Pisces – Yearly Horoscope – 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus


PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

January begins and ends on super full moons. January 1 super full moon (in Cancer) is the closest, but January 31 is a full moon eclipse (in Leo) so whether one is more noteworthy than the other remains to be seen. The full moon on January 1 will draw extra turbo from Uranus which stations direct on January 2. Finishing out the first week of January, Mars in Scorpio conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio on January 6. It’s an excellent transit for setting wheels in motion, giving it your best shot and making your power play.   

Especially for 2018, Saturn’s transit in Capricorn makes it more real, more bankable, more profitable. It gives more tangible shape and form to goals and to that which has been in the works for a few years now.  New relationships (personal or professional) can be forged and cemented. They are ones that are likely to have a long shelf life. Saturn in Capricorn can also usher in a new professional, material or personal status. You could become known as an expert in your field, move into a mentoring role, adopt a child, become an empty nester, or a grandparent. January 8, 9 can be an auspicious time to launch a new money-making venture, a new relationship, or for a new reality to make its presence known.

Uranus in Taurus can introduce you to new ideas and trends, a new lifestyle or passion, money-making opportunity, or a new social network. You could find your opinions, interests, and attractions are radically different than they were just a short time ago. Life is worth exploring! Saturn/Uranus are in good manifesting and cash-in shape from mid May through November. Even if you find yourself are on a radical departure from your usual ways, choices and involvements, it could feel quite natural for you.

Chiron has transited Pisces since 2010. It is both a maverick and a loner archetype. During this transit, you have had to mentor yourself. Likely you have moved though periods of great hope and promise, and through periods of great disillusionment too. In 2018, you will get an introductory look at Chiron in Aries. To a large extent, it may simply feel like an extension of Uranus in Aries. What do I mean by this? Your inner warrior will continue to be called upon as your first go-to person. You have had plenty of practice so far. Stay strong, stay creative, stay passionate!


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