Cancer Horoscope NOV 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Rising costs are simply the everyday reality. The emotional can add up too. Venus on a backtrack of Libra calls for more investment- regarding not only a financial outlay, but time and heart. Is the extra worth it? Yes, it is, especially when comes to spending more time on the look and see, and on weighing pros and cons. Thoughts, plans, feelings, priorities and needs can change. Can you count on the sale or on others coming through for you? The reliability factor is up for question. Venus retrograde in Libra puts important contracts on the front burner, actual and karmic.

To pay up front means different things in different situations. The intended goal the same though. Aim to give the here and now your all. You’ll set yourself up for significant gain for the near goal post and, (perhaps more importantly,) for the long term.

You’ve been working to make big change for awhile now. Uranus on a backtrack and a final pass of Aries, starting November 6, can speed things up. Circumstances may force your hand.  Some things you can’t push, but where you can, put your all into the necessary change. The sooner you get with the program, the sooner you’ll move to safer, more solid ground.

Also launching on November 6, the karmic axis begins an eighteen-month transit through the Cancer/Capricorn polarity. If you are born July 20 to 22, you get the full impact of Uranus at the crossroads with the nodes (the karmic axis). You could feel triggered, or that circumstances are hotwired, that you are on a major time crunch, or that you are soon to make a breakthrough. One way or another, Jupiter in Sagittarius, starting November 8, will put you to work. It’s a favourable transit for a job search or for getting a move on with projects, ambitions, studies, relocation or health upgrades. Don’t take anything for granted though. Don’t spend it all in one place, race too far ahead, or assume things will go according to Hoyle. Play it safe with vehicles, equipment, information and health. Mercury in Sagittarius travels retrograde from November 16 to December 6. You could find yourself with more on your plate or less on your plate than you feel comfortable with.

Despite all, Mars in Pisces, starting on November 15, is a good transit for going with the flow and easing your way along. It can stir up fresh potentials and help you to entertain more possibilities and options. It’s a good transit for creativity, fresh inspiration, romance, spiritual replenishment, and volunteer work.


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