December 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

After logging two months in your sign, Mercury leaves Scorpio on December 9. Mars, freshly into Scorpio, will keep you going strong through January 3.

Joining the stellium of planets already in Capricorn (including the short transit of Venus in Capricorn to December 19), Jupiter enters this sign on December 2. Over this next year, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will combine forces. In doing so, they increase the scope regarding your evolving reality. Jupiter brings the past twelve years to a full circle round-up, while also signing you up for the next twelve-year growth curve. You’ll feel a strong sense that time is of greater importance, that there isn’t much of it left, and that it is necessary to spend it right. Regarding your career or personal life journey, Saturn/Pluto underscores this fact. They also mark an anniversary or milestone of significance.

The full moon in Gemini on December 11 is accompanied by Venus/Saturn hitting a deadline or wrap up. It’s a good day to finish or sign a contract, or to take some other formal or official step.

Jupiter is well aligned with Uranus in Taurus for most of December. In addition to setting up a smooth- running backdrop for navigating your way through the social and holiday extras, this duo assists you to acclimatize to change readily and naturally.

Jupiter/Uranus are at peak on December 15 (exact trine aspect). They are also major contributors to the solar eclipse in Capricorn on December 25 (Jupiter in Capricorn is one degree off the eclipse). The eclipse makes this Christmas a special one, a last one or a first one of significance.

Scorpio -2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

Expertise, experience, a good foothold – check. Yes, you are well seasoned now. Your reality is too. While you still have plenty of work piled up in front of you, you’ll head into the new year with a good measure of confidence. You know you have something substantial to work with, something of substance to say, convey, or promote. The solar eclipse on January 5 solidifies the facts. It also marks a time is right moment to make it official, i.e. to state your case, re-secure your position, sign up for another term, etc. The eclipse can also see you complete something important, i.e., an educational track, a contract term, a loan agreement, a treatment program, a renovation or creative project. If it has reached its expiry date or is beyond its usefulness, so be it. Don’t waste your time, energy or dollars on it. Replace it with something fresh instead. If you don’t have a handle on that immediately, allow time to be your research buddy. Jupiter and Neptune keep ample potential on the go, but they also keep a good deal of guesswork or uncertainty going strong too. Your best way to play it through these transits is to give your all to the task at hand/what is immediately in front of you, to put good effort into everything you do, and to avoid negative thinking. One thing surpassed or accomplished is a building block set in place.

Through the middle of February, Mars in Aries will keep you fighting the good battle regarding the work, your health, and the must-do list. Mars is nicely aligned with Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, especially from January 18 to 25, so don’t hesitate to invest more time or money in your wellbeing, your business or personal interests. Carve out time to get your writing done or to get your game plan together.

Just as Mars leaves Aries (February 14), Chiron takes up residency (February 18).  Mars is a quick cut-to-the-chase transit, but Chiron will tenant Aries through 2027. Uranus has spent the past seven years in Aries. That’s a lot of breaking new ground/personal reinvention already done. There’s still plenty yet to do. Uranus, the great awakener, has completed its mission in Aries and now Chiron in Aries will call the warrior self to assume position as the frontrunner, mentor, and healer for the wounded self. Via Chiron in Aries, you have set an important task for yourself. There is nothing small or insignificant about the purpose of the mission. It provides significant learning and growth potential for both the ego self and the soul self.

Chiron in Aries brings karmic destiny into play regarding the teachers, the teachings, the learning curve, your work, and physical healing.

The world – its views, its needs, its social politics, its everyday reality – is changing and rapidly too. Over the coming year, Uranus in Taurus, (starting March 6), will prompt significant social, material and lifestyle re-invention. No doubt, it has already begun.

The total lunar eclipse on January 20/21 could bring something or someone special. Karmic destiny or fruition is in the mix. It could be a milestone, a career high, a settlement or award, recognition or reward for something you have worked on or accomplished in the past.

Someone important to you may have significant news or may be influential in taking you to the next level. Of course, please be reminded that eclipses must make a direct contact to your natal chart for it hold significant impact. Those born on or around October 25 will feel this eclipse as a major catalyst.

July 2 delivers a total solar eclipse in emotional and nurturing Cancer. Those born on or near November 3 are affected by this eclipse which is a take root and/or a seeding transit of great significance. The lunar eclipse on July 16 is particularly influential for those born on or near November 17.  Venus in opposition to Saturn during the lunar eclipse marks the end of a lengthy restructuring cycle and the beginning of a new reality baseline.


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