Leo – Yearly Horoscope 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

LEO July 22 – August 22

Health or wealth wise, Saturn in Capricorn will heap on the incentive. It can make you tough it out and work for it more, but if you’ll come to recognize that the sweat equity is worth its weight in gold. Work wise, Saturn’s transit will support you to step up to the plate professionally, to assume a managerial or more senior position, to become a business owner/operator, to gain additional job training, experience, and credentials, hone a technique or master a speciality.

On the other hand, Saturn’s transit can place you at the other end of the spectrum, setting the clock on retirement, or prompt you to call it quits on a job or a business that is no longer delivering the goods. Finishing out your term can be a grind and test you patience, but aim to make a good show all the way to the finish line as best you can. No matter whether you get the acknowledgement or not, personal pride in job well done is a reward beyond measure. 

Saturn in Capricorn asks you to take your health seriously too. See a specialist if you need to, obey the rules, stick to a routine, a proper diet, drink more water, moisturize, stretch, use it, don’t lose it. If you want to age gracefully, start on it now. If you aren’t aging gracefully, then it is time to push yourself harder. Saturn is helpful for abstinence programs, so if you have a vice to quit, start now.

Chiron in Aries can add fresh challenges, but from mid May to November, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus are well aligned with each other’s agenda. They set an opportune backdrop and help you/keep you making the most of it, especially regarding career, professional ambitions, creative projects, wealth management, and all fixer-upper mandates (relationships and health included). Uranus in Taurus can position you at a right time and place. Catch the wave! Don’t say you aren’t ready yet, you are. You can gain favour with the public or those in decision making positions. Despite Uranus’s propensity for inconsistency or the unexpected, uphill battles can be made easier by Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. Use this transit to shore it up legally or to make it official.

The total lunar eclipse of January 31 is a super moon in Leo. You will feel this strike-flint eclipse if your birthday falls on or near August 3. The solar eclipse of February 15 is the polarity eclipse for last year’s total solar eclipse; it can be especially igniting, exciting, and event generating if your birthday falls on or near August 21.


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