Gemini – June 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Get ready to meet June head on. Your birthday month is jam-packed with significant planetary trigger points. Encompassing a full moon in Sagittarius on (June 17), June 14 to 19 can be the most challenging or catapulting as Mercury and Mars in Cancer face off with Saturn and Pluto. Something or someone from your past can be key to how it shapes up for you next. The past can serve a springboard or a limitation to confront. Whether you feel forced to deal with your reality or the desired goal sets you to task, know that effort is required. Results may take some time but know your hard work and dedication toward your greater good will not go to waste. Resistance is futile. Acceptance is an excellent starting place.

Gemini – Horoscope 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

Some prospects, potentials, or goals can be on a disappearing track. Some people you have cherished, sought after, or answered to can be too.  In dynamic alignment with Neptune (square aspect) Jupiter in Sagittarius continues to make 2019 a big year for endings and transitions. Some of the fade out is a natural progression, some of the loss creates a deep void; in other instances, loss paves the way to gain. Each is a facet of the whole.

Progressively over the course of the year, Jupiter/Neptune will reveal more to you. You are best to allow yourself to go with the flow, to move with the trends and currents. Watching for relationship matters, the important elements and issues to continue in a fluid or fluctuating state. A dissolving, infusing, and a seeding influence, Jupiter/Neptune create much greater potential. Beyond what is within view now lies new growth, more and greater opportunity. This is a wonderful combination for dreaming, aspiring, envisioning, creativity, volunteering, contributing, romance, and spiritual quests. Surrender to the process and stay hopeful, but also aim to keep it real. Over-projection or counting your chickens too soon can be folly.

If the Jupiter/Neptune transit prompts you to lose your way, the eclipses of the year won’t let you forget about reality.  All the solar eclipses (January, July, December) can bring you to an ending and a beginning of significance regarding financial matters (i.e. downsizing, the end of a loan payment, an inheritance, a new business venture, investment, marital or income status). There can be a substantial need or hefty investment in the year ahead (a new home, renovations, added business or educational expense, a new member in the family; an aging parent to look after, etc.).

Operating in the background, Uranus in Taurus, starting mid March, loans more substantial prospect and promise to budding potentials. Along with Uranus on a sign change, Chiron in Aries, starting mid February, also puts destiny into play in a more substantial way. Someone of significance can enter or exit your life. Mars tenants Gemini from March 31 to May 15. Forming dynamic aspects to Jupiter (opposition) and Neptune (square), this transit is sure to put you on the move. Mars in Aries to February 14 and Mars in Cancer (May 15 to July 1) take you through a heightened action period too.

Know the commitments you make or the reality that is heaped on you is here to stay for the long term. Don’t resist, get ambitious and get with the program instead. While outside forces can run formidable interference, overall life is a simple recipe: do the work, get the reward. You can do no better than to do the best you can with what you have.


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