Gemini – October Horoscope – 2017

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Jupiter in Libra has saved the best for last. Use the first few days of the month to put it into action and you should find you can get more than the usual accomplished.

Full moon (October 5) to new moon (October 19) keeps you on the go with one thing after another. Some push is required, especially Oct 8 to 11.

One way or another, Jupiter in Scorpio puts you to work. This one-year transit sets you onto a major undertaking, especially regarding health and wealth upgrades. You are likely to face major, even life altering, decisions along the way. Today sets up tomorrow. Yes, a hefty investment is necessary, but you know there’s value in the act. It’s the least you can do to enhance and to safeguard your prospects. Jupiter in Scorpio is an apt transit for renovations, training and education upgrades, for strategic planning and powerplay initiatives.

The month ahead isn’t entirely swimming in the deep end. There’s a balance. You’ll benefit socially and relationship wise from the sun and Mercury in Libra in the first portion of the month and Venus and Mars in Libra in the latter portion. 


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