Libra – NOV Horoscope 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

Venus revisit Libra through December 2. The transit gives you extra time to sort yourself out, to move through an important strip it down and re-assessment process. Venus can shift you or it from one extreme to another. Important decisions are pending. At peak at both the month’s start and the month’s end, Venus has been positioned at the crossroads since the start of September. The month ahead marks a finishing up and a launch it/staging phase. As of last the inferior conjunction on Oct 26, Venus has made the switch from revisiting the past to reworking it by adding something new to the mix.

Through November 15, Mars in Aquarius compliments Venus’ mandate. Along with Uranus on a backtrack of Aries, expect to stay active and on the go. Mars and Uranus put you out there again. Venus and Mars enhance your social life, communication tracks, and people connections. They can boost your love life and your earning prospects too.

Uranus retrograde in Aries makes for never a dull moment. Prospects, potentials, and people continue to keep it interesting, perhaps edgy too. Although stress and guesswork stay in the mix, now through March, Uranus can help you to cut to the chase with better detachment, objectivity, and precision.

One way or another, Jupiter’s one-year tour through Sagittarius (starting November 8) will also get you and keep you mobilized. Watch for more substantial downloads, more inspiration, great insight, stronger intuition. Jupiter loans you a better ability to envision it and to put it into action.

Do you have enough to go on? Are you getting the message? Are they? Is there more for you to say, learn, or gain? What about trust and truth? Mercury in Sagittarius retrograde can take you through another questioning or soul-searching phase. Appropriate for the season, while Mercury tours retrograde expect to reconnect with folks you haven’t seen for awhile. There can be important news, things to discuss, or something to revisit with key someone (a sibling, relative, friend, teacher, agent, advisor, etc.).


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