Aries – December Horoscope – 2017

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

December opens with an edgy, excitable feel, with everything in full swing and everyone on the go. There’s a cluster of stars making quite an impact in the first few days of the month. On December 1, Venus enters Sagittarius. On the same day Mars in Libra is on a cut to the chase with Uranus in Aries. Relationship conflicts, financial matters and social reach a head. Mars in Libra forces into the open issues of justice, fairness and the one-sidedness of give and take. Jupiter in trine aspect to Neptune are making the most of it Dec 1, 2, and so should you.

The super full moon can defy logical or rationale, keep you juggling, or see you come up empty no matter how you try to solve it. With Neptune as a major contributor, uncertainty or confusion is in the mix. It can test your faith in what you know or what you believe. Things that look virtually the same on the outside can be vastly different on the inside. The same goes for people and their intentions. On the other hand, you may find you are able to successfully work through an elimination process. If you can take the emotion out of it, you will be better able to discern fact from fiction or wishful thinking.

Due to its retrograde Mercury meets with Saturn three times, twice in Sagittarius (November 27, December 6). When they meet up on January 12, both will have trekked into Capricorn. As is typical of the season and the transit, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can reconnect you with folks who are a long distance away or those you haven’t heard from in awhile. The cycle can prompt a regroup regarding an intimate relationship involvement (present, past or budding), finances (investments, debts, will and estate planning), business plans, marketing or publishing matters.  Most importantly, Mercury retrograde takes you on a deeper soul-searching mission, into an re-examination of choice makings along with evolving options and needs.

Pumping up your motivation and ambition Mars in Scorpio, starting December 9 helps you to get more committed and confirmed. This transit can make you more obsessed about getting to the bottom of it or getting a better handle on it. Mars in Scorpio is good for zeroing in or stripping it back. With both Mars and Mercury retrograde on the same wave length, there’s great opportunity to make the most of what you have going for you.

The lead-in to the big day (Dec 22 to 24) can be better than the actual event. Christmas can be a duty call, it can be small, or simply a day to stop and relax. As of December 26, the stars are already on the move-along.

Spend it social, in front of the TV or let spontaneity pick the entertainment, the Gemini moon on New Year’s Eve, makes for a smooth go.


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  1. Pamela Lee
    Pamela Lee says:

    Good morning… My comment involves a statement in the Aries forecast for December 2017…Towards the end of the article, the line reads ” …With Mars and Mercury retrograde … “…..This is the inaccuracy that I wanted to bring to your attention…The planets retrograde at this time are Uranus and Mercury…. If by chance I am misreading this, my apologies…Pamela Lee 12/7/2017…


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