Cancer Horoscope October 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Venus retrograde takes you through an even deeper soul-searching cycle. You’ll find you are better able to pull back the cover, to strip away the veneer, to pierce through top layers and to better put your hands/your heart on whatever has denied you access previously. The cycle will keep you working it through until you get right down to the bottom of what has been driving the bus or causing the issue.  You’ll have better staying power when it comes to this process, although, perhaps it is not a matter of choice but of an unfolding of circumstance. No matter what, where, when, or how it (…fill in the blank), the more important keys/questions for you to sort out are why, what next and how next.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio aims to you put you better in touch with the most valuable of your inner resources. The heart journey rates as number 1. Tenacity is also one of your great resources. You are tougher and more durable than you know yourself to be. Venus retrograde in Scorpio sets up a very potent creative cycle. Immerse yourself. Go deeper, get more out of it. New perspectives set baseline for a better abundance and attainment track. Through its finish in Aquarius, Mars sets the springboard for new financial prospects and for karmic breakthroughs in the relationship department, this regarding all VIP relationships, (included on this list: a new lover for some, a new single life for others.)  In November, Venus will back into Libra. It’s a decisive/decision making time regarding home, real estate, family relationships, financial bottom lines, and reconciling with yourself.


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