Taurus – October Horoscope – 2017

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Put yourself to work in the first few days of October, you can make great headway. Venus and Mars in Virgo in trine to Pluto help you to greater effectiveness and smarter think-through. You should find you can retain information quite well. Also, the transits help you to take advantage of good timing and to spot great bargains. Venus, Mars, and Pluto also loan you good sway and help you to convince, convert, and enlist those who matter.

You’ll stay busy with one thing after the other from the full moon (October 5) through the new moon (October 19). Relationships can give you a run for it; finances can too. It’s time to face a big decision, to confront what’s necessary, and to make sweep change.

Jupiter’s one-year transit through Scorpio will prompt major change regarding the way you witness and interface with the world around you. Someone or something could have a profound, life-altering effect on you. A key relationship is slated for a major overhaul. A major contract, actual or karmic is in the works. No matter where you find yourself or what you face, know that there is more to it than is readily evident. Jupiter in Scorpio suggests there are hidden elements, more layers, and major karma at play. In some cases, you may feel Jupiter in Scorpio’s workings as a sink or swim initiation, or as an all or nothing choice. To the plus, Jupiter in Scorpio can provide you with laser beam intuition or a great advantage.

Jupiter is an archetype of freedom, not traps. Addictions, obsessions, and self undermining are also matters to confront when Jupiter transits Scorpio. If these matters are on the front burner for you, know that your bravery will be exceptionally rewarded. Reach out for a life-line and enlist the help you need.

Mercury enters Scorpio on October 17 and the sun does so on October 22. Both can keep you sharp. Even so, it is wise to stay observant, to read the fine print, look under the hood, secure your passwords, increase your safeguards, re-examine your strategy for success, etc.

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio invites you (or forces you) to spend more time developing an upgraded level of honesty with yourself. The more honest you are with yourself, the more on track you’ll stay, the more satisfied you’ll be, the less you’ll feel duped by circumstances or by others.  When Jupiter is in Scorpio, betrayal, violations of trust, and abandonment issues can grow into something major. Don’t get paranoid about it (that’s Jupiter in Scorpio too), it may not be your reality at all.  My intention here is simply to alert to range of potentials for Jupiter’s transit.

Venus in Virgo (to October 13) and Mars in Virgo (to October 22) are opportune for your sign, so set yourself to task, clean up your act, and see ready progress.


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