Aries – Horoscope overview – 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

According to Saturn in Capricorn, your most important priority is to get it under better control. To do that, you must get to the root of the issue or circumstance that have stoked your insecurity, fear, or worry. These emotions inhibit your progress as much as the reality can. It is time to stop resisting the uncomfortable hunger pains, the work that needs to be done, and the time you need to spend on it. Ambition directed toward professional goals and better material security serves you well. Consider yourself on a two-year build it better time-table. Put your maximum effort into doing what must be done and Saturn in Capricorn will serve as your greatest ally.

Some parts of life are on a wind down or finish off phase. You will feel this as a well-timed move along. This process clears the way for the next phase of your life assume command.

If you are born in the first ten days of Aries, you’ll feel Saturn’s influence at full strength in 2018. If you are born later, you’ll have a little more time to build up to it.

If you are born in the last five days of Aries, you’ll feel the revolutionizing force of Uranus in Aries at full strength in 2018. If you are born earlier in the sign, then Uranus has likely already hit the ignition switch. To harness the best of Uranus, be open to the moment, seize opportunity when it appears, have courage, take a risk, reinvent a little or a lot. May to September, Chiron in Aries (most influential for those born at the start of Aries) can fire up something you think is too soon or too fast. On the hard end, it can be a bridge burning influence. To the plus, Chiron thrusts you onto a destiny-comes-calling race-ahead.

Mid May to the start of November can be an exceptionally fertile or lucrative time for breaking new ground. Uranus in Taurus can introduce you to new money-making opportunities. You can find yourself becoming exceptionally resourceful, exceptionally in touch with new trends, new potentials, with the world around you and the people in it. Someone or something new could be instrumental in reinventing your life. 


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