Astrology for Month Ahead July 2020 -Plus your Sun Sign Update

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus


AstroLink August 2020

August   3: Full Moon in Aquarius 8:58 am (11:45 Aquarius)

August 18: New Moon in Leo, 7:41 pm (26:35 Leo)

August   4: Mercury enters Leo: 8:31 pm

August   7:  Venus into Cancer

August 15: Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde: 7:26 am (10:41 Taurus)

August 19: Mercury enters Virgo: 6:29 pm

August 22: Sun enters Virgo: 8:44 am

August 29: Sedna in Taurus stations retrograde: 8:45 am (28:38 Taurus)

*Please note, all times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Dates to watch: Aug 1 – 5, 9,10, 13, 15- 17, 19, 22, 24 -31

August Overview:

August launches with Mercury/Pluto (August 1) digging for more answers and focused on getting a better handle on it. Mercury/Saturn (August 3) aims to bring it to an end or an official next step. Between these two Mercury transits lies a full moon in Aquarius (also on August 3). Immediately following, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are on the move. That is a lot of action packed into the first 4 or 5 days of the month!

Full Moon in Aquarius:

Watch for the full moon in Aquarius to hit a spark or a nerve regarding group or community involvement, social causes and demonstrations, love and/or friendship, or collaborative projects. There is a long list of the potentials for this full moon. Intensity, excitement, opportunity, serendipity, luck, surprise, stress, and the ins-and-outs of social distancing can be punched up a notch. This is thanks to Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, in dynamic (square) aspect to the full moon. The backdrop is set for an awakening, a break-through, a breakup, a radical shift or departure, an interruption, a revolt, a full stop then a full go, an acceleration track. Are we together as one for the common good, or is the one driven by self interest? Even if you face something jolting, know the stage is set for significant improvement to be made. On the health front, a full moon in Aquarius can be a signature for high blood pressure, strokes and breathing issues. Please keep health and safety to the forefront. Also pay attention to electrical and mechanical safety. Keep your phone on and your battery full charged, etc.

One way or another, the Aquarius full moon will put us/put you into a better know.  Putting the action and opportunity onto an acceleration track, the full moon could bring good news.  Let us hope a cure for Covid-19 or for other good news from science, social movements, or from political fronts.

To the plus, the weekend could single out a special one or a special occasion. It can be a good time to put the brakes on, to enjoy a short time out or a vacation, to participate in or host an on-line event.

August 4 to 19, Mercury takes a quick two-week stint through Leo. What’s best for you? What makes you shine? What adds the smile on your face, the twinkle to your eyes? While this year’s stars are not built for easy ride – perhaps they have been running rough shod over you – your time is what you make of it. Gift yourself with more personal reward, where, when, and how, as best you can. Spend more quality time on the things and people you love, self included.

Mars in Aries:

Mars has just completed its first full month in transit through the sign of Aries. The action/assertion planet typically spends five to six weeks touring a sign. Due to an upcoming retrograde tour (mid September to mid November), Mars will spend six months firing it up Aries (to January 6).  A planet in its own sign will loan out a full access pass to its assets and resources. Mars hits drive with even more dynamic force on August 4 (Mars/Jupiter square), August 13 (Mars/Pluto square) and August 24 (Mars/Saturn square).  Mars has already been pushing forth on the karmic agenda it has set up for the fall. If you have not met up with it yet, get ready and stay on the lookout!

In Evolutionary Astrology terms, Mars correlates to the leading/cutting edge of soul desires. Mars is the vehicle through which the soul (Pluto) makes it desire for new experience/for evolution conscious, the vehicle through which the soul can embody and experience what it desires for its growth. When Mars tours Aries, it fires up a new initiative. The soul – your soul – our collective soul – is ready to try on something new for size.

So many times, and from so many sources we have heard “enough with your rhetoric, your words, your prayers – show us real action!” Mars is Aries serves to push the “fight is on” agenda forward.  We are at a tipping point – regarding climate change, with system racism, with senseless acts of violence, war, killing sprees, the ills of the world, and so much more.

August 4, just one day after the full moon in Aquarius, Mars hits a high energy spike with Jupiter, (currently travelling retrograde in Capricorn). Mars un-teethers from whatever Jupiter has been trying to keep reigned in. Where there is a mission to accomplish there’s no holding back. (This statement is true for Covid-19’s agenda as much as it for those who refuse to follow the rules. We could see the numbers increase.) Mars is driven to find what it is looking for, to put truth into action, to force accountability, to get something new fired up and off the ground. A new trend, cause, initiative or marketing campaign can take off like wildfire. An announcement, verdict or piece of news could trigger significant action too. Reasonable bounds or boundaries are not in the natural repertoire for Mars/Jupiter. Rather it is a “out the gate, cut to the chase, hit the ground running” trajectory. Opportunity is in the making. A major trigger transit, Mars/Jupiter infuses an abundance of energy impulsiveness, willfulness, enthusiasm into the moment. While a fighting spirit can be inspirational given the right implementation, know that anger, aggression, or fight makes right is in the mix too. Please don’t speed or drive if you are feeling hotwired or angry.

Venus in Gemini:

Venus has been on an extended visit to Gemini due to a recent retrograde cycle. As of August 7, Venus begins a four-week stint in Cancer. Just before moving on, Venus passes over the north node (one half of the karmic axis). This transit sets an optimum backdrop for talks and for enhancing lines of communication. August 4 to 7, Venus favours negotiations, buying, selling, trading, networking, and getting the message out. Sign up for it!

Venus in Cancer:

Venus in Cancer (to September 7) puts added attention to home, real estate, family, safety, security and comfort zones. How do we send our kids off to school and keep them protected against Covid-19? There’s no easy answer and it is likely to be an uncertainty right through the very end of the month and into the first day back to school. Venus opposes Pluto on August 30 and is in tension aspect with Eris and Juno on August 31. Where possible keep plans open and decide in the moment, or at least try to build in some flexibility for last minute changes.


August 10, Mercury hits a breakthrough trigger with Uranus. August 13, Mars turns a significant corner with Pluto. August 15, Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde. While all three are good for taking a break from the usual (i.e. vacation), these transits are working in stages to shift the attention, perspective, or momentum, to break you out of a rut or a routine. No doubt something else, next or new has been vying for more of your attention. Perhaps it is simply the coming back to it season, perhaps it is something more significant than that. These transits will move whatever that is to top of the attention getting list.

August 19, Mercury enters Virgo. August 22, the sun enters Virgo. Its time to get yourself ready for back to it season. August 24, Mars/Saturn take brakes off. It is time to push past the resistance, restriction, or “should”. August 25, Mercury trines Uranus, Venus opposes Jupiter. August 29, Mercury trines Jupiter. More shopping, more travel, more of everything on the go; despite the high volume, the last week of the month should be mostly smooth sail. Make the most of it. August 29 – 30, ease up, go with the flow.

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

How is it shaping up for you? What’s your next play? It seems you have something weighty to sort out. What has felt right/felt comfortable in the past may not fit the bill now. Perhaps along the way, it has gotten more complicated or beyond your control. August opens with Mercury/Pluto (opposition August 1) forcing the envelope on a major review and reformat. This transit is a precursor to the full moon in Aquarius of August 3. Expect the unexpected! Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is in dynamic aspect to this full moon. August 1 – 4 can be intense, catapulting, and accelerating. Adding to the stress, Mercury is in opposition to Saturn. Something has got to give – and it most definitely will! Tension, release, stop and go; on, off, on; one way or another, this full moon has some extra kick to it. Opportunity can present itself. Go with gut. There are times when it is so compelling or overtaking that you simply must jump on it. Risk is the mix but when is it not? Go ahead, take it on, give the moment your best shot, let the chips fall where they may. August 4, Mercury enters Leo for a short two-week stint. This transit could put a positive spin on the action. Also, on August 4, Mars/Jupiter is on a cut-loose and/or hit the ground running trajectory. This batch of transits can see you swept away by the moment or get you going full tilt on something fresh and next. On another note, these transits can be well timed for taking a vacation or a break.   

Mercury exits Cancer for a short stint through Leo, August 4 to 19.  It’s a good transit for gifting yourself more and for matters close to the heart. Regarding health, confidence levels or creative potential, Mercury in Leo can revitalize or replenish you in the best of ways, especially regarding health, creative potential and confidence levels.

In Gemini since April, Venus is finally moving on. August 7 to Sept 6, Venus in Cancer puts added attention home, family, and your comfort level. Despite the upbeat feel of Mercury and the sun in Leo, it is imperative to stay vigilant re covid-19 exposure.

August 10 Mercury/Uranus could hit a trigger or a nerve.  August 13 to 16, take a break, cut yourself loose, or steer clear of it. Keep open-ended. Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde on August 15. From mid August to mid September there are 6 major planets travelling retrograde. By the middle of September, Mars in Aries will start a 2-month retrograde tour while Jupiter in Capricorn will end a four-month retrograde cycle (September 9 and 12 respectively). No doubt you are already aware of hot button issues. Mars is already laying the groundwork for its upcoming retrograde tour. Mars retrograde is a “lift and separate” archetype.  It can be time to create a wider divide between you and it or them, to go your separate way, to switch priorities and/or take on a temporary side-line.

Just as Uranus begins to slow down prior to retrograde motion, Mars hits a hot button. Temperature rising; it’s no holds barred as Mars squares off with Pluto on August 13 and joins forces with through August 18. Motivation is in ample supply! To the plus, this Mars action could see you tackle something with great gusto -and likely in short order. On another note, guard against willfulness or lack of restraint. Once triggered, there’s no stopping you – or it! On the one hand, Eris can get you riled up (its an “angry mob” influences). As a positive catalyst, Eris won’t let you forget about what you want or need. That can be a good thing.

The last two weeks of the month the stars produce a noticeable shift-track trajectory. Mercury enters Virgo on August 19. The sun enters Virgo on August 22.  Mars pushes past Saturn on August 24 (square aspect). This is a brass-tacks, uncork it transit. Push past the fear, the procrastination, the roadblock, the rationalization that no longer serves. Don’t fight or regret the past, embrace the now.

The month winds to a close with Mercury trine Uranus (August 25) and Jupiter (August 29). Both transits are productive for figuring out how to make the most of it. Innovation and creative solutions are your best bet. Venus/Pluto (August 31) keeps the action on an ever changing, ever evolving track. Stay up to speed with the here and now. There is only a very short window before Mars in Aries begins retrograde. Don’t waste your time, use it wisely. Don’t bank on a promise (or get twisted in a knot), set your sight on that which holds viable prospect. Pay close attention to what’s coming alive now or competing for more of your attention. Mars retrograde can redirect you, either temporarily or permanently. It is wise to keep checking in with yourself. What was desirable or set in place yesterday may not fit the bill today.


TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Want/need change?  Its not good enough to simply think or talk about it. Log on and do something about it. Ask for more and accept no less -start with yourself. A full and total commitment to your betterment plan is required. The full moon (August 3) is especially opportune for diving into it full heartedly. This full moon could set you up for an eye opener experience or revelation. Off with the old, on with the new.  It could remove a block, unlock something that’s been jammed up, jettison you past resistance or inertia, and/or speed up the process of moving onto a next phase or stage. On another note, please do not take chances with your health.

As of August 7, Venus ends a four-month transit through Gemini to begin a four-week stint through Cancer. Feel your way along. Mercury ends its tour of Cancer on August 6 and begins a quick two-week stint in Leo. What is in your better interests? Use Mercury in Leo to have a heart to heart talk (with yourself first and foremost). Put creativity and confidence into action. Show yourself – and others – some extra love.

The month ahead will keep working on you, especially as Mercury/Uranus square-off on August 10, and Mars/Pluto square-off on August 13. Both transits are precursors to the start of Uranus retrograde on August 15. You’ll feel a significant redirect from the full moon in Aquarius and the retrograde start of Uranus in Taurus if you are born on or near April 30, but of course we all feel these significant transits. If you run up against it, try a new angle/approach. Reinvent a little or rip it up and revise the whole thing. Aim your attention/intention toward the step ahead curve.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 18. The sun enters Virgo on August 22. Both can be helpful/productive regarding getting you onto task and for tending to the pending pile. There are many dates dispersed through the whole month aimed at filling in the potholes and missing blanks. Despite the continuing uncertainty and threat produced by Covid 19, August 24 to the end of the month holds several forge-ahead transits. Do what you can, as you can. Have patience with the rest of it.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

We may be halfway through this season, but we are not halfway through rest of it! Even so, the month ahead is a good time to work both ends of the spectrum, i.e. enjoy the time you have and make productive use of it too.

August 1 to 4, the stars are in high gear. Pressure and emotional triggers build as Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto on August 1 and Saturn in Capricorn on August 3, the day of the full moon in Aquarius. Uranus is in dynamic aspect to the full moon kicks it up a notch. In general, this sets up a high stress, anything goes few days. It is good for cutting loose, for diving into something new and/or for a significant change of pace. For your sign, the full moon could deliver surprise news or visitor, an unexpected opportunity, a special event or something to celebrate. Mercury/Saturn (August 3) can produce a result or an end to a wait. You could reach a finish line or end of the road. If Mercury/Saturn puts you on stop, it is only momentary. August 4, Mars square Jupiter sets up a hit the ground running, take-flight, or big wheels set in motion day. Also, on August 4, Mercury begins a fast-two-week stint through Leo. This transit is good for confidence building, creative enterprise, for looking and sounding your best. These transits set a good backdrop for a break or a vacation.

Venus has spent the past four months touring your sign. Likely the transit has given you extra time to check in with yourself. As of August 7, Venus enters Cancer. Use this Venus transit to strengthen bonds with the family, to spruce up your home or public profile. Continue to feel you way along. Modify or shift track when you get the memo.

August 13, Mars taking the breaks off with Pluto. There’s no holding back. Try not to let volatile or rash emotions get the better of you. Aim to beat the heat and/or blow off steam in a healthy way. Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus on August 15. You can feel this switch track on brew a few days prior, or even from the start of the month. Take the day or the weekend off. Spontaneity delivers best. Stay open-ended and take it moment to moment.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19; the sun enters Virgo on August 22. There’s still plenty that you don’t have answered or nailed down well enough yet. Even so, it is time to get a move on regarding the to-do/what’s next list. August 24 and 30 can require an added push or dial up stress, but the rest of the week should prove smooth running/easy navigating.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Something has got to give! August does not waste time forcing the envelope on that statement. Mercury in Cancer is in dynamic tension with Pluto (August 1) and Saturn (August 4). Uranus in dynamic tension to a full moon in Aquarius (August 4). Put all that together and the stage is set for a bust-up-the-concrete trajectory! It is to your advantage to be a willing and active participant in the reinvention process. Take it right down to the studs and baseboards if necessary. A full moon in Aquarius is always good for a surprise. Added stress or excitement can be in the mix. If you know someone with high blood pressure or a heart condition, you might want to check in on them. Unexpected expense, mechanic, technical, or computer issues also fall under the rulership of Aquarius too. Then again, the full moon could produce an unexpected opportunity, a gift or windfall, or something social. If Mercury/Saturn brings you/it to an end, look to Mars/Jupiter to fire up something next pronto quick. A vacation is also well timed. The Aquarius full moon is good for group or community involvement, networking, or anything on-line.

Joining the sun, Mercury takes a fast spring through Leo (August 4 to 19). Both can support creative enterprise. Put on a good show and watch the good it does you.

By the time you get to mid month, you will already have met up with plenty. Continuing to shine a brighter light on what is essential for your growth, Uranus stations retrograde on August 15. Through mid January, Uranus will take you on an intensified re-evaluation journey. Continue to feel your way along and stay open to exploring all options. You never know where something can lead. Aim to develop something that is uniquely yours, that makes you stand apart from the crowd. Both Uranus retrograde (through January) and Mars retrograde (mid September to mid November) extend the need for social distancing. Covid-19 will continue to be a dictating factor for at least the rest of the year and likely into a good portion of 2021 too.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19. The sun enters Virgo on August 22. Both should help you to get back on track with the pending pile. Tackle repairs, upgrades, and improvement projects. Aim to get into a better regime regarding health, money management, and productive use of time. While you are at it, work on improving your self talk too. Affirmations are good for that. The month opens with a Mercury/Pluto opposition and closes with a Venus/Pluto opposition. Both keep the landscape of life changing; both keep you questioning and searching for answers. These transits aim to change how you observe yourself and the world around you, to better understand what holds power over you, what empowers you. What changes and inroads need to be made in order to set yourself up for better success and fulfillment. It’s a tall order, a major work in progress. You have already put in a significant amount of sweat equity. Have patience, continue to stand strong – and know you can, and you will. Nothing less than that will do!

LEO July 22 – August 22

August opens with a full moon in Aquarius. You’ll feel its fullest impact if your birthday is on or near August 2 – 4. Opportunity is in the making. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is in dynamic tension to this full moon, so watch for something unexpected or unplanned to thrust the action switch, or to kick up significant dust. These few days can create a breakthrough of one kind or another and/or put you in the know, surprisingly so. The full moon could break a silence or shatter through a sound barrier, yours or theirs. It could interrupt, disrupt, or break apart, enlighten, reveal, or expose.  August 1, Mercury/Pluto can put it on overdrive. Mercury opposes Saturn just a few hours after the full moon reaches peak on August 3. There can be a sudden stop then go, or off then on. August 4 can thrust you or it into action pronto quick thanks to Mercury entering Leo and Mars/Jupiter squaring off. Watch for something exciting. Impulsiveness can get the better of you. Following in quick succession, these few days can trigger on, off and on, a sudden stop or finalization followed by an immediate fast-track. On a completely different note, the full moon could simply mark a special occasion or launch a vacation (perhaps a staycation considering Covid-19 is still in full swing).

Some things take on a life of their own. Can’ stop, don’t want to anyway. There are things you can’t hold off on -and things you don’t want to hold off on.  Mars in Aries is on a big push in August, squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn mid month (August 13), and with Saturn in Capricorn at the end of the month (August 24).  One way or another, Mars keeps you/keeps it on the move along. Mars is already setting up the action and the hot button issues for its upcoming retrograde tour (mid September to mid November).

Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde on August 15. This transit pushes more steam into what’s already been in play, especially since the full moon at the start of the month. More social distancing? Yep, you bet. Uranus in Taurus will continue in retrograde through mid January. Mars, also in Aries, will start a two-month retrograde cycle in the middle of September. Both transits can be sidelining. They set up the fall for a significant departure from business as usual/more of the same. Priority attention is consumed by the here and now action, by immediate and short-range matters. For example, both transits arc over the USA campaign and election.

Mercury enters Virgo on August19. The sun enters Virgo on August 22. One way or another, watch for both transits to put you back to work. Mercury trine Uranus (August 20) and Jupiter (August 29) sets a productive backdrop for filling in missing blanks and for moving ahead with the task at hand.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Taking time out for yourself? Good idea. Feeling the need for more breathing space? Yes, also a good aim. Even so, you could find yourself on a sudden sprint or scramble at month’s start.  August 1 to 4, a full moon in Aquarius could trigger the unexpected. You could find yourself in the thick of it, this regarding health, work, repairs, or reinvention. Keep on watch for computer/technology, or mechanical issues too. To the plus, you could scoop a deal, hear timely news, or spot an opportunity worth jumping on. You can gain a sudden insight, come to an important realization or personal breakthrough, or put your hands on a creative solution holding great merit. Watch also for a shift of perspective, trend, or momentum, social reconnect or disconnect, or a chance to clear the air. No matter what the prompt or trigger, improvement is your net gain.

You’ll start to feel your way along a new track in the first half of the month thanks to the full moon, Mercury advances into Leo (August 4) and Venus treks into Cancer (August7). Both planets help you to get a better foothold on what truly matters and what is in your better interests. Both also advocate for better self care. Be good to yourself. Pump up on the self love and watch the good it does you.

August 13, Mars/Pluto hits a cut loose, severe ties, or push ahead trajectory. This transit can be a preliminary trigger for the Uranus in Taurus retrograde cycle starting on August 15. The retrograde cycle will extend through mid January. Mars in Aries will take a retrograde tour from mid September to mid November. Chiron in Aries turned retrograde last month. All three transits intensify a self discovery process that aims to break you out of the old and outworn – i.e. patterns of behaviour, circumstances, or relationships that hold you back rather than spring you forward. Look to these retrogrades to stoke the fire of desire, to awaken more inside of you. You are at the start of so much more to come. There will be more processing, testing, clearing away, and time required before you’ll be fully ready to hit that springboard.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19, the sun does so on August 22.  Both should provide you with fresh get up and go. The last week of the month can be a full to the brim, get moving on it time. Just past the

Mars/Saturn checkpoint on August 24, you’ll get into a better groove for the tasks at hand. Good timing is on your side. You should find that you are able to get more than the usual accomplished. For the most part your days should prove smooth running.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

A stop and go month lie ahead. There are times when you can feel that it is rolling well, and other times when you feel overly challenged and/or squeezed to the last drop.

August opens with a Mercury/Pluto opposition and closes with a Venus/Pluto opposition. Both transits (and the rest of the stellar deck) are forcing you to make necessary change. They compel you to work your through a re-evaluation process, this regarding circumstances, feelings, and needs. They require you to shift perspective, attitude, time management, and/or priorities. Mars in Aries keeps action on moment to moment. Expect to work your way through plenty.

August 3 dishes up a full moon in Aquarius. Something spontaneous, or out of the blue can overtake you. Celebration could be in order. You could splurge on something you just can’t resist, scoop a deal, or face an unexpected expense. You could come to a sudden realization, perhaps there’s news. A sense of fate or destiny could make the play too. You could make an important breakthrough with something of someone (self included). It can be time to cut loose (and cut your losses) or to sign on.

Aug 3, 4, 10, 13, 15 and 24 are trigger dates. August 4, Mars in Aries squares Jupiter, August 13, Mars squares Pluto, August 15, Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. Mercury is also in dynamic action – opposing Saturn on the full moon and squaring Uranus one week later (August 10). Suffice to say the month ahead is set up to be never a dull moment. Don’t push what isn’t coming naturally but do jump into action and/or switch it up when you feel compelled to do so. Opportunity is not for the faint of heart! A vacation, fresh diversion, or shake it up is well timed through August 24.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19. The sun enters Virgo on August 22. Both transits make you aware of how little time is left before back to it season begins. Attention will naturally shift from social to personal life matters. August 25 to 29, Mercury/Uranus (trine) and Mercury/Jupiter (trine) on September 29 sets a good-timing backdrop.

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

The start of the month can find you grappling with emotions or obsessing with something that feels beyond reason or control. Look to the full moon in Aquarius on September 3 to prompt a break in the momentum. You could reach a breaking point or breakthrough. Something enlightening can confirm your suspicion or place you at an advantage. Whether the package is opportunity in the making or something jarring, the unexpected is in the mix. If you come to a halt or a stop, it will not be for long. Mercury enters Leo and Mars squares Jupiter on August 4. Watch for both transits to get you going on something fresh or to set you up for a strong comeback. The rest of the week looks good for creative enterprise, for resuming projects or scouting missions, for a vacation and/or for gifting yourself more. Make sure to place your wellbeing and happiness at the top of the priority list.

Mars is on the second month of a six-month transit through the sign of Aries. The extra long stay is due to a retrograde cycle that spans the middle of September through the middle of November. Putting you to work on unfinished projects and matters, repairs, upgrades, health, and work, Mars is on a push come to shove, first with Pluto (August 13), then with Saturn (August 24). Whether the fuel is necessity, frustration, or passion, Mars won’t let you sit this one out. Mars wants you to get in front of it. It is to your advantage to get as much cleared up as you can while the moment/the opportunity presents itself. You’ll soon hit the ground running on something next.

Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde on August 15. Chiron in Aries turned retrograde last month, and Mars turns retrograde next month. The fall retrograde tours of Chiron, Uranus, and Mars can divert your priority attention or side-track you for a short time. A two to three-month project, job, course, or trial run is ideal.  (Consider these retrograde transits as setting up as a “cut-out” or “lift and separate” time. The USA election is a prime example of how one priority supersedes another temporarily.) All three planets are working on a karmic priority breakthrough agenda.

Look to Mercury in Virgo (starting August 19) and the sun in Virgo (starting August 22) to help you get better onto task and to improve efficiency. August 25 to 29, things can fall into place quite well. You pack more into your days, make your way through with ease, and get further than usual.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

The start of the month could produce something out of the blue. Such is the nature of a full moon in Aquarius! Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, in dynamic aspect (square) to this full moon can crank it up a big notch and/or quick start something fresh. Luck and serendipity chart higher too. It is your time to shine. You can be on the receiving end of special attention. What transpires could be accompanied by a strong sense of destiny in the making. Watch for news, an impulse, or flash of inspiration to overtake you. Surprise is in the mix. It may be the moment to jump on opportunity or nip it in the bud. What occurs could be fleeting, or it could flare up, die down and flare up again. 

For the most part, Mercury in Leo, August 4 to 19, can boost creativity, vitality, and your success quotient. Having said that, August 10 and 13 – 15, things can take on a life of their own. Stay open ended re plans and expectations. Uranus retrograde, starting August 15, can redirect you in some unexpected way. Even if it comes on suddenly, what surfaces or shifts is likely something that has already been in the works.

The last two weeks of the month (from August 16 onward) holds mostly productive stars. Mercury enters Virgo on August 19; the sun follows suit on August 22. Once Mars pushes past Saturn on August 24, the action moves along quite readily for the rest of this full to the brim week.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

The few days of the month could bring a contract (actual and/or karmic) to an end or to fruition. Endings and beginnings are intertwined. There is but little pause between stop and go. The workings of the full moon in Aquarius (August 3) could jettison you to someplace more desirable, and/or set you on a radical departure from more of the same. It is to your advantage to think outside of the box, to be more of a risk taker, to reinvent, to aim for significant change. Uranus in dynamic tension (square aspect) to the full moon can see you, them, or it make a significant breakthrough and/or turn a significant corner. Mercury in opposition to Saturn on the full moon of August 3 can bring you to a temporary stop or slow down. Take a vacation or a break. Downsize or streamline. On another note, there can be something difficult to face or an official step to take.  Just one day later – on August 4, Mercury enters Leo and Mars in Aries squares Jupiter. “I want, I deserve, and I’m going for it”; Mars/Jupiter is a no holding back/no backing down, pump up the volume, hit the ground running trajectory. The few days that follow hold good potential for moving ahead.

August 10, Mercury/Uranus can start the day with a disruption or switch track. This transit and the week or two that follow are well set for a vacation or a well-deserved break. Uranus stations retrograde on August 15. You’ll feel this switch as a time to unplug or to switch it up. There can be a need to blow off extra steam in the days leading up to the weekend as Mars and Pluto square off on August 13.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19. The sun enters Virgo on August 22. Both transits find you ready to get back to task. August 24 could require an added push to begin with, but once past the Mars/Saturn pressure point, the rest of the week should deliver quite well.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

August 1 to 4 sets up an intense, perhaps jolting, perhaps catapulting few days. You will feel the effect of the full moon on August 3 the strongest if your birthday falls on near January 31. In Aquarius this time, the full moon picks up extra turbo from a dynamic relationship (square) with Uranus. Watch for something unexpected to thrust into action. The full moon and accompanying transits can provide the opportunity to break out of a stalemate. They can fast track you to higher ground, help you to figure out a better way to handle it or to get it finished off. There are times when things must hit the skids first before the process of improvement or healing can begin. This full moon could be a trigger or springboard for such.

August 4, Mercury enters Leo for a quick two-week stint. Ideal for a vacation or for rewarding and enjoying yourself more, the transit can put an added spotlight on a special someone or something. Too, it sets up a good backdrop to enhance your position or profile, to make a better impression or to get in another’s good books. Also, on August 4, Mars in Aries squares off with Jupiter in Capricorn. Aim to hit the ground running. There’s no time to waste and plenty to be gained. August 10, Mercury/Uranus sets you on to a fast track with something fresh and next. August 13, Mars/Pluto are on bust loose or cut to the chase. August 15, Uranus in Taurus begins a five-month retrograde cycle. Put these transits together and you have a good week to take a vacation or a break, to clear it up and away, and/or to move on.

Venus tours Cancer from August 7 to September 5. Go by feel. Take good care of yourself and please continue to safeguard your health. If you need extra help or support, ask for it.

You are likely to feel a natural shift of back-to-it season as Mercury enters Virgo on August 19 and the sun follows suit on August 22. The last week of the month has Mercury in full swing with Uranus (trine on August 25) and Jupiter (trine on August 29). Both transits set opportunity on go. Your days can take on a life of their own. As you navigate your way through the last week of the month, you should feel you are getting yourself to someplace good.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

August 1 to 4 can put you in the know or on the go unexpectedly. To the plus, a fast-acting instinct, insight, or flash of inspiration could be a stroke of pure genius. The full moon in Aquarius can stimulate, excite, ignite, jolt, interrupt, or springboard. Watch for something out of the blue. If something breaks down, see it as an opportunity to get it fixed before it costs you more (this in terms of money, time, or personal wear and tear).

If the full moon puts you on stop, August 4 can set you onto an immediate go. Offering a boost to wellbeing and creative opportunity, Mercury starts a two-week sprint through Leo. The transit can help you to work smarter not harder, to net better, more pleasing results for your efforts. Enhancing prospects for work or working it out, Mercury continues in Leo to August 19. Watch August 10 for something unexpected to kick start your day.

As of August 7, Venus begins a four-week tour of Cancer. Someone you love could need more tender loving care. Use this transit to feel your way along. What would make you or them feel better nourished, more comforted or comfortable, better appreciated and loved? This transit is good for prioritizing bonding time, self care, home care, and for finding a better comfort zone.

August 10, Mercury/Uranus can prompt a shift of perception, a change of plans or activity, a fresh opportunity, a creative solution, or an added expense. An impulse or trigger

Mars in Aries gathers steam/continues to heat up as the month advances, pushing past Pluto on August 13 and Saturn on August 24. These bust-up-the-concrete/blast-through-it transits are preliminary triggers for next month’s Mars retrograde cycle. The agenda they now set will extend through the end of this year and the start of next.  Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde on August 15. The transit sets the backdrop to crack open what needs to be unleashed and set free, to give more leeway to what soon take the lead.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19. The sun enters Virgo on August 22. Both transits put added attention on what needs to be sorted out, organized, or cleared up. As of August 24, Mars pushes past whatever Saturn has put in the way. Although there’s still the big unknown to navigate ahead, August 25 through the end of the month should prove mostly smooth sailing.

Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
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