Month Ahead Octopber 2019 – Sun Sign Horoscopes

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus


October 13: Full Moon in Aries: 2:08 pm (20:14 Aries)

October 27: New Moon in Scorpio: 8:38 pm (4:25 Scorpio)

October 2: Pluto ends retrograde: 11:37 pm

October 3: Mercury enters Scorpio: 1:15 am

October 3: Mars enters Libra: 9:22 pm

October 8: Venus enters Scorpio: 10:06 am

October 23: Sun enters Scorpio: 10:20 am

October 31: Mercury stations retrograde: 8:42 am (27:38 Scorpio)

**Please note, all times listed are PDT, please check your local listing.

Dates to Watch: October 1 – 8, 12 – 15, 27, 28, 30, 31

October Overview:

Have you felt stalled, stuck, or stymied over the past few months? That is about to change. Saturn in Capricorn has recently ended retrograde and Pluto in Capricorn will do the same just before midnight (PDT) on October 2. Time and reality’s dictates hit the forward march, now heeding a more specific drumbeat. Both transits are hard at work on the completion of lengthy chapter while also actively in script development for the next storyline.

We have also been under the influence of Jupiter’s square to Neptune, a transit that has been in effect since the start of the year. Jupiter/Neptune has kept the potential and the uncertainty well afloat. Having surpassed their peak as of last month (see paragraph below) the duo will progressively disengage as the month advances. As this happens, what is already in existence but that has escaped full view will make its presence better known. Once the writing on the wall becomes clearer, Jupiter in Sagittarius, a future bound archetype, aims to take the ball and run with it.

The last Jupiter/Neptune peak (September 21) has launched the formal impeachment inquiry into Trump. (For those astrologically versed, transiting Jupiter is exactly on Trump’s south node and opposing his Uranus.) Undermining his campaign for re-election on October 21, Jupiter/Neptune has also unearthed old photographs of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface costume.

British supreme court has ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament was illegal (misleading the Queen is almost a literal interpretation for Jupiter/Neptune). At the time of this writing, parliament is back in session and requesting Johnson’s resignation.

Ceres, travelling in Sagittarius for most of this year, catches up to Jupiter on Oct 25. This conjunction completes the information gathering mandate started in 2012. Marking the start of a new hunting season, Ceres/Jupiter have a target already lined up – to true our aim regarding what is in our highest and best interests, to realign our beliefs in order to maximize our creative potential, and to get us better up to speed with what lies on the road ahead. Supporting the Saturn and Pluto agenda, Ceres/Jupiter moves us further along a completion and a seeding track of significance.

To a large extent, what’s in motion and what is meant to bridge us into the next phase of the journey is already well under way. That is not to say that life or the future is fated, but that it is becoming more transparent, that progressively we are getting better clued in. (Setting bigger wheels in motion, the Ceres/Jupiter transit on October 25 makes a direct impact to Trump’s chart, shooting directly at his moon (conjunct), opposite his sun.The transit is likely put Trump on the run or into flight in some increased way.)

All three personal planets change sign this month. On October 3, just a few hours after Pluto ends retrograde, Mercury enters Scorpio.Mars enters Libra at the end of the same day. Through the middle of November, Mars revs up personal, social, and financial relationships, trends, politics and contracts (karmic, actual). What’s motivating or compelling you, them or it? What’s lurking in the recesses of desire, need, and compulsion?Venus in Scorpio on October 8 takes it deeper, makes it more emotional, more impactful, and perhaps more urgent. Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra in mutual reception (in each other’s signs) are enriched by each other’s resources.

Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, and Mars in Libra have slated this next month or so for a powerplay, for the undertaking of important and critical karmic work. The full moon in Aries on October 13 (square Pluto) and the new moon in Scorpio on October 27 (opposite Uranus) loan themselves out for exactly this purpose. (Remember that you will only feel the impact of these transits on a personal note if they are making direct contact to your chart. Otherwise, you’ll simply bare witness or be indirectly affected).

The full moon in Aries on October 13 (Thanksgiving weekend in Canada) is in dynamic tension to Pluto. Noting favour from Jupiter (trine the sun, sextile the full moon) it could be the start of getting things moving in a better direction. It can make for a good weekend for a getaway. Let yourself off the hook or cut yourself extra slack.

The new moon in Scorpio on October 27 could have quite a kick to it. It could even feel somewhat like a full moon, thanks to the involvement of Uranus by opposition and Mars/Saturn square. Watch for the brakes to come off or for a hot button to be pushed. This new moon could trigger difficult breakup, see a difficult (but necessary and timely) corner turned, or provoke something political. A weather extreme is within possibility too. Uranus is always good for some degree of intensity, stress, or shock value. On the other hand, Uranus can trigger an exceptional opportunity, especially for the brave of heart and the astute visionary.

Mercury in Scorpio begins retrograde motion on October 31. Stay on watch for preliminary hints and clues. Don’t take things for granted, don’t discount or glaze over it, you could miss out something important. At the same time, don’t let fear or obsession get the better of you! The retrograde agenda will start to set up as early as October 10/11 when Mercury begins what is known as the shadow phase. Mercury ends retrograde at the same degree (11 Scorpio) on November 21. The retrograde can dial up issues of trust and abandonment, sex, drugs, addictions, and self-sabotage. To the plus, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can help you to get more committed to an empowerment initiative, whether that has to do with inner work, health, finances or relationship situation.

At the time of this writing, Brexit is scheduled to take place on October 31 at 23:00 hours GMT, approximately 5 hours after Mercury begins retrograde. It’s not the best time to be starting anything! Will it get pushed back again or will the deal fall apart? Noting the upcoming eclipses (Dec 26, Jan 10), it is likely Brexit will get a time extension (to the end of January) and leave with a contract in place.





Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
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