Libra – November Horoscope – 2017

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Whether its passion, a promising potential, or a fight to spur you on, look to Mars, continuing in Libra through December 9, to keep you driven and well energized. The full moon on November 3,4 can be a good one for taking it further, for gaining ground, seeing results, or reaping the benefit. Someone or something new could intrigue or entertain you.

Mercury in Sagittarius, starting November 5 and Venus in Scorpio, starting November 8, also help you to make the most of it. Venus conjunct Jupiter on November 13 and trine Neptune on November 16 sets the week onto a smooth social, creative, money making, and/or relationship flow.

Saturn trines Uranus on November 11 for the last of three exact alignments in the element of fire. This completes a one-year staging cycle. The duo has give you the opportunity to observe, to explore, and to information gather. By the end of the month (November 27) and through the first week or so of December, Mercury will meet with Saturn. It will be time to review and to work through whatever needs to be discussed or sorted out before moving on.


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