Cancer February 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Mars in Aries is forcing you to push through and forge ahead despite the obstacles in the way (including your own inner resistance or lack of steam).  To continue the fight, to take charge, break free, to get yourself/get it up and running, to move yourself to more solid ground – the tasks before you are no small feat, that’s for sure! One way or another the first few days of the month set you onto a forward thrust.

The new moon in Aquarius on February 4 and the week that follows can put you on an upswing. You can do no better than to take a full dive and see where it gets you.

Venus in Capricorn, starting February 3, can see you get more out of the time you spend, the conversations you have, and the people you interface with. Venus also puts added attention on a limited timeline or a finish-line.

Mercury enters Pisces on February 10. Mars enters Taurus, a Venus ruled sign, on February 14. That makes for all three of the personal planets on sign changes, (two in earth and one in water, all three in complimentary elements). Hopefully you feel this fresh energy mix as a creative and opportunity boost.

Chiron enters Aries and the sun enters Pisces on February 18. Also, on this day, Venus conjuncts Saturn, and Mercury conjuncts Neptune. Watch for something to be exposed or crack open, for something to crystalize or to end, for an inspiration or saving grace.  These transits precede the super full moon in Virgo on February 19. The super full moon provides an opportunity to address something unfinished or that needs fixing or healing. Stick to healthy choices and be willing to let go of that which is not meeting the grade. Give benefit of the doubt, but don’t bank on a promise. Ask more questions, (seek the help of an expert), gather up more facts, get it in writing. If it doesn’t meet up to expectation or falls apart, it is making room for something better.

Cancer Horoscope 2019

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

CANCER June 20 – July 22

2019 is a feature year for your sign. Expect to experience big change and more big living in the year ahead. The past is up for review in some specific and bust up the concrete way. Nothing new, you say? While you have been grappling with the past and its consequences for a long time now, Uranus, on a completion in Aries through mid March, takes it/takes you (the reality; your conscious awareness) into the next phase of your evolutionary mandate which is labelled “no turning back now”.

Uranus has been hammering harder over the past few months, and especially so since November. At the end of November, Uranus finally busted through the wall and is now exploring on the other side. Whether you have witnessed it in some subtle or sharp way or even if you don’t have a sense of it at all, you will know soon enough how this planetary advance is working for you. Thanks to two eclipses and Mars fired up in Aries, January is set to hit the action in some hot poker way, especially in the days before and after the total lunar eclipse on January 20/21 (extending through the middle of February). One door closes and another opens. The solar eclipse marks an ending and beginning of significance, especially so if you are born on or near July 7. Both the January eclipses are also preliminary triggers for the July 2 total solar eclipse and the July 16 lunar eclipse. Again, if your birthday falls on or near an eclipse it will act as a significant, non-negotiable catalyst. The eclipse on July 16 is accompanied by Venus in opposition to Saturn. This can mark a special milestone, achievement, result or professional recognition, or it can bring a relationship, career track, or material circumstance to an end. Someone of significance can leave your life or exit the planet too. A financial squeeze is possible too. Relocation, more travel or more outside world influence is show by the transits of Jupiter and Ceres through Sagittarius for most of the year. Mercury begins retrograde in Leo on July 8, backing into Cancer from July 19 to August 11. (The retrograde ends on August 2). You are wise to stay extra alert to the building trends in June so that you can give yourself the best leg up.


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