Aries – Horoscope August- 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Heading for more of the same? Not likely. Fresh air, a vacation or at the very least, a break in the routine can only do you good. Take more time out for yourself, for whatever turns your crank.

Whether you aim get yourself plugged back in, or you look to move yourself in a new direction, Mars/Uranus are on the get-it-moving fast track at month’s start. Mercury retrograde is a good transit for putting pleasure, play and self interests first. Both Mercury and Mars retrograde take you through more questioning regarding what and who is in your best interests. You’ll gain plenty of help from the stars to move you along. The solar eclipse in Leo on Aug 11 can give you a sense that destiny is calling the shots. A contract, karmic or actual, is up for renewal or termination. Some one of significant can enter or exit your life or thrust the action switch in some other way. The week prior to the eclipse or the eclipse itself can get the action up and rolling but know that the Mars transit, Mercury retrograde, and the eclipse continue to run on a time extension. August 12 to September 10, Mars in Capricorn puts a more serious spin on build it better ambitions. The eclipse can revitalize you where it holds the greatest impact – your heart, the center of your being. It increases the potential for greater personal or career success and it can enhance your artistic or creative expression. For some, the eclipse can spark a new passion or a new love.   


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