Libra – October Horoscope 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

Venus begins its retrograde cycle in Scorpio but will finish the cycle in your sign (October 31 to November 16.) Venus retrograde is always of high impact, especially when it tours Scorpio. The transit will be even more fecund for you if you are born Oct 18 to 22. While the cycle begins on October 5, Venus has already launched the program regarding a reassessment of relationships, finances and personal priorities. You can likely feel a sense of an undercurrent or something very potent stirring. An irresistible attraction, curiosity, or sense of déjà vu is also a clue that there is much more than meets the eye. There are layers and levels to get through. It’s a process. Once triggered, you can’t back out or side step. You will have to dive deep, and then go deeper. 

What do you need to do, to accomplish to feel re-empowered, to feel better engaged or connected, or to get back in the game again? To rebuild your net worth, to rebuild your self worth? To create more impact in your personal or professional life? It’s also a major soul-searching transit. The month ahead will take you through several checkpoints. (October 9 – 11, 19, 23,24 29- 31 to name a few.)

Mars in Aquarius is your ally. Beyond boosting your social life, Mars in Aquarius provides you with fresh ideas, opportunities and incentives. The transit helps you to be more of a risk taker, to experiment more, to express yourself in a new way, to stand apart from the crowd. If someone or something new appears, it is because you have earned it and deserved it. Hello again or goodbye again. While Venus retrograde recalls from the past, Mars in Aquarius is poised to take that past and catapult it to higher ground. The next two plus months takes you through a karmic gateway. Your next chapter is now signed up for an intensive script writing workshop.


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