Gemini – Horoscope October 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Re-evaluating your job? Your expectation? Your fee, price, or budget? Your involvement or commitment level?  How much do you trust yourself, another, the information, the process? Venus retrograde takes you through a critical re-evaluation period. The transit can show you the shortfalls before you see the benefit. You could work your way through an elimination process.  When/if that’s the case, it is likely to fit in the category of a natural progression. Of course, the transit can uncover things that are painful or costly. If so, better now rather than later. Ultimately the transit is meant to show you what you need to correct, upgrade, improve, or heal. It can be time to recommit yourself, to get back to the yoga, the healthy diet, or something much more.  When Venus tours Scorpio and especially when it is retrograde, you can do no better than to give it your all.  An adjustment (- to the plan, the process, the meds, etc.) could be necessary. Then again, you may need to do a complete overhaul. Don’t hesitate to explore an alternate angle or solution, to get a second opinion or to seek the advice of another specialist. When in doubt or dilemma, pull back. Take more time to observe and research.

While physical and emotional health and safety should always be your priority, that statement gets a double underscore while Venus tours retrograde.

On a strike flint aspect (square) to Venus on October 10, Mars is on its last and best leg through Aquarius. Fresh perspective, inspiration, opportunity, and motivation; Mars supplies you with great fuel. The following dates are hotwired for action: October 9 – 11, 19, 23, 24.


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