The Month Ahead – May, Mages and Muses of Infinite Inspiration

JD “Khepri” Cogmon

Happy Beltane!

mandala_change_insightUnless you have been hiding under a purple rock, you have most likely felt the impact of Prince Rogers Nelson’s, transition to his next octave engagement under the bittersweet Scorpio Moon, leaving the world drenched in a steady torrent of Purple Rain. This Month Ahead carries the relentless tone of holding on to the past in a very fixed and rigid way. A past that is Taurus “the bull’s” well known celestial “claim to fame.”

Purple Clouds?!

Does this mean that the world will live under a purple cloud of fog and fear? Or will such an event act as a proverbial touchstone of inspiration and magic(k)? Perhaps this touchstone will mobilize the magi and muses among us, inspiring us into an excited state or “higher octave” of beauty and joy with its subsequent seeds rising from the flooded purple soil of the earth cracking through the mantle of human motivation?

The Color of Death?

The passing of David Bowie, Maurice White, Natalie Cole and Prince, served as a small reminder of how people all over the world react in distinct ways to death and dying. Some see death a sad time, or major loss while others see it as an end of a struggle and a reuniting with the cosmic fabric of the omniverse. It matters not that which is your religion or spiritual beliefs, eventually your solar serial number will be up. You can choose to see transition or “death,” as a moment of gloom or a lifetime of celebration of your experiences here on this world. But if you are still here reading this, open your senses and try and take in as much of the experience as you can by remembering those that have inspired you while staying alert of the many inspirations that are sure to follow in the coming months.

Excuse My Purple Tinted Glasses!

In this report, I will touch upon a few planetary ingresses, aspects and stellia that push you to dare to live your life to the fullest under Maia’s magical month of musings and potential masterpieces that we commonly know as May. Yes, in western culture’s belief system, death represents “the end.” However, in many non-western belief systems, death is but a doorway of transition and transformation that has the potential of impacting the world in many ways. Some ways can energize our collective creativity while galvanizing our shared collective consciousness into a quantum shift of abandon that can re-awaken the spirit and place us atop of “the chariot” (VII) charging headlong into the renaissance of the famed Age of Aquarius.

The Mighty Aphrodite!

Venus enters Taurus April 30th at 12:30 am UT literally creating some relaxation as she catches up to the sun in Taurus, chiming out the first big wave of comfort as Taurus, like Libra, is ruled by Venus.
On the first of May the Moon in Pisces brings a little foot rub to both the sun and Venus in Taurus creating a lot of love and affection among family and friends while preparing us for a very petulant Aries moon that we must endure just before the New Moon in Taurus. So if people get a little selfish and impatient midway through the week, please respect the Aries force for getting sh*t done as the fire of Aries creativity usually means a little ire in your heart stemming from the sword and shield of its ruler, Mars.

Centaur Free Your Tongue?!

Since Mars is retrograde in Bat Sh*t cray cray Sagittarius, people will not be holding their tongues for the next month so if you are feeling sensitive stay out of dodge of the centaur’s fiery and precise aim. But if you are disciplined and open to constructive feedback, this is a small preview of the “why you should listen to coaches,” mantra of the upcoming full moon in Sagittarius on May 21st. Especially the coaches that keep it 100% real. More on the full moon later.

New Moon in Taurus

Put on Your Cross Trainers With Memory Foam
Since we just had a fierce full moon in Scorpio, one full of emotional highs and lows, many people are experiencing state(s) of denial. Zeus, disguised as a majestic white bull, did not swim Europa across the ocean to Crete for a spa day, but this week, you can bet your sweet broomstick that the Mantra of Taurean relaxation will be trumpeted to balance out the anxiety from all that “charging” the first four months of 2016. Since we have five planets in retrograde, consider how the pace of your life doesn’t change but the perspectives, motivations, energy levels, responses and potentials go into a state of change or flux until YOU DECIDE how you are going to dance with the cosmos in the ballroom of co-creation.

New Moon in Taurus May 6, 2016

Since the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus form a stellium in Taurus on May 6, 2016 at 12:29 pm UT, expect a small blissful break disconnecting you from anything and hopefully everything that doesn’t matter while you take a short “stay-cation” within. The New Moon represents the beginning of an emotional cycle. So while you may not be Beyoncé, it is the time of the month where we all decide to charge ahead and make “lemonade” out of all of the lemons that have fallen off of your personal tree of life. Like the descent of Inanna, the New Moon represents the promise of new opportunity that the hero/heroine has earned after surviving their own personal, “dance of the seven veils.” The New Moon is indeed about letting go of Everything so that there are no obstacles in the way of attracting that which we seek.

We need to relinquish EVERYTHING which does not serve us and step into a realm of true magic where our attraction power is natural and effortless.  Michael Alperstein,

Anticipating the following week of “cray.”

Luckily for us, Jupiter in Virgo, trines with the Sun in Taurus at 13º just 4º away from Pluto in Capricorn at 17º providing the confidence, creativity and self-esteem expansion necessary to cope with the cycle of ego death that usually accompanies a Scorpio full moon. The sun will continue on its trek forming a trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 17º shifting the focus from inner capacity and skill to collective agendas that dive deep beneath the surface to assess and question the status quo. That’s right folks, let me remind you of what you already know— the adversity beneath said surface, usually inspires the creative efforts that result in inventing devices or processes that resolve our emotional and physical challenges. Sometimes moments like this are a call for new leadership so don’t be surprised when people are looking at you to lead when they don’t believe that they have the answers. Thank goodness because when the moon enters Gemini May 7th, 4:34 pm UT there will be a big opportunity to utilize the law of attraction with Gemini’s ruler Mercury as it flies through the Mercurial decan of Taurus.

Jupiter Stations Direct

On Monday May 9th 2016 Jupiter stations direct at 12:14 pm UT at 13º virgo 15’19” shortly before the moon enters Cancer, the crab, the octopus and the dragon. Since Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were all having a retrograde rave together, it is nice that one of them came out of raveland for water and air. Since Cancer can be as brave as his ancestor that was sent to distract Herakles while he was fighting the hydra, I encourage you to wear your own protective shell around as if it were a heavily armored motor home. As much as I love our cuddly crustacean’s energy, Cancer season is usually “sniper season” in my book as everyone tends to be a bit sensitive and overprotective. The flying emotional bullets are nothing compared to the Ouroboros dragon that will rear its ugly head if you press or step upon the wrong person’s trigger.

I invite you to stay focused on group activity versus the individual actions or emotions of others. Such detachment will grant you access to the Leonine healing properties of Leo which will inject magnanimous progress and fun into your week just in time to pass the baton to Virgo on Saturday the 14th. Considering the fact that Mercury will trine with Pluto in Capricorn and conjoin with Venus in Taurus, Saturday’s Virgo moon will be needed to groom all of the rough edges of our communication, ethics and passions into an outcome with long-term benefits for everyone. Since Venus in Taurus had already formed a trine with Jupiter in Virgo on May 10, the flow between the challenging and unknown changes and your skill to meet it all head-on will be as easy as is for a drunk to dance with everyone at the party. Just bring your breath mints in case you are the one with whiskey breath.

Scorpio is back

The Week of May 15th to the 21st will be fairly peaceful at first as The Moon transitions from Virgo to Libra and we experience a little balance at work and with our relationships. Then suddenly the moon goes into Scorpio and the the discord begins for those that have not been doing the work necessary to confront their shadow. As we wax towards a full moon in Sagittarius while Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius, the potential for explosions, meltdowns and conflicts is eminent. Just remember that the outcome does not have to be bad, a lot of time Scorpio and Sagittarius blow things up and burn them away only to replace them with things and behaviors that are a lot more healthy or at least a whole lot less toxic.
A special warning for those of you in schools and universities in the western world on the semester system
This will be the biggest test for both teachers and students as this is the time of promotion and graduation so the pressure and lack of compassion will permeate the air. Depending on your attitude the aroma will smell like you are in the main tank at a sanitation department or in the garden of a villa full of jasmine with a nice breeze at the beach. The biggest thing separating the two perspectives is between your ears.

Your Brain!

Nothing But A Centaur Party

Sagittarius is well known for being the crusader for philanthropy, freedom, philosophy and of course the master of throwing the biggest “bad-ass,” parties across the cosmos, or galactic center. Well this Full Moon in Sagittarius will be no different. So make sure that you put on the extended version of “Little Red Corvette,” Saturday May 21st, at 9:14 pm UT when the sun and moon are opposite each other creating one of the most beautiful and powerful full moons of the year! Focus on all of the accomplishments or “blessings” that you have received/earned and consider putting that gracious and thankful energy out in the world as good will towards others. Yes! We have taken a spin around the sun enough times to know that this is an everyday practice, not just one that comes around the holidays and the new year.
The month begins to comes to a close right as the moon slips into the reality check land of the Capricorn moon, but only after The sun in Gemini opposes Mars in Sagittarius at 1º 47’23”  shortly after Mercury stations direct at 1:19 pm UT at 14º Taurus 20’16. “Bat Sh*t Cray Cray” goes “bye bye” until the New Moon in Gemini in early June. On Monday May 23, 2016 at 2:14 am UT, Mercury in Taurus trines with Jupiter in Virgo at 13/14º. This near miss happens within 24 hours of Venus entering Gemini on the 24th of May and then moving to oppose Mars at 0º Sagittarius in its retrograde cycle just before Mars crosses that critical anoretic degree back into Scorpio land swimming in the conscious waters of existentialism. Since the line between Scorpio and Sagittarius is Ophiuchus, your unedited speech will heal yourself and others. Just remember, don’t dish truth out if you cannot take truth yourself.

Mercury’s Mother Maia (May)

Through this month named after Mercury’s mother Maia, remember that sometimes the unexpected can lead to positive outcomes. In the story of Hermes/Mercury’s birth, baby Mercury played many tricks on the sun god Apollo and no one believed this solar deity until he took his complaint to Zeus/Jupiter. To resolve the conflict, Mercury gave Apollo a Lyre/Harp with three (3) strings in which Apollo would eventually use to lead the Muses in a perpetual campaign of inspiration to humanity around the world. Naturally, the sound of the divine inspiration of the muses is what we  today call “music!” If we want to see the outcome of the greatest inspirations of the muses, we visit a “museum.” In the Egyptian version of the story Apollo is named Horus, and the muses are called “hours” that can be heard singing at the horizon of the sun. Today we mostly rely upon people to bring us inspirations to our daily lives. So while we have bid adieu to many incredible and inspirational beings, keep your eyes and ears open for the next mages and muses to take us all on a journey of discovery that takes us from the smallest cell of genetic memory to the largest central sun breathing at the heart of the largest galactic event horizon.

Here are just a few tips to help you get closer to your dreams:

1. Do not be concerned over the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of things appearing. It is no use to micro-manage the Universe by telling It how your life should unfold.

2. Access the True Power of Intention. One way we can do this is to bring our attention to the space BETWEEN thoughts. When we let a sense of powerful ‘space’ move through our thoughts, THAT is intention.

3. Realize Deeply You Have the Ability to Attract What You Want, Especially When You Have no Idea How.

4. Gain Self-awareness of the Creator in Your Heart.

5. Follow Your Joy and Stay in the Flow of Action and Synchronicity.

The entire article can be found here.

Prince was definitely one of my wizards of inspiration. Please feel free to share about the people, places and things that inspire you to get out of bed each day. Time to share our Mages and Muses of Infinite Inspiration!


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