Pisces – June – 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus


PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

One thing will hinge on another. The month ahead can keep you occupied with more than one concern or more than one person too. So much is up in the air or riding on the moment. Gemini month keeps matters to do with home, family, and real estate to the fore.

Some things are simply beyond control. Likely there is extra time to put in, a few more steps to take or a few stages to get through. Do and/or say what you can as you can and watch for your choice moments to appear. It’s a matter of waiting for the right time. The sun is on a mobilizing creative track between June 6 and 10. Potentials or better options make themselves better known. Encompassing a full moon on June 17, June 14 to 20 can take you (or jettison you) past a hurdle and onto a next implementation phase – or onto a whole new reality.   

Jupiter retrograde square Neptune reaches a peak on Father’s Day, June 16. This is the midpoint of a cycle that has been in the works since January and will extend through September. Jupiter/Neptune are bringing a new consciousness and a new reality to the fore. It is an unfolding work in progress. Trust and faith can be tested, but it also your best resource.

Pisces – Horoscope – 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20
Mars has just taken an exit out of Pisces, but you’ll continue to have an ample fresh fuel supply to keep you going strong while Mars fires it up in Aries (through mid February). While Jupiter and Neptune, your ruler, continue to keep a question mark looming large, the solar eclipse in Capricorn is solidifying in some striking, perhaps unexpected forward thrust way. This is due to the ramp it up influence of Uranus stationing direct on January 6. Mercury into Capricorn (January 4) and Venus into Sagittarius (January 7) also stoke the momentum. The energy of the eclipse extends over a duration of time, so watch for this one to play out over the next couple of weeks in some eventful way. The eclipse is auspicious for fresh starts, new creative ventures, and for major lifestyle changes.   

The super full moon total lunar eclipse on January 20/21 is accompanied by several significant transits pre and post. A continuation of the solar eclipse earlier in the month (new moons and full moons are part of the same cycle, these eclipses are part of the same eclipse family), watch for this eclipse to reveal more and/or to fast track you, perhaps unexpected so. The eclipse could provide a welcome surprise, perhaps such as a job opportunity, a creative solution, a sale, or a well-timed discovery. Too, it could put you into a creative spurt. If something breaks down (be that a vehicle, a piece of equipment or communication) see it as a blessing in disguise. It’s an opportunity to get it fixed or upgraded. Be reminded that eclipses are more influential if they make direct contact to your natal chart. Otherwise, you’ll feel the effects indirectly or as a punched new or full moon.

Both Chiron and Uranus change signs in 2019. Chiron first entered Pisces in 2010. From mid April to September of 2018, we had an introduction to Chiron in Aries. As of February 18, Chiron will take up residency in the fire sign, to stay until 2027. To some extent, you are already familiar with this stoke the fire/break the chain stimulus, thanks to the past seven years of Uranus in Aries. Both transits work to accelerate your personal discovery/individuation process. Driven by the desires of the soul for your own liberation, both transits are on an intensification program to help you clear away the debris of the past (the complexes and traumas of this life and past lives) and to reclaim your special gifts and talents.

Uranus in Taurus, starting March 6, will revolutionize our social world and our values. A new lifestyle is in the works, it is one that you will feel as a natural progression. Along the way, Uranus will reinvent the way you think, communicate, relate, and create.  Friendship bonds can grow stronger. You could find yourself more involved in the community or going your own way. Over the years to come, you’ll develop a new level of emotional and material self sufficiency.

The total solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2 can mark a special anniversary, milestone, achievement, or goal setting/goal reaching time, for you or for someone you love (a child or a young one). The solar eclipse can mark a significant ending (retirement for some) and/or beginning (personal, professional, official). Although Mercury is retrograde, the lunar eclipse on July 16 can bring a money matter or relationship to a completion or conclusion.


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