Taurus – December Horoscope 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have been setting the future into play for a length of time now. As of December 2, Jupiter begins a one-year tour of Capricorn. This transit increases your awareness of the prospects and potentials of the cementing reality. Also supported by the shorter transit of Venus in Capricorn (to December 19), you should feel that despite all, you have been and are able to make it workable for yourself. Both transits punch up confidence and opportunity.

Mercury finishes up in Scorpio on December 9, but Mars in Scorpio will continue to stoke relationship issues through the start of January.  Mars aims to strip it back so that you can see what’s at the core – your core, their core. Whether its passion or pain, the transit gives you plenty of added incentive. It can push you to make fundamental change in the way you relate and create.

December 11, the full moon in Gemini can bring you to a stop or a finish line. At the same time, it gets you going on something next.

Apt for all the holiday represents, Christmas day delivers a solar eclipse in Capricorn with Jupiter along for the ride – and in trine to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. You will feel the strongest effect of the eclipse if you are born April 21 to 25. In general, a solar eclipse marks a significant ending and a significant beginning. Often an eclipse can take you by surprise, although later you might admit that you simply didn’t recognize the signposts along the way. This eclipse adds more cement mix to the long-term future. Allow 3 to 6 months for that cement to set. In the meantime, don’t waste a moment. Put yourself to work while opportunity is within reach.

Taurus – Horoscope 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

If you are born on or near April 19 you are in for radical change. Whether the experience is an undercurrent or an outer reality, likely the change is already well underway thanks to the introduction of Uranus into Taurus in 2018 (May 15 through Nov 6, 2018). Of course, change is on the roster in varying degrees for all of us.

The new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 is auspicious for all new undertakings, especially those that are focused on making your mark on the world via professional development, new marketing ventures, educational upgrades/accreditation, teaching, coaching or mentoring.

You can find life moves fast in some ways, slowly in other ways. Even though there is a big question mark surrounding it, your future is progressively cementing its course. Priorities are too. The most important thing for you to do is to make a fuller commitment to your future wellbeing at every level, health included. Every day that goes by is one gone. Don’t let the opportunity slip away from you.

In the year ahead, Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius will take you through a major adjustment regarding your attitude, interests, desires, or material status. Either you will have more to work with, or the hole in the pocket will grow bigger and you’ll feel the necessity to look for more to sustain you, materially, emotionally, health wise, or relationship wise. Your interest in the spiritual side of life can grow, whether that means you go in search of that which speaks its truth to you in some greater way, or whether you deepen and enrichen the beliefs or practice you already ascribe to. An intimate relationship can blossom or grow more distanced. When it comes to living your truth, follow your heart, don’t deny it. It does no good to simply go through the motions when your heart is already long gone.

On the other hand, if you put good effort into it this year to get yourself repositioned, you could reap substantial benefit next year from Jupiter and the Capricorn stellium. If you want to get a good running start, use January’s eclipses and Mars in Taurus, Feb 14 to March 30 to reinvent yourself, regarding career or lifestyle.  Perhaps sooner, perhaps later, all the eclipses recalibrate your baseline. Whether prompted by the January or July eclipses, a new address, home life, family situation, or living with yourself trajectory is in the mix. 


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