Month Ahead January 2020 – Sun Sign Scopes

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

January 2020:

January 10: Appulse Lunar Eclipse: 11:21 am

20 Cancer (new phase to nodes) (picks up Saturn of Dec 25 eclipse)

January 24: New Moon: 1:42 pm 4:22 Aquarius

January 3: Mars in Sagittarius: 1:38 am (to February 16)

January 10: Eris in Aries ends retrograde: 5:21 pm

January 10: Uranus in Taurus ends retrograde: 5:48 pm (2:39 Taurus)

January 13: Venus into Pisces: 10:39 am

January 16: Mercury into Aquarius: 10:30 am

January 18: Pallas Athene into Capricorn: 2:30 am

January 20: Sun into Aquarius: 6:54 am

January 25: Chinese New Year – of the Metal Rat

**Please note all times listed are PST. Please check your local time

Dates to watch: January 6 -13, 16 – 18, 20, 22, 26 – 29


2020 – a new decade begins! Do you have a sense of standing at the end of a long road and/or looking out for some distant horizon you can’t see but know is there?  The year ahead warehouses several significant bigger picture planetary conjunctions. It is a year of endings of significance, but more importantly, 2020 marks the threshold of a new reality that will define the shape of things to come for many years to come. As we look back on this momentous year and the ones that will soon follow, we will come to recognize the change it ushered in as something been long in the works and perhaps long anticipated (and in some cases, long dreaded).  A major chapter of your life is working its way to an end while the next major chapter is already mapping itself out. Each and all are destined to meet up with radical change on the road ahead – and in the not too distant future. Confront what’s necessary, finish it up, choose and do in a self honouring (and therefore other honouring) way, and make the wise use of time, resources, and assets your top priority. A step ahead is always the best place to be. Set yourself up now as best possible and you’ll be better able to weather and harness the changes that lie ahead.

Opening the month with an exceptionally rare grouping (stellium) of seven planetary influences in Capricorn, January will not waste any time – and neither should you.

Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3. Through February 16, this hit the ground running transit will keep us well on the hunt – for better prospects, opportunities, answers, and control, for the future that is so desired and so needed.

January 10 delivers a lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer. You will feel the strongest impact of this eclipse if you have cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) planets situated at 19 to 24 degrees. Of course, the eclipse will hold high impact for all as it is a trigger for the momentous Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12. The end of both Uranus retrograde in Taurus and Eris in Aries (within 20 minutes of each other!) also coincide with this eclipse. The combination can produce added and abrupt market, political, or geo-physical volatility. Jupiter, Mercury and asteroid Ceres in Capricorn are also activated. Watch for the unexpected, for the action to escalate and accelerate circumstances. Note that the sun is at a solar low (an eleven-year cycle), which does not mean that it is diminished but rather that it is less shielding. The sun at solar low gives Saturn/Pluto full rein of the reset dial. Saturn conjunct Pluto (January 12) sets to work to clear the remaining rocks and debris out of the way so we can begin the process of building it better. It is time to reconcile with the past and take on the responsibility of setting up the future with its best possible chance.  Leaving no stone unturned, the Capricorn stellium is an exceptionally rare cluster of planets that will create significant impact every level of reality – political, economic, social, personal and collective. Mercury suggests someone or something can act as a key catalyst. The eclipse and the planetary action will stay highly triggered from January 9 to 13.

The last time Saturn and Pluto met up was 1982 (in Libra). The transit spanned 1981/1983 and encompassed the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The next time Saturn and Pluto will team up will be 2053 (in Pisces). The last time Saturn and Pluto joined forced in Capricorn was 1518. Yes, it’s a highly significant, history-writing transit regarding the re-shaping of reality from the ground up.

January 12, Mercury joins the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Mercury features someone key -someone of significance, in a role of authority, a leader, a parent or elder. (It should come as no surprise that these transits are in aspect to the charts of Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is also strong on the charts of the USA, England, and China.) Venus leaves Aquarius for Pisces on January 13, the same day the sun joins forces with Saturn and Pluto. Venus in Pisces can be a signature for disillusionment, letting go and loss.  On the flip side – and combined with Saturn/Pluto entering into a new phase, Venus assists us to aspire higher and to source from more worthy potentials.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16 and turns a corner with Uranus on January 18. The sun enters Aquarius on January 20 and turns a corner with Uranus on January 22. Both shift-it transits can prompt a breakthrough, a creative solution, or a new element that clears the way and supports progress. January 26 to 29, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces set a fluid turning point backdrop for relationship matters and for feeling your way along. Stay open-hearted, but don’t bank on a promise; guard your health, your wallet, and your passwords. It can be easy to lose sight or lose your way. The trio can expose, confuse, dissolve, dissipate, or disintegrate. To the minus or to the plus, they can open you up to something you didn’t see previously. Good for tuning in and for picking on the collective trends as well as sparking fresh personal inspiration, Venus/Neptune warehouses great creative potential. The end of the month can be a good time to ease up, to immerse yourself in a spiritual retreat, new romance, a vacation, or a creative project. Brexit’s deadline is subjected to the workings of this trio. We all hope for a smooth transition, but it is likely there will be some oversight or things that are not sorted out well.


ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Time is on the move and so are you. Expect to hit the ground running as of the first ten days of the month. Mars in Sagittarius, starting January 3, and a dynamic lunar eclipse on January 10, set big wheels in motion.

Through the middle of February, Mars keeps you going strong. It’s one of your best Mars transits for putting yourself out there and for action. Know that Mars has a clearer shot through the first half of January than at month’s end.  Mars aligned with Neptune by the end of January is best used for seeking inwardly and the spiritual quest, for “in here” instead of “out there”. Take time out for a creative project, a vacation, to replenish yourself and to feel your way along.  Relinquish expectations, let go and ease up.

The lunar eclipse on January 10 will be significant impact for you if you are born April 10 to 12 or if it makes direct contact to your personal planets. With so many planets involved, watch for the eclipse to trigger action a few days before and to continue to stay triggered at some heighted level for the few weeks that follow. The eclipse can be a significant catalyst regarding your career or personal life circumstances or priorities. Watch for significant development regarding something long standing or long in the works, or regarding someone key, i.e. parents or a parental figure, an authority or someone who wields control or influence. The eclipse shifts and cements the reality and/or the timetable.

Start to finish, the year ahead is one of endings and completion, and (more importantly) of constructing the long-term platform. Time is of the essence, roll up your sleeves and put it to maximum use. By the time you get to the end of it, your life and the world around you will look a lot different.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

There is a total of seven important planetary influences in the sign of Capricorn at the start of January. You’ll feel this as a sense that things are shaping up for you, that the future is writing its own script in some undeniable way. Start to finish the transits for the year ahead are significant. The best you can do for yourself is to get ready for tomorrow and the change it will most certainly bring. How can you do that? Face today’s reality head on. Keep ambitious, set substantial (but also practical and realistic) goals for yourself, and put your time to the best possible use. Reposition yourself. Do what you need to do in order to get a more solid foundation laid so that you will have ample opportunity for the radical reinvention that awaits you on the road ahead. In other words, set yourself up now for later advantage and you’ll set yourself up for better gains.

January 4 and 5 are optimum for getting it up and rolling. Encompassing the lunar eclipse in Cancer, the end of Uranus retrograde in Taurus, the momentous Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and several other important planetary alignments, January 6 to 13 can set you or the reality on go in some timely, opportune, abrupt, unexpected and/or exposing way. Watch for important results, an answer, feedback, or news. Someone of significance could take an exit or make an entrance into your life. What is set into play holds significant potential in terms of the immediacy of the moment and regarding the long term.

Venus leaves Aquarius for Pisces on January 13; Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16 and the sun on January 20. All three are good for reinvention and breakthroughs (personal, career, material) and for trying something (or someone) fresh and new. Even so, off and on you’ll feel an edgy or stressful backdrop.

By the end of the month Mars/Neptune (January 28) can make you feel less certain, motivated, or driven. The transit can cloud, confuse, diffuse, or dissipate you or it. On the other hand, it’s a good time for creative projects, a vacation or spiritual retreat, for easing up, letting it go, and going with the flow.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Mars in Sagittarius, starting January 3, can see a circumstance or relationship on a take-flight trajectory right from the get-go. It favours the hunt, putting yourself out there, increasing your knowledge base, moving or moving on. A relationship of merit is likely to blossom. If you are already growing apart, Mars can put more distance between you, especially as the month finishes out (January 26- 29).

The lunar eclipse on January 10 can find you totally immersed, consumed, perhaps even overwhelmed. Watch for the eclipse to clue you in, perhaps unexpectedly. Watch for a hidden advantage or a surprise opportunity, for something to give way and to immediately lock something else into play. Seeds planted at this time hold greater than average potency.

January 9 to 13, the lunar eclipse and the stellium of planets in Capricorn (especially the Saturn/Pluto conjunction) put added emphasis on your relationship status, you health, all security matters and survival issues (financial, material, career). Added effort and ambition will serve you well. Reprioritize, make it official, put more effort into getting it under better control. You will become increasingly aware of time on time on the move and how important it is to use it well. It is time to bring something long standing that no longer serves to an end, and to actively work toward building what can support and sustain you for the long haul. If you don’t know yet what that is, simply agree with yourself that you are ready for change and keep alert to the conspiracy of synchronicity.

Mercury (starting January 16) and the sun (starting January 20) in Aquarius can shift your thinking and introduce you to new prospects and potentials. January 22 through the end of the month the stars move you through a transition. It could be a change of heart, mind or something more. Something gives way so something else can take over. A lid or barrier is removed regarding important career and relationship matters. 

CANCER June 20 – July 22
January opens with seven planetary influences in Capricorn, your opposite sign. January 10 delivers a lunar eclipse in Cancer. You will feel the acceleration impact of the eclipse the strongest if you are born on or near July 13 to 16, but thanks to Uranus ending retrograde and several other major alignments, we are all going to feel this one!

Whether you feel forced or ambition kicks into play, the Capricorn mandate requires that you show up for yourself in a more significant way. On the difficult end, the wall can seem insurmountable, the pressure too much to bear. You can feel especially burdened, limited, at the end of your rope, or done in by your present circumstances. If this is the case for you, know that the stars are conspiring to help you get something more worthwhile off the ground. The lunar eclipse in Cancer can bring you to an ending, but more importantly, it is setting you onto a new or next track. January 6 to 13 helps you/forces you to work through plenty. Once the reality sets into play, it is a matter of feeling your way along.

On the other hand, the Capricorn mandate will reward effort, ambition, and patience. Face the hard stuff as a work in progress and know that all good things – all that is truly worthwhile and of lasting value – require you to put in a significant investment. Venus in Pisces, starting January 13 can make the going somewhat easier. While an element of uncertainty continues in the mix, don’t let it stop you, work around it instead. Do what you can as you can and max out on the opportunity when you see the getting is good.

LEO July 22 – August 22

Look to Mars in Sagittarius, starting January 3, to put you back into full swing. It is one of your better Mars transits for finding inspiration or incentive, for travel, marketing, and for moving it forward.

Whether it is to do with the job, your health, gaining expertise or an official status, seven planets in Capricorn will certainly put you to work! Opposing the Capricorn stellium, the lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 can bring something lost, hidden, or overlooked to attention. On another note, it could produce a saving grace. You could find or recover something or reconnect with a key someone. The Mercury action on this eclipse can bring important news, see you deal with documentation, take on more responsibility or step into a new professional or administrational role. It also puts the spotlight on a key person such as an advisor/expert, parent or elder, boss or authority figure.

Uranus ends retrograde on January 11, just one day after the eclipse. Saturn/Pluto begin a new cycle on January 12. Mercury and Ceres in Capricorn tag along for the ride. This grouping favours restructuring, upgrades and reinvention (personal, career or lifestyle). The timing is good for overhauls of all kinds. 

Venus leaves Aquarius on January 13, but Mercury begins a tour of this sign on January 16. Both transits (and the sun in Aquarius starting January 20) keep social and personal relationship involvements on the move along too.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Motivation is in ample supply as Mars tours Sagittarius, January 3 through mid February.  This transit puts you on the hunt for someplace better to be. That could entail a new address, or it could push you to live with yourself in a better way.

Seven planets occupy Capricorn at the month’s start. Now and over the year ahead, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter will support you to take better control, to put better boundaries in place, to create something more tangible and substantial for yourself. The lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 triggers this stellium of planets. It is a potent seeding time for personal and lifestyle reinvention and the setting of new goals. The eclipse puts an added spotlight on someone you love (a family member perhaps?). By choice or by circumstance, that person is likely to undergo significant, even radical change (i.e. a marriage or pregnancy, a divorce, a change of career or lifestyle, a transition for someone who is nearing the end of life, etc.). A hello or goodbye could be said.

Uranus in Taurus ends retrograde on January 11. Along with the momentous Saturn/Pluto new cycle (January 12), and the transits in Aquarius – namely Venus in Aquarius, to January 13, Mercury (starting January 16) and the sun (starting January 20) – you can expect to break plenty of timely (and hopefully desired) new ground in the weeks and months to come!

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

January hits the ground running from the get-go. Venus in Aquarius (to January 13) and Mars in Sagittarius (starting January 3) hit the refresh button. You certainly will not be in lack of things to do or things to think about!

Seven planets in Capricorn shape the new reality baseline.  Some are newly at it, some of the planets have been working on this agenda for a good length of time. You’ll feel this Capricorn agenda as a long haul coming to an end. Too, you’ll feel especially aware that time is moving forward and that you need to spend it wisely. Yes, the future can be a sobering reality, but it is important to get a better handle on your personal life priorities, and to put good effort toward the laying of a more solid foundation for the long term. The lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 can bring you to a significant milestone, goal post or finish-line. It also puts an added spotlight on a family member or matter, or on someone of significance from your past. A hello or goodbye could be said. The eclipse will hold the strongest impact for those born July 12 to 17 but of course it will be a dynamic one for all of us. Watch January 6 to 13 for an action peak.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Mars in Sagittarius, starting January 3, can stir up financial prospects. Look to Mars (and the rest of the stellar influences) to provide plenty of incentive to keep you moving along and going strong.

January 10 delivers a lunar eclipse in Cancer. January 11, Uranus in Taurus ends retrograde. January 12, Saturn and Pluto complete the cycle they started in 1982 and launch their next 33-year construction project. With all that going on at the same time, you can expect something to kick start or thrust into high gear. The eclipse can set the future into play in some significant, ground laying, make it real way. You could hear news or hear from someone (perhaps a family member) who lives a distance away. The eclipse supports travel, relocation, expanding your family, downsizing, education, mentoring or teaching, writing, publishing, or marketing ventures.

January 20 through the end of the month can move you through yet another threshold with someone or something. Moving on or letting go could be a natural progression.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Providing you with fresh inspiration and incentive, Mars begins a six-week stint in Sagittarius as of January 3. One way or another, this tiger in your tank transit puts you on “go”. You’ll get more physically active. Passion or restlessness can increase too. 

January 10 delivers a lunar eclipse in Cancer.  What’s so special about this eclipse is that it loans extra turbo to the rare lineup of planets in Capricorn. Ending a lengthy tour and beginning a new cycle on January 12, Saturn and Pluto join forces. In so doing they strip away the veneer and reformat the bottom-line priority in some undeniable way. You can face a sobering emotional reality, or you may finally feel you are building toward something significant, worthwhile, and lasting. Either way, you are likely to sense this passage of time as having reached a threshold turning-point like no other.  January 9 to 13 can set the reality into play with an added punch.  Venus, Mars, and Neptune are in action January 22 to 28. It is a good combination for creative projects, spiritual replenishment or a vacation. On the emotional end, they can expose more than you realized was at the core, and/or move you through a letting go and moving on process. It’s a natural progression.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

No doubt you are feeling the bottleneck affect of seven planets in Capricorn! Pluto has been transiting your sign for quite some time and Saturn for the past 2 years. On January 12 they will reconvene for the first time since 1982. A completion and seeding transit of significance, Saturn/Pluto bring you to a new and next karmic threshold. You have matured, time has matured too. You now have plenty of ground work already laid to support this next phase of your life. There is less margin for error and less time to waste. Use the year ahead to build it better. It will set you up for the changes that will reinvent you from the inside out, from the core of self and extending out to the most important parts of your life. By the end of 2020 it will be time to move through the turnstile and onto the 2021 train. Mid March through the start of July, you’ll get a jumpstart from Saturn’s temporary visit to Aquarius. This transit could set up a window of opportunity timeframe.

The lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10, the end of Uranus retrograde on January 11, and a host of other planetary triggers between Jan 9 and 13 are sure to thrust you into the thick of it. If you are born between January 6 and 13, you’ll feel the fullest impact of these momentous stars. Of course, they are of major impact for all of us. The eclipse features health and contracts of all kinds (actual and karmic). An emotional journey for sure, it puts needs, security, trust issues, and self preservation issues to the fore. The transits also put the spotlight on a key relationship (i.e. a parent, a child, a lover, a care-giver, or someone who needs more from you).  A hello or goodbye can be said.

January 20 to 29 is good for a change of pace, for exploring more, or for letting go and moving on.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Where there is a will, there is a way. The first step is to envision it, the next step is to put creativity into action. If you can do that, you’ll find more to reach for. The process can set you up for greater gains on the potentials that are waiting over the next horizon. Mars in Sagittarius, starting January 3, spurs you to look beyond the here and now, to aim for higher, better, and more.

Opening 2020, seven planets in Capricorn are taking you through a critical set-up year. Together, they are working to help you harness this time has come moment and the potentials that are ripe and ready to hit the landing strip. Perhaps you have a sense of what this new chapter is about to dish up. If you don’t, look to the lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 to clue you in. This eclipse is a trigger for the end of Uranus retrograde on January 11, the momentous Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12 and more. Watch for intensified action from January 6 through 13, for something specific or for a key someone to set the play in motion. The eclipse features work, health, or something unfinished from the past. It’s an opportunity to bring something long standing to a finish line or to bring something of the past forward to be reworked. What is seeded during this time will take time to fully define itself. Although there is significant change ahead, what is started during this time will lay the groundwork for the long term. (Watch for Saturn in Aquarius, mid March to the beginning of July, to crack it open more.)

The eclipse and Capricorn action gives way to Aquarius stimulation via various transits of Venus, Mercury and the sun with Uranus (January 15 to 18, 20, 22, and 24). Don’t expect to sit still. One way or another, you can expect to stay busy. January 26 to 29 are best used for feeling your way along, easing up, and going with the flow.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

The lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10, and the end of Uranus retrograde on January 11 and the momentous Saturn/Pluto conjunction (with Ceres and Mercury tagging along) on January 12 set a new reality into play. It’s the end of a long haul, a chapter/life era close and the start of a new meet up with destiny. Perhaps it is something you have been anticipating (retirement, children leaving home, starting a family, saying goodbye, etc.), or working on for a long time (career advance, a major lifestyle change), or perhaps it something unexpected. Suffice to say, this is no ordinary moment along the timeline. Make sure to get a good foundation laid so that you can easily go the distance. Jupiter in Capricorn is teamed up with Pluto for the better portion of the year. It will see you cover more ground than average. The combination can produce a substantial shift of priorities and goals. They also set a backdrop for substantial growth regarding your professional track or personal life.

Watch for the eclipse to keep the action on a roll out from January 6 through 13. Just hours after the sun meets up with Saturn and Pluto on January, Venus enters Pisces. This day can see you reach a finish-line. A potential could prove its worth. You could surpass something substantial (along the lines of breaking point or a next threshold). January 20 to 29 is good for a creative project, a vacation or spiritual retreat, or for feeling your way through a relationship issue.

Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
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