Leo – November Horoscope – 2017

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

LEO July 22 – August 22

It has been building up or growing on you since the end of last year. Saturn’s trine with Uranus on November 11 brings you to a greater recognition of your future – how much more there is of it to take on, and the growth and reward that is now more within range. This whole year has been a bridge building one regarding reinvent yourself, your career, your lifestyle, your ambition, your relationship to the world at large, perhaps to a special someone (or few). 

Launching the month, the full moon in Taurus on November 3 settles you into a next groove. It’s not about reaching a plateau or stopping though, but rather about hitting a productive springboard.

The sun’s trine to Neptune (November 3), Venus conjunct Jupiter (November 13), Venus trine Neptune (November 16), and the new moon in Scorpio on November 18 are stage setting and foundation laying in some fortuitous/gifting way.

November 19, Mars square Pluto can take you past a roadblock or your own inner resistance. Plans or circumstances can seem to take shape on their own. Go with the flow. This Mars/Pluto also serves as the unofficial checkpoint for the start of holiday season onslaught.


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