Month Ahead and Sun Sign horoscopes September 2018

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus


September 9: New Moon: 17:00 Virgo (11:01 am)

September 24: Full moon: 2:00 Aries (7:52 pm)

September 4: Pallas into Virgo: 3:49 am

September 5: Mercury into Virgo: 7:39 pm

September 5: Ceres into Libra: 11:23 pm

September 6: Saturn stations direct: 4:10 am

September 9: Venus into Scorpio: 2:26 pm

September 10: Mars into Aquarius: 5:56 pm (Rosh Hashanah begins. Best wishes to all)

September 17: Vesta into Capricorn: 8:55 pm

September 21: Mercury into Libra: 8:40 pm

September 22: Sun enters Libra: 6:55 pm

September 25: Chiron retrograde backs into Pisces: 5:11 pm (to Feb 18, 2019)

September 29: Juno into Gemini: 4:43 pm

September 30: Pluto stations direct: 7:01 pm

**Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local time:

Dates to watch: Sept 3 -13, 18 – 24, 25- 27, 30

TG for the end of Mars retrograde! Goodbye to the hard slog of summer!

Although the retrograde cycle is over, Mars will not be taking a back seat anytime soon.

The hot one continues to travel out of bounds (extreme latitude) for most of the month ahead.

Mars tenants Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, through September 10. Apt for the start of back to work season, it’s an excellent foundation-laying, get it under better control, finish-off, or finishing touches transit.

Supporting Mars and the build-it-better Capricorn agenda, Saturn ends its four-month retrograde on September 6. Saturn continues in Capricorn, but Mars advances to Aquarius as of September 10. Through the middle of October, Mars will make the last of three passes over ground it has already covered. In so doing, Mars reactivates and resumes what it fired up in May. While Mars retrograde has been dragging it out, Mars direct is built for speed. Watch for the people, the politics, and the controversies of the day to stay on “shake rather than stir”, for trends and trading to stay on a lively track. This transit is good for innovation, shattering records, breaking chains or karmic contracts and reinvention at all levels. Mars in Aquarius can hold an element of shock value too.

Finishing up in Leo on September 5, Mercury re-stimulates the degree of the solar eclipses of August 21, 2017 (conjunction) and February 15 of 2018 (opposition). Watch the first few days of the month (Sept 3 to 5) for news, eventfulness, opportunity, or action from the world’s movers and shakers, or from someone of significance to you. At the same, Venus in Libra is also on lock and load for the work it will do once it turns retrograde mid October to mid November. Pay close attention to what you are observing inside you and around you too. Observation will provide you with important clues.

Mercury enters Virgo on September 5, Ceres enters Libra on September 6 and Venus enters Scorpio on the Virgo new moon, September 9. All three head onto a total immersion track. Along with Virgo sun, they put back to work month into full swing.  Ceres and Venus also up the ante on the karmic action front. Finances and relationship matters (at all levels: personal, intimate, social, business, political) will keep us well occupied over the next several months. The next few months post the karmic agenda (yours, mine, ours, theirs) onto a high level priority track.





Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron.
In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line: www.straight.com/life/astrology.  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: www.healthlife.net. Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings: www.rosemarcus.com

Location: Vancouver, BC
Website: www.rosemarcus.com

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