously, to make a better success of it and/or to reap more reward this time around. Please be reminded that an eclipse is triggered for about a month prior and after the actual event and that its influence can extend over months or even years. Although not of the same family of eclipses, the Jan 31 eclipse triggers the last lunar eclipse and the Mars position of August 7, 2017. The next eclipse, (a partial solar eclipse) on February 15, 2018, references the total solar eclipse of August21, 2017.


January 2018 begins on a super full moon (in Cancer) and ends on a super full moon eclipse (in Leo). Mars/Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio on January 6 and a triple conjunction of Venus/sun/Pluto in Capricorn on January 8, 9 sets timetable to full steam ahead. Saturn is freshly into Capricorn. Uranus introduces its transit through Taurus. Chiron introduces its transit through Aries. There are 3 partial solar eclipses (February 15: 27:08 Aquarius; July 12 super moon: 20:41 Cancer; August 11, super moon: 18:42 Leo) and 2 total lunar eclipses (January 31 super moon: 11:37 Leo; July 27: 4:45 Aquarius).  Mars travels retrograde: June 26 to August 27 (9:13 Aquarius to 28:37 Capricorn). Venus travels retrograde: October 5 to November 16 (10:50 Scorpio to 25:14 Libra).

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