Mercury Cycles. Leo. 2018. Heartfelt Panache

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mercury Rx
ANON artist

Mercury retrograde is more complicated than you may think.  It’s not simply an optical illusion for us to use as a scapegoat for unexpected setbacks, it is also a magical marker of time.  Astrology is really a study of time and also light.  The implications do seem to penetrate everywhere, on all levels, but it is planetary motions and their changing lights we are studying.  So when we turn our gaze to Mercury (if we can catch a glimpse), we discover 1. He always goes retrograde in the West; In the evening’s sky; 2. He then disappears; 3. He will then reappear before the Sun at dawn, in the East.  All this happens while retrograde.  And all these positions represent a different stage in his cycle.

.:The Situation in the West:.

Around every 4 months, Mercury stations retrograde.  It always occurs in the West, in the evening’s sky.  It marks the beginning of the end of the current cycle he is running (this one began on April Fools Day in Aries, 2018).  It’s an unraveling.  All of the ideas gathered are sifted through like panning for gold.  As most of it shakes out through the sieve, some nuggets will remain.  When we are aware of where our minds were pointed at the beginning of the cycle, we can connect the dots and see how much our minds have changed since then.  For myself, this cycle in Aries turned out to be all about the blockchain and learning about the crypto space.  I was a fresh-faced noob at the beginning with a million questions, and now, I have my own ideas.  And yes, there are many tricks Mercury plays on us towards the end of the cycle.  I have not been immune to this.  Not this time, probably not ever.  But if you know how to learn from his tricks, if you know how to work with the riddles he poses, you become one with the ideas you have been exploring. This is where we are currently at.

.: The Disappearing Act & the Beginning :.

Soon after the station, Mercury disappears quickly from the sky (July 26th SRx to Aug 19th SD; 22-11 LEO).  This is where we are now.  It is the finalization of the cycle, a time when the ideas worthy enough to stick around nestle deeply into our mental substrate, possibly even creating fresh neural networks in our brain.  And then, when she crosses between the Earth and Sun (still retrograde, on Aug 8th) the next synodic cycle begins.  Gone from the sky, yet closest to Earth, there is a unique message for all of us.  If our ears are tuned nicely to his frequency, we can hear it.  It will be a new idea.  A seed placed carefully in our hands by the Great Magi.  Now, whether we plant it and tend to it is another matter entirely.  A suggestion: Find 16/17 Leo in your chart (this is where it occurs) and use that space as an entry point into your meditations on what the seed Idea is and where it needs to be planted for the healthiest growth.

.: The Situation in the East :.

Still retrograde, Mercury appears before the Sun (depending on your viewing conditions, it will be around the station on the 19th). A phase of tremendous excitement and youthful folly, it is expected we make naive mistakes here.  Yet, it is also an excuse to stack up the reading material and sign up for the classes needed to learn all you can about this exciting idea that has now sprouted.  Once we have become clear on what the Idea is, we commit–hopefully for the entirety of the cycle–to seeing where it takes us.  Now, even though this is a Leo cycle, it will be different for everybody.  We all have a unique relationship to this Sign because of how it falls in our charts and also how planets are configured to it.  So no, everyone’s new idea isn’t going to relate to belly dancing or stage work.  it all depends….

As Emerson reminds us above: It is hard to be ourselves in a world that wants us to be something else.  In many ways, life is a battle of Ideas.  And it’s not that only the good ones survive.  Many horrific Ideas seed themselves successfully and spread like viral memes on the internet.  Next thing we know, there is a Holocaust, a Trump, another Reality Show.  So we must be careful.  We have to learn to think for ourselves, to tune our ears perfectly to what Hermes is saying to us, and then be brave enough to explore these Ideas.  In some sense, we are Mind Farmers.  And if you have ever farmed or gardened before, you are well aware of the amount of weeding that must be done.

Lastly, it’s good to have your own kind of panache when it comes to these journeys.  Nobody enjoys a copycat or a mimic.  Learn all you can from Mercury and its cycle, then make the ideas your own.  Leo is of the heart and spine.  When they are ignited successfully, with the proper voltage, we can’t help but dance, and it’s hard not to be noticed.  That is heartfelt panache.  This is what some call magic. And this is Mercury…signing off.