Virgo – November 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

Mercury retrograde will walk you through an important rethink and review. This peel it back process serves to uncover what is essential for you to know. Eventually it will lead you to that one thing, that missing key that will help you to make sense of it all, that can turn the ignition back on.

A change of heart, mind, or direction is typical of the cycle. No matter how it unfolds, a re-route will lead to benefit. Use the Mercury retrograde cycle to get better on track with study or research. Reprioritize, get yourself better committed to your improvement mandates (health, wealth, and attitude). Seek advice of a specialist or therapist, get a second opinion, revamp your resume, strategy, schedule, or marketing.

Re-meets are also typical of the cycle. Expect to reconnect with someone from your past, perhaps someone of impact. It is an opportunity to refresh, gain a new perspective, or to move the karma forward. Watch November 11, 12 or around these dates for significant news or event, an important conversation or meet up, an insight, revelation or breakthrough, or for something more to be triggered. 

Mars enters Scorpio on November 18; Mercury in Scorpio ends retrograde on November 20 and the sun enters Sagittarius on November 22. The following week Venus leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn and Neptune finishes retrograde. One way or another, this cluster of stars will keep you on the forward march. Stay hopeful, stay smart, keep going!

Virgo – 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

The world is changing and so are you. Recognize it or not, there is a major line in the sand between who you were and who are you becoming, from yesterday and tomorrow. You are moving past the past and into a whole new reality in some bigger picture way. It’s happening faster than you may be fully aware of. One way or another, you are facing a significant growth spurt in the year ahead and over the next several. 

Trust the advance of time to clue you in a lot better. For now, ambition looks good on you. As best you can, stay inspired, hopeful, and goal driven. Mars in Aries (to February 13) can keep you feisty. The transit serves you well regarding the fight for rightful dues, the money chase, or regarding the bedroom. On the other hand, someone could push your hot button or pull a sudden plug. Aim to let off steam in a health way, keep temper, or outrage in check.

Jupiter in Sagittarius and the shorter transit of Venus in Sagittarius (January 7 to February 3) can put you on the move regarding home life, family matters, a personal project or agenda. A new address can be in the mix for some.

The solar eclipse on January 5 is auspicious for official undertakings and fresh starts of all kinds. A milestone achievement or anniversary, an official status, accreditation, or recognition is possible. In combination with the end of Uranus retrograde on January 6, this cementing eclipse and the total lunar eclipse on January 21 hold an element of the momentous or life changing. Of course, an eclipse must make direct contact to your natal chart for it to be of significant impact. Watch mid June through July for another pivotal completion, ending, goal post or milestone triggered by solar eclipse of July 2 and especially the total lunar eclipse of July 20/21. Note also that Mercury is retrograde during this same time period. (Mercury begins retrograde in Leo on July 7 and completes in Cancer on July 31).

Uranus in Taurus, starting mid March, is one of your better transits for taking on or making your mark on the new world. Putting more substantial opportunity in your path, this seven-year transit gives you something of significance to work with, work for and toward, especially regarding education and higher learning, a vocation path, a new lifestyle or reinvented relationship status. Someone of influence may act as a key catalyst, be they teacher, mentor, healer, lover, or family member. Chiron in Aries, an even longer transit (starting mid February), puts destiny into play in a more striking way regarding key relationships (self to self included). 

Jupiter/Neptune calls for you to aspire higher and to open yourself up to exploring more. Progressively the transit will show you what’s real, what holds good promise. It’s good to dream but also to keep your feet on the ground too. Trust the Capricorn transits (Saturn, Pluto and the south node) to do just that.

For the most part, Saturn is your ally this year and next, especially so if you are looking to bust up the concrete/break free of conditioning patterns regarding that which no longer serves you, to be a better, wiser, more empowered version of you.


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