Taurus – August Horoscope 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

One more eclipse to go! If you were born on or near May 7 -9, you are likely to see the workings of the solar eclipse of August 11 in a catapulting way. Mercury retrograde is of influence for those of you born later in the month. Make an active choice or watch the stars hit you up; either way, it is time to take on a new life. In opposition to Chiron just before the solar eclipse, Venus makes you aware of this fact.

The solar eclipse can be the start of a new home life chapter. A new address or new relationship status can be in the mix. You could welcome an addition to your family or say goodbye to someone. The eclipse also favours all personal improvement mandates (i.e. health, wealth, and happiness). A new career or money maker can be in the works too. The end of Mercury (Aug 18) and Mars (Aug 27) retrograde set the stage for you up to make greater progress.

Mars retrograde backs into Capricorn from August 12 to September 10. This call the shots, get-it-under better control transit can be especially helpful to those born May 18 to 20.

Life/getting yourself where you want to and need to be – it’s an unfolding process. Expect August through November to keep you/it moving along.


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