Scorpio – Yearly Horoscope 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

A super full moon (January 1), and a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio on January 6 kick-start the New Year. Saturn, freshly into Capricorn, finds you already well seasoned and ready to take on whatever the year has in store. The Venus/sun/Pluto conjunction on January 8,9, makes it an auspicious time to do just that.

Last year, Saturn and Uranus were aligned (trine) in the fire signs, which has likely resulted in a fresh boost regarding work matters, creative projects, personal and lifestyle upgrades. So far, so good, keep going.

Saturn and Uranus will maintain their trine relationship from May to November, but they’ll do so across earth signs. This planetary pairing can be quite lucrative and productive, especially regarding establish yourself in some new way. Aim to secure your reputation, build a client base, gain favour with the pubic or to get your name brand better known. Saturn/Uranus are a favourable combination for professional development and recognition, for dealing with those in charge or who can give your career a leg up. You could gain an official or legal status (i.e., a name change, citizenship, professional title, relationship status). Saturn/Uranus can improve communication tracks, get you more socially involved or community minded. The transit also favours teaching, mentoring, training programs, upgrades to marketing, promotional ventures.

Uranus is completing its 8-year tour of Aries, while Chiron is just at the start of its tour of this sign. Both will set up fresh challenges and opportunities. There’s no time to slack off. Keep yourself informed, practice more, explore more, listen more. Position yourself as best you can ahead of the game/the curve. Aim to set the trend rather than follow it. The eclipses of the year can be major catalysts and triggers, especially if they make a direct contact to your sun or chart. (January 31, February 15, July 12, July 27, August 11.)

Venus will turn retrograde in Scorpio in October and finish out the retrograde in Libra in November. This will be a time to regroup and re-evaluate investments and relationships.


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