Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius – Creating Reality and Moving Spirit

Agent Ei – Andrew Smith


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius (Creating Reality and Moving Spirit), conjoined Pluto

Mercury Retrograde of December/ January 2016/7

19th December at 10:56 GMT to 8th January at 9:43 GMT

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As 2016 wanes and we look forward towards 2017, it is poignant to end the year with Mercury retrograding. It has been some year, as we continue to live through the Tempest of Transition and watch the echo of the late 1920’s and mid 1930’s arise, offering our collective selves an opportunity to engage in creating reality in a more conscious manner. Deeply enslaved by draconian Victorian ideals, our collective awareness, or at least ability to be heard, was very different to it is now. So despite the severe challenges, the depression and the anxiety that we are destroying ourselves, as our institutions favour greed and fear over sustainability and lOve, we are in a better place to coax into being an alternative reality.

It is understandable that many people in a multitude of political jurisdictions voted against the existing establishment. It is understandable that many are angry at the decisions that have been made on their part. But, and it is a big but, many did not truly free their minds in their thought process and ironically voted for others who already exist within the system, as opposed to truly challenging the status quo by seeking to support those whose voices have not been tainted by lobbyists, corporate allegiances and the instable hunger for power.

There remains a profoundly quiet movement of those who are ‘fighting’ the establishment with awareness, with gentle firmness, with conviction and with lOve. Yes, some of those ‘leaders’ have been murdered; some of those ‘leaders’ have been slandered; and some of those ‘leaders’ have been silenced, but what they inspire, continues on.

What will people in a hundred years say about us now? Did we care for the water, the atmosphere, the land, each other? Did we live as One or preferred to worship within the Cult of the Exterior, viewing other through bigoted, sexist, racist glasses? Will they say that we were self-consumed, insatiably hungry, yet unable to satisfy that bottomless pit or that we were the reason why the world that they live in is rich in resources, in peace and in harmony with Nature? Will they laugh at the colonisation of our minds, trained from birth not to think; to live in a constant state of anxiety, soullessly disconnected from Nature and others and blind to the unfathomable creative potential that could express itself; or that we awakened to the immanency that permeates consciousness, battling the darkened clouds that threatened to devour our spirits, with a determined state of lOve? Will they admire and celebrate our insolence towards the puppeteers who lost the ability to pull the strings, or pity us for living in fear, anger and greed? Will they thank us for breaking the spell of judgement, freeing them to live as they choose, embracing all living beings as being part of their own family?

There are many people who are becoming conscious and there are many more accelerating on their own journey towards enlightenment. Those people have taken a step back and considered the intent that lies behind the thoughts that they read, speak and believe. That intent is imbued within their actions and in turn those actions create their reality. That is also, in astro-lingo, called Capricorn. Mercury, which is the symbol astrologers use to indicate the nature to which a person’s thought process is inclined, is sojourning for quite some time through this earth dominion at the end of 2016 and start of 2017. He will return, briefly, to Sagittarius, which is a state of consciousness that demonstrates the free exchange of passion and spirit between you and your world. You can sense the profound implications of combining these two states – the creation of reality and the freedom of exchange of your passion with your world. Imagine what that could mean for you, for your world, for our world, if done from a place of truth; a truth that is not evangelical, egoist and laden with agenda, judgement or imposition!!

That is the opportunity we are faced within our personal and collective lives this end of year. As Mercury pauses within this earthy dominion, you are offered the opportunity to listen, really listen, to YOUR earth. As it passes back into Sadge, you are given the opportunity to share and spread your Light with the world, receiving in turn the Light from others. But what ideal are your sharing; what ideal are you receiving; what reality are you creating? That is something to pause and reflect on. Remember that you create reality from your mind. Yes, it starts with your spirit and is infused with your heart, but within this physical plane of existence, once channelled from spirit, it becomes a thought, that is moulded by your heart and put into action and being by your will. Being clear concerning what you intend to create is important, since it is from that deep place within you, that you create your external circumstances. The world is a mirror of you. A true mirror. Do you like what you see?

The sad fact of the world that we share is that the vast majority of people truck along not thinking much about the reasons why they perceive life the way that they do, or indeed the deeper psychology behind the linguistics that they use. Most are happy in their own bubble, thinking horizontally. Occasionally, however, their thought process is required to become vertical, diving deeper into life so make sense of why things happen, or ascend higher to look beyond their current worldview to see if they can join the dots together from an eagle’s eye view. Yet, after those peak moments, they return to their carefully grooved reality and settle back into a way of being, just because it is there.

2016 has been quite a year as the fabric of our collective reality has been questioned. The lies we have lived within are more transparent than ever before. Worse again, those lies are no longer even subtle! For many I have worked with this year, there has been a deep confrontation with unavoidable questions that deeply challenge the way that they look at life, the reality within which they live and the way that they think. That challenge is at the heart of this retrograde cycle and hopefully you will see that challenge as an opportunity to weed out those thought forms that no longer serve you and your path; those powerful and compelling beliefs that have guided and motivated you; those distorted voices that have strangled those who form your blood line and those legacies that have been puppeteering you. If you are to be free to create from your true essence, clearing and healing your scripts, those deep, almost unconscious thoughts that have motivated and compelled you to attracting people and circumstances into your life need to be addressed. And that takes time. Sometimes a long time. But every so often you feel pushed to descend headlong into an inner exploration of a certain pattern, regardless of whether a planet is retrograde or not. Every so often, our collective mind space is compelled into a deeper state of reflection. That is what a retrograde offers!

A Mercurial retrograde time is not simply about stuff going wrong or communication going awry. It is about holding a space to reflect deeper about the consciousness through which Mercury is moving and how that specific consciousness is operating for you. This time is Cardinal, meaning that it is active and going to seek an outward expression. This time is Earth, meaning that you are dealing with the real and tangible implications of the thoughts that inspire you to act, create and define reality. Mercury aligns with Pluto, meaning that very deep emotional processes are being formed that will compel and incline your reality to be created in a powerful and lasting manner. What you create is what you have to choose.

Will you freely create from your own heart space or will you create within a multi-layered belief system that you have not questioned the origins of? That’s a toughie, but it is what you have to explore. Taking the time to understand the origins of the thoughts and beliefs that underpin what you have been taught to believe in is important, as it can help you understand certain unconscious biases and prejudices that are embedded within those ideals. Questioning whether there is congruency between what is said and what is acted upon and whether what is said and acted upon comes from a place of genuine empowerment or a place of personal empowerment is also important.   

With Mercury stationing with Pluto, you are given the opportunity to truly understand the issue of power within the ideals that you hold dear. Since this is a seeding moment, you are putting in place ideals that can powerfully guide and motivate you over the coming year, until Mercury and Pluto once again align, thereby giving you another chance to review, let go, deepen, regenerate and empower your mind and your life. This process is cyclical and annual and eternal. That it is taking place over a month and a half, as opposed to the normal three days, places a greater emphasis on this process in 2016/ 17.

In the weeks leading up to the start of this cycle, omens of letting go pervade your consciousness. What dies are old thought forms, no longer necessary for this new cycle of intellectual growth. Sifting through the books you have accumulated over the past year will give you an eye opening account of what your mind has been focus on, what you have digested and become and how you perceive your world. It would be useful to compare what holds your attention now to what held your attention to observe how different your mind is and how much growth has taken place.

As your mind deepens, you can feel the strains of knowledge that have previously created your reality; you can see the convoluted, disturbed and perverted thought forms whose origins lies within someone else’s path, that have influenced your thinking and reality, as they have resonated with darker scripts within you that need to be healed and released. You can plant a seed of a thought that will fuel your reality, charismatically compelling others to share your reality and help to make it real. Let’s just hope you are doing it for the right reasons, empowering others so that you raise the bar, as opposed to doing it for self-orientated reasons, enslaved by wanting to make things better/ wealthier/ more successful to justify your egoic desire. That is a choice that you can only make, since the energetic conditions that you live through will be guided and moulded by your awareness and intent, as opposed to influencing you. Always remember, the stars incline but do not define. That is your free will. That is what it means to be human.

In summary, this coming Retrogradation is a chance for you to re-ignite your relationship with the creation of your reality. What you think, you will create. Those thoughts are often not verbally elite, but lie deep within you, legacies from your blood line, your training, your education, your religio-social ideals, many of which do NOT serve your Higher Self, many of which have controlled the way in which your reality has manifested. This is a perfect opportunity to dive deeply, face those shadows, embrace them, understand their messages and why they have been necessary and then free yourself from them by letting them go. This is a truly momentous time; truly epochal and you are living through (and creating) history. What will you create and therefore leave as a legacy, well, that is up to you.

All rights reserved. Andrew Smith, 10:28 GMT on the 4th December 2016

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