Mercury retrograde in Taurus-Aries – Inner Stability and Initiated Spirit

Agent Ei – Andrew Smith

Mercury Retrograde period simplified

The April – May Mercurial Process

Mercury is technically retrograde from the 10th April until the 3rd May. However, if you are exploring the psycho-spiritual process related to this celestial phenomenon, there is a lead in and lead out time that extends the Mercurial Retrograde process from the 1st April through to the 17th May. This entire process refers to the time prior to the retrograde wherein Mercury is at its furthest distance from the Sun in the evening skies until the time that it ascends as far away from the Sun as he possibly can climb in the early morning skies.

The Yin stage

As the process begins, Mercury’s slide towards his embrace with the Sun is symbolically seen as a time of increasing reflection – one wherein creative and right brained transformation techniques are heightened (meditation, dream/ image-work, dance, writing, music and other divinatory/ intuitive processes). Since philosophy teaches us that your way of thinking is at the root of all your actions, as Mercury makes its Greatest Elongation in the Western sky on the 1st April, a breathing space in consciousness is created to enable you to reflect (West/ Yin) on the Reality (Mercury in Earth) that currently underlie your internal thought process. 

Yin Stillness

By the 4th April, you will feel increasingly reflective as Mercury heads into the Stillness phase. This happens to be the time when astrologers suggest NOT to sign anything (due to the fact that there is virtually no ‘apparent’ motion in the process of trading (Mercury)), yet, in terms of spiritual process, this is a phenomenal time to reflect and meditate, as your consciousness is more likely to be quieter and more receptive to your inner voice. The duration of this Stillness varies from retrograde to retrograde, with some cycles having two short stages of Stillness and other cycles the Stillness extends through the entire period. During this forth coming Retrogradation the Yin Stillness phase lasts from the 4th April until the 17th April.


The peak of the entire retrograde process occurs when Mercury conjoins the Sun, which will take place on the 20th April at 0°B. The celestial fertilisation of the Divine Mind with the Light Source is a time appropriate for the insemination of any thought that you want to fuel your life for the next several months (until the August Retrogradation). This can be done by consciously committing your images and ideas to paper and/or taking the first step in manifesting a project.

The Yang Stage

As soon as Mercury and the Sun align, the new cycle begins. Whilst this technically is the start of the growing or Yang stage of this process, Mercury remains invisible and this symbolises the seed that you have planted getting used to the ground into it has been sown. The early shoots of your commitment made will start to show forth on the 25th April when Mercury can be seen in the very early morning skies, just ahead of the Sun rise.

Yang Stillness

However, Mercury remains still, entering his Yang Stillness on the 23rd April, ahead of changing direct on the 3rd May. During this time you can feel the building excitement and urgency of getting on with it all, but yet something does not feel completely apt or right. Patience is required and caution needs to be applied to all matters Mercurial (as seen in the figure 2 above) until the 11th May.

Station Direct

Before the 11th May, Mercury’s technically ends what most believe to be his Retrograde process on the 3rd May. It is at this time, Mercury is ‘seen’ to stall and change direction, returning to a forward climb through the zodiac, a climb that culminates until the 21st June when it once again conjoins the Sun, but this time as it passes behind the Sun, as opposed to in front of the Sun, as it does on the 20th April. Therefore, this proactive thought climate lasts until the 21st June enabling you to disseminate the ideas that you have planted on the 20th April, and is especially transparent as Mercury’s approaches its greatest elongation in the Eastern morning sky on the 17th May. From this date on, you are in a strong place to delineate a plan of action, make concrete and conclusive decisions, signs papers, advertise, and act upon your germinated thoughts etc. In short, the task during the post-retrograde period, from the 20th April to the 21st June is to “get it out there”.

Retrogradation in summary

Entire period – 10th April to the 3rd May

Reflective and inward until the 20th- April

Proactive and outward until the 21st June

Extra care when signing – 4th April to the 17th April and the 23rd April to the 11th May

Seeding of new idea – 20th April

Mercury retrograde in Taurus and Aries (Inner Stability and Initiated Spirit)

In an accelerating world, turning inwards is treated with an audible gulp and an embarrassed smile, after all there is nothing truly wrong with you and you are indeed functional and able to cope. Why else would you need to take time to reflect and dive inwards???

Yet pauses in nature are necessary and loops in time normal, as a space openings up in all but two dimensions of your soul, to create a time of stillness and inward sojourn. Over the past 40 days, your heart has held a space to consider how you openly lOve, the old patterns and scripts that you have carried have been up for review and you’ve felt the call to start your heart afresh and within this halcyon space, a new heart script has been laid down and is in the early stage of being ‘encoded’. This has been reflected in the Venus Retrograde time. Consideration, reflection, reviewing and holding a space concerning the reality of the planetary archetype in question is all that a retrograde passage outlines, since it is a phenomena unique to living on the Earth, after all it is impossible for a planet to physically reverse its planetary orbit without devastating physical consequences to our solar system. The retrograde phenomenon is purely symbolic and figurative and outlines a necessary period of time to pause and dive inwards.

Given the huge demands on our mental energies, Mercury retrogrades three, sometimes four, times a year and whilst Pluto remains retrograde for the longest time each solar calendar year, possibly due to its proximity to the Sun, Mercury has become synonymous with ‘Retrograde’ issues. The sign in which Mercury retraces his steps indicates the specific dimension of consciousness up for review and in April and May our mental faculties are looking at how to anchor, or embody, spirit.

Ultimately the Taurean patterning concerns itself with the impact of spiritual energy within the world of form. It is because of the existence of the Taurean expression of consciousness that your soul is anchored within this physical realm of existence, encased within a physical body and subjected to all the aromatic delights that the world can offer – the wafting of a freshly brewed morning coffee; the freshly mowed grass on a cool sun kissed vernal morning; the crisp ionised air that surrounds a babbling and cascading brook and its fresh coolness that fills your lungs as you stop to breathe in the sounds of the water, as it crashes over the stones and rocks, eagerly chattering its way towards the contrasting quietness of the forest lake; the dense scent of vanilla-musk body spray that makes you feel dizzy as you linger in that first close embrace with a lover-to-be – can quickly wash you of your memory that you are to enjoy being in the world, but not being consumed by the world!!

The full spectrum of your physical-desire nature, from the aforementioned cliché’s (stubborn, sensual, determined…) through to the simple acceptance of just ‘Being’ exists because of the Taurean part of our collective consciousness. Focusing on Nature’s beauty can help you experience a deeper spiritual connection to the world around you. Yet physical-desire is merely but one dimension of the Taurean archetype. For me, however, the need to learn the deeper spiritual lessons of desire, wherein you can transform the energy of desire into spiritual aspiration, is the level of Taurus that I prefer to reflect on. After all it would appear that through your desire-nature we are kept fastened to the Earth Plane on a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. It is the teaching of all spiritual disciplines that any unhealthy desire attachments essentially keep you bound within your ego-mind and need to be eventually overcome, thereby allowing the energy of desire into transform into spiritual realisation.        

So as Mercury retrogrades and a space opens up to reflect deeper about this ‘Fixed Earth’ consciousness you may find yourself dealing with the real and tangible implications of the thoughts that inspire you to act from desire, create to create from ‘necessity’ and embody those thoughts as reality. The question of this retrograde is therefore a simple one – do you choose to give into egoic desire, lusting after what you believe will make you money, give you security and support your sense of stability, or will you develop a deeper sense of confidence and belief in your own innate skills, honouring and developing your talents and inner resources, thereby deepening your sense of your value and self-worth and enabling you to freely enjoy the fruits of your physical skills, body and resources?

In the weeks leading up to the start of this cycle, omens of letting go have pervaded your consciousness. Issues concerning your attachment to people, things and concepts have arisen, often with strong physical consequences – adrenal or kidney chi exhaustion; sleeplessness; endings of old relationship patterns and the attempt to embody a new way of being in your relationships; old scripts around eating, sex, working out, making a living have arisen for you to review; along with the observing of death. What is dying is a no longer needed way of thinking, a form that has helped your soul’s path to date but no longer necessary as you move forward through space and time. With your mind turning further inwards, you can feel the strain of those older thoughts that have previously created your reality; you can see the convoluted, disturbed and perverted thought forms whose origins lies within someone else’s path, that have influenced your thinking and reality, as they have resonated with darker scripts within you that need to be healed and released. And now, as your mind is open and receptive to change, you can plant a seed of a thought that will fuel your reality, charismatically compelling others to share your reality and help to make it real.

In summary, this coming Retrogradation is a chance for you to re-ignite your relationship with the anchoring and embodying of your reality. What you embody, you will create. Those thoughts are often not verbally elite, but lie deep within you, legacies from your blood line, your training, your education, your religio-social ideals, many of which do NOT serve your Higher Self, many of which have controlled the way in which your reality has manifested. This is a perfect opportunity to dive deeply, face those shadows, embrace them, understand their messages and why they have been necessary and then free yourself from them by letting them go.

All rights reserved. Andrew Smith, 10:35 BST on the 9th April 2017

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