Virgo – NOV Horoscope 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Are your expectations being met? Are you getting what you wanted out of it? Venus retrograde in Libra takes you on a revisit of financial and emotional investments. More importantly it powers up the voice of your heart. Your job is to listen up rather than to over-ride it. More and better is entirely within range. Look to Uranus on a backtrack of Aries starting November 6 to keep a spark well lit. The transit keeps you well supplied with fresh fuel (i.e. motivation or cause.) For the first half of the month, Mars in Aquarius also keeps you on the go, mind, body, and soul. You should feel you are finally able to see some progress regarding the work and the working it out, that you are gaining a more objective/fresher perspective regarding where you have been, where you are now, and where you are heading to.

Mars in Pisces, starting November 15 exposes you to more. You can be highly influenced or affected by everything and everyone around you. While Mars in Pisces helps you to blend in, the transit can also see you get lost or easily overwhelmed. Know that you are especially susceptible and easily swayed. Pump up on vitamins. Keep safety and security in mind. Protect your data, your valuables, your heart, your health. Don’t divulge all your secrets!

Jupiter in Sagittarius, starting November 8 launches a personal growth and new living-with- yourself chapter. There can be big change regarding your home and family life. The transit can get you out of the house and on the road more. A new address is entirely possible. You could move, to a new neighbourhood or across the country. The transit can increase your bottom line expenses or increase the cost of your property. Explore a new career trajectory or study track. Jupiter can also prompt a revival of a spiritual quest/practice.

Ideal for the holidays, Mercury retrograde, starting November 16, can see you reconnect with folks and family who live a long distance away or that you haven’t spent much time with recently. The past is an attention getter, whether it catches up with you physically or via memories. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, unexpected repairs or expenses, the flu or some other health backtrack could get the better of you.


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