Gemini – Horoscope NOV 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

Expect to keep well on the go regarding activities, plans, and communication tracks. Venus on a revisit of Libra and Uranus on a backtrack of Aries (starting November 6) revs up the social side of life. Both can rekindle your interest level, your passion and creativity. A fresh spark could like regarding love or matters dear to the heart. Perhaps you’ll resume something that had been put aside for one reason or another.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, starting November 8, loans wings to prospects, ambitions, or relationships that offer up something of value and merit. You can use this transit to expand your knowledge base and experience, to grow your social contacts or your business, to move yourself, your career and your life in a new direction.

Mars exits Aquarius for Pisces on November 15. Encompassing the holidays, expect to be more fully immersed in the day to day happenings. You can easily lose track of time. This Mars transit is exposing. It can give more shape and form to potentials. It can be a time to let go of “should”, to surrender to the process, to allow time to do its thing. Loss makes room for fresh growth.

As is typical of Mercury retrograde (November 16 to December 6), expect to reconnect with folks, revise plans, or to revisit issues. You may question more, but it serves you to check in with yourself and to make sure you get the message straight regarding others too. Mercury is useful for doing exactly that.



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