Taurus – NOV Horoscope 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Your take on transits can be quite different depending on whether you are born at the beginning or end of Taurus. If you are born on or near April 19/20, you will feel the high stress or upending influence of Uranus over your sun, especially through November 6. If you are born near May 17 to 20, Jupiter’s opposition to Juno puts a karmic contract into play in some significant way.

Venus retrograde in Libra puts added emphasis on the pending pile, especially regarding health, healing, work, and repairs of all kinds. At the job or regarding your personal life, are you overly reliant on another or they on you? Contracts, karmic and actual, are up for review and renewal. Venus retrograde puts more focus on partnership imbalances and enmeshment issues. Improvement is the aim and to the plus, Venus trine Mars on November 9 suggests the ability to do just that. Venus/Mars sets a good backdrop to open-up, discuss, share, and team-up.

Uranus on a backtrack of Aries can stir up buried or unresolved emotions. While Uranus can be a chaffing or edgy influence, it is positive when it doesn’t allow you to fall asleep at the wheel. See it as positive motivation. Uranus also energizes potentials that have not yet seen the light of day.

Jupiter in Sagittarius puts more of everything on the increase. To the minus it can increase your debt, make you feel more taxed by circumstance or by conflicted emotions. Widening the divide, Jupiter can make you aware that you are rapidly outgrowing your past, your present, or your relationship. On the plus side, Jupiter can increase your financial coffers and/or make you feel lighter, happier, and/or freer.

Mercury retrograde, starting November 16, can launch an important rethink. Personally, emotionally, materially, health-wise – are you heading in the direction you expected? Despite the end of Venus retrograde, November 12 to 20 clarity can allude you. Mercury/Neptune can be great for conjuring, letting go, sharing thoughts and feelings, or for activities related to the upcoming holidays. On the other hand, you could find you are particularly vulnerable, susceptible, lost, uncertain, or exposed.

Mars in Pisces (starting November 15) and the end of Neptune retrograde (starting November 24) can make you easier going and the going easier on you too. Relax, but stay alert…always.


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