Gemini – Horoscope August 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

he start of the month can get you going on something else, something extra or more. Perhaps it is just a sense that you need to get yourself plugged back in, or that you need to make the time you spend add up to more. This describes the influence of the total lunar eclipse of July 27 and Mars/Uranus on August 1.

Mercury retrograde, continuing to August 18 can put you back in touch with folks. Use this transit to resume talks or creative projects, to renew a lease, etc., or (- and more importantly-) a promise you made to yourself. Mercury retrograde can also call added attention to on a loved one or another important individual. Thanks to the workings of solar eclipse in Leo on August 11, there is an opportunity to take this relationship or relationship matter in a new direction. Regarding a relationship, a lifestyle, or career trajectory, August 7 to 10 can move you through plenty, inwardly or outwardly. If it isn’t a win/win, its time to end the contract and to try a new life on for size.

Mars revisits Capricorn from August 12 to September 10. The retrograde portion of the transit ends on August 27. The transit could produce a financial or emotional drain. On the other hand, you could gain through the end of season prices or a more realistic approach. it is a good transit for rebuilding and recommitting yourself, inwardly and outwardly. As the month and the next season moves along, you should feel you have a better handle on things and that you also have something more substantial to work with and to bank on.


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