Astrology for Month Ahead April 2020

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus

Super Full Moon in Libra: April 7, 7:35 pm (18:44 Libra)

New moon in Taurus: April 22, (3:24 Taurus)

April 3: Venus into Gemini: 10:11 am

April 10: Mercury into Aries: 9:48 pm

April 19: Sun into Taurus: 7:46 am

April 23: Ceres into Pisces: 1:16 pm

April 25: Pluto stations retrograde: 11:51 am

April 27: Mercury enters Taurus: 12:53 pm

April 29: Pallas Athene enters Aquarius: 5:21 pm

*Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local time

Dates to watch: April 2 -4, 6 – 8, 12 – 15, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28 to 30

Time is a gift. The best you can do is to put it to the best use possible. No matter how limited you are, there is always something you can do. See the dictates of the moment not as an imposition but as an opportunity. How many times have you wished for extra time to yourself? How we perceive is at the root of how we create. Fear is constrictive energy. It is the anthesis of constructive energy.

Are you unwell? Time heals.  Rest up. Are you stranded? Stay put and make the best of it. Do you feel low, alone, stretched, pulled, or pushed beyond what you feel you can cope with? We are all in it together. At the core, the human spirit is resilient. Body and soul has an amazing capacity to keep going when the mind or the heart says “I can’t”.  Are you worried about your mortality or that of loved ones? It is even more of a reason to make each moment count. 

Please heed the recommendations for social distancing and isolation. There is no wiggle room, at least, not right now. Our species is vulnerable and we all must do our part to avoid unnecessary exposure. 

Mercury continues in Pisces through April 10. As written in previous forecasts, Mercury is a transmitter influence, Pisces correlates to the immune system, also to the masses, global trends, exposure, vulnerability, and invisibility. Social distancing and self isolation continue to be critical for the duration of this transit, especially so to April 3 (Mercury/Neptune conjunction), and through to the super full moon on April 7.

Jupiter will meet with Pluto on April 4 for the first of three alignments that will span the rest of the year. Working on a much bigger reformat, Jupiter/Pluto now prompts a seismic shift regarding our viewpoint on world and everyday reality; regarding cultural/social norms, belief systems, ways of governing, and future prospects. Consider this seven-month transit as a developing story board. It will take instruction from our compliance with the dictates of our present reality, our visionary activism, and the undercurrents of our soul’s deepest and greatest urgings. The next two Jupiter/Pluto peaks are June 29 (both planets are retrograde) and November 12.

Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to her retrograde tour (May 12 to June 25) Venus will extend her stay in Gemini through August 7. Isn’t it ironic that social isolation and distancing now sets the framework for us to develop better lines of communication? This transit can stimulate a new appreciation for the friends and freedom you have (or have had!). Use the transit to catch up with folks (by phone or social media) for studies, writing, or paperwork projects, for website, marketing, and promotional enhancements. Bored? Feed the mind and the heart will follow.

Accompanied by Mars in Aquarius on a shift track with Uranus, the super full moon in Libra on April 7 could put you on an upswing regarding a relationship/communication track, creative project, or finances. What’s it worth to you? What could make the investment, involvement, or visual more attractive or more worthwhile? Feel your way along and watch for the evaluation process to take on a life of its own.

One way or another Mercury in Aries, starting April 10, fires it up and/or sets it onto a faster track. To the plus, this Mercury transit also gives the opportunity to dive into something new, or to get at it fresh. On the other hand, the transit could call for more aggressive action to combat the virus or to meet the demands of the day. Enthusiasm or passion gets a thumb up, blame and attack behaviour gets a thumb down. When folks get frustrated, they can also get angry. We all need to remember we are operating under exceptional circumstances. Another folly of Mercury in Aries is jumping the gun too quick. Added patience is a virtue!

Forming dynamic aspect to Eris (April 13), Pluto (April 14) and Jupiter (April 15), the creative force of the sun in Aries is in high gear from Easter Sunday (April 12) to 16. The sun enters Taurus on April 19, breaks through a barrier with Saturn on April 20 and perks it up with Uranus (conjunction) on April 26. 

Pluto begins its yearly retrograde on April 25, the same day Mercury in Aries gains momentum with Pluto and Jupiter. Sun/Uranus perk up the action on April 26.  The weekend can get things moving, perhaps in some fast track, switch gears, or unexpected way. Mercury enters Taurus on April 27 and surpasses a pressure point with Saturn on April 28. Venus/Uranus (conjunction) finishes the month as it began – in other words – action packed.

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Strong leadership is a signature of your sign. Whether you are serving the world, your loved ones, or working at doing right by yourself, thank you for staying on the front lines. 

No matter what limitations you now face, you aren’t likely to be at a loss for things to do. Your birthday month is front loaded by Venus, Mars, Jupiter/Pluto, and a super full moon.

Let us pray this Jupiter/Pluto represents a seismic shift in our cultural values and beliefs around who the best leaders are and what the best course of action is regarding preserving Mother Nature and our future.

Mars tours Aquarius through the middle of May. Venus enters Gemini on April 4. Both are “fresh air” transits. There’s always a new way to connect the dots. No matter how confined you feel, you aren’t like to find yourself lacking for ways to get plugged in, for things to do, things to think about, ways to stay productive and entertained. Restless? Feed the mind. Pick up the phone, connect via social media.

Mercury continues in Pisces through April 10, so continue to stay vigilant against random exposure to Covid-19, especially to April 3. The teaming of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn on April 4 marks a peak, a turning point or milestone threshold. You can feel that you have reached and surpassed a significant pressure point or goal post. On the other hand, the transit can push you to get more result driven, to hunker down and/or to force yourself to do more.

Venus in Gemini can bring a new level of appreciation for the friends and freedom you have. Use the transit to catch up with folks (by phone or social media) for writing or paperwork projects, website, marketing, and promotional enhancements.

What’s it worth to you? What could enhance the investment, involvement, or visual? Feel your way along and watch for the evaluation process to take on a life of its own. Accompanied by Mars in Aquarius on a shift track with Uranus, the super full moon in Libra on April 7 could put you on an upswing regarding a relationship/communication track, creative project, or finances.

One way or another Mercury in Aries, starting April 10 will set you or it on go. The sun in Aries is on a power surge/creative surge April 14, 15. Put it in drive, get on with the task at hand. With a bit of push required, the week of April 19 holds constructive opportunity. You should be able to surpass a hold up or block and make a good gain.

If the sun in Taurus, starting April 19, slows you down, it will not be by much. There are several trigger aspects to keep you going strong through the end of the month. complete the month. Even so, get at it earlier in the month and clear it out of the way so you can move onto other things. Pluto stations retrograde on April 25. Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus on April 27.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

April opens with Mars and Saturn on a fresh stint through Aquarius. Mars spends the next six weeks in this sign, Saturn does so to July 1.  Along with the radical reality shift produced by Covid-19, both transits serve to facilitate a breakthrough in consciousness and judgement patterns. The bigger picture mandate is aimed at busting up the concrete regarding the past and the outworn. Both Mars and Saturn aim to bring you up to speed and to help you to surpass whatever is holding you back from making necessary and desired lifestyle changes. It’s a work in progress, and it will take a length of time to be more fully realized (rest of the year at least; likely the next several.)

Venus, your ruling planet, enters Gemini on April 3. Due to an upcoming retrograde tour (mid May to the end of June) Venus will tenant Gemini through the beginning of August. While Covid-19 continues to impose restrictions, there’s plenty you can do for yourself right where you are. Feed the mind, read a book, learn something new, explore creative money-making ideas, call a friend or a relative and talk about the things that warm your heart, that really matter. The list goes on!

Jupiter/Pluto hit full steam ahead on April 4. Together they set an opportune backdrop for taking charge and making the most of the moment. Jupiter/Pluto can prompt an important revelation or major shift of perspective. Hopefully this transit will help stranded travellers and those on the front lines to get the help and supplies they need. In operation for the duration of the year. Progressively, this Jupiter/Pluto transit is making its contribution to the cementing of the future – the future we now see morphing in the “prime time viewing hour”.  In recent weeks, we have witnessed wonderful examples of wise leadership. Let us pray this Jupiter/Pluto transit continues to accelerate a seismic shift in our cultural values and beliefs around who the best leaders are and what the best course of action is regarding our future wellbeing and abundance.

The mobilizing super full moon in Libra on April 7 could provide an opportunity to gain financial assistance or extra help (emotional/physical), to make a good connection or inroad, or an improvement. Creativity and communication lines are enhanced by this super full moon. April 3 to 7 is a peak action period. Even if Covid-19 numbers spike, as the month progresses and we surpass Jupiter/Pluto, the super full moon, and sun aspects through out the month (April 14, 15, 20), we should start to see our way to clearer sailing ahead.

Mercury tours Aries from April 10 to 27. Even though social isolation continues, there’s no lack of things to do.  Use your time wisely! Start to finish, there are many trigger dates that will assist you or force you to get a move on during the month head.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Venus enters Gemini on April 3, to grace your sign through the start of August. One way or another, it is a mobilizing transit. Yes, put fresh ideas and creativity into action. Make it look good/better; make yourself look good/better; make yourself feel better, get better connected, informed, or educated. You can use this Venus transit to make inroads and for enhancements of all kinds. To the plus, Venus in Gemini can make you an attraction magnet. Of course, while Covid-19 is still going strong, I strongly advise that you don’t bend the rules. Gemini is the archetype that correlates to the lungs. Anything you can do to breathe fresh air (figuratively and physically) and to enhance the integrity of your lungs is highly recommended.

Jupiter meets with Pluto in Capricorn on April 4 for the first of three alignments. Convening again (by conjunction) on June 29 and November 12, Jupiter and Pluto will stay in close contact for the rest of the year. Together Jupiter/Pluto are working at maximum to tear down the fortresses that prevent our getting on board with the restructuring of consciousness; to tear down the walls that prevent us seeing the evolving reality for the truth that it is. Together Jupiter/Pluto are working toward the acceleration of the breakdown of the philosophies, societal and cultural norms that keep us locked into perpetuating more of the same, despite the destructiveness of exactly that. They serve to create more rapid distancing from that which we are outgrowing, from the past that no longer serves. They also serve to accelerate a seismic shift in beliefs regarding what is necessary, essential, desired and preferred, in order to establish a better platform for building the future.

The super full moon in Libra on April 7 can put you on the receiving or gain end. There could be good news or an opportunity to connect or to profit. It could be up to you to give or give more. A kindness shown, a loving heart – that’s what it takes. The super full moon and the days around it could see an important corner turned.

Mercury in Aries (April 10 to 27) keeps you quick on the ball. You can cut to the chase with better precision. If you have been unwell or otherwise at a loss, this fresh fuel transit can assist you to a faster bounce back. There are many transits scattered throughout the month to help you get up and running. Time is precious. Make the most of every moment!

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Mars and Saturn are both freshly into Aquarius. Mars will tenant this sign to the middle of May, Saturn will retrograde out of the sign on July 1, and complete the rest of the year in Capricorn (to December 16). Both transits set you up to bust up the concrete where it is essential to do so. Innovation, independence, and a new and improved you at the helm are the keys to progress. Use your time wisely. Set new goals, explore new financial avenues. Aim to bring yourself up to speed where-ever you need to.

Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to a retrograde tour (May 12 to June 25) Venus will extend her stay in this sign to August 7. This transit can keep you out of sight more than usual. Of course, that’s to be expected with Covid-19 inhibiting normal life! Venus in Gemini is wonderful for devoting more time to studies, creative writing or other such projects, or to allowing more time for the spiritual side of life. This Venus transit also stirs up what’s hidden from view but that is not yet ready to make its presence fully known (i.e. a pregnancy, a secret admirer, something in development that needs more time to colour itself in or prove its validity). On differing note, do not ignore your intuition, or your body’s signals and clues. Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of medical specialist or one in the know.

The big push is on as Jupiter and Pluto join forces on April 4 for the first meet up in 12 years, and the first of three such meetings that will span the year ahead. Mercury tenants Aries from April 10 to 27. Along with the sun in Aries (and despite Covid-19) the month ahead is geared for action. There are many trigger dates through out the month and many opportunities to make a breakthrough, to gain better ground.

No doubt you have felt unduly burdened or challenged over the past few (or number) of years. Even so, you have made it to here and now. Consider that as a show of your strength and perseverance. It is an amazing accomplishment. You are nearing the end of the marathon. Don’t give up now. Fight for yourself, for a better existence. Do what you can as you can. There is more opportunity ahead than you may realize now. 


LEO July 22 – August 22

Although Covid-19 continues to put a dent in everyday life, one way or another the transits of Mars, freshly into Aquarius, Venus in Gemini (starting April 3) and Mercury in Aries (starting April 10) will keep you busy.

Saturn tenants Aquarius to July 1. Consider it as a test pilot transit. The faster you get on board with the cementing reality, the better. You/we are at the start of so much more to come regarding a radically reinvented lifestyle.

At the end of the year, Saturn will begin a two-year tenancy in Aquarius. Virtual live/work is the way of the future. Perhaps Covid-19 has been forcing the issue, but it is a good rule to follow in the best of times too – more selectivity regarding how you spend your time and who you spend it with is wise. Quality over quantity is the best way to play it.

On April 4, Jupiter meets with Pluto in Capricorn for the first of three conjunctions that will span the year. (Jupiter/Pluto will also peak on June 29 and November 12.) Feel the burden or responsibility piling up on you? You may face a significant endurance test but know/trust you will pull yourself up and out somehow. It is an opportunity to get back in touch with a side of yourself that has be waiting to be called upon. You could be amazed how much hidden strength lies inside of you. Jupiter/Pluto can mark a milestone, watershed or time has come moment, this regarding work, business or career, education or health. On the bigger picture note, it is one that requires you to be/stay ambitious regarding building it better. Jupiter/Pluto can put you under tremendous pressure, but this gateway transit also holds enormous growth potential. 

The super full moon in Libra on April 7 can prompt a fresh insight, inspiration, or impetuous, a new evaluation process, money making opportunity, key conversation or relationship chapter. Despite the necessity to maintain social distance, it is an opportune time to reach out, share, connect, create, explore more, spread good will or pay it forward. Enhancements of all kinds are favoured. One thing leads to another. Positive feedback or good news could come your way. A conversation or something you read can be heartwarming. A kind word spoken, or a gesture made holds greater than usual impact. On the other hand, perhaps you feel that give and receive needs to be in better balance. One way or another, this full moon could be a tide-turner.

There are many transit triggers in the month ahead to keep the action and opportunity on the dial up. No matter how limited or challenged you may be or feel, see the moment for the gift that it offers.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Feeling the added stress of the exceptional circumstances you/we now face? Mars and Saturn are at the beginning of tours through Aquarius, Mars to May 12, Saturn to July 1. Both transits are at work to assist you (or force you) to develop better coping skills. How are you going to get there? Think outside of the box, give something a fresh try. Don’t waste your time, use it instead. Do your work remotely/on-line if you can. Maintain social distancing but don’t isolate yourself. Stay in contact via the phone, the computer/social media.  If you are dissatisfied with your job or have lost it, there is no better time to explore new options, to seek additional training or to think about running your own show. If you are on the front lines, thank you for your service. Demanding days will continue, please find a way to pull away from the constant pressure. Even five minutes of a sit down or breathing space can be replenishing. 

Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to a retrograde cycle (May 12 to June 25), Venus will extend her tour of this sign through August 7. The numbers keep changing, the dates keep changing. The guessing game continues for now. We’ll see a shift of momentum regarding Covid-19 as Venus and more planets begin their retrograde cycles (Pluto, April 25, Venus May 12, Saturn May 10, Jupiter May 14).

Venus in Gemini puts an added spotlight on career, education, and self study. Even though jobs are now scarce, perhaps there is a temporary or slide-line job you can do. There’s no harm in exploring options and doing your research. Has your education been interrupted? See the shutdown as a gift of time and keep at it! This Venus transit is an opportunity. You can make it worthwhile if you will see it as such and apply yourself. This Venus transit also suggests eligibility for/financial relief through government assistance.

Jupiter and Pluto join forces on April 4 for the first of three pow-wows. The next conjunctions happen on June 29 (both retrograde) and November 12. Jupiter/Pluto is a power-surge transit. Followed by the super full moon in Libra on April 7, we can expect to see a spike in the action regarding Covid-19. As stated in previous writings, March and April are the peak months for the spread of the virus. At one level or another, we will continue to grapple with this dictating new reality for some time to come, likely through the rest of this year and perhaps a good portion of 2021. Having said that, the peak threat is right now. I do not say this to frighten you more, but to remind you that hitting it hard upfront is a key to more rapid progress. Please heed the advice of our medical professionals. As time goes on, we will get a better handle on it, the threat to our survival will diminish in increments. 

Jupiter/Pluto will also create a seismic shift in belief systems, judgement patterns, and (self, social and political) governing regarding what is necessary for our future. Covid-19 is but a wake-up call.

Mercury tenants Aries from April 10 to 27. While you may worry about your/our present circumstances dragging out for awhile, time is likely to speed by. While you may be confined to a smaller space or smaller life, don’t expect to be sitting still. The month ahead will continue to keep it/keep you in drive.   

Progressively and in increments, April 12 to 16, 19, 20, and 24 to 30 keep it/keep you moving along.

LIBRA September 22 to October 22

April opens with Mars and Saturn at the start of their tours through Aquarius. You may not feel it yet as the month is front loaded with powerhouse transits, but progressively, both the Mars and Saturn transits will assist you to navigate with greater ease of accomplishment. Mars tenants Aquarius to May 12, Saturn to July 1.

Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to an upcoming retrograde (May 12 to June 25) you will gain extended benefit from Venus to August 7. While Covid-19 restricts normal everyday living, Venus in Gemini can free you up to do other things, to live it in some other way. Move fear or stress out of the way, and you’ll come to appreciate (perhaps even relish) the opportunity to test drive a new lifestyle.

Despite the necessity for social distancing, both Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius will keep you well connected. Both transits can enhance relationships (social, personal, romantic), communication tracks, marketing and education prospects.

Jupiter joins forces with Pluto in Capricorn on April 4 for the first of three meetings. They will meet again on June 29 (both retrograde) and November 12. Both April 4 and November 12 mark peak-periods for whatever is already in action (i.e. Covid-19 and the USA election.) 

As the experts have suggested, the first two weeks of April are a critical time regarding the potential spread of Covid-19 and the necessity to get a handle on it. This is well demonstrated by the Jupiter/Pluto power surge and by the super full moon in Libra on April 7. You’ll feel the full strength of this super full moon if your birthday falls on or near October 12. One way or another, you stand to gain (watch April 6 for good flow or benefit). Mars turns a corner with Uranus on April 8. Mars/Uranus can produce a breakthrough, surprise opportunity, shift of consciousness, an insight or great creative download. The transit could bring news, break a silence or produce something more.

Mercury tenants Aries from April 10 to 27. The month will speed along perhaps faster than you anticipate now. April 14, 15, 20, and 27 help you to break new ground and/or surpass a challenge. April 23 to 26 is also a shaping or reformulating time in some significant way. Pluto turns retrograde on April 25. On this same day Mercury is on a big push with Jupiter and Pluto (square). April 27, sun/Uranus keep it well sparked. Expect to break new ground and/or to hit full tilt on something fresh. 

SCORPIO October 22 to November 21

Your new life chapter has been in the works for some time now. Hitting the message home, Covid-19 has likely brought you to a heightened awareness of how much you have changed and how different your life has become/is becoming. Things can and do change, sometimes abruptly or radically so. Security is what you make of it. Opportunity is too.

Mars and Saturn, both newly into Aquarius, set go on the next phase of upgrades to home base. They are also pushing you to revamp/upgrade your inner software (i.e. how you live with yourself on the inside.) Expect to stay busy. You aren’t likely to run out of things to do!

On the productive end, isn’t it time you finished that book or that must do list? Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to a retrograde tour (May 12 to June 25), Venus will extend her visit of Gemini to August 7.

Jupiter comes full circle with Pluto in Capricorn on April 4. This transit can bring you to an official finish-line, end of the road, or goalpost – although the main point is not what ends, but what begins or what replaces the blank space. Jupiter/Pluto can bring a circumstance or relationship to an end. Along with the super full moon in Libra on April 7, this Jupiter/Pluto transit sets up an ideal time to renegotiate interest fees and/or to borrow more if you need to. Take advantage of the help and opportunity that’s within reach now. Jupiter/Pluto and the super full moon could bring important announcements or news. My heart goes out to those who are suffering the loss of a loved one – or losses of any kind.

Even when you get back to “normal”, you’ve changed, it has changed too. Don’t look back. Reinvent instead. April has many transit triggers throughout the month to assist you to work your way through the necessary and the timely. You are being gifted with the opportunity of time. Use it well.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Mars has just completed a two-year activation cycle and is at the start of the next two-year initiative. Additionally, both Mars and Saturn have recently begun tours of Aquarius. Mars will tenant this sign through May 12. Saturn leaves Aquarius on July 1 but it will return to this sign in December to stay through spring 2023. The mind grows sharper; observational and intuitive faculties do too. Together Mars and Saturn speed up the process of discovery, download, and implementation. Essentially, the duo will assist you to break new ground, move through the paces quicker, and have more to show for it too.

Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to a retrograde tour (May 12 to June 25) Venus will extend her stay in this sign through August 7. Isn’t it ironic that while we are forced into social isolation/social distancing, there’s a greater opportunity to “reach out and touch someone” (metaphorically speaking of course)? To the plus, the transit can help you make better inroads, to expand your marketing or your social network. There are different ways to say it, to get the message out, many ways to make inroads and better connections. Also, there are many folks saying, doing or pitching the same

thing. It is for you to stand out from the crowd, to put your own spin on it.

Jupiter, your ruler, meets with Pluto in Capricorn on April 4. This transit can see you cross a no-turning back threshold, reach a milestone, or completion of significance. The course/the reality shifts from here in a major way. The super full moon in Libra also sets fresh opportunity into high gear. Communication tracks, finances, and matters of heart can see an upswing. Perhaps there is someone special to connect or reconnect with.

Mercury tenants Aries from April 10 to 27. Don’t expect to be sitting still or stuck for long. One way or another, there are enough transit triggers throughout the month to keep it/keep you busy and moving forward.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 20

Saturn has just left Capricorn for Aquarius, but the transit is only a short introduction to that which will become the new norm not too distant future. Saturn will backtrack into Capricorn for July 1 to December 16. In so doing, it will put the finishing touches on whatever needs completion before the next cement pour begins. Mars has also just left your sign. Through May 12, Mars in Aquarius keeps you going strong. Despite the restrictions that Covid-19 places on all of us or no matter how small or confined your living quarters may be, Mars in Aquarius supplies you with a gift – that of extra personal freedom/breathing space. Quality time spent getting reacquainted and/or checking in with yourself is to be prized. Expect the discovery process to be a rich one. Mars in Aquarius can also stimulate fresh money-making ideas.

Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to an upcoming retrograde (May 12 to June 25), Venus will tenant Gemini to August 7.  File your taxes, tend to paperwork, put good effort into your studies. If you have time on your hands and run out of ideas (unlikely), check out on-line courses. If you are self employed, its an excellent transit for marketing and upgrades that help you get the word out better.  This Venus transit also puts an added emphasis on matters to do with health. Covid-19 will continue to be a serious threat for some time to come. Please stay proactive and prioritize your health and healthy living. Are you on the front lines? Thank you for your service. I hope you can find a few moments to replenish and relax.

Jupiter in Capricorn comes full circle with Pluto on April 4. Think back twelve years ago. Did you take a big step? Did something shift for you big time? Jupiter/Pluto places you at a momentous threshold. It is one that you have been working toward for some time. This transit extends for the rest of the year, so know there is more processing and development, wading through and biding time yet to come. As a Capricorn, that should feel like a natural process. As I always say, so long as you know where on the wheel you sit, you can be okay with it.

The super full moon in Libra on April 7 (and the days around it) can bring a contract, appraisal, or legal matter to a finish line. You could receive funding, or gain approval for a loan, a mortgage, a payment extension, an interest rate renegotiation, etc. The full moon can take you through an evaluation process, a first or second interview, or see you with an important decision to weigh out. Someone important can set the wheels in motion.   

Mercury tenants Aries from April 10 to 27. Expect the month to keep the action going from start to finish. Time will move along quickly, perhaps more quickly than you anticipate.

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Despite Covid-19, you are likely to find yourself on a ramp it up trajectory as the month opens. Ending a two-year cycle and beginning a next build-it-better agenda, Mars and Saturn have just begun individual tours of your sign. Saturn in Aquarius can be a restrictive influence, but Mars in Aquarius is quite the opposite. When you know your limit, you can play within it. Continuing to the middle of May, Mars keeps you mentally/intellectually and physically energized. Instincts are on a dialed up and ready trigger. Watch for them to kick in well when you need them. So long as you can keep a good handle on fear or frustration, you should find good inspiration to also be on ready tap.

Venus enters Gemini on April 3. Due to her upcoming retrograde (May 12 to June 25), Venus will extend her visit of this sign to August 7. It is one of your better Venus placements for connecting, creating, and matters of heart. Seize opportunity and put this extended visit transit to good use – express what’s in your heart and in your mind, let your body move and groove. Write, learn, share, consider future options. Plan/think ahead but also stay open-ended and let the moment dictate the play.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn join forces on April 4 for the first of three meetings (conjunctions) that will keep this bigger picture/powerplay transit going strong for the rest of the year. The next peaks are June 28 (both in retrograde) and November 12. There is nothing small or insignificant about this seismic shift pairing. Together Jupiter/Pluto broaden the scope of whatever is already in the works. For you, something (an undeniable truth; an inner realization perhaps?) could click into place in a significant way.  On the bigger picture note, this transit and the rest of the Capricorn transits are bringing a long-term reality to an end. It is a lengthy process. At the same time these transits are also at work to manifest the potentials that have been long developing but that have not yet met their time is right moment.

The lead-in to the super full moon in Libra on April 7 can deliver pleasing news and/or see things fall into place quite well (i.e. creative and marketing projects, legal matters, writing, education, communication tracks, planning, etc.). Enhancements of all kinds are exceptionally worthwhile. Along with Mars/Uranus turning a corner the next day, the full moon can put finances or speculative matters on the upswing. (Of course, while there’s potential for financial gain, the transit could see an increase of spending too.)

Mercury tenants Aries from April 10 to 27. The transit keeps you quick on the uptake. When it comes to action, planning, or expressing yourself, aim for short, quick, and straight to task at hand.

The creative force of the sun in Aries keeps action going strong through the middle of the month. Expect to feel/see a significant shift once the sun enters Taurus on April 19, Pluto retrograde begins on April 25, and Mercury enters Taurus on April 27.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Both Mars and Saturn are freshly into Aquarius. While they can keep the background stress going, it is your choice whether you let it run you or not. My vote is for plugging yourself into something more productive. Move fear out of the way, there are more worthy emotions and creative processes that clamour for your attention. Venus in Gemini, starting April 4, is a mobilizing/motivating influence. You could be surprised by the multitude of ideas waiting for a test drive.

Whether it translates into a push come to shove pressure point or it is a natural progression, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn at peak (conjunction) on April 4 can see you surpass a milestone or an important threshold. This “take flight” influence moves you/moves it to higher ground. Whether it is a plane or some other vehicle, it could put someone important to you in flight too.

The super full moon in Libra on April 7 can put the spotlight on finances, a creative project, or someone dear to your heart. Bird in hand? Don’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity of the moment. The scales swing in both directions, profits can be up, spending can be too.

Mercury leaves Pisces for Aries on April 10. To April 27, Mercury keeps the action going strong. Even though you might feel like you are running in one spot, it will add up to progress. Expect the month to move along quick.  Make a couple of phone calls, blink a couple of times, May will be soon be here!

Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
Location: Vancouver, BC Website:
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