Month Ahead April 2019 – Sun Sign Horoscopes

by Agent 300 Rose Marcus


April 5: New Moon in Aries: 1:50 am (15:17 Aries)

April 19: Full Moon in Libra: 4:12 am (29:07 Libra)

April   3: Vesta into Aries: 8:26 am

April 9: Ceres stations retrograde: 9:27 pm (14:16 Sagittarius)

April 10: Jupiter stations retrograde: 10:00 am (24:21 Sagittarius)

April 16: Mercury enters Aries: 11:01 pm

April 20: Sun enters Taurus: 1:55 am

April 20: Venus enters Aries: 9:11 am

April 20: Juno enters Cancer: 9:38 am

April 24: Pluto stations retrograde: 11:45 am

April 29: Saturn stations retrograde: 5:55 pm

*Please note all times listed are PDT

Dates to watch: April 2, 5, 9 -16, 18- 22, 23 -25, 27, 29

April 20: Passover; April 21: Easter Sunday

April Overview:

The Personal Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars:

The personal planets are on the move this month. Mercury is fresh out of retrograde but continues in Pisces to April 16. There is more clearing away to do, but as of April 2 Mercury moves on a new wave-length with Neptune, this regarding the soundscapes of the collective and also of your individual soul.  Consider it also as a fresh fishing expedition for that which has alluded clarity so far, for the ultimate answer, solution or opportunity.

Serving this agenda, Venus tours Pisces, the sign of its exaltation. Tapping a creative/sensory wellspring, this is a response rich, resources-rich, potentials-rich transit. On April 9 (April 10 depending on your time zone), Venus aligns with Neptune in Pisces (new phase conjunction). In combination with a cluster of other transits, these few days could produce a watershed collective moment. England has just rejected Teresa May’s Brexit deal for the third and final time. The EU has set England’s deadline for April 12 and will hold an emergency meeting on April 10, the day Jupiter stations retrograde and the Aries sun squares Saturn

Mars launched into Gemini just before the start of April and will continue to mobilize the conversation, trading, and trends, or wage combat re such through the middle of May. Still attempting to track down the elusive/the missing key, by April 27, Mars hits an action trigger/springboard with Neptune (square aspect). If it is of worth, it will hit a positive mobilization and growth track. If the base is weak or built on a mirage, it will not support the creative process; it will lose steam and falter.

Ceres in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Capricorn turn retrograde: 

Ceres and Jupiter spend most of 2019 in Sagittarius. They begin retrograde tours just under a half day of each other: Ceres retrograde begins April 9 (9:27 pm PDT); Jupiter retrograde begins April 10 (10 am PDT). It is down to the wire time for Brexit.  Both transits serve to change the course regarding the future and its prospects. Both also divert the attention off one target/issues and onto another (or several others). The singular or the one becomes the several, the many, or the multi-faceted.

Coinciding with these two retrograde launches, the sun in Aries severs ties/cuts free/liberates from Saturn in Capricorn’ rule on April 10.  A singular one takes the lead. The new super-cedes the old/the past. There is a new format, a new reality and what is left behind that no longer controls or dictates. On the stroke of midnight April 12, England is no longer a member of the EU. April 13, the sun in Aries turns a corner with Pluto. What is given life is absolute regarding the altering of the reality base. April 14 (Palm Sunday), the sun trines Jupiter and Venus is on a creative track with Pluto. The following day (April 15) Venus is on an enhancement and increase track with Jupiter. 

At the start of the month, Pluto (in direct motion) is the lead draw for the karmic axis. Something has to change/to be reformatted. This is a dial it up/pull it apart/dismantle and reformat it mandate. Pluto turns retrograde on April 24, on April 28, Saturn stations retrograde, and takes the lead with the karmic axis. (it’s a subtle shift. Saturn and Pluto remain a tight team through this year and most of 2020). Saturn retrograde is a refortify it from within transit. Saturn retrograde breaks down the conditioning patterns that justify/rationalize maintaining the old or the status quo. It also suggests those in control or dictating the play have less hold over our own judgement or authority. Saturn retrograde prompts you/us to not rely on the dictates but to judge for self. While the reality is undergoing restructuring, the process (break it down in order make a breakthrough) has signed up for a time extension via the retrograde.

Mercury into Aries, Venus into Aries, Sun into Taurus & Easter/Passover Weekend:

Good Friday (April19) coincides with a full moon at the very last (anaretic) degree Libra before heading into Scorpio to oppose Uranus. Passover (April 20) coincides with the sun’s entrance into Taurus and the ruler of Taurus, Venus, advancing into Aries a few hours later. These transits set up an ideal backdrop for taking a break. On the other hand, the days prior to, including, and following the long weekend keep the action dialed up. This is thanks to Mercury, freshly into Aries (as of April 16) and conjunct Chiron on April 18/19, the sun’s conjunction with Uranus hitting a fresh spark on April 22, and Venus conjunct Chiron on April 22/23. Whether you experience these transits as confronting, unleashing, or opportune, the result is a fresh take away. Subtle or obvious, a karmic theme/undercurrent is in play.





Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron. In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line:  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings:
Location: Vancouver, BC Website:
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