Astrology for Month Ahead March 2020 – Plus your Sun Sign Update

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

March 9: Super Full Moon in Virgo 10:48 am (19:37 Virgo)

March 19: Vernal Equinox: Sun Enters Aries: 8:50 pm

March 24: New Moon in Aries 2:28 am (4:12 Aries) 

**Daylight Saving Time Begins March 8 USA /CANADA

March 4: Mercury retrograde revisits Aquarius: 3:08 am

March 4: Venus enters Taurus: 7:07pm

March 9: Mercury in Aquarius ends retrograde: 8:49 pm

March 16: Mercury enters Pisces: 0:43 am

March 20: Vesta into Taurus: 10:07 pm

March 21: Saturn enters Aquarius: 8:57pm

March 30: Mars enters Aquarius: 12:44 pm

**Please note all times listed are Pacific Time, please check your local time.

Dates to watch: March 3 – 6, 8,9,11 – 14, 16, 18 – 23, 26 -31

March Overview:

Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Covid 19 (the Corona Virus) continues in full swing as March opens. Expect the virus to be official labelled as a pandemic soon enough. We are working our way toward a super full moon in Virgo of March 9. Virgo is the sign archetype that correlates to health and to the evolutionary principle of “crisis as a vehicle for growth”. 

Prior to the full moon, there are a couple of notable transits to report on. On March 3 (Super Tuesday in USA politics) Venus in Aries hits a breakthrough with Saturn. This cut to the chase transit can get the ball rolling on what has been jammed up or on lock down in recent weeks. All it takes is a singular moment or a single trigger; one good one, one step, one action, one person, etc.

On March 4, Mercury backtracks into Aquarius. It will finish the retrograde cycle on the super full moon of March 9, but it will not complete its revisit of Aquarius until March 15. Watch for Mercury in Aquarius to provide fresh stimulus, to reawaken and revitalize at all levels – personal, social, economic, and political.

Also, on March 4, Venus begins a four-week stint in Taurus. Venus in Taurus features money and relationships, assets and resources, net worth, self worth and survival matters. Through March 8, Venus builds momentum with Uranus in Taurus. This Venus/Uranus transit keeps the stimulus, excitement, edginess, unpredictability, and discovery process going strong. It is also a key influencer regarding the super full moon of March 9.

The super full moon in Virgo on March 9 is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. At the same time, the sun conjuncts Neptune (perfects on March 8). Sun/Neptune translates into a major creative and energy infusion. Among its many correlations, Neptune and Pisces rule the immune system, hospitals, the masses, and the global experience. Oil, another topic that’s in the news, also falls under the Pisces rulership. Watch for this full moon could expose more. It could create more loss or a saving grace moment. Venus/Uranus could produce a discovery, breakthrough, or something exceptional. The weather and matters to do with climate change are likely to be newsworthy too. If this super full moon hits your chart directly, it could be momentous for you, this regarding health, work or working it out. The end of Mercury in Aquarius coincides with this full moon. The week that follows holds productive stars.

Whatever the universe put on your priority review, revise, and fix-it list while Mercury was retrograde will be in the rear-view mirror by the time the Spring Equinox arrives on March 19. Mars and Venus transits bookend what is likely to be the feature spring break week (last two weekends of the month, March 20 to 28). Venus trines Jupiter on March 27 and trines Pluto on March 28. These are good dates for travel, finances and for making the most of the moment.

March 20, Mars/Jupiter is favourable for travel, promotional ventures and getting something new off the ground (including the way you are envisioning your future). March 22, Mars/Pluto puts the powerplay into motion. This Mars/Jupiter, Mars/Pluto action marks the completion of a two-year developmental cycle and the start of the next two year build it better project. Sandwiched in the middle of this Mars action, Saturn begins a short stint in Aquarius. It’s a staging influence regarding the shaping and defining of our newly forming social world priorities and the breaking of new ground regarding personal life reality too.

For the past two years, Saturn has taken up residency in its home sign, Capricorn. March 21 to July 1, Saturn will introduce its transit through Aquarius which will extend from December 16, 2020 to March 7, 2023.

March 30, Mars enters Aquarius. On March 31, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius begin their next two-year mandate, that of accelerating the changing world reality.  The timeline is going to move faster. Let’s hope collective progress does too!

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Reconnections and revisits are typical of Mercury’s retrograde cycle.  Mercury in Aquarius (retrograde to March 9 but extending to March 15) could stimulate another wave of social activity or busy-ness.  Mercury in Aquarius also prompts a fresh perspective or objective.

Significant change lies ahead. Saturn in Aquarius, March 21 to July 1, introduces you to a new reality. It is one that will overtake you by the end of this year and into the next several years. New goals, a new career direction, lifestyle, financial or relationship status is in the works. This year’s Saturn in Aquarius transit is your opportunity to get a jumpstart on it.

Mars, your ruling planet, tours Capricorn through March 30. Mars is exalted in this sign. Operating at its best effectiveness and efficiency, Mars helps you to stay on target and on time, this regarding the reality of the day and the karmic agenda too. Mars aims to get it built, under better control, made official, and/or completed. Mars in Capricorn gains added traction via alignments with Jupiter and Pluto from   March 19 to 23. These dates are significant in terms of getting it up and running, reformatted or redirected, or regarding push come to shove.  Mars enters Aquarius on March 30 and aligns with Saturn on March 31.  Drawing extra turbo from the sun in Aries, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in the last portion of the month, Mars assists you to get to a desired or necessary next page and/or to make a significant breakthrough.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Mercury dips back into Aquarius on March 3 to finish off the retrograde. In so doing, it sets to work to upgrade your inner software and/or to push the refresh button regarding your outer-world priorities too. Although retrograde ends on the super full moon March 9, Mercury will continue to stir the pot in Aquarius and/or knock on your awareness door through March 15.

Venus tours Taurus from March 4 to April 3. Mars tours Capricorn to March 31. Both are optimizing transits for your sign. Good for spruce-ups of all kinds, Venus can see you attract more attention and favour. Venus in Taurus also prompts to you evaluate with a fresh heart. Supporting the lengthier and bigger picture transits of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, for the month ahead, Mars works toward greater definition regarding potentials at hand and how they play into your future. The transit is also working on timetable of significance. You may experience this as nearing and/or completing a deadline or goal of significance, as a sense of the ripeness of the moment, or of standing poised at a karmic threshold.

Take full advantage of the time you have while the stars hold you steady.  A new reality is in the pipeline. It is one that could set you on a radically different life trajectory. You’ll gain a preview from Saturn in Aquarius, March 21 to July 1, and from personal planet Mars, March 31 to May 12. Choose to

improve and reinvent or let the transits bust-up the concrete for you. Either way, these transits set new priorities, necessities, and goals into action. 

March 8, 9, the full moon in Virgo could bring something unexpected and or timely. If you have been out of work or out of commission, the full moon and the transits over the first two weeks of March could present the opportunity to heal, fix, improve, resume, or fill in a missing blank. Mars is in action from the Spring Equinox, March 19, to March 23, and March 30/31. Venus is in action March 26 – to 28. Harness these stars and you could get yourself someplace good.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Mercury backs into Aquarius on March 4. It will finish retrograde travel on the super full moon of March 9 and continue in Aquarius to March 15.  Mercury in Aquarius is an informing and enlightening transit. It puts you/puts us onto a better know.

If you are born on or near June 10, you can feel the strongest effect of the March 9 super full moon in Virgo. Watch for something hidden or unexpected to surface. A health issue or necessary repair could prove to be a saving grace opportunity. Improvement is the net gain. Watch also for a hidden advantage or a great bargain. Something lost could be found, perhaps there’s an opportunity to make a save, to catch up on something important, or to fill in a critical missing blank.

March 21 to July 1, Saturn in Aquarius introduces you to a new perspective on where the future/your future could be heading to. The year ahead gifts you with extra time to feel your way along, to figure out next steps, and/or to add finishing touches. Build the best springboard you can. Clear away what is unnecessarily encumbering. Get yourself better educated (via experience, added training, research, or advice.) 2021 can be a great “take flight/take off year”.   

You can find yourself at the end, the start or someplace in the middle; March 19 (Spring Equinox) to 24, the stars are set for action. Make the most of it! Meeting up (by conjunction) with Jupiter (March 20), Pluto (March 22) and Saturn (March 31), Mars completes a two-year construction project (karmic, actual) and begins the next two-year initiative.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

March is front loaded, and end loaded too. Expect to hit go, perhaps unexpectedly so as Mercury ditches Pisces for Aquarius on March 4. It will finish the retrograde in this sign on the super full moon in Virgo on March 9, but it won’t get back to Pisces until March 16. Initially it could increase your stress, but at the very least, Mercury in Aquarius will get you thinking along new lines.

The super full moon in Virgo on March 9 could go either way. It could produce a saving grace or turn a potential into a reality. Help or opportunity can show up when you least expect it. Something lost could be found. On the other hand, you could face disappointment or find yourself on the short end of the stick.  You could feel in greater need, overwhelmed or at a loss, but just as you decide to throw in the towel of give up all hope, you could find opportunity or help in unexpected ways and places. The full moon reveals what is real and full of potential, and what is not. It can prompt you to see, think, or implement in a more realistic way; to uncover and/or articulate what isn’t working for you anymore. A loss may prove itself to be a gain or a win, if not now, then soon enough. If something you were hoping for doesn’t come through, know it simply paves the way for something else, something better to show up. 

Mars in Capricorn is on a wrap up/finish off with Jupiter (March 20), Pluto (March 22) and Saturn (March 31). This Mars action completes a two-year cycle. (Did you feel it as a grind you down couple of years? Have you laid a good foundation? Either way, the stars have been riding you tough.) More importantly, Mars now launches a new two-year cycle. What is this next cycle about? Accelerated reinvention. From the ground up if necessary.

Saturn supports this mandate. March 21 to July 1, Saturn will introduce you to your new reality. Cut yourself loose/liberate yourself or watch for the stars to pull the rug for you. A new financial or relationship status or radical lifestyle change is on docket. Welcome the change and the change will welcome you back.

LEO July 22 – August 22

Mercury’s backtrack into Aquarius (March 4 to 15) and a super full moon in Virgo on March 9 keeps the front end of March activated. Mars and Saturn take over in the second half of the month.  In other words, its another full to the brim month.

As is typical of the retrograde cycle, folks can make a reappearance. Mercury in Aquarius could re-stimulate or refresh something that has been forgotten, sidetracked, or left hanging. The transit helps you to see with fresh eyes/fresh heart. It’s also an appropriate transit to revise or renew a contract, agreement or plan.

Usually the end of Mercury retrograde goes largely unnoticed, but it might not be the case this time thanks to the super full moon in Virgo on March 9.  Daylight Saving Time starts the day prior to the full moon (it is also International Women’s Day). The full moon draws extra turbo from Neptune in Pisces and Venus/Uranus (conjunction). Put safety to the fore, don’t go on an assumption, and watch for the unexpected! It can be a good couple of days to escape, enjoy a vacation, repair, regroup, to give in to the creative muses or to romance. Also, you could scoop a bargain, fill in a missing blank, catch up with something or someone, or find something that has gone missing. The full moon could set you up for a saving grace opportunity.

What new reality did you face in 1993/94? Saturn dips into Aquarius on March 21 for the first time in 26/27 years. This transit is only a brief introduction.  Saturn will return to Capricorn on July 1 to finish out the year. A new reality and new lifestyle are already in the works. Watch for Saturn in Aquarius to bring new people and circumstances into your life. The transit prompt you to reinvent the way you interface with people, the world in general and specifically with key individuals (personal, social and professional.) Consider this Saturn in Aquarius transit as a time to kick the tires and take a test drive.

Mars in Capricorn is working along a two-year completion track while simultaneously laying new ground with Jupiter (March 20) the future bound planet, and Pluto (March 22), the agent of the soul and of deep and lasting change. You are likely to feel a sense of greater importance (actual and karmic) regarding the timeline, the wrap up and the ground-laying. You are correct. Mars enters Aquarius on March 30 and teams up with Saturn on March 31. It’s spring and its springboard time!

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Mercury retrograde backs into Aquarius on March 4. Expect to stay busy with work, school upgrades, healing or repairs. As is typical of the retrograde cycle, the timetable, plan, or expectation may be need adjustment. To the plus, Mercury retrograde in Aquarius could provide a fresh avenue or perspective or help you to find an alternative or creative solution.

Accompanying Mercury on the sign switch to Aquarius on March 4, Venus treks into Taurus on this same day. For the next month, Venus helps you to make and gain the most out of the opportunities of the moment. Looking for a better paycheck? Prospects can be on the upswing. Keeping you looking good and sounding good, Venus enhances relationships (personal, professional, social, romantic).

March 8, Venus/Uranus and sun/Neptune (both conjunctions) could dish up something unexpected, perhaps exciting. It could be a great brainstorm, a sudden discovery, or something more. (Try your luck!) Venus/Uranus could be a trigger for the super full moon in Virgo on March 9.  Watch for news, or for something exposing, revealing or exciting. Something could suddenly fall into place for you. A departure of significance is possible too (it could be time for a vacation, or a goodbye).

Both Venus and Mars transit earth signs this month. They can help you to gain on yourself, and to feel more secure regarding your everyday dealings. To March 30, Mars transits Capricorn.  Beyond a good weekend for a change of pace/scenery, March 20 to 22 Mars brings you to an important threshold crossing. It completes the past two-year personal growth cycle and launches the next two year build it better program. Venus makes the most of it with Jupiter on March 27 and Pluto on March 28. Undertakings, enhancements, and investments are fruitful. It’s a good weekend to gift yourself and to get your pleasure fill. 

For the past two years, Saturn has been in transit through its home sign. Saturn leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on March 21 for a short visit. To July 1, Saturn will test drive the next phase of your journey. It will prompt new thinking patterns and introduce you to a new lifestyle norm. March 31 to May 13, Mars in Aquarius supports the Saturn agenda by speeding up the reality and the process.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22
Picking up from where you left off, Mercury’s backtrack into Aquarius from March 4 to 15 can get you reconnected. It could reboot a project or intention, and/or rewire your inner software too. Watch also for a fresh insight or a fresh opportunity.

Mercury’s return to Pisces, March 16 to April 10, will again keep you submerged in the work, the process, your health and healing, and the day to day get-go. On a search for an ultimate solution or better answer? Don’t know what’ll shape up next? Take it moment to moment, give your best to the moment and know that time will eventually reveal all.

Venus tenant Taurus from March 4 to April 3. The transit puts added attention onto an intimate relationship and/or your finances. Both categories can hold an element of uncertainty, inconsistency, excitability, and/or stress thanks to the building Venus/Uranus conjunction of March 8.  The super full moon in Virgo on March 9 could uncover/expose something in need of added attention. Coinciding with the end of Mercury retrograde, watch for an opportunity to repair, correct, upgrade, fill in a gap, fine tune it, or heal.

The Spring Equinox March 19 sets the next quarter of the year on go in some major way. The next few weeks hold momentous stars. Mars, tenanting Capricorn to March 30, meets with Jupiter (March 20) and Pluto (March 22). Both conjunctions mark the end of a two-year cycle while also laying the foundation for the next two-year date with destiny. You can feel the Mars transit as an important or ripe moment in time. It can be the start coming into your own in some substantial and cementing way. The Capricorn transits aim to age you like fine wine. (Pluto has been at it for years, Jupiter and Saturn more recently.) They put the concentration toward taking control and building it better. You are your own best authority. It is time to recognize this fact, to legitimize yourself and what you need – firstly to yourself, and secondly, to family and the world around you. Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21 and Mars does so on March 30. On March 31, Mars and Saturn meet. In so doing they also position you at a two-year completion and the start of the next two-year opportunity cycle.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Mercury continues in retrograde through the super moon in Virgo on March 9. Mercury began the retrograde tour in Pisces, but it does not end there. March 4 to March 15, Mercury revisits Aquarius. This backtrack can see you on an important review or regroup. The transit could keep you occupied with a specific home or family matter or added expenses, such as home renovations, electrical or mechanical repairs. The cycle can also boost social activity or client practice.

Venus in Aries surpasses Saturn on the USA Super Tuesday (March 3) and advances to Taurus on March 4. To March 8 Venus is on a building track with Uranus. A sun/Neptune conjunction also precedes the super full moon Virgo on March 9. Watch for a big reveal – for something unexpected, perhaps sudden and surprising.  The exceptional or iconic could come to pass.

The Spring Equinox on March 19 begins a dynamic run of stars that will end the month and launch the next. Book-ending Saturn’s trek into Aquarius on March 21, Mars in Capricorn teams up with Jupiter on March 20 and Pluto on March 22. This dynamic cluster sets the backdrop for a reality and/or consciousness shift of significance. The Mars transit marks the completion of a two-year foundation laying/construction project, and the start of a next-two year build it better cycle. Venus also makes important contacts, to Neptune on March 22 (sextile), Jupiter on March 27 (trine) and Pluto on March 28 (trine). All three alignments are infusing more creative potential, merit, and significance to the experiential track. Mars treks into Aquarius on March 30 and teams up with Saturn on March 31. Welcome to the new reality. It’s the start of so much more to come!

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Venus in Aries hits a breakthrough with Saturn on March 3 (the USA Super Tuesday). You can feel it as a block removed, no holding back, or as a time is ripe moment. As of March 4, Mercury retrograde backs into Aquarius and Venus leaves Aries for Taurus. Venus builds to conjunction with Uranus on March 8 and Mercury ends retrograde in (Uranus ruled) Aquarius on the super full moon in Virgo on March 9. In other words, both transits are on a punch it up trajectory. Neptune is also an influencer (conjunct the sun on March 8, opposing the full moon on March 9). You will feel the fullest impact of the full moon if your birthday is on or near December 10 or 11 or the full moon makes a significant contact to your natal chart. Watch for something unexpected regarding work, necessary repairs or revisions, health, or your personal life. As best you can, protect your immune system, your loved ones, and your valuables. The inevitable could come to pass. It could be a time to let go, say goodbye, or to take on something necessary that you may have been avoiding. To the plus, it could be an opportunity to start a new job or training program, a health and healing modality, to dive into a creative project, start on a path of service, or to reclaim your relationship with the divine.

Mercury ends retrograde on March 9, but it will continue in Aquarius through March 15. From the Spring Equinox of March 19 through March 22, Mars is in action with Jupiter (March 20) and Pluto (March 22). Beyond a good time to travel or other spring break activities, Mars is setting a next phase of personal or professional reality into play in some major way. It is the culmination of the past two years and the start of a next build-it project. As the month finishes out, Venus in Taurus is on an enlarge the scope/increase the value trajectory with Jupiter (March 27) and Pluto (March 28).

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21 to stay until July 1. Saturn will revisit Capricorn from July 1 to December 16 to begin a two-year residency in Aquarius.  A new perspective on your reality and what it takes to be you will emerge during this transit. No matter how that happens, it is setting up a timely developmental track. In the works is a new lifestyle, career, field of study, or social network. The transit could see someone special enter or exit your life. Giving the start of the new Saturn cycle an acceleration kick, Mars enters Aquarius on March 30 and both join forces on March 31.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

The first two days of the month could produce uncertainty but look to March 3 (Super Tuesday in the USA) to set wheels in motion in some well defined or break new ground way. On that day, Venus in Aries surpasses a breakthrough Saturn’s barrier or checkpoint.

March 4, Mercury revisits Aquarius to finish out the retrograde in this sign on March 9 (a super full moon in Virgo). Mercury will continue in Aquarius to March 15. Mercury in Aquarius brings new life to social matters, pursuits, and investments (emotional and material/financial.) Stimulating fresh potential, From March 16 to April 10, Mercury will tour Pisces.  Also, on March 4 Venus begins a four-week tour of Taurus. The money planet (figuratively speaking and actual) is already especially magnetic in her own sign, but through March 8 (the day before the full moon), Venus draws extra turbo from Uranus in Taurus (Venus/Uranus perfect a conjunction the day before the super full moon.) Neptune, the planet of potentials, is also a feature of the super full moon in Virgo. Expect Covid 19 and its fallout to dominate the news. Watch for this full moon to fill in a missing blank and get you much better clued in. Perhaps this missing key or necessary correction or repair represents a saving grace.  Too, it can be a time to see a specialist or to take an important test. This full moon could also necessitate a major change in plans, or an important renegotiation or renewal.

The second half of the month is sure to see you get something major off the ground. Through March 30, Mars travels through Capricorn. The transit keeps you industrious and motivated. Mars teams up with Jupiter on March 20 and Pluto on March 22. These transits add a real kick to Saturn’s first foray into Aquarius on March 21. The following weekend, Venus in Taurus trines both Jupiter (March 27) and Pluto (March 28). 

Saturn will tenant Aquarius from March 21 to July 1. The transit will give you a preview feel for Saturn’s return to Aquarius in December. The transit will extend to the spring of 2023. Saturn in Aquarius can introduce you to a new, (perhaps a radically altered) reality, this regarding your material or financial status, your personal life, or lifestyle wise. It can awaken skills and resources you have not yet discovered or have not yet put to good use.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Mercury isn’t done with you yet! As of March 4, Mercury backs into Aquarius to finish out the retrograde in your sign. Extending to March 15, watch for the transit to offer fresh stimulus to something that may have been recently interrupted or waylaid. Although you can go back and pick up from where you left off, something has changed. It could spell an improvement, but if you feel it as a loss, know there is plenty to be gained or regained later in the month.

Venus in Taurus, starting March 4 increases your appreciation for the good things you have. Quality over quantity. It is a good transit for pacing yourself and for keeping it simple. Even so, Venus is on a build up with Uranus to March 8. Do you have something special to look forward to? Perhaps there’s a new address, renovation project, or new family circumstance in development? Venus/Uranus can keep the excitement going, but it can also keep the guesswork or stress going too. Venus/Uranus precedes the super full moon in Virgo on March 9 which is engaged with Neptune by opposition. Watch for opportunity or for something to be exposed that needs healing, correction, or repair. You could play rescuer or find yourself in need of saving. On the positive end, there are great bargains to be had. There can be an opportunity to fill in a missing blank. If a relationship comes to an end, it is likely that it has been in the works for awhile. (Go gentle on yourself. Time heals all.)

The Spring Equinox (March 19) launches an action-packed couple of weeks regarding transits. Mars in Capricorn teams up with Jupiter on March 20 and Pluto on March 22. Beyond a good weekend to start spring break, these transit triggers can be result producing, reward generating, or set a constructive backdrop for building it better. They also complete a two-year project/timeline (karmic contract) and set you up for the next two-year project. Mars is now ready to break new ground and springboard you into a new adventure. It is one that has been well earned and is deserved. Supporting the Mars agenda, Venus is on an opportunity surge with Jupiter on March 27 and Pluto on March 28. 

Saturn transits Aquarius from March 21 to July 1. You can feel this transit as an acceleration influence. The world is changing, you are changing too. Uranus in Taurus helps you to evaluate with a fresh mind and heart. Mars enters Aquarius on March 31 and joins forces with Saturn on March 31. Mars conjunct Saturn brings you to the completion of a two-year project regarding reworking the past (karmic and actual) while also positioning you at the starting gate for the new two-year phase, that of “working the future”.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Mercury dips out of Pisces on March 4, but it will return to your sign March 16 to April 10. While it tours Aquarius (March 4 to 15) try to maintain objectivity and take a break from folks who drain your energy. Minimize stress as best you can.

Venus in Taurus, starting March 4 can help you to get better goods out of your activities and interactions. Even so, through March 8, Venus/Uranus, an anything goes pairing can keep it edgy, exciting, or stressful. A super full moon in Virgo follows this Venus/Uranus transit. That super full moon also engages Neptune, your ruler (the sun is conjunct; the moon opposes). March 8, 9 could surprise you with the sudden and unexpected. You could feel swamped with too much coming at you all at once. Among the range of possibilities, you could feel vulnerable and exposed, let down by another or by how things play out. It could be time when you face a significant test (faith, health, studies, professional). The Virgo full moon could put health matters, repairs or unexpected expenses on the front burner. On the other hand, it could set you up for a saving grace moment (perhaps there is an opportunity to correct a mistake), and/or help you to scoop a great bargain. Note the end of Mercury retrograde coincides with this super full moon. The sun is in good shape in the week that follows. You should feel you hit a good upswing – or at least that you have something of value or merit to work with.

Bookending what is likely the foremost week of spring break, March 19 to 22, Mars adds fresh fuel to Jupiter and Pluto (conjunctions). March 26, 27, Venus is on an opportunity, manifesting, or gaining ground track with Jupiter and Pluto (trines). Both transits keep the action on a major dial up. Mars is on a completion of a two-year trajectory and at the start of a next two year build it better cycle.

Saturn in Aquarius, March 21 to July 1, introduces you to the lifestyle changes that will overtake you and the changes that will affect our global reality next year and over the years to come.

Mars leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on March 30 and teams up with Saturn on March 31. Expect to hit an acceleration track. To be sure, there will be a lot of living it out over the next few weeks. The month ends much different than it started. 

Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
Location: Vancouver, BC Website:
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