May – Uranus in Taurus Part 1 with Sol Jonassen

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This month’s  webinar with Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

Uranus in Taurus Part 1

Agent 32 – Bio Sol W. Jonassen ( b.1974)

Astrologer since 1999, educated with Maurice Fernandez and took classes with astrologers as Noel Tyl and Alan Oken. Works fulltime as an astrologer in Bergen, Norway, enjoying a world wide clientele. Has given several lectures internationally, at Israel Astrology Conference, River of Stars, Norwac and online for EA community. Hosts the annual Norwegian astrology conference, Polaris and writes astrological columns for Norway’s biggest weekly magazine. Also an avid yoga practicioner and works with healing modalities and meditation as tools for development. A registered healer and SoulFlow guide.